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The definition of stupidity. Doing the same thing again and again and hoping it will change. Australia’s limited over form has been as ordinary as it’s Test form. Runs are the only commodity that counts? These guys musn’t listen to their own hypocritical nonsense!

'They're really good young men and they're good cricketers': Langer on Marsh brothers

The biggest problem with Australian cricket at the moment is that no one seems to be accountable for constant failure. An almost complete lack of success overseas for some time now and inconsistent performances in Australia just seem to deliver more of the same dross every time. Why? Some one suggested earlier that the team is like a badly run football club and I think that observation is right on the money. We get the same thing every time. Players with mediocre first class records picked for Test matches on “gut instinct” whilst players with superior first class records are constantly overlooked. I am the first to admit that we are hardly in a golden age of Australian batsmanship but surely we can do better than this. The performance of Australian team in all forms of the game has been abysmal at international level for some time. Who is responsible? It goes beyond the selectors who seem to change opinion every time a team is announced and have a happy knack of coming up with bewildering decisions each time. Surely all roads of incompetence lead to Pat Howard, the man responsible for the “high performance” of the Australian cricket team. Surely it’s time for him to be called out for his efforts?

Marsh brothers on thin ice

This idea of selecting all-rounders to cater to a fifth bowling option is something that is relatively new in Australian cricket. For as long as I can remember the quintessential Australian team has been 6 batsmen, 3 seamers, a spin bowler and a wicketkeeper who could hopefully add a few runs. It’s seems Ben Stokes success with England has meant jealous eyes have been searching Australian cricket for a similar option.
All-rounders playing Test cricket has always seemed to be a very English idea that has never really been terribly successful and it seems we are going down that English path where Australian teams have never sought to venture before.
We are worried about tiring our bowlers or, God-forbid an injury to one of our fast bowlers which leaves us short but we are including a sub-standard to player to cover a problem which may never materialize and has only done so on a few occasions that I can remember.
Let’s not beat around the bush anymore. Mitch Marsh isn’t good enough to bat in the top 6 and he is a long way from being a first choice seamer. Let’s be aggressive and choose our best team as we always have. If there is a worry about workloads let’s adjust the fixture next time to ensure our bowlers have enough rest time to recover from their exertions.
Surely Steve Smith and David Warner for the good of the team can roll a few over if it comes to resting our bowlers.

Australia needs a fifth bowling option but it ain't Mitch Marsh

Shaun Marsh should be called “The Phantom”. The Ghost who Walks. You simply can’t kill him!

Australia's Ashes squad announced: Analysing every player picked

Surely future historians of the game will wonder why a batsman averaging nearly 48 in Test cricket and in the prime of his career was dropped for this series and someone completely out of his depth like Mitch Marsh was selected. It’s a scandal. Usman is holding the line but he must be miffed.

KREJZA: Usman Khawaja must play in the third Test

Maybe it’s time to get rid of a selection “panel” and just have single person do the job and take the plaudits or brickbats. It seems from an outsiders perspective that ideas are tried, scrapped, go full circle and are tried again. Surely it can only be down to infighting among selectors and different agendas being pushed .Mitch Marsh was woefully out of his depth as a Test cricketer and was given more leeway for performance than any other player in living memory. Khawaja only had to look sideways at the selectors and he was bringing out the drinks. Wouldn’t he have loved a two year free pass like Marsh had?! Marsh was dropped and presumably told he had to go back to First Class cricket and work on his game. How can he possibly be picked for India after that? I guess it’s just proof that being a fine international cricketer doesn’t necessarily mean you will get it right when you become a selector. I think it’s time to take a good look at just how the team is selected because there must be more than a few Australian cricketers shaking their heads with bewilderment at the moment.

Despite stats, history and form, Mitch Marsh is now considered a Test bowling all-rounder

The continuing love affair with Mitch March is bewildering especially as there are better bowling all-rounders such as James Faulkner about. Swepson is a wasted pick.I hope he doesn’t play as it could be demoralising for the lad as I would expect him to be cleaned up by India’s batsman.

Australia names 16-man squad for Test tour of India

From a distance Wade seems to have a bit of mongrel in him which may be why he was picked in this fairly meek Australian team over better qualified glovemen. Like it or loathe it Australian XI’s seem to play better with a bit of belligerence attached. Maddinson’s selection doesn’t make a lot of sense but it does leave us with a bit of depth and wriggle room with Patterson, Bancroft, Burns and a few more able to press claims in the Shield.

It may be an anathema to some but perhaps Mitch Marsh was worth a try in a much more pure all-rounders roll;batting at 8 against a tired Saffers attack and providing a fourth seam option on a pitch with a bit of life.He is no world beater with the ball either but he chips in with a few handy wickets.. He could be interchangeable for twelfth man with Lyon which gives some flexibility before the match starts. I know he is injured but it is an interesting option if available. Smith could chip in with some spin bowling.

