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Argentinian Rugby is in search of a change of path

I took a break for this third instalment of the year. The previous two concentrated on analysing three key elements: a possible problem with the path chosen by the Unión Argentina de Rugby (UAR) regarding professional rugby in Argentina, this path’s its consequences on the results and the evolution of their game.

Who are the six Australian experts?

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

I never feel comfortable with the tips anyway!!!

Loving my time in Australia!!!!

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

Bu the time they adjust they are a probably b hind the score due to a few penalties. I have seen it happened .There are times that your game plan to beat an opponent confronts directly with the adjustment you have to do for the ref. That is something that should no happened. We have officials from four different countries and different views or understanding of the rules. The public then react they way the have . If SANZAAR wants to play it like this it has to make sure that there is set of rules that have the same meaning for all the refs

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

And then is where all the confusing criticisms starts!!!

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

If we have a close game towed as the 50 minutes de Jags bench can make the difference. However it looks that Quesada decided to give minutes to new guys.Nay be he thinks that this game it is beyond his reach and he is saving players for the rest of the tour.

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro

2-Santiago Socino

3-Santiago Medrano

4-Matías Alemanno

5-Lucas Paulos

6-Francisco Gorrissen

7-Tomás Lezana

8-Rodrigo Bruni

9-Tomás Cubelli (capitán)

10-Domingo Miotti

11-Sebastián Cancelliere

12-Juan Cruz Mallía

13-Santiago Chocobares

14-Bautista Delguy

15-Emiliano Boffelli

Reservas: 16-Julián Montoya, 17-Mayco Vivas, 18-Joel Sclavi, 19-Guido Petti, 20-Marcos Kremer, 21-Gonzalo Bertranou, 22-Joaquín Díaz Bonilla, 23-Matías Moroni


El conjunto de Ciudad del Cabo pone lo mejor para enfrentar a Jaguares. Vuelve Herschel Jantjies, una de sus principales figuras que no estuvo presente en el agónico triunfo ante Lions. Además arrancará Frans Malherbe en el equipo que empezó con tres victorias este Super Rugby. Siya Kolisi continúa su recuperación y Steven Kitshoff volverá a ser el capitán.

1 Steven Kitshoff (capitán)

2 Siyabonga Ntubeni

3 Frans Malherbe

4 Salmaan Moerat

5 John Schickerling

6 Jaco Coetzee

7 Pieter-Steph du Toit

8 Juarno Augustus

9 Herschel Jantjies

10 Damian Willemse

11 Seabelo Senatla

12 Jamie Roberts

13 Ruhan Nel

14 Sergeal Petersen

15 Dillyn Leyds

Reservas: 16 Chad Solomon, 17 Alister Vermaak, 18 Wilco Louw, 19 Chris van Zyl, 20 Johan du Toit, 21 Ernst van Rhyn, 22 Godlen Masimla, 23 Jean-Luc du Plessis.

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

I agree!!! A neutral ref could easily made mistakes too but criticism about locality will not come into play.

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

The problem is not the unfairness, it is the interpretation of the rules where consistency is not the same for every ref out there. The interpretation of the scrums rules are not the same a cross the board. The amount of time for holding the pill after a tackle also different.The late and high tackles are considered in many manners.It takes the visiting some time to adjust during the game because they are used to a different set of interpretations for different plays. It is not same you are police by JP than AG or Okeefe. So coaching staff not only have to study the opposition, they must adjust their game to the ref every weekend.

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

Sorry, yo may forgot one more thing. Reds should have played with 14 men since minute 20:00 of the first half. That would have been a real challenge for the Reds.

Six talking points from Super Rugby Round 3

Well, this does not help the Brumbies in any manner. To the contrary, now the Highlanders will be weaker against the next three teams in their fixture.

Tomkinson handed three-week ban over Banks hit

Unless JP is the official!!

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

That is something that RA could easily fix with very little money.

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

Good article Geoff, as always. From an outsider of the problems of RA I can only say from reading and comments it seems that the blame is always outside. That SA wants to leave SANZAAR, Sunwolves should stay or leave, they loose because of the ref, that Fox this or that. I have the feeling that the problems in RA should be addressed from the inside and play with what you have outside. Not playing SA or Jags will not solve the problem. There are way to many profesional sports in AUS and RA has not been capable of competing for some rare reason. It failed to capitalised from the RWC titles that any other country would have, and that is not because of SA, Jags, Sunwolves, conferences, round robins, expansion, contraction, and all the matters that are throwing to justify the failure.

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

For every game!!!!

Horror weekend for Australian Super Rugby teams makes Castle's broadcast rights a hard sell

It happened last week when Richie M did not play for the Crusaders against the Chiefs. That was a game changer also.

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here

I wish I could!

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here

And the Sharks will miss Bosch – Buaaa!!!!

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here

Nothing to apologise mate!!!

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here

Next time up!,,

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here

All this rain can get to you. ????????????

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here

My mission is to survive with my family under this rain. I assume that all fires are gone by now and Australia could bless me with some sun. ????????????

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here

IMO all this has to do with the elections coming up at WR or IRB whatever you want to call it. In one hand you have the six nations that do not want much change and in the other the less mature nations that want a piece of the pie. SA, NZ, AUS, ARG , want a global competition or World League and have the support of the developing rugby nation. All these teasing a news in different articles are messages sent from behind the scenes to gain support or leverage to someone. Mid March the scene will be cleared because the current president will know if he will be challenged or not.

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA

I followed New Zealand Herald and they said that RM was ok to play the derby and that DM was not fit to start. Well , you cannot trust everything you read I guess. Bookies are running the show.

Super Rugby Round 2: second round syndrome

I hope he does not end like the soccer player. ????.

Super Rugby Round 2: second round syndrome

Grrrr! Richie M is out !!!! This changes the equation!!!!

Super Rugby Round 2: second round syndrome