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I wish he’d stuck to administration and killed commentating. I am not engaged with Penrith and so don’t care if he fails there but I do have to listen to the crap he dishes up on TV.

Phil Gould reportedly set for Panthers exit in the coming days

Glad you picked up on this Ronan. He’s an impressive young bloke. Tough and talented. His name will always be connected with sandpaper but I hope he has chances to at least make it a secondary consideration

Bancroft's tons put him in World Cup frame

That clears it up for me. Thanks

Foley says Folau is hurting the Waratahs

Should Folau be a protected species, immune from criticism within the team. All the players are asked about is IF. I’m pleased that they’re not muzzled and then smart and brave enough to speak the truth.

Of course I have the option to turn it all around to suit an age old anti-Tah narrative and simply slag everybody off for past demeanours real or otherwise. Nah, that would just make me a DH

Foley says Folau is hurting the Waratahs

Except the Reds are playing a Sharks team whose defence, based on last week, wouldn’t bruise a peach. The Reds will share parity at worst in set piece and give a decent showing of themselves elsewhere. Game on

Super Rugby Round 10: The circle of craziness is complete

I read a piece penned by Walt and he claims not to have been gay (or suffering gender confusion) before he was abused by a grandmother dressing him as a girl for years and then an uncle for being a girl. He doesn’t make a case for reforming of gays at all. He’s an abused child.

You need to do better if you want to make a case that it’s possible to reform homosexuals. Before you invest too much time though, it’s a fallacy and you may need some professional help

Israel Folau to fight Rugby AU sanction

Pardon? A “reformed homosexual”? Please explain

Israel Folau to fight Rugby AU sanction

No way to condone the action or the collective response to eye gouging but if you’re not seeing how head injuries are being / will be dealt with differently going forward you have your head in the sand.
The world is changing. Defenders have a responsibility to avoid the head and there should only be degrees of guilt based on circumstances. You simply don’t get a free pass if you hit an opponent high any more

Addin Fonua-Blake would have been better off eye gouging Mitchell Pearce

Anderson is one of the best fast bowling fielders I’ve ever seen. Great hands. They field him everywhere in the test side except fine leg or third man

Australia's Cricket World Cup squad is too conservative

Pretty much my favourite post ever. Has everything. Welcome Tonga and long may you post

The tragic tale of Israel Folau

I still wouldn’t think it was right but I’d have been OK if IF had said, once, his beliefs told him that being gay was against his interpretation of the scriptures. That’s different to what he did though.

He used his profile to scream hate and we simply shouldn’t tolerate that.

There’s something more to this story but RA has no option but to cut him loose. With him probably goes any small chance we had at the WC but I love the game not people who play it and we all have a responsibility to ensure it remains the great, inclusive sport it is.

A thought I had today was, what if this brain explosion happened the evening before a knockout game in the WC. Team all over the place, game lost. He is a liability and, what ever people who know him may think of him, this isn’t the behaviour of a good team man.

Goodbye Izzy

The tragic tale of Israel Folau

I’m sick of pandering to this tool. He knows what he’s doing, the people he’s offending and the pain he’s causing. Time to cut him loose. We’re better than that.

Folau slammed over anti-gay comments

The Tigers are inexplicably poor aren’t they? Usually you get a bounce from sacking a coach but they got rid of two and won’t play for the current guy. I feel sorry for Murphy as there’s something rotten somewhere in the club, probably at the apex. Cockerill didn’t miss them with his nasty snipe about culture (or lack of). Was true but he wasn’t allowed to say it.
I’m really in to the NH rugby now and a lot of that is to do with the race to the bottom in England this year. It’s a great story to follow who might go down. Makes me think relegation would work in Super Rugby. As long as London Irish go up so I can watch them in the Premiership at the new Brentford stadium next season as it’s a 10 minute walk from home

Who will be the comeback king at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

Troy Coker was a comeback? My memory tells a very different story. He was a late replacement for Tim Gavin but he was in his mid-20’s and had simply not been the best around and thus not picked so much. Went great at the 91 WC and I remember a day he hammered people in a 7’s tournament at Concorde fondly. But a comparable comeback to what Nonu is contemplating would be him playing in the 99 WC.

Who will be the comeback king at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

I know it’s not fair to judge on one game and he played at 15 and Leicester are rubbish but Toomua was awful defensively against Exeter on the weekend. I really don’t think he is our saviour

Who will be the comeback king at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

I think the England top 6 get the license to slog because of the bottom 5. Ali, Woakes, Curran, Rashid and xxx. All have FC tons. All can play. Our guys are good tailenders but England has batsmen batting in the tail.

Shane Warne has picked his preferred World Cup squad, and it's peak Shane Warne

Damn I hate this BS. Tahs aimed up and, against recent form, beat the best XV the Crusaders could put on the park on the day. B Team, my arse. And bad performance? Yes. Hammered at the breakdown, stuffed in set piece and then other parts of their game fell apart. Big surprise, Australian teams do it weekly.
When a game is played by two teams, typically one wins. Mostly that’s because the team that won played better. It’s not always that the Kiwi side played well or poorly, there are other factors in play. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Have the Waratahs learnt nothing from their loss against the Sunwolves?

These two are our only world class batsmen (Maxwell in white ball). Maybe Smith shares a start or two with Marsh to see if he gets the gig at the WC but they both come straight into the side for the Ashes.

The worry for Smith on his international return

He could always play. Why are we questioning his ability? The real challenge has always been “do we want this tool in our side”?

The answer is more and more, Yes.

Warner 2.0 is a new man

I think there’s a good point in there TWAS. This is a first. Instead of hammering this Tahs administration for only doing it once, perhaps congratulate them for trying something different. If it drew 20k, you don’t think they’d have been forced to look at it as a more permanent fixture?

Hey Waratahs, welcome to NSW (you probably won't be back, hey?)

Check out how many times they score last in a game. Even when getting smoked over the last few years they play to the death.

Hey Waratahs, welcome to NSW (you probably won't be back, hey?)

If the team sheet decided the outcome, this is done and dusted. Let’s hope the Blues find a way to outperform. Patterson needs runs for NSW to have a chance and to continue to press his Ashes claims

Victoria vs New South Wales: Sheffield Shield final preview and prediction

No, it matters. There is a distinct difference between a batsman taking off early and failing to heed a warning and a guy who takes his eyes off the bowler as he hits delivery stride, remains in the crease up to that point and then walks slowly out after he might reasonably have expected the ball to be delivered. One is within the rules, the other indicates somebody fails to understand some sports simply have esoteric truisms about what is right.

Ashwin’s lost me. His post-match defence makes it even worse. I’d probably have accepted a “caught in the headlights, lots of pressure” defence but he is committed to the strategy so he’s gone.

The Mankad rises from the deep

I don’t think we have Turner, Stoinis and Maxy in the team if Warner and Smith are available. I’m a big Finch fan and the team respond to him as skipper but he needs runs to cement a spot. If he goes out, I don’t know who captains though.

Australia stun India with 3-2 series win

Frankly, Slipper is pushing to start at LHP also. A side that possesses raw, young power but lacks finesse and experience and thus has no cutting edge seems to be such an obvious fit for the Red 3 but it wasn’t to be

Why the Wallabies should be on the midfield K-trail