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Four Nations 2011 preview: England

England enter the Four Nations 2011 in a stronger shape than any of their teams in recent history. With a typically powerful forward pack, the English have seen the emergence of several key players in their backline, which may see them become a genuine threat to Australia and New Zealand in the years ahead.

Easy error to make mate. The way it’s reported never really clarifies what they’re talking about.

Origin bonuses should be outside the cap

Hey mate,
The Origin payments come from the respective state leagues rather than the clubs themselves, the bonuses you are talking about come from the clubs themselves, for example, Parra give Bill Bloggs a 10k bonus for each Origin appearance he makes, he would recieve 22.5k per appearance (with the state league payments), however only the 10k that Parramatta promised him would come out of their cap (not the money that the NSWRL or QRL pays him). Players can get paid money outside the cap generated from them being NRL players as long as this money does not entice them to play for a certain NRL club over another (within reason). You can represent Origin playing for any of the teams so it doesn’t matter (you can even get called up playing NSW Cup 🙂 ).

Those Brisbane players payments would not have come out of Brisbane’s cap for 2011, however the clubs bonuses for making Origin would have, which is to their discretion.

Clubs provide bonuses to players playing Origin for a host of reasons, but chief among them is that it is a good way of measuring bonus payments. These payments make up a huge portion of player payments for a very good reason, if the player doesn’t perform, then the club doesn’t have to shell out the same amount of money for a player who is playing poorly.These payments usually make up a very hefty chunk of a players payment.

Clubs cannot be charged for Origin payments as Origin alone could technically cause a club a $937, 500 overdraft in a single season (in a very unlikely scenario) if all 25 players in their team get selected to play Origin when you would assume they wouldn’t.

Origin bonuses should be outside the cap

There is a massive privacy issue with publicly broadcasting what players are worth, and it makes it difficult when the payments are largely flexible and may not be what is payed.

It will have the opposite effect as well. Everyone though that if you made CEO’s publicly declare what they earned there would be shareholder rebellion and it would push the wages down, but the opposite happened. An entire industry popped up with agents running around getting lower paid execs pay rises by comparing their wage to CEO “A” to get a payrise for CEO “B”. CEO “B” would then be paid more so the agent would go to “B” and show his employers what “A” was now getting. If a player found out Jennings was on more than them, they’d be in the ear of their club in a minute demanding more money.

Agents are also a necessary evil, contracts are thick as a book and you really need a law degree to fully understand them, imagine a 22 year old plumbers son from Bathurst trying to negotiate that with a pro sports team, he’d get rorted. For a lot of players as well, more of their money would come from public speaking, endorsements, appearances, etc.

Agents will still bump up the price by doing the standard “I got an offer from French rugby, club X” etc.

“If fans are shelling out money for merchandise, tickets and membership, shouldn’t they have a right to know what their club is paying their star players?”

Big no from me, any more than you have a right to know what the cleaners are getting paid.

NRL must be more transparent with player contracts

To be fair it would be a similarish proposition, and they would play out of Lang Park for a good while.

Where should the NRL expand first, and how?

Reminds me of this:

McGuire declares war, again

“Who does he think he is, Sean Rudder?”

This was awesome.

Big Mal, what have you done for us lately?

Significantly less as a winger which is what his size drop would call for.

Should Izzy go home to the NRL?


The 10 Plagues of the Canberra Raiders

This particular bid has been building since around 2007-ish.

Pirates bid the right fit for the NRL

I’ve always liked this idea.

Is it possible to be from New South Wales and another country? Of course it is.

Look at el Masri, born in Lebanon, played first rugby league in New South Wales, should have been eligible for New South Wales and Lebanon.

State of Origin: Is dual eligibility the answer?

I’ve always liked this idea.

Is it possible to be from New South Wales and another country? Of course it is.

Look at el Masri, born in Lebanon, played first rugby league in New South Wales, should have been eligible for New South Wales and Lebanon.