Australia's selectors nailed it, with one glaring exception

Marsh is hardly acting professionally having a crack at Khawaja. Leave it behind closed doors. Who could blame Usman for being miffed anyway? And since when has Australia had an “allrounders position”? In nearly 150 years of Test cricket we have managed with six batsmen, four bowlers and a wicketkeeper-and managed to be successful. Mitch Marsh’ special treatment has unbalanced the side for a couple of years now. The greatest fear is they will drop him and bring in Moises Henriques! Hard to believe a couple of these selectors were once truly great cricketers.

Joe Mennie's selection for Perth defies description

It’s obviously very subjective and I welcome varying opinion. Evans was World Cup mountain bike champion for two years running which basically makes him the world number 1 for that period before switching to road racing. He is certainly the best Australian road cyclist ever and won the ProTour in 2007 which made him the world number 1 for that year. Apart from being only the second man from outside Europe to win the Tour he was also runner up twice and had several top ten finishes beside which made him a dominant rider in the race during his era. He is also the only Australian to win the Elite men’s World Road Title. Given the depth of professional cycling at the World Tour level I would have to rate him above several of the football players who appear on David’s list. But, it’s a good point of discussion. carry on please.

Where does Peter Brock stand in Australia's pantheon of sporting legends?

You can’t find a place for an Australian Tour de France winner in your top 30?

Where does Peter Brock stand in Australia's pantheon of sporting legends?

Cycling Australia administration has been a basket case for years now. Until the slow and agonizing death of track cycling in this country is arrested I can only see a continuing decline in our fortunes at Ilympic level.

Swimming made a bigger splash, but our cyclists need a blowtorch too

I’m pretty sure Cathy Freeman was a World Champion and Olympic placegetter before she was an Olympic Gold medalist. Cadel Evans was World Champion before he was Tour de France winner. In fact he was a mountain bike World Cup winner as a teenager. Multiple top ten in the three major Grand Tours. A twenty year career excellence reduced to one fleeting moment in this article. Make your argument for Cahill by all means but don’t deliberately denigrate the significant achievement of others and deliberately mislead when trying to make a point. If Cahill is as good as you say his achievements should be able to stand by themselves.

Is Tim Cahill second to Don Bradman?

Wow! What a story. Facing Trueman and Tyson really is a great memory. Thanks for sharing. I met Mr Tyson when I was a boy and what a gentlemanly man he was. He asked me who was going to win the upcoming Ashes series and an intimidated ten year old replied “I don’t know.’ My adult companion, much more fearless than I gave a resounding answer. “Australia of course!”, she replied. Mr Tyson looked at me kindly and said, “I think those Poms will give them a run for their money though.” A great memory almost forty years later. I still the autograph he was kind enough to give me. Rest in peace Frank.

SPIRO: The day I faced up to 'Typhoon' Frank Tyson

Man for man he is fifth in the pecking order at best but with illness, crashes and unforseen bad form always a factor he may scrape onto the podium. But he will need some luck. Thought Pinot would be his superior but he looks to have run his race before the first week is out. I wouldn’t count out Nibali yet but Contador looks cooked. Watch out for the other French hope Barguil, he may be a revelation.

Can Van Garderen make the Tour de France podium?

Pretty sure Michael Wilson did ride a Tour de France late in his career for a 50th place. Will have to look it up to confirm. His top ten finishes in the Giro would have assured him a ride in my team instead of Porte. The non-selction of Mockridge is a travesty. You can argue his one Tour for 64th place shouldn’t give him a place but there should be no argument that he was a better rider than 90 percent of this team. He was essentially three riders in one He could win a mass field sprint or lead out as circumstances require and he would be a vastly superior all-rounder to Gerrans. His victory in the Tour du Vaucluse in 1955 was a template for the modern stage hunter. Given his standing in the sport selection in this team would have been appropriate.
Of the rest, only Evans, Anderson and McEwan pick themselves and the others are subjective.

Is this Australia's Tour de France team of the century?

Contador was two and a half minutes adrift after the cobbles. I would argue that he isn’t two and a half minutes better than Nibali in the Alps and Pyrenees. Nibs time trials adequately as well. A very good and deserved win and while doping inquiries will always remain surely questioning his victory due to Froome and Contador crashing out is offensive. Nobody questions Merckx’s win in 1971 after Ocana crashed out when leading by eight minutes. Nor have I seen too many critics of Zoetemelk’s 1980 triumph, a victory which almost assuredly would have gone to Bernard Hinault had he not succumbed to knee tendonitis during the race. There are plenty of other examples.
Froome crashed before he even got to the cobbles, silly falls that a rider of his standing and a team of his calibre could have done better to avoid. He looked like a man who was not on his game mentally and perhaps a fear of racing on the cobbles contributed to nervousness and mistakes Contador’s fall too was as much down to lack of concentration as it was to ill luck and one of the skills of cycling is staying on your bike in trying circumstances. Vincenzo Nibali showed his skill as a bike handler and a man of immense ability and class and I was very pleased to see him ride into Paris in the yellow jersey..

