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I agree with your sentiment Paul. However i think there needs to be mechanisms wirhin the game that teams can you use to ‘wrestle’ back momentum. Its not really about slowing a team down more about the balance of the game needs to containattacking and defensive aspects to it that both teams can exploit.
Without those legitimate mechanisms players will use other means to upset momentum. which cause viewing frustration- Eg captains call, injuries and arguing with the ref.

Are you not entertained?

Apologies if this has been said in comments already but one of the best reset plays for a team without the momentum was a long kick into touch and walk to the scrum. It takes skill, you have to beat 2 wingers and a full back and you have to decide how many metres you want to bite off.
The team get a quick rest they earned (not some injury/captains challenge) and can set their line and try and build their own pressure.
This was an applauded play by the halves in the past and helped keep teams in the grind.
Players did not need to manipulate the rules. No controversy.

Are you not entertained?

100% agree. Munster is renowned as an avg trainer. There was no way he could give 80 quality minutes in origin after so many weeks out.

Paul Green left to ponder record Origin loss

Munster is not renowned as a great trainer. He was going to struggle in game 1 in any circumstances. He looked way short of a gallop and struggled to keep up for 80 minutes.

The Maroons are awful and the Blues are going to take the series 3-0

Justvwhen you think the roar cant get any better, a Les Patterson quote is lobbed in….cultural gold!

The Maroons are awful and the Blues are going to take the series 3-0

Seems 2 themes arising.
1. Cleary is the best option by default.
2. Cleary has convinced very few that he can own SOO.
He is lucky to be 23, he will get another chance.
Very few halves own SOO. We like to reminisce about old halves but they took years to develop the ability to be the difference between winning and losing. They are special skills that take years.
In SOO at the same age. Johns was playing hooker, Lockyer was fullback and Cronk was lucky to be on the bench.

Where's Klemmer and why Cleary: Two of my greatest gripes ahead of Origin

Yep, makes it very hard to play away games too

The centre position is dead in modern rugby league

True. I probably should have gone for a different punch line.
As a West Tigers fan I get a bit sensitive around bus drivers these days..

The centre position is dead in modern rugby league

Oh the sweet irony!! Winning streaks are a bit like bus driving careers they dont last forever….

Cleary clan heckled as Tigers break Panthers’ streak

Thanks JGK. Interesting comparison with NFL. I think you are right about the defensive skills required of a centre. They have to be excellent or they will get shown up quite obviously by having a try scored.

The centre position is dead in modern rugby league

I hope you are right about swings and roundabouts Paul. The game seems to becoming a little less structured at times, we are starting to see halves linking up a bit more; perhaps we can dare to dream of centres linking again one day.
The edge forward is a good point, a newish role further endangering the centre.

The centre position is dead in modern rugby league

Thankyou RR, you are very generous. No writer, just a fan (i have crafted a few wicked office memos in my time though)????

The centre position is dead in modern rugby league

TB, you are right, there are some good ones coming through. I could perhaps have gone with a theme of ‘the centre position is downgraded in importance’ but it didn’t seem as catchy.

The centre position is dead in modern rugby league

Agreed, dramatic finish definitely, but not particularly controversial.

Massive controversy as Tigers awarded penalty try

Great read Mary. I enjoy watching both the Broncos and the Storm lose. Your last sentence sums it up perfectly: Why did the Broncos have so much trouble keeping him?
That’s for the Broncos to figure out, but otherwise if we assume the salary cap is fair and equal (just for a moment) then why would you choose to play for a struggling team over a perennial top four team? You wouldn’t, winning is heaps more fun.
(Kinda like what happened for the Broncos many years ago)

Why has Xavier Coates signing with the Storm hit such a nerve?

Great article. Sounds like to succeed you need
1. Strong existing supporter base and nursery
2. Growing population
3. Identifiable location that is distinguish lable from the titans and broncos
5. Public transport (train preferred)
6. A stadium

IMO Logan Bros kills 1-5. The RL heartland in Qld is Logan, it fills the ‘gap’ between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It would be a tribal success, a real us vs them mentality is already entrench.
Just need a stadium ☹

An alternate and simple pathway to 18 teams that will work

Sonething about a bus?? No bomb on board, but no one was allowed to get off except Ivan…

The salary cap burglars

As a Tiger’s fan, having 3 on that list makes me feel a little sick….

The salary cap burglars

The Broncos also need to sign a head coach (and i think they know this). Im sorry, i’m not hating on KW, he looks like a top bloke who would give you the shirt off his back.
KW was signed to appease the old boys and silence the Brisbane media. The back page of the Courier Mail was a hate-fest last year. KW was a huge sentimental appointment that gets some easy unity and love going back the Broncos way and buys a bit of time.
All their good players are young so a 2 year ‘Kevin its your turn dear’ indulgence is almost clever (or it could be the craziest conspiracy theory of 2021)
KW might turn out to a shorter, friendlier version of Wayne Bennett but I doubt it. A 50% SOO record and a 37% Catalans record are not huge endorsements. Also a bit concerned about who he is surrounding himself with. Boxhead, Petro and Alfie. Not sure who is going to challenge the status quo in that coaching staff meeting.

The five signings the Broncos must make

Will Chambers, an excellent fit for the culture described in Joe’s article

Hard-working, loyal and decent – of course the Sharks sacked John Morris

Amen to that! Well said. Trust in karma and hope the sharks go backwards in 2022.
Indulge a brief rant if i may, but there is such a huge difference between a head coach and an assistant coach. For me assistants have zero accountability, no press/ure – they are faceless men. If the team looses it is invariably the head coach’s fault, if they win it is because the head coach had brought talented assistants on board. It really is the perfect job…..right Trent B?

Hard-working, loyal and decent – of course the Sharks sacked John Morris

Nice article Mary
As a lifelong tigers fan i don’t mind a loss – I am quite used to it! What i struggle with was the lack of effort. They had everything to play for Sunday and didn’t seem to care.
I reckon the team/fan relationship is a transactional one. Play well get cheered, play poorly get booed.

Is it ever okay to boo your footy team?

Does Luke Keary remind anyone else of Jason Taylor? Sadly LK doesn’t kick goals. Can we pls not pick him ever again. He is not an SOO player. Wighton is a bigger, tougher body with the a good dose of mongrel.

State of Origin 1 player ratings: NSW Blues

Does Luke Keary remind anyone else of a modern day Jason Taylor but without the ability to kick goals? I don’t think SOO is for him.

Six talking points from State of Origin 1

Nice article. Who doesn’t love a bit nostalgia on a Sunday morning. What about Ethan Lowe? A man born for retro week!

Eight NRL players who were born in the wrong era