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The author makes some valid points about the current state of the AFL, particularly regarding the umpiring debacle and the perceived arrogance of the AFL’s administration. However, one element missing from this critique is the issue of the AFL’s “boys club” culture.

The AFL administration is an insular, male-dominated hierarchy that is resistant to outsiders and change. For example, respected figures like Leigh Matthews are often sidelined, while outspoken personalities like Adam Goodes are not welcomed.

This boys club culture not only undermines the principles of fairness and inclusivity that the AFL claims to uphold, but it also stifles diversity and innovation within the administration.

Despite this I love and support the game. However, for the AFL to truly progress and evolve, it needs to address this boys club culture and become a more inclusive and forward-thinking organisation.

Crows robbery the latest in a long list of failures by Gill's arrogant AFL

The Eagles have a lot of older players on their list, who are more susceptible to injury. These players have all had significant injuries in the past, and they are more likely to get injured again as they get older. Piling up the minutes. The Eagles have had to play a lot of young players this year, and these players have had to play a lot of minutes. This has put a lot of strain on their bodies, and it seems it has led to some injuries. The Eagles claim to have implemented a harder training regime this year, in an attempt to improve their fitness and performance. Tom Barrass is has already been injured twice this year. He has attributed his injuries to the harder training regime.

Sounds like a shamozzle.

Simpson reveals truly bizarre reason for young Eagle's last-second Derby withdrawal

While Carlton may currently be the form team on paper, we shouldn’t overlook the performances of Collingwood and Port Adelaide, who have both secured their top 4 positions early. It’s clear that they’ve eased off the pressure, likely conserving their energy and strategies for the finals. Sure, we have seen them wobble a bit in the last few weeks, but this shouldn’t detract from their strong performance throughout the season. The path they’ve carved to reach this point in the competition is impressive. If they can secure a top-two finish, both Collingwood and Port Adelaide will remain the teams to beat.

Footy Fix: Sure, they're fifth... but like it or not, the Blues are officially the best team in it

Recent incidents with the West Coast Eagles, including Brady Hough’s late withdrawal, highlight larger issues of leadership and accountability within the WCE’s management. The Eagles’ inconsistent performance and disarray suggest a lack of strong leadership driving strategy and motivation. Moreover, handling situations like Hough’s withdrawal indicates a lack of accountability culture. To regain some form and fulfill their potential, the Eagles need to reassess their leadership structure and foster a stronger sense of accountability among their entire structure.

Simpson reveals truly bizarre reason for young Eagle's last-second Derby withdrawal

The team’s defensive work, particularly in one-on-one situations, has been a noted weakness. Despite having a strong player like Darcy Moore, the defence can be easily exploited by quick ball movement. This is not a new issue, and yet it persists, suggesting systemic problems that have not been adequately addressed.

Pies cooked? Please - Why Collingwood are still clearly the team to beat in 2023

Tom, I appreciate your perspective, but I have to disagree with your opening statement that Gillon has done a good job. In my view, he has not demonstrated strong leadership. He often seemed to hesitate on important decisions, waiting until public opinion was clear before aligning with the majority. That’s not leadership, that’s playing it safe. While I acknowledge that he is a skilled negotiator and has looked after the “boys club,” I believe the AFL needs more than a well-trained insider. The fact that they won’t consider someone like Leigh Matthews for the commission speaks volumes. They seem to prefer maintaining the status quo rather than challenging it. I hope Dillon proves to be a more decisive and proactive leader.

TOM MORRIS: The AFL's hierarchy is in shambles - and it's nothing less than a failure of governance

Despite not being a Carlton supporter, I’ve been observing their recent performance with perplexity. As early as the 15-minute mark in their last few games, they seem to lack the mental fortitude required to secure a win, a sentiment echoed in tonight’s match. It’s baffling, considering they possess the talent on paper that could potentially clinch premierships.

It doesn’t feel like a simple coaching problem. Rather, it seems to be a systemic issue that’s impacting their performance. They step onto the AFL field, up against teams that are seemingly ready to buckle, yet they fail to exhibit the necessary instincts to capitalise on the situation. It’s a matter that warrants further investigation …

Footy Fix: The Blues are rubbish, but the Dees were just as bad - and four images perfectly sum up why

Just finished reading the open letter from Cyril Rioli, Carl Peterson, Jermaine Miller-Lewis, and their families. It is heartbreaking to hear the pain they’ve endured due to the apparent systemic racism at the Hawthorn Football Club. It takes immense courage to come forward and share such personal experiences in a public forum. Some people will not like or enjoy the story.

Their stories remind us that footy isn’t just a game, it’s a microcosm of our society. It reflects our values, beliefs, and the way we treat each other. Racism has no place in our sport or in our society.

Let’s be clear – they never asked for money, all they asked for was acknowledgement and understanding. That’s not too much to ask. Their demand for justice and respect is something we should all support. They are not asking for special treatment, they are asking for fairness.

As a footy community, we have a collective responsibility to tackle racism. We must ensure that everyone involved in AFL, from the grassroots to the professional level, understands and respects the cultural diversity that makes our sport so special. That is where Gil failed – always too late.

Hoping that the Australian Human Rights Commission conciliation brings closure to these individuals and triggers much-needed changes in the AFL. As they said, they will be heard one way or another. Let’s make sure it’s in a supportive, compassionate, and inclusive footy community.