Deserved victory for dominant Nibali

I assume you are referring to my comment about Gerran’s abillity when you refer to gross understatement. My opinion of Gerran’s is as relevant as anyone else’s. I stand by it. He is a very good professional rider but below the top tier of competitors in ability.
You can throw Milan to San Remo and stage wins and yellow jerseys at me but there are guys with less ability than Gerrans who have done the same.
It’s merely an observation and opinion of 40 years experience watching cycling. Gerrans is great but the constant padding of his reputation does him no favours.

Cadel's Corkscrew victory ranks amongst TDU's best

I stand by what I said. It doesn’t have to be taken as an insult. Man for man he is not in Evans’ class and has achieved most of what he has through guile and guts. The Tour DownUnder for most of it’s existence has been a beefed up training race that Gerrans has turned up to super fit. It suits his style and at the moment it is a very important race for his team so he races to win, unlike many who make the trip from Europe.
His wins at San Remo was a victory of guile not strength and his Tour wins have been the same.
The difference between being a very good professional rider and a Tour de France was starkly illustrated on Corkscrew Hill.

Cadel's Corkscrew victory ranks amongst TDU's best

It certainly hasn’t knocked the strut out of Greenedge given some of the nonsense coming out of their camp. Evans has always been in a class of his own when the current generation of Australian cyclists are compared. Gerrans, for all his success is but a talented opportunist.

Greenedge have promised to throw everything at Cadel from here but the fact he rode part of the climb in the big chain ring while everyone else pedalled cotton reels suggests Simon and his boys may need a tow rope on Willunga Hill just to stay in contention.

Cadel's Corkscrew victory ranks amongst TDU's best

I’m not sure it does add to the sense of drama. I would have placed good money on Gerrans winning given his usual early season form and overwhelming numbers of team-mates. I would agree that you can’t restrict Aussies from riding their national title but I can see a situation where Greenedge keeps winning it for as long as they like. But that’s just the cynic in me! Thanks for the great articles.

Men's national road championship: simply world class!

And there we have the problem with the current form this race is taking. Greenedge can muscle it as they like. Control it from start to finish as they please and change goals as circumstance allows as the race progresses. As they did yesterday.

It is unbalanced having ten (and sometimes more) international professionals on the one team, dictating terms to the rest. No local team can or will be able to stand against them. This is the scenario from here well into the future and I wonder if it is healthy for the race to continue to be a Greenedge benefit?

That being said, Porte and Evans had every chance but just weren’t good enough on the day. Gerrans looked super fit and the other two a little underdone.

Of course we may never see Evans compete in the race again and realistically, only someone of his quality could take on Greenedge one out and win. But he would need to be fitter than he is in mid-January. An occurrence unlikely to happen.

Many may be happy to see the national jersey on the back of a member of one team from here to eternity, but I for one think that restricting the number of riders from one team may be worthwhile. After all, it is the Australian Road Title. A more equitable race would be desirable as the rise of Australian cycling continues.

Men's national road championship: simply world class!

Orica-Greenedge will send someone up the road and it will come down to who is prepared to chase. If it is all together with a lap to go it could be anybody’s race. Realistically Evan’s is better than the rest but Gerrans in his usual early season form could be a handful. It may be a fascinating race.

The rise and rise of the national championships

Yes. The Channel Nine boys carry on like schoolboys having their first look at a pornographic magazine. If ever a sporting broadcast was in need of an overhaul it’s this one. I was desperately hoping Channel 10 would win the rights just to bring a fresh team and outlook to the Test series. It will be interesting to see how well the rival commentary team does during the BBL.

One come only hope that when and if Richie returns he can grab this lot by the ear one by one and drum into them the art and subtlety of television commentary. Unfortunately at 83 the doyen of commentators is well past his best and I fear we will end up listening to these fools laughing like jackals from here to eternity.

Channel Nine force feed more noise - just let cricket speak for itself

It’s the most unsportsmanlike English team I’ve seen. Trying to out-Aussie the Aussie’s it seems. How I wish for a bit of the bad old days. Would love to see Ryan Harris under Joe Root’s nose asking him if his mother knows he is out playing cricket with the grown ups. Would love to see Siddle questioning Alistair Cook’s parentage after slipping one past the outside edge. And what is the go with Matt Pryor appealing for edges when you could drive a train between bat and ball. Intimidating the umpire? You bet!
Swings and roundabouts friends. What goes around comes around and the boys from DownUnder will be on top again one day and will take back what is rightfully theirs. And we won’t forget England, 2013 when it happens.

I hate the way England play Test cricket