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I’ve followed soccer since my father took me and my younger brother to a Juventus v green gully Moooralbark game around 1968. I followed the Socceroos qualifiers in 1972/73 , with a trannie to my ear for the South Korea replay game and that McKay cracker. I love the men’s and women’s game and just want it to keep growing into a strong and uplifting game.



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I agree about Speed. I liked his enthusiasm. His commentary about McGrees scorpion kick was the reason it was listed as a goal of the year candidate. I watched that Newcastle game and his pick up and commentary on that was amazing. I agree Peacock isn’t a game commentator but as a shared host with Tara, that would have been great. Peacock showed real passion for the game. Mackinnon is not a soccer lover and is too high strung, he’s annoying. Otherwise, I hope the newbies (Wilkshire, Milligan and Brosque etc) relax, relax and make like your enjoying yourselves. Some soccer writers Daniel Garb and Dave
Davutovic as special comments would also be great as well.

Does Network Ten have the right balance in its A-Leagues commentary team?

I really enjoyed watching CCM for most of last season (Simon lost a lot of momentum in the second half of the season). I hope they can continue to grow the team. No reason to doubt Montgomery.

Attack the key for new Mariners coach

Two yearly men’s WC is just nonsense. This is a sexist approach by FIFA to only consider the financial benefits for men playing and running professional football.

‘Damage all forms of football’: Europe to block biennial World Cup

Well said Stuart.
Aziz had a terrible night, but so did about seven other players plus one coach.
I like Behich and he works tirelessly up and down the wings.
Against Japan Arnie started the mistakes by putting Mooy and Rogic on together. This combination has NEVER worked.
Anyway, so it was downhill from there.
I’m backing Aziz to be on his game against the Saudis in November.

Keep your head up, Aziz - we’ve all had days like that

Nice article Andy. I noticed he’s 29, so still young enough to make a difference. Let’s hope Eli can maintain his fitness and help Newcastle move up the league.

Can the Jets resurrect former prodigy Eli Babalj?

Sebastián, all your comments re moral values and corruption of sport are totally valid. However, being an older follower of sport, the issue of morals in sport died when sports became $$$$$multi billion businesses. I’ve got over it. If I stopped watching or supporting the sports I like because they had links to betting conglomerates, war instigators, military sellers, repressive regimes or unethical leaders id probably be left with Chess (although most of the top chess players come from Putin’s Russia, so that’s off the table). It’s the world we live in and good luck to Newcastle, they may finally be able to compete with the other $$$ billionaire clubs.

Football continues to sell its soul as human rights are pushed to the side

Great exercise and glad it’s highlighting our games progressive attitude. Australian Soccer has often been at the forefront of sporting progress but letting that early adoption go to waste and not flourish. I’m talking here about indigenous stars like Harry Williams representing Australia in the world cup qualifiers in 1973.! The NSL starting in 1977, the first real national sports league. The Women’s national team playing world cups before AFL, rugby and cricket even thought about women! Each of those firsts have been let slip. So let’s acknowledge this as a big, progressive step forward and encourage football for ALL participants, regardless of sex,ethnic background or race.

The new A-Leagues logo: Inclusive symbolism or a waste of money?

Wow, all those games I abused Jarred Gillet, and all along I was just helping him develop his skills. ????. I follow the J League because of the Aussies over there but yes, few even know how big a deal it is.

Big in Japan, unloved in Australia: Will we ever respect Asian football?

I agree with the writers who highlighted that it may be your right not to get vaccinated but it is also the employer’s right to maintain a safe work environment and to keep their business competitive and workable. So, If it is Troisi who’s an objector (which wouldn’t surprise me, he always seemed a whiner and self centred) then he should join an NPL team and let someone else have a professional contract. Equally, spectators will need a vaccine green pass to attend games to avoid further spread. Just makes sense. We need the League to announce this stuff soon so everyone gets time to get fully vacced (or not).

Will idiotic anti-vaxxers delay the A-League?

Nice article Janakan. Amazing to think it’s 11 years since that Asian cup triumph.

Wander Women icon reminisces ahead of Season X

Great suggestion Stuart. Not sure Victoria will be open given today’s results. However, NSW is months away from 80% vaccinated so an early relocation plan is an intelligent idea. WA and QLD seem the best options for the period to Christmas. Then, hopefully, 80%+ vaccinated and the virus impacts only those not vaccinated.

Get the clubs out of NSW now or else the A-League season could be doomed!

As a victory member, as you said, im excited. Poppa has picked some very exciting and skilful players. A number of those have played for him in premiership and GF teams. Looking good so far.

Who’s leading the annual game of A-League off-season musical chairs? (Part 1)

I love the Matilda’s. I got up and watched the pre-games matches v Germ, Netherlands and Sweden. To say my expectations for the Olympics were low would be a massive overstatement. I was wondering if Gustavsson knew what he was doing. Now,we’ll, absolutely amazing. That rubbish call by the ref lost us the game. These ladies are the foundation of what may be a tremendous World Cup team. Well done Matilda’s.

