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Cheika failed at intl level??

Tell me you know absolute zero about Rugby without telling me you know nothing about Rugby

Force kill off Waratahs' final hopes once and for all as Donno comes back to haunt old side

Newsome is absolutely lighting up the top14. One of the best players in a stacked Clermont team. It’s a real shame he didn’t get an extended run in his preferred position in Aus as he is as safe as a bank at the back. He’d be my pick then probably Wright with Kells locked in on a wing

'He's ready': Campbell backs teammate for gold as fullback mounts own selection and contract extension case

I fail to see what is surprising about Pietsch getting dropped?

Riley has been solid and Pietsch has been dead average all season. He needs at least a full season of club Rugby again to learn how to finish tries.

Brumbies to welcome back Wallabies duo for 'Canes clash after week of soul-searching, Tahs to tweak side for Chiefs

Beale is still a class above. Has to be 15 for the Wallabies

Beale, Rodda shine on Super Rugby return as Force smash Crusaders to keep finals hopes alive

Kalani Thomas > Tate McDermott

'Like a Scud missile': World Cup reject leads rout, but Reds suffer fresh blow with Petaia's season in jeopardy

When an earth was Kerevi Red carded for running upright into a tackle?

Think you might be making stuff up there to suit your narrative Whatever

'Brain explosion': Wallaby stars sent off as Queensland left red-faced in Moana Pasifika shocker

Few great performances.

Obviously Harrison, but I think Jake Gordon and Lachie Swinton are really playing themselves into starting Wallaby contention. Both were immense

'Last few years have been hell': Iceman 2.0 Harrison gets 'dream come true' in Tahs' stunning golden point win

Unforgivable from McDermott.
He’s just cost us the game. After such a promising start 3 losses on the trot and now we play 3 kiwi teams in a row this season slowly dwindling into life support territory.
Joe Schmidt would have taken note. That brain fart hurts. He’ll have a few weeks to think about that one from the sidelines.

'Brain explosion': Wallaby stars sent off as Queensland left red-faced in Moana Pasifika shocker

While a crowd of 13,533 isn’t something to write home about, it’s more than double the Brumbies best crowd this year and triple that of the Rebels. Nothing stat

Rugby Australia kicks off review into Waratahs as pressure mounts on Coleman ahead of Brumbies clash

Cheers MD, I really needed this laugh.

Him at Schoolboy level was insane. Since then he has played 15 games and scored some ridiculous tries, most notably against the Brumbies and Hurricanes. He’s 19 and suffered some significant injuries but has bounced back, showed his commitment to Aus Rugby and demonstrated he has a great head on his shoulders. I’m sorry mate but if you can’t see his ability then there’s not much more someone of his age can really do

Wonder kid offered 3-yr, $1.6m deal to stay in Aussie rugby - and why it could see Wallabies stars leave Ballymore

Good move. Jorgensen is a generational talent. You don’t let them walk out the door

Wonder kid offered 3-yr, $1.6m deal to stay in Aussie rugby - and why it could see Wallabies stars leave Ballymore

Time to blow it all up out West.


'It hurts': Force's season goes from bad to worse as Lealiifano, Kepu lead Moana Pasifika to upset win

Thanks Kearnsy, but this is a bit of a no brainer now. It’s been evident for 3 years we can’t support 5 teams.

I’d cut two teams asap

'Our talent is spread too thin': Ex-Wallabies captain urges Rugby Australia to cut Super teams

Force looking good for a last place finish. They are a basket case

'We needed that': Gordon, Kellaway star in Rebels' epic comeback win as Force capitulate

The Force are in some serious trouble. Their roster was already paper thin. A long season beckons

Force cop fresh blows after Rodda's latest setback and Pearce's ban, Rebels open up on 'deflating' start

Ditch the Rebels ASAP, and the Force while we’re at it.
We need 3 teams, both sides are so far below Super Rugby Standard.
I’m not sure what happens down in Melbourne, they just never seem to click, very decent sides on paper but the cohesion just isn’t there.
Different story in Perth, they seem to be decently coach but it’s just such a poor squad. Think about all the guys in the Force 23 that were released by their former club for not being first choice.
Horton, WIlliams, Wells, Harris, White, Stewart, Donaldson, Tiatia – All second rate and getting creamed by a Hurricanes second string lineup. Looks like a very long year for both organsiations.

