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Glad u enjoyed it Dutski 😊

Halfback, fullback, prop? Which rugby league positions are your office workmates?

Worthy additions Grouchie. The five-eight very nearly got a start exactly as you describe. 👍

Halfback, fullback, prop? Which rugby league positions are your office workmates?

WASF, how could i forget the utility?!. Great description too

Halfback, fullback, prop? Which rugby league positions are your office workmates?


Halfback, fullback, prop? Which rugby league positions are your office workmates?

Tend to agree. There is also no pressure on Potter at the moment and that has made it a lot easier for the playing group. You think there was pressure on Barrett? Wait till Ciraldo walks in! I’d give Potter next season

Is Ciraldo really the Messiah, or can Potter provide the magic the Bulldogs need?

The outrageous and shorsighted logic frustrates me. How is it ok for our best players to be not playing for 3 months through injury causes by foul play but not ok to be suspended due 5 weeks for carrying out the foul play?
You can’t have it both ways

'It's not his go': Good bloke or not, judiciary must judge every case on its merits

Tony, you had me at….’unless you’re a Kiwi thug with a hyphenated surname’. Tell us what you really think! 😂
Losing a player for the remainder of the game is an effective punishment. Look at how much the coaches complain about. It is a deterrent and should be used.
There should be more 10 in the bin too.

Two players marched in two days! Is the biff finally back in the NRL?

Who actually pays the fine?
I assume clubs do in some if not all instances dunno if this is true.
Fines are an embarrassing farce. The punishment must have an impact on the game or competition otherwise its irrelevant

‘He could’ve quite easily broken his jaw’: Repeat offender Asofa-Solomona strikes again as Storm sink Warriors

Not under rated by all. A top movie 😁

Hasler's hair-raising humility saves Sea Eagles by tiptoeing through cultural war minefield

Nice article
Until you said it, i didn’t realise how annoying the Penrith Pyramid is! Maybe if they didn’t score so many tries it would bug so much 😔

What my perfect 2023 season would look like

I am in complete agreement. Benji may become a good coach despite being a great player but it won’t be because he was a great player.

Benji beware: history shows great players usually struggle to achieve success as a coach

Best thing for Keary and the Roosters is a medical retirement. You cant play 2 small halves consistently. They get bullied and hurt (concussed) and distract the rest of the defensive line. Keary’s best football is behind him. Give Manu a crack at 6 and let walker be the small half.

Manu-look approach: Time right for Joey to move into Roosters halves permanently

I’m in violent agreement on all points. Great ideas. I love the carry over 10 min into next week and i love the mandatory 10min for on report. On report is a lazy cop-out and this will help.

It’s time to tidy up the sin bin before it becomes total rubbish

The comparison to GI is valid. GI is not an immortal. He is a HOF-er

The talisman: Why Jim Craig should be the 14th Immortal

The Immortals are not just the best, or the best of the best. They’re transcendent; players who were great in a historically significant way.
Well said agreed. Get rid Meninga, it is revisionism.
Thurston and Slater never. Sorry they are not immortals.
It grinds my gear for every retired very good player to be mentioned as a future immortal. Dont cheapen it. Most of them are hall of famers, still a fine achievement
Happy for this Jim Craig chap, who i have heard of to join the club.

The talisman: Why Jim Craig should be the 14th Immortal

Tend to agree. Is it really a mess? The speculation sells papers/gets clicks.
Yes RL is different but everything is a tradeable commodity. I don’t care when they sign and when they join, happens in real life and most players are in their 20s, they’ll manage. Id prefer to see more attention on contracts and players breaking them.

MICHAEL HAGAN: Magic Round swap meet, end-of-year player auction - how NRL can solve transfer mess

Ofwhatever his name looks upset he has to play. As for Peachey, i wouldnt play him in first grade.
Why is Tigers best player, Garner, coming off the bench?

Maguire bemoans 'cruel game' as Brimson strikes in final seconds to avert first tryless game of NRL era

Hard to argue with any of that. The problems are evident. Does anyone have a solution that doesn’t involve relocation and a 10 yr plan? It just feels like a tear it down and start again proposition.

Wests Tigers' woes a constant struggle since day one as Maguire digs deep to save his job

Squad looked disinterested. Definitely, was awful. It reminded me of the Tommy Raudonikis game last year. How does a team in the NRL turn this performance in?

So right about the hope being what kills you. Most fans are somewhat realistic in their expectations, they know their teams. However they expect a team to turn up well trained, well prepared and to work hard for 80 minutes. If this doesn’t happen then something is broken

It's the hope that kills Wests Tigers fans: Where to from here for Maguire?

“Not first grade standard” was my impression of the first half and much of the second. Its like they don’t have a coach and don’t train.

'Not first grade standard': Benji blasts Tigers as Newcastle enjoy big day out

Not every team could lose from a 10 pt lead with the opposition down to 15 players. Tigers showed that they are not like most teams and found a way.

'It kills us': Jennings and Welch ruled out for season for Storm as Bellamy hails 'bravest effort' to overcome Tigers

I’m staggered. Who would have thought Billy Walters would be selected for rd1.

NRL NEWS: Cronk to the rescue for Storm halves, Reynolds COVID risk, CHT open to offers

Great team and some great memories. Loved Noa Nadruku in the 99’s. Thanks Tony

Is this the best Fijian rugby league team of all time?

Its almost a promise of a golden handshake. “Don’t worry Kevin, we’ll look after you. If we have to sack you it will come with a generous payout”.
As others have said, you could pay him by the week, he’s not going anywhere else.

Kevin Walters locked in until end of 2023 as Broncos hand coach contract extension

Teddy should have said nothing. This was forgotten. He has managed to bring this out a week before the comp starts.

It does look like he got the star treatment on this one.

Million Dollar Man: How much can a Teddy bear?