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The bombers were 5th last year in round 17 and then choked. Frankly expecting much the same this year. From recollection, they choked all the way to 11th position – in fact went so bad thought they were chasing Harley at one stage.

Hold your horses.

Footy Fix: Essendon have arrived... and it's time we all started getting absolutely terrified

Port will not win the flag. A great quarter, a great game – but they do not have 4 wins in a row in the current team. We love em, as Kenny coaches them well, they play well finish mid table, draft mid table. Will finish between 5th and 10th and gracefully lose their finals.. unless have one final in Adelaide.

Footy Fix: Port just played the best quarter of the year - and it was so good, they hardly showed up for the other three

Gawn for all his accolades is still underrated. With him in your side, you are a flag prospect.

Footy Fix: Tigers try to drag Dees down to their level and beat them with experience - and it nearly works

I think you are underestimating his talent. That was his fifth game.. no proper pre-season.. .. I see talent to burn + strength + he gets his handball away when he shouldn’t at this stage… + the team rises with him… I was skeptical but I now think you have got a generational player.. might take him two more years… to hit his straps.. and then he will be winning games off his performance.. and dragging his team with him.. enjoy the ride..

Six Points: Why Dogs' disaster isn't all Bevo's fault, Eagles on their way, and 2024's biggest beat-up

Gee whiz, he does look a bit special… he is also just growing into the game.. imagine what a full pre-season will do to him next year.. knowing what he needs to know… he might be unstoppable..

It would be nice if the No 1 draft pick actually turned out to be best player in the draft…

Six Points: Why Dogs' disaster isn't all Bevo's fault, Eagles on their way, and 2024's biggest beat-up

Carlton had the game gifted, then it was a choke by a player.. Owies, carlton did all the hard work, he had to kick it 15m…. so it will be a tough replay.. at that point.

Footy Fix: Amazing Adelaide resurrect their season with one of the great wins... but how on earth did they pull it off?

I want Adrian Dodoro to stay at Essendon forever. The gift that keeps on giving. 2004 since once a final… I think all non-Essendon supporters should chip in to keep him there..

AFL News: Players Association slams 'double standards' in Finlayson ban, Cats to weigh up Thomas lifeline

The only reason he could appeal is to get it upgraded. Otherwise no logic.

AFL News: 'No credibility' - Freo slam ex-ump's 'spoilt brat' whack at Clark, Dees to challenge Pickett ban

Touch choice. Hawks have drafted too many players like the coach himself.. so their is a sameness.. Essendon…. well they do like to party in their days off… lack full team commitment. A few teams have shown you can get it right in one draft.. ie port etc..

Footy Fix: Does the Essendon Edge not apply to Connor Rozee or something?

The Essendon edge turned out to be a blunt blade

Footy Fix: Does the Essendon Edge not apply to Connor Rozee or something?

Carlton next week. = 0-5. Crows are not good enough to bounce back for finals after that. I love your enthusiasm for the final 10 minutes. They have now played 480 minutes… for 10 good minutes…

The bar staff at the Alma (as they always do) will decide what is the next strategy for the crows. Hasn’t worked yet, but god bless for persistence.

Footy Fix: One key change gave the Crows a sniff of all time comeback - so why on earth did they abandon it?

No shooting messengers. There is something wrong in Brisbane. They have the cattle, and the results are appalling.. maybe this is an issue… usually more than one..

'Just bulls--t': Lions deny reports of player rift despite crisis meeting as details of wild end-of-season Vegas trip emerge

catch a plane to adelaide… it is deliverance country.. thongs are the high end footwear..

Richmond must embrace rebuild or risk getting 'mired in mediocrity' - here's how they can do it

I thought a few more positives to come out for Collingwood. Way overly negative. A win is a win, and an away trip. 4 points pocketed. Forwards will have the confidence to kick goals again.. nick daicos.. improved his form.. Pendles first three weeks – it looked like should retire immediately – was an effective player. Notwithstanding weird punch.. Tough to go on the road to Brisbane and win. Congrats Pies enjoy Easter – eats lots of cholcolates..

Footy Fix: The worst grand final rematch ever just proves the Pies have slightly fewer problems than Brisbane

It is not a huge story – as it cannot be allowed to be huge. It is a systemic problem in the AFL. It is unstoppable – so will be pushed sideways or under the rug or sideways. One very famous player was in the toilets at a pub having a big weekend, as he was off injured a few years ago. Some young kids in awe – approached him and asked “What is the best thing about the AFL?” – his reply “the coke”. Another one, was at the birdcage. A famous player came back from the toilets and was talking to the CEO of the AFL and still had white powder under his nose.. his mates had to gently kick him to wipe it off.. in the middle of the conversation. It permeates every club, it permeates AFL management… the story is going nowhere..

