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I really just wish Lavar would settle down and let his kid play basketball. It’s hard enough to make it in the NBA without your dad mouthing off at every opportunity, all it does is create even more pressure on Lonzo. I really hope he does well in the league but man his dad irritates me.

Will Lonzo Ball's $US495 ($AU670) shoe alienate him from fans?

It’s hard to be critical of Russ when he’s had such an amazing season. The Thunder have played the same way all year (rely on Russ to be russ) and it’s pretty hard to make that adjustment in the playoffs.

But I think he is sometimes a bit hard on his teammates on the floor – he’s always super supportive in interviews etc. – but did you see the look he gave Oladipo when he threw a pass out of bounds. Would like to see him to become more of a leader in that way next year.

I love watching him play when he is this all action do everything point guard but he really needs some more help next year if they are gonna make the next step. Wonder if he’ll even stay in OKC that much longer?

NBA playoffs: Rockets close out Thunder, Jazz seize control

It’s been a recurring theme for the last few years that he pulls it out the bag with a late season tactical adjustment. It is usually a bit earlier in the season and not quite as dramatic though!

As an arsenal fan who has been going to highbury/the emirates for 15 years the tide has definitely against Arsene. I think the reason so many of us stood behind him for so long was because we wanted desperately for him to have the fairytale ending of finally winning the league. I just think this season it has become apparent that he won’t be able to do it. Buy hey an FA cup ain’t a bad way to go out if he does leave.

I wouldn’t worry about finishing below us as a Spurs fan even if you spurs it up to the max our fixtures are pretty brutal so can’t see us making much of a push for the top 4.

Rob Holding impresses in Arsenal victory

100% man we’ve got to give Holding a chance and let him learn from an experienced defender like Koscielny. I like Mustafi but he definitely needs some more time to develop and there is also Calum Chambers who has had a decent season with Middlesborough. I would love to see some more of Bielik too maybe start seeing him in some League Cup matches or even the Europa League if we end up in it.

Goalkeeping looks a bit of a mess Cech hasn’t looked the same player he was at Chelsea and Ospina has never been up to scratch. Would love to see Szceszny back at the club cos he has everything you need to be a top keeper. Fingers crossed we don’t have to go back to the bad old days of Almunia, Fabianski & a 50 year old Jens Lehman!

Rob Holding impresses in Arsenal victory

when he arrived there was still a bar in the players lounge and most of the players didn’t worry about diet at all. That has all changed as a result of Wenger.

Read what players like Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Lee Dixon said about him prolonging their careers and I think it is fair to say he changed a huge amount.

He has definitely lost it completely over the last 5 years but it’s important not to forget that at one point he was an absolute visionary

Arsene Wenger, the man without a plan

All great shouts in terms of lefties I had completely forgotten about Bill Russell.

The other guy to have won NBA, EuroLeague and the Olympics is Bill Bradley who was part of the great Knicks team from the early 70s with Walt Frazier, Willis Reed, Dave DeBusschere and Phil Jackson. He won a Euroleague in Italy whilst also studying at Oxford University!

After he retired he was US Senator for New Jersey and even ran against Al Gore for the Democratic nomination in the 2000 election.

There is a good ESPN documentary about the Knicks team he played on called ‘When the Garden was Eden’ which is worth a watch.

Celebrating Manu Ginobili's selfless career

Cheers, he seems to be the natural successor and Patty has lead the bench unit really well this year.

Maybe he can perform some Manu-like heroics at the next olympics too 🙂

Celebrating Manu Ginobili's selfless career

Yeah for me he is one of the greatest lefties ever.

Think the best ever is probably David Robinson, who Manu played with on the 2003 Spurs championship teams.

Celebrating Manu Ginobili's selfless career

There were defo some horrors in the 90s.

Those Bucks uniforms with the huge deer were hideous.

I think they were more fun when they were bad though whereas nowadays the bad uniforms are just ugly. Think of the Spurs’ military themed ones. Hideous!

In terms of Basketball though the NBA has never been more fun to watch than it is now.

NBA jerseys. They don't make 'em like they used to