'Own worst enemy': Rebels' month from hell continues as Brumbies smash Aussie rivals, Lolesio's timely reminder

I like some of your ideas but I think the major issue at the moment isn’t the governance, tournament structure or politics.

The product is shit, has been for the last 7-8 years. I have countless friends who use to be massive Rugby fans and wouldn’t miss a game of Super who now hardly even follow the Wallabies.

How many times have you sat down keen to watch a game only for it to be a complete fizzer and you find yourself wondering why you bothered. The game needs to change because has become boring as bat shit.

Seven point plan to save Super Rugby

“No one remembers anyone other than the World Cup winners”
That is complete garbage I certainly remember how fun the great runs of 03′ and 15′ were. NZ in 2003 and England in 2015 are two of my fondest Wallaby memories. Also very easy to say when your on an all expenses paid trip to France. What about the 40K off fans who parted way with their hard earned to follow this pathetic excuse of a team around.
Enough defending him, it genuinely is all Eddie’s fault they were that bad in France. The squad he selected was not up to it, the game plan was horrendous and off the field was nothing short of a circus. The effects of this disaster will be felt in the Aus Rugby for years to come. I have mates who have said this campaign was their final straw and they are done putting time, money and thought into the Wallabies. These were previously rusted on Rugby people. This clown has fast tracked us to a time where we will be saying “No one remembers the Wallabies” not just the World Cup non-winners

COMMENT: RA wanted a Pitbull to bring back some snarl to the Wallabies - Eddie rolled over for a tummy tickle

Wtf. Was I watching the same game?

I had Tate down as someone whose stocks were falling, thought he was slow to clear the ruck, pass was awful and his kicking game bang average

I also had Kellaway as one of our best. Try saving tackle, fantastic try assist, clean break and a number of great clean ups a the back. These ratings are really strange Christy, might want to rewatch and try again

Wallabies player ratings: Taniela explosive, Marky Mark dynamite - but lineout and midfield fail to ignite

Couldn’t agree more with this. I thought McDermott was very poor and I’m a little bit sick of the free ride he is getting atm. Service just not up to standard. Is it too late to add Lonergan?

Studs and duds: Eddie's 'wrongheaded' selections, Carter '100 percent a concern', 'weapon' fires at last

Apart from Skelton being a good captaincy option the rest of this is article is complete BS.

Utter disrespect to Micheal Hooper, a fantastic servant to Aus Rugby and someone who still has plenty to give. He was named captain by Jones a month ago after a solid SR season and since then has played 1 test which the whole pack was battered!

You can’t tell me that Donaldson is a better option than Quade Cooper and you also can’t convince me Kemeny is a better back rower that covers the backline than Hooper.

This squad is complete and utter madness and spits in the face of all Wallabies fans who have stuck by the team the last 4 years, not to mention the ones who have parted ways with their hard earned money to travel to France and support them

Eddie has done what was needed four years ago and ripped the bandaid off. Now he's breathed life into Aussie rugby

This is spot on. It’s completely disrespectful to the fans, no wonder so many are turning their back on the Wallabies. We’ve had to endure 4 years of trash performances and repeated line “building for the World Cup” and now on the eve Jones has pulled this.
I feel for the thousands travelling to France to watch these youngsters, some of whom aren’t even up to Super Rugby standard, bow out in the quarters despite being kissed on the dick with a dream draw

Eddie has done what was needed four years ago and ripped the bandaid off. Now he's breathed life into Aussie rugby

Hard to see Sio and BPA being recalled at this stage. Uelese and Schoupp looking likely.

Also Zane Nongorr proved on Saturday he should be nowhere near a scrum in France. Talakai the obvious TH pick now

Wallabies star to have operation on broken hand in latest Rugby World Cup speed bump

What ever the answer is it can’t look anything like the NRC did. What a joke of a competition that was. Best thing RA did was scrap it

COMMENT: 'Making a choice' - the key issue facing Australia’s third tier

I think you’ll find Fiji and France have both already qualified for the Olympics. Australia needs to hold off Samoa and South Africa in London.

Any idea what the Japanese players are doing for the next two months pre Rugby Championship?

Could we perhaps see QC and Kerevi specifically in clubland? ????

Five things we learned: Why Reds epic triumph was two years too late, area flyer must fix to become a Wallaby