Albanese asked to intervene as former Dees doctor drops bombshell over players dodging drug tests

They could knock themselves out for 15+ years if they bring Bucks and Eddie back…

Stuff the excuses - Collingwood are making the same mistakes as always after success, and it's time to act

Think the author is caught in the 1950’s on his view on the Wright incident. Wright was told before the game to bring an edge and go hard physically at the Swans. He did, he knocked out a bloke in a terrible incident – he should get anywhere from 3 weeks to 6. 4 sounds about right. No excuse after the Maynard incident – which brought it to all the fore and all players had all Summer to work through it. Sure some players are not that bright.. but they will learn – no knocking out other players – it scrambles their brain and it seems a few end up killing themselves.. it needs to be stamped out and hard.

Six Points: Papley's hypocrisy, Wright's Tribunal verdict the wrong call, and why are we retiring Pendlebury?

The classic was Dusty for Houli. My all-time favorite was Judd on a losing side.. they expected WC to win, and the Swans did not have a big enough name..

'Going to have a nice holiday': Papley whacks Don's Swan bump, blasts Bombers' 'facade' in explosive interview

The player I thought that stood out was Ben McKay. Fair to say he was terrible. He looked slow – he looked the opposite of expected. Unless mistaken on a massive contract.. he is looking like 10k a touch type player.. he failed Essendon several times, did not seem to have a great appetite for the contest.. not sure what he was like in the first game.. he could be in the two’s within a few weeks.

Footy Fix: 'Essendon Edge' can't fix the Bombers' long list of flaws - but it's a start

great article, written with passion. Beveridge won his flag on the back of the umpires.. the AFL wanted to prove an equal comp and that was one way. The flag has kept him there. With the talent the dogs have and a better coach, they would have played in a 3-4 more pre-lims. They have a side on paper that stands up against all but 2-3 ..
I say keep Beveridge their until the Bont is too old. That guy is a generational player being wasted by his coach. It was gold for Collingwood last year, Geelong the year before….

Six Points: Meet the AFL's dumbest team, and the most ridiculous ban in MRO history

Sums it up well. The media and some commentators will say – give Collingwood time – they will bounce back. Next week St Kilda… ripe for a Ross spanking. I am opposing the media – “Collingwood have time” – instead it is time to be incredibly concerned, Pendles looks old, mistakes have not seen before. Sidebottom, Crisp didnt seem to put in huge effort. I would say unlikely to turn around and will not make 8. But heck they won the flag.. a year off is not the end of the world. Cameron only player that has improved, not a good start 2 rounds in.

Footy Fix: Don't panic just yet, Pies fans... but there's now a blueprint to bring the premiers down

The author makes some valid points about the current state of the AFL, particularly regarding the umpiring debacle and the perceived arrogance of the AFL’s administration. However, one element missing from this critique is the issue of the AFL’s “boys club” culture.

The AFL administration is an insular, male-dominated hierarchy that is resistant to outsiders and change. For example, respected figures like Leigh Matthews are often sidelined, while outspoken personalities like Adam Goodes are not welcomed.

This boys club culture not only undermines the principles of fairness and inclusivity that the AFL claims to uphold, but it also stifles diversity and innovation within the administration.

Despite this I love and support the game. However, for the AFL to truly progress and evolve, it needs to address this boys club culture and become a more inclusive and forward-thinking organisation.

Crows robbery the latest in a long list of failures by Gill's arrogant AFL

The Eagles have a lot of older players on their list, who are more susceptible to injury. These players have all had significant injuries in the past, and they are more likely to get injured again as they get older. Piling up the minutes. The Eagles have had to play a lot of young players this year, and these players have had to play a lot of minutes. This has put a lot of strain on their bodies, and it seems it has led to some injuries. The Eagles claim to have implemented a harder training regime this year, in an attempt to improve their fitness and performance. Tom Barrass is has already been injured twice this year. He has attributed his injuries to the harder training regime.

Sounds like a shamozzle.

Simpson reveals truly bizarre reason for young Eagle's last-second Derby withdrawal

While Carlton may currently be the form team on paper, we shouldn’t overlook the performances of Collingwood and Port Adelaide, who have both secured their top 4 positions early. It’s clear that they’ve eased off the pressure, likely conserving their energy and strategies for the finals. Sure, we have seen them wobble a bit in the last few weeks, but this shouldn’t detract from their strong performance throughout the season. The path they’ve carved to reach this point in the competition is impressive. If they can secure a top-two finish, both Collingwood and Port Adelaide will remain the teams to beat.

Footy Fix: Sure, they're fifth... but like it or not, the Blues are officially the best team in it

Recent incidents with the West Coast Eagles, including Brady Hough’s late withdrawal, highlight larger issues of leadership and accountability within the WCE’s management. The Eagles’ inconsistent performance and disarray suggest a lack of strong leadership driving strategy and motivation. Moreover, handling situations like Hough’s withdrawal indicates a lack of accountability culture. To regain some form and fulfill their potential, the Eagles need to reassess their leadership structure and foster a stronger sense of accountability among their entire structure.

Simpson reveals truly bizarre reason for young Eagle's last-second Derby withdrawal