BREAKING: Families at centre of Hawks racism scandal reveal identities, slam 's--t show' investigation

yep, tough to see Port winning this one…

AFL News: Hardwick to quit Richmond job, Champion Data overturns Moore's incredible record, Dees brace for Oliver blow

Good teams do not lose two in a row, and home ground advantage.

Six Points: Bevo has a month to save himself, and the rule tweak needed to prevent another 'Sirengate'

Keep Beveridge there as long as you can. The adhoc coaching approach worked for a while.. worn off. The umps gave him 2016 not coaching. Several years at the bottom ahead if Beveridge stays.. better for the rest of us!

Despite Luke Beveridge's frantic decision-making, the Bulldogs are on a road to nowhere

The interesting thing about McRae – is just like Malthouse and the great coaches, he lets players play to their strengths. Encourages them to do so.. and is happy for mistakes and does not punish the error.. backes them in.

Almost exactly the opposite of Buckley.
It confirms my view, now Buckley is out of the way that Hine is the best recruiter in the business. You will have plenty of gold in the two’s..

Footy Fix: The Pies aren't just great - they're exactly what footy has needed for a decade

I saw two battling teams, that will both look like they will finish from 7-10th. Both played with heart though they lack the skills and class of the top sides. Richmond looked identical to last year.. do they miss Houli… one Houli and they jump to contender.. Carlton, also just that bit of polish.. both will be less rusty next outing..

Footy Fix: How an unsung Tigers hero's selfless act stole them a draw... and the Blues who stuffed up the key play

Hi, I am not suggesting the players will tank. But the club has made a decision – and given the team a foundation where they will finish last. Club strategy. Start watching team selection and where players are played if it gets close to season’s end. The season will unfold – Hawthorn will finish a glorious last and pick Harley. Harley would have been the No 1 pick in his year’s draft and he is a year plus younger… the recruiters think he is the best in years..

Every AFL team has a fatal flaw and here is what they are doing about it

Hi, I think everyone is missing the point on Hawthorn. The No 1 draft pick in 2023 – is a generational talent. The fella is a prospect that many recruiters believe will lead a team to premierships. In the industry most believe the Hawls have professionally tanked to pick up this kid. The strongest bet you should make this year is Hawks finishing dead set last and picking Harley Reid as No 1. He is better than Daicos, better than Ashcroft… and they are beauties…

Every AFL team has a fatal flaw and here is what they are doing about it

All valid points. However, Essendon will come unstuck. The question I would ask Essendon is what type of research do you do before you employed him? As it appears any search on google shows he is a goose. So the issue for me is what sort of background check did Essendon do on this guy. It appears none.

Straight after he was appointed a couple of people googled him – saw he had values from 300BC and flags were raised. Why didn’t Essendon do that search? Or even deeper…

Andrew Thorburn pursuing legal action amid 'wrongful termination' twist to Essendon CEO scandal

Great stats, new way for me to look at it… Can’t wait for North v Hawks this year. It will be bitter. Though the Hawks are meant to be full-on tanking this year to ensure the No 1 draft pick. Supposedly the No 1 is up there with Dusty.. they say he would have been the No 1 pick for the last 4-5 years..

AFL Top 100: The coaching merry go-round

Charlie, think you’re a bit off the mark there… the Buddy deal has been sensational for the Swans. The Tippet deal was a disaster…

The Suns' pursuit of Dan Hannebery might be their dumbest idea yet

Essendon is making itself a laughing stock. We are not doing anything. We are all standing on the sidelines watching abject stupidity at play.

Like the writer said bring back Hird, that gives us 1-2 easy wins each year for the next 5. Clearly the smart players from Essendon will want to leave. Of course any players with drug issues know which club now to go to. He was a terrible coach… ! before the drugs saga. It it like putting Carey in charge of a chemist.

Dear Essendon: Please, PLEASE, make James Hird your coach again. Sincerely, everyone

Living in Adelaide v Sydney. No comparison. You need to be stronger, tougher, and smarter to make it in Sydney. Eddie came up… sent back home with his tail between his legs. Simply not up to it.. confirmed by Collingwood results this season..

AFL News: Suns chairman's brutal parting shot at Rankine, Clarko's Kanga cull begins

Love your passion for the game. The coach’s votes will be interesting. Would not be surprised if Gawn gets 10. McDonald is not yet a star, but he has that rare ability for a big man to know where the goals are and can snap with intuition. Dee’s still ones to beat.

AFL Saturday Study: No May, no Melbourne? How magnificent Swans exposed the Dees... again

An Awesome Friday night game. Buddy is a freak.

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Swans and Tigers put on a classic despite the controversy - and why THAT non-50 was the right decision

swans seem to lose to the giants – so a fair call. who would you tip this weekend geelong v swans.. that game should be a belter both teams in form.

Cats, Blues and Swans stun in Round 1

Harry looks like he could kick 10 every outing. Charlie looked like he belongs in the twos 9 (or even three’s). Cerra was incredibly impressive

ANALYSIS: 'A small step and a giant leap!' New, dark navy Blues end ten-year Tigers hoodoo

buddy beautiful… if I was there I would be running onto the pitch… it is unlikely we will ever see the 1000 again.. still think round 2 or 3.

AFL NEWS: Fans face huge fines if they mob Buddy, COVID dramas at Pies as Daicos to debut