'Can’t lose sight of the long game': Conflicting emotions as Matildas aim for bronze

Nice, controversial article Bags. I love watching the Matilda’s ( I also love watching our men’s teams). I do think , outside the soccer/football fraternity, the Matilda’s are a much more watched and enjoyed team by the general populace. As you say Bags, the reduced play acting and hysterics (I’m not saying the Socceroos do it) means the women’s game gets more neutrals watching. I don’t agree with your analysis of the Olyroos against Arg/Spain but the effort and determination against GB was brilliant. Let’s hope we can emulate that resolve/luck and skill against Sweden.

Why I'd watch a Matildas game over the Socceroos or Olyroos any day of the week

Brilliant, fantastic,excellent. The Australian football leagues have had 12 plus disconnected competitions going every year, since forever . Every state has looked after its own patch and national teams have been a non essential for many clubs, women’s comps have been an afterthought. The effort to get all these football streams to work in unison is such hard work. I can only congratulate Johnson and Townsend on their efforts.

FA's 2021-22 calendar is the best thing Australian football has seen in decades

Sorry Winter, I should have added, a new stadium in Dandenong changes my mind. I came from that area and soccer is huge in that area. I’d go to those games just to support the local team (when Victory wasn’t playing of course). I was ropeable when the west got the gig but thought, ok, if it’s a huge infrastructure deal then maybe these people justify it.

Someone needs to be accountable for Western United's embarrassing stadium fiasco

Good question. Yes it does. When CCM was trying to expand their reach they played a number of games at Bruce stadium. It’s a rugby and soccer stadium. 25k capacity. I’ve been to see a youth World Cup there in 1981! It’s probably a bit old but was a very nice stadium. As far as I can remember the CCM games had about 4,000 attend. ACT has about 35k registered players and is open to any major sporting teams.

Someone needs to be accountable for Western United's embarrassing stadium fiasco

Well, for those who remember the expansion process, Fox sports and Gallop wanted only teams from Sydney and Melbourne. Then it was between south east Melbourne and west Melbourne. The west came up with their ONE trump card, a new stadium, near the trains and with 15k capacity. That was the major difference between a poor supported western bid and an exceptionally supported local south east bid. If there is no stadium then give the license back and give it to Canberra. Do it for the start of the 2022/23 season and let’s leave it at a city v Victory local.

Someone needs to be accountable for Western United's embarrassing stadium fiasco

Well done M City. Always been a huge fan of Atkinson. He, along with such exciting young players as Colokovski and Tilio show they have more to come.

Champions at last! Melbourne City down Sydney FC to claim A-League glory

Nice story. We need much more of these activities to develop our female soccer players in the lead up to the World Cup.

From ball girl to mascot to Wander Woman: Ella Sievwright takes the next step in Wanderful journey

Dear winter A League,
I think it is good that you raise the topic however I totally disagree with the idea.
The A League has absolutely no traction against the NRL and AFL during winter.
I love attending Victory matches in the warmer months with my fellow members. I also know many of them will not attend on a cold, miserable winters day (that goes for Sydney -look at the poor semi final attendances!).
If we ever get to 14 teams, Canberra and Wollongong would be my preference, then a 26 game season plus 3 finals plus two breaks for the W League GF and internationals (more likely now that the broadcaster covers all games) means the season could start second weekend in October and finish mid May. This focuses our media coverage , allows us to attend in warmer months and minimises overlap with the other football leagues.
As a matter of interest our Melbourne summer average temperatures are 27 in February but drop to 24 for March/December. Very few of Victorys matches are ever played in extreme heat.

Fans, players and the administration want a winter A-League

Good article Mike. It’s strange to talk about the problems of viewership and attendances when this is (apart from Newcastle and Victory) one of the best ever seasons of the A League. I’m a Victory member. I have 7 fellow friends and family members. We are not attending regularly because we hate Marvel and yesterday was family Easter at home. We do however watch on Kayo, regularly. However, RE attending Victory game, to lose regularly doesn’t encourage attendance. To expect us to attend when Kamsoba is our key attacker is crazy. I’m afraid Victory lost its way three years ago and we never should have won that premiership against Newcastle. It allowed the disjointed youth program, poor recruiting and a lack of caring for players health to permeate the club.
The A League itself hasn’t invested in advertising in the game for ten years. How the hell, apart from diehards, are people even to know it exists.
The merry go round of player movements over the last ten years made loyalty and youth development a joke and care factor negative. Then Sydney just dominated…boring.
Anyway, it may be the end of the glory days but something will survive. In its best times us Victory people would attend games with 15 to 35 thousand fans. Every week. Remember?
So there are soccer fans out there. Show them the product and show Diamanté, Kuol and Nabbout and we may get some of those fans back to the games.

Has Victory's dreadful season doomed the A-League to dire metrics?