State of Origin: Is dual eligibility the answer?

Yeah, they’re a bit of a white elephant.

I’ve thought for a while that instead of contesting them, keep them the way they are, delay the break of the scrum (possibly to first receiver or from a scoot), and award a 5 point try off that play.

Teams would perform set plays from them and try to gain an advantage, and you might see more risk plays.

A union man watches his first game of league

They get recorded as “Line Engagements”. Don’t know why they don’t release them.

Are offloads the secret weapon of 2012?

Top article mate, it’s goid to see.

I think one of the main things is the forwards need to be put in a position where they can effectively offload, like the Dogs moving the ball around, etc.

A lot of teams just sort of pop the ball out when the tackle’s almost complete for another forward to gain another metre. They have to get an early offload, to eith a fast man with space, or draw loads of defenders and get a quick ball away to a backline.

Are offloads the secret weapon of 2012?

Ed Cowan will join the ranks when he plays three tests, but I still don’t get it either.

CA contracted players: Johnson holds on, Cowan missed out

The lack of Ray Hadley is a testament to the Super League, there is no more annoying commentator-three-quarter going round.

Great article by the way.

England vs Exiles: Why some exes are worth visiting

He never said, nor did anyone else, that he took the before or during games. What you are saying is that Andrew Johns was taking drugs before a game to enhance his performance, and you have zip to prove this.

Stop dodging the point, it doesn’t matter if it makes you sprout wings on a football field and shoot fire out of your eyes, he was taking it after a game. So your either alleging that he was taking them before the game, or you’re saying that if you drop an ecstasy tablet, the next week it makes you a better athlete.

The AFL regularly has players nabbed for these drugs under their three strike anonymity policy, if they were allowing them to compete after this, do you really think they would be signed up to the World Anti-Doping Agency?

This might also help you.

“Drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine are judged by scientists to have no performance-enhancing effects in most sports.”

“Ecstasy is classified as a Non-Specified Stimulant and is prohibited In-Competition only by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).”

Note the links when making claims.

No issue if people think he should be taken out of the running for reasons to do with the role-model issue, disagree but I can understand it. Making up quotes and claiming he was a drug cheat is a different story.

Meninga and Johns demand Immortal status

Monday according to the Fox Sports twitter for all of them, apparently signed a bunch of players already but keeping it on the down low I guess.

A-League season kicks off with Melbourne derby

Watched any games this year?

Barba returns to Mackay with Origin on his mind

Colours, name and signings are announced on Monday apparently, but apparently the FFA registered as a domain name.

A-League season kicks off with Melbourne derby

Glad they didn’t schedule the Sydney derby first up, not till round 3 which should see two big crowds instead of one.

A-League season kicks off with Melbourne derby

They should disregard the rules about post-war in my opinion, then go in this order.

Messenger, Brown, Johns/Meninga (unsure), Cameron Smith, Lockyer.

The post war thing is ridiculous, if they want to time it by anything it should be the introduction of limited tackles which altered the game more than anything else. Also, if Smith keeps going the way he is for a couple more years, catapult him into second.

If you also allow coaches like Lordy said, Jack Gibson into second (ahead of Smith).

The fact that the games existence in Australia is largely credited to Dally Messenger should tell you something.

Meninga and Johns demand Immortal status

No it’s true, Andrea said so, even put it in quotation marks when quoting him saying he was “off his head” during games.

Can’t seem to find that particular quote.

Meninga and Johns demand Immortal status

” Johns admitted to being “Off his face” during games from taking drugs.”

No he didn’t.

Meninga and Johns demand Immortal status

“Matty Bowen’s Origin days have been and gone.”

Geez mate, that’s a bit harsh, he played magnificently on Friday and it was a very high quality game.

Mind you, as a Blues supporter I was pretty happy when Brent Tate was included as I thought he wouldn’t be able to hack it anymore, so lol@me.

Barba returns to Mackay with Origin on his mind