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anyone else agree that Ashtons Agar and Turner are super overrated? surely there’s better middle order batsmen than these 2, plus Agar’s spin is on par or worse than someone like Maxwell. looks like the WA gang get some favours under JL

considering they played all 5 tests over the summer, Cummins and Starc should’ve only played 2 matches each. Cummins in particular looked tired last night

India thump Australia to claim ODI series

in all honesty 50 over cricket probably has to die to let the other 2 forms live in harmony. there’s simply too much cricket which means we don’t see the best players playing constantly. I’d also get rid of T20I matches as they’re pretty much meaningless. have a world cup every 2 years and let the players just play for their franchises

The Big Bash has big problems

not having the test players is my biggest gripe. why not start the BBL after the last test of the summer so you have a full pool of players available? the whole month of January and maybe some of February is all you need. without the international players the next tier of players don’t look very deep, some of them wouldn’t get a state contract. do people even know who Jono Cook, Josh Lalor or Ben Darwishus are?

The Big Bash has big problems

yeah, nah. there’s a reason he bats at 5/6 for Victoria

Warner and Finch becoming all-time great combo

the fact that all 5 tests this summer finished in 4 days is inconsequential to then having all tests played over 4 days. Australia played and setup every match to give themselves enough time to bowl the opposition out, the fact that Pakistan and NZ couldn’t make it to the 5th day says more about their ability than the need to reduce the length of the matches. I’d much prefer to see one of the limited over formats going by the wayside than letting test cricket be compromised.
Also Virat said he wants 5 days to stay so it’s not going to happen anytime soon

No, it's not time for four-day Tests

only 2 current Australian batsmen have a century in India and he’s one of them. he can play test cricket, whether he’s allowed to is a different story

Why Glenn Maxwell should go to Bangladesh

spot on. BBL should be starting once the Sydney test finishes and stop at the end of January. ODI matches can be played after that in Feb.

Does the Big Bash do enough to look after Test cricket fans?

is there anything more overrated than the “5th bowler”? we have arguably the best bowling attack in the world so the need for a 5th bowler is completely unwarranted imo. there’s no point picking someone in the top 6 because they can bowl seam up if they’re not good enough to be there in the first place

between Marnus, Smith, Wade & Head we can find an extra 10-15 overs when needed, plus I see Lyon as a bowler and a half considering how many overs he’s able to get through.

Australia are two middle order batsmen away from balance

the one thing that isn’t letting the A-League down is the on-field standard. apart from the tactics of some teams (cough Victory cough), most matches of a weekend are very watchable.

Brisbane Roar's win in Redcliffe was the A-League at its finest

the Spring edition of the Tenno Sho is 3200m WFA race, everything else is at a mile & a half. the Zipping Classic is another race he could target next year, group 2 WFA over 2400m.

Vow And Declare might have won his last race, plus Oaks Day tips

I was think this the other day. the only group 1 race I can think of that’s at set weight or WFA that would suit him is the Tancred Stakes over 2400m at Rosehill. apart from that all other open races beyond a mile & a half are handicaps. the WFA races at 2000m will all be too short for him unless they run along at a stupid pace, which rarely happens. might have to take him overseas if they think he’s a genuine stayer, good money in Hong Kong & Japan

Vow And Declare might have won his last race, plus Oaks Day tips

Couldn’t have said it better. If we rested Cummins and kept Starc in with his tail up then we wouldn’t have to weaken our batting with an all-rounder.

Flat Australia blunted by Denly and Stokes

Lucky we got that 5th bowler to help our batting lineup improve give our bowlers a rest. If there’s one facet of the game we’ve struggled this series it’s with the ball.

Archer and Curran rip through Australia

“Marsh has scored 252 runs at 84 if you discount the Australian intra-country match”
If you remove his runs scored in those five Test matches the picture changes dramatically”

That’s not how statistical analysis works. You can’t just take out the parts that make a player’s record worse just to suit your argument. Lazy writing.

Are we being too harsh on Marsh?

That’s not a valid reason to pick a player in the top 6. And sure enough we have another dismal display with the bat (not that it was Marsh’s fault, but taking a batsman out of a weak batting lineup is ridiculous). But lucky the bowlers got a rest in the first innings right.

How Siddle and Marsh could both play at the Oval

If our batsmen are underperforming then it’s going to be detrimental to the team’s success to pick 5 batsmen and an extra bowler. Even an all-rounder in the top 6 is a mistake.

An extra bowler isn’t required against these English batsmen that barely know which end they’re holding.

Fixing Australia's XI for the fifth Ashes Test

What has Marsh done since 2015 to warrant his selection in this squad again, let alone the playing XI? Considering how fragile our batting line-up and how strong the bowling line-up is, there’s no need for an all-rounder. Especially when that all-rounder has proven over 30+ tests that he’s not up to this level. When we have an all-rounder that is suited to test cricket then he gets a game but Marsh isn’t that player.
Plus the English have named an unchanged squad so there’s no reason why their batting line-up is suddenly going to pull it together. Our bowlers are all over them and between Head, Labuschagne & Smith we have a 5th bowling option.

Siddle should’ve played all 5 tests. I’m kind of glad he hasn’t though with Hazlewood dominating with the ball.

Only change I’d make would be to rest Cummins, if at all.

How Siddle and Marsh could both play at the Oval

“They wouldn’t have won if they didn’t have Smith”, yeah but we do have him so move on. Pom media is proper garbage.

Did Australia really win the Ashes?

“Remember 1953”

Not sure many of the Roar readers were alive back then

Australia in box seat to retain Ashes today

I didn’t see anything wrong with his bowling apart from lacking a killer blow. But when the quicks are on fire at the other end, all the spinner has to do is keep the runs down. 36 overs @ 2.47 is gets a pass mark from me.

Australia in box seat to retain Ashes today

Less time to get the runs as well so the defensive approach will be out. All batsmen will have a ball with their name on it at some point.

Australia in box seat to retain Ashes today

Another home summer for Warner is just going to tell us what we already know. May as well try someone else who has managed to average 40 in test cricket and score multiple centuries. Do we have any openers in SS that have a record like that?

Australia in box seat to retain Ashes today

If only our key politicians worried about running our country instead of their football club being killed off. I say we move both Cronulla and Manly, snobby people near the beach can shove their investment properties up their arse.

The death of a Sydney NRL club is inevitable

The problem with Khawaja is that he’ll go back to SS and score runs for fun, but the step up to consistency in test cricket has seemingly alluded him. He has played his last test. I do see him being a regular in the white ball teams though. Easily a top 7 batsmen in the 50-over game for Australia.

Has Usman Khawaja played his last Test?

I’m in the camp of agreeing with Khawaja’s dropping (at this stage Harris has more upside) but has anyone considered his patchy form lately is down to his recent injuries. He was our best batsman in the UAE before hurting his knee, which impacted him v India. Then he had some decent form in the World Cup (albeit against the white ball) but did his hammy before the semi-final which limited his preparation for the Ashes. It’s probably not a great excuse but it does help paint the picture. His record in England would’ve counted against him more than his form this series, considering Warner has only gone past 8 once while Khawaja has made it to at least 20 in every test (not something to brag about but it’s better than other batsmen this series).

Bowling change should be Siddle for Pattinson as the economical approach has worked the whole series besides the last hour in Leeds, but Starc’s “form against the tail” will probably get him over the line. It’s a shame because he wayward bowling will cost us runs just so we can get the players out who aren’t in the team to score runs.

Usman Khawaja axed for fourth Ashes Test