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It’s time for the Southern Brumbies

It’s time for the Southern Brumbies

17 Apr 2017

The decision to cut the Australian Super Rugby sides from five to four floored me. Based on all previous rhetoric about maintaining a national footprint, I didn’t think the ARU would do it.

Better scheduling can save Super Rugby

28 Apr 2014

I am a passionate Waratahs supporter, but I have a confession to make. I have never woken up at 3am to watch a Waratahs game being played in South Africa.

Australian rugby's third tier: the options

5 Feb 2013

It’s back in the media again, Australian rugby’s third tier. Most Australian rugby supporters agree that we need it, but no one can agree on a model. We need to ask ourselves, why do we want to develop a third tier?

Benji, what would Dally M do?

Benji, what would Dally M do?

17 Nov 2012

The decision by the NRL to block Benji Marshall’s Japanese rugby sabbatical is at odds with the very premise upon which rugby league was born.

Australian sport must consolidate, not expand

9 Apr 2012

History has been unkind to sporting teams on the Gold Coast. Three rugby league teams, an A-League club and an NBL team have all gone bust. Is it the fault of the Glitter Strip?

Could rugby sevens bring warring football codes together?

27 Feb 2012

What started as a fundraising event in Melrose, Scotland in 1883 is now fast becoming a global phenomenon. Sevens rugby, the abbreviated form of traditional 15-a-side rugby, is fast and entertaining.