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came here to write the same thing. consistency with the bat should be his main currency

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

Lucky the selectors don’t read comments on this website, otherwise we’d have Starc playing & conceding 4 runs an over. Pattinson and Cummins give us enough x-factor while still keeping it tight. I think these 3 are the top 3 seeds in our bowling ranks at the moment and that’s saying something considering the depth (J Richardson, Sayers, Bird, Tremain & Boland all surplus to requirements).

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

Sorry to strongly disagree but you can’t make up a criteria to suit the team you follow just to boost your ego. Every club’s number 1 goal is on-field success. And I say that as a New South Welshman.

“A million fans world-wide”, spare me.

Hawthorn are not the best AFL club of the decade

Better than Bancroft!

Australia should not fight Jofra Archer with fire

Australia had this approach under Lehmann and it rarely worked. I think everyone is getting a bit carried away on Archer’s performance considering he’s only played 1 test and still prone to injury.

Pattinson is obviously going to come in otherwise he would’ve played at Lords, I’m just not sure who will be dropped. Starc is a no in England until he can fix his economy rate. This is his 3rd tour of England and he’s still going for over 3.5 an over. Scoreboard pressure is so much more important when the boundaries are 60m square of the wicket.

What should Australia's XI look like in Leeds?

Personally I think Warner should get the rest of the series and Bancroft one more test.

Warner has enough credits in the bank to survive but if he gets a chance in the home summer then the cycle of his form away from home will continue. Bancroft has terrible record after 10 tests (av 27 with no 100’s) and is showing he’s at risk early to the moving ball so time for someone else if there’s no improvement. As for bat-pad, Wade has good enough hands & reflects to fill that spot, no one (besides a keeper) should be irreplaceable because of their fielding position.

Unfortunately the case to drop either of them increases if we lose in Leeds.

The case against dropping Warner or Bancroft

The other problem Head has is trying to work straight balls into the leg side and getting caught LBW. His footwork needs to improve but you can’t ask for much more from his first 10 test.

Labuschagne and Head give cause for optimism

Not sure Langer can keep defending him when he averages less than 27 after 10 tests with 3 50’s and no 100’s. We’ve dropped players with better records than that.

Australia must drop David Warner

Poor Peter Siddle. He’s probably been our best bowler this series, has had 4 or 5 catches dropped and everyone wants him to be drop for next test. Pattinson has to come back in though so I’m not sure who to drop. I know we’ll hear about “workloads” all week so maybe Cummins will have a spell but I can’t see that happening.

As for Warner, he probably deserves the rest of the series to find his form and if he can’t then drop him for the home summer (we all know he’ll be able to cart Pakistan & NZ on our dunghill). His (literal) partner in crime is the one who I’m amazed got back into the team considering the form of Harris & Burns while he was in the naughty corner. Harris in for Bancroft thank you.

Australia must drop David Warner

Someone with Warner’s record deserves the series not just 3 tests. We’re talking about a guy who averages 48 with 21 tons from 70-odd tests, this isn’t someone you put on the sidelines so easily. I’d be dropping Bancroft before Warner.

Hazlewood fires in Ashes comeback

The bog track on Slipper Day didn’t let that class show their talent so look for someone like Yes Yes Yes or Loving Gaby to jump up on a better surface. Maybe Exhilarates but I only see her dominating the fillies. I think you’ve picked the best one in Microphone

Ten horses to watch this spring

Finch played 5 tests last season. Kept getting out caught in the cordon or LBW when he plants his front foot like a T20 player. Also he’s only played T20 since the World Cup. Not up to it.

If Justin Langer is right, Tim Paine doesn’t want to win the toss at Lord's

Hi Matt, I agree with your list but I do want to mention 2 that didn’t make your cut. Alizee and Zoustyle will both be in for a big spring considering the drop in sprinting talent. Alizee’s return on Saturday showed her class and Zoustyle’s recent trial was blitzing (840m in 48.59s)


Ten horses to watch this spring

Why do people always mention white-ball form when speaking about the test team? The difference between white-ball and red-ball cricket is like Rugby League and Rugby Union, similar gameplay but completely different skills and fitness are required to play each one.

Pattinson left out of second Test squad with Starc, Hazlewood included

You mention the balance at the end which means you realise we shouldn’t weaken our weakest link (top order batting) to strengthen our biggest asset (bowling attack). Lyon is 1.5 bowlers by himself so leaving him out in the prospect of what might happen just seems silly.

Take nothing away from your article though as it’s well written and your point is explained with good reason. Unfortunately the pitch condition has ruined your headline.

Why the Aussie selectors should drop Nathan Lyon and pick four quicks at Lord's

stick to the stud career Pierro

Why the Aussie selectors should drop Nathan Lyon and pick four quicks at Lord's

Care to elaborate how it’s a weird comment? Why is the AFLW exempt from earning respect just because the AFL media keeps telling everyone how good it is even though current evidence is to the contrary?

More respect is needed for AFLW

Respect is earned not handed out.

Funny how we don’t see these types of articles with women’s competitions in other sports (Football, Cricket, Basketball etc). Are AFL fans really that insecure?

More respect is needed for AFLW

He’d be a luxury if we have a reliable top 6 but not when our batsmen are as shaky as they are now. And I’m not sure how you can be ignoring his batting from 10 FC matches but praising his bowling as interesting.

The formula of 6 bats, 4 bowlers and a keeper has been working for over 150 years. Not sure why we have to steer away from that just because Freddie Flintoff once took a 5-for against us.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

If your primary skill isn’t good enough for you to be picked then your secondary skill (bowl a bit) shouldn’t be the reason you’re picked. Labuschagne & M Marsh are the prime examples of this.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

There’s been a few freebie baggy greens given out in the past couple of years (Finch, Head, Labushange, Cartwright, Maddinson) that shouldn’t have been so it won’t surprise me if Stoinis gets one too. Looks like we’ve turned into the English side from the 90’s where just about anyone got a game in the test side.

Stoinis does not deserve a Test debut

We don’t need an all-rounder full stop. If a bowler can’t bowl 40-50 overs a match without getting injured then they shouldn’t be playing test cricket. Same goes for a batsman who can’t face 100 balls in an innings.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

Short averages 28 at FC level, pass.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

Is it as bad as someone saying “they can bowl a bit”. Almost trying to justify this player who’s primary skill isn’t good enough to get them into the team (see M Marsh, Labushagne & now Stoinis).

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

Carey should be batting 7 then you can slide everyone up 1 place except for Maxwell who would go to 5 and leave Stoinis at 6. Not sure why Starc, Halzewood & Cummins were all rested for this ODI series, makes no sense.

There are two vastly different Shaun Marshes playing for Australia