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Thanks big Daddy, you’ve made my day. Glad you enjoyed it 👍

The all-time great rugby league fashions

Glad you enjoyed it KB 👍

The all-time great rugby league fashions

Sadly i agree with the sentiment. The arranged marriage, moving through astrangement before the inevitable messy divorce.

The rugby league club graveyard: Wests and the unhappy third merger (Part 9)

I dont think Fergie would appreciate any further comments on his nose given recent events…

The all-time great rugby league fashions

😂 😂

The all-time great rugby league fashions

Im not sure about that. In an interview a few years back Brad Fittler sad he never wore one as he found it hard to talk. I know thats a few years ago but i dont think it’s changed.

The all-time great rugby league fashions

Thanks Danielle.
Sounds like we had similar childhoods 😂

The all-time great rugby league fashions

Im with you. Its criminal

The all-time great rugby league fashions

Great read and couldn’t agree more with your comments BF. ‘We’ don’t need to invent reasons to tear down players, the opportunities will come 😊
When a player speaks openly for a hour we should encourage it as it will bring more characters out.

Refreshing in its candour, Smith's podcast appearance was so much more than 61 'f-bombs'

Kaufusi is a solid signing. Quality rep player who plays hard for big minutes. I dont recall any rubbish off the field which is particularly important for a new club.
I’m prepared to declare he is the Moreton Bay Dolphins best signing to date.

Dolphins raid Storm ranks to secure first big-name recruit

Its great to see Brisbane north side now have 2 teams to support…..Brisbane south side still zip. 😔

Moreton Bay takes Dolphins fight to NRL

100% agree. As a transplanted NSWman to Brisbane 20 years ago the NRL have tried to have their cake and it eat too. Smacks of a decision made by people from Sydney.
We have watched this story unfold as the Redcliff Dolphins for the last few years. I could begrudgingly go along with it as the Club has history and credibility. But to turn around and go ‘here’s your second Brisbane team – The new team from nowhere but especially not from Redcliffe Dolphins’ is a tough sell. Its not a second Brisbane team – hence this ridiculous pickle they find themselves in.

Moreton Bay takes Dolphins fight to NRL

I 100% agree with you but that that is a separate issue and the topic of a different article.
It is for the NRL to attempt to level the playing field via a cap, draft or whatever. I’m simply saying that i dont see the finite extent of superstar talent as a big consideration when it comes to expansion.
If i was feeling bold i would actually argue that it lends to the drama of the spectacle. For eg, was i the only person holding their breath when a high kick went it Taaffe’s direction last Sunday?

BREAKING: NRL to forge ahead with 17th team in 2023

I don’t agree with the argument that there isn’t enough talent to support expansion. It is not relevant. Is there enough players is really all that matters. The talent will just be spread more thinly and i don’t see this as a problem. As a fan i want a team to support, with players i can follow each week AND i want the team to be competitive. That’s all, the fact each team may have a couple more fringe first graders is academic.

BREAKING: NRL to forge ahead with 17th team in 2023

100% agree. You’ve nailed it

Wests Tigers make the call on Michael Maguire

It could be anarchy. Imagine getting the bunker involved!
The solution must involve the trainers spending less time on the field and only able to stop play when there is an immediate and significant risk to the player. As others have suggested perhaps the player is unable to return to the game if play is suspended. There needs to be a disincentive to pausing the game when the affected team is defending.

Is it time for the NRL to consider neutral trainers?

👍 👍
Look to how other sports, even Tennis do it.

Is it time for the NRL to consider neutral trainers?

You are probably right Chuck. I suspect all clubs would be against it as it removes some of their influence on the game. It sure would shake things up nicely in club land though

Is it time for the NRL to consider neutral trainers?

I remember that game.. Jason Stevens was woefully outclassed. He was not up for SOO and could not keep up with pace of the game, it was embarrassing to watch. He was lucky to get 10min SOO…

NRL finals sliding door moments: Bennett-Gordie feud, Wok's Blocker shocker, Bellamy's rookie error

Slightly off topic but when did we start ‘icing games’? It irks me so.. you ice a cake! How did this creep into the aussie sporting lexicon….can i blame USA? Anyway its a pet hate.
Otherwise i agree 110% with the article and am going to take it one comment at a time….i think we are really building ….its important that the (insert team losing) are the next to score….yep pretty #$%ing important otherwise they’ll be further behind…thanks scoop..(this is like therapy)

The good, the bad and the Blocker: who are the best and worst of NRL's TV callers?

That’s a heck of a team. Something to be said for picking players in-form!
My only tweak would be finding room for Burton, he has had a breakout year and looks likely every touch. He is probably my 5/8 or centre. Sorry Manu or Walker

'Loads of points, and tough stuff in the middle': My 2021 All-NRL side

I thought this article might be satire. A joke about an NRL innovation committee coming up with yet another silly change.
(Gulp) i think it’s real. Read the room people! Either no more changes or pare back the last lot of changes the game is still digesting…..

For our next trick ... NRL considers radical kicking rule which could be trialled in round 25

Good one. Love your points about their vision and their ‘family’. They are the benchmark and you have admire (albeit begrudgingly) how they run a NRL club. I agree with Tony that it is a case study of process vs person. The Storm have shown to date that it is process – a brilliant individual leaves and they almost get better (hello season 2021).
Fascinated to see how they go when Bellamy is no longer the central figure.

The secret to Storm’s success

The list and the comments highlight just how shallow the talent pool is. But when your new recruits are Lockyer, Thurston, Thaiday and SBW there is little hope. I actually find myself holding my breathe when they speak, hoping not to witness a train wreck. They may be wonderful people, they were surely great players, but they are barely articulate. Their grammar alone is disgraceful.
Made me laugh when Lockyer’s contribution on the weekend was to get the score wrong 😂

Sterlo says 'freeze it there'. So where does he rank in rugby league's top 20 commentators list?

Keary reminds me of a modern Jason Taylor. Small, slow and a poor defender. I dont get the hype either

Crichton is as league as a Raudonikis squirrel grip, but Wallabies can borrow him for RWC