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Hi MJ. Yeah, I think it’s close to impossible to hate Tommy, as Lady League eloquently explained in her article a couple of weeks ago. As for the Roosters injuries, I begrudgingly offer respect. But if any team could beat the odds, it had to be the one with the most unbelievable (read disproportionate) depth. And Manly was once the evil empire, but I didn’t mean them. Nor the Roosters.

NRL semi-finals: When fibros play fibros who’s left to hate?

Good article Tony. I reckon tonight might be close with a Manly win. And they’re a reasonable chance against Souths. Then it’s a case of whether the same stage fright hits them if it’s the Storm. Even if not, can they compete at the Storm’s level for 80 minutes? I hope so if they make it but it would have to be their best game of the year. Here’s to a Penrith/Parra v Souths GF.

Never mind the bollocks, here come the Sea Eagles

Hey, thanks for the tip Dwayne. I’ll definitely check it out. Might do Mascord out of a sale

Back to Brisbane after 24 years, and the grand final that still causes arguments to rage

Looking forward to reading Two Tribes because that super league thing is something that has always confused me. You still hear people say they don’t watch league anymore because of super league. I often feel like asking them to explain to see if they know if they actually know anything about it. Kerry Packer’s breakaway revolutionized cricket, but to many 97 damaged league. I’ve never understood politics and this is no different. I’m looking forward to being enlightened.

Back to Brisbane after 24 years, and the grand final that still causes arguments to rage

The Roosters forwards are still star quality despite all the injuries. It might be closer than a lot of people think. Manly in a tight one.

'The younger guys were overawed': Manly's pack must aim up against Roosters' 'X-factor of skill and strength'

It’s an interesting concept, Tim. And you highlight his strengths as a coach very well. The coaches box rants are an interesting one. I’m surprised he hasn’t toned them down over the years. Maybe that’s part of the greatness. But seriously, how much wear and tear is this bloke putting on his ticker?

The inevitable 2021 Storm premiership proves Craig Bellamy should be NRL's next CEO

Hi Hamish. Very well written. I hope for Madge’s sake they can find a way to keep him on, and maybe they should look at some of your suggestions. Personally though, in the world of NRL results-driven coaching, I think he’s been dead in the water for longer than just this season. He may be a good coach, but those of us outside the inner circles (meaning me) will never know whether coaches like, for example, Maguire at Souths or Paul Green at the Cowboys got there because of good coaching, or had teams that could have coached themselves. And I don’t follow the super league closely, but my outside impression is that it is very different from coaching NRL. Ask Nathan Brown so far. And hasn’t Wigan always been one of the clubs to attract the best players? As for Cleary, I reckon anyone who can get the Warriors to a Grand Final has proven their ability. It’s a tough business, and I think even Madge himself will be surprised if he survives.

Madge deserves to stay at the Tigers

How about Benny Elias – 360?

The good, the bad and the Blocker: who are the best and worst of NRL's TV callers?

Not sure what they were thinking challenging it.

Roosters gamble backfires as Verrills appeal sees his suspension doubled

Poor old Aitken. I wonder how he’d go these days when it seems Bellamy can get any player to be a star. But maybe these days he wouldn’t get a run

NRL finals sliding door moments: Bennett-Gordie feud, Wok's Blocker shocker, Bellamy's rookie error

Thanks for sharing Pete. I went to all the Saints Grand Finals in the 70’s. We won 77 & 79 but I still remember 75 more clearly. Saw the great man Changa up close after the loss and I can still remember the devastation. Gotta try to start reliving the good memories like the ones you brought up.

NRL semi-finals: When fibros play fibros who’s left to hate?

All facts that I have no trouble at all in glossing over

NRL semi-finals: When fibros play fibros who’s left to hate?

I reckon they showed some promise. And seemed to have a better idea of who their best 17 were toward the end of the year. Holbrook is still new to it. They’ll be enough poor/underachievers for them to make the 8 next year

'They've underachieved and haven’t progressed': Does the Titans' season deserve a pass mark?

Well done Dave. I changed my mind about giving up watching because of you!

The good, the bad and the Blocker: who are the best and worst of NRL's TV callers?

That’s genius! The ‘BCNRL’ manual Vol 1. Section Hang on. I’m forgetting it’s not rugby union.

NRL defends Sydney Roosters' wall tactic

I wonder how it would have gone if the shoe was on the other foot. If that was standard blocking I’ll have to pay more attention to games from now on because I haven’t seen one as good as that. And as jimmmy pointed out one and possibly both players were offside. Maybe Annesley anticipates bigger stinks to come in the finals so figures he’d better defend them when he can. On the Rein comment, sounds like a lot of us thought immediately he was recommending taking dives. He might regret that remark

NRL defends Sydney Roosters' wall tactic

Excellent article. Tough calls, but someone has to do it. I don’t agree with every one, but I got a laugh out of the Flanagan job application. I reckon he particularly favours a stint in the tropics. His call on a cowboys game several weeks ago was more about what he’d be doing to fix things. Rabs! What a legend. And he does it without ever putting dirt on anyone. And Vossey! I can’t get enough. If he doesn’t have the best facts of the game stored in his head, combined with the fastest wit, you’d love to hear the person who does. Oh, and I forgive Brandy his passion. I reckon he goes good.

The good, the bad and the Blocker: who are the best and worst of NRL's TV callers?

Very good. I love the scenario on the try line. You had me won over from that!

Stopping the Storm is going to take more than a brain-fart refereeing conspiracy

You know this is no secret. We hate them because they’re so damn good! And the dominance is getting a bit tiresome. I reckon they get away with some questionable stuff and that’s because they’re so damn clever as well. But because they develop their talent and take players other clubs reject, it’s hate with a great deal of respect. Bellamy took the mantle of best coach quite a while ago.

A Storm-Souths decider will provide the ultimate drama

Nice call on Herbert AJ. Can’t disagree with the rest of it either.

Vintage Wayne and the benefits of rest: Talking points from NRL finals Week 1

Nice one Henry. Where do you dig up all these stats?

Des Hasler's Schuster problem

Love your style, Tony. I particularly had a chuckle at “Who would have thought that so many professional athletes could all be that stupid at the same time?” Then I remembered that was my team.
What a loss RTS is to the game. Thankfully he’s a Kiwi and heading to a class team. If he was an Aussie league would have won hands down.
Typo alert. Did you forget to add a question mark after the second “surely” about the Dogs? 😊

The good, the bad and the ugly for 2021: The bottom eight (Part 1)

If they’re consistent it’s a sin bin. And if the Proctor tap on the cheek of a rapidly falling Butcher is a penalty, on the severity scale Verrell should get 4 weeks.

High-contact charge puts Roosters gun's finals series in jeopardy

That’s an excellent summary. It definitely was a crucial last 5 minutes of the first half. And there were a couple of Moses and Gutherson plays in the last 20 that also made the difference.
Good point about Frizell. The rule is that when you are concussed you can play no further part in the game. I’m not sure of the exact wording for the definition of when a player is concussed, but I’m pretty sure being slow to your feet after contact with the head then staggering around are up there near the top of the list.

Did the 'Billy Slater rule' save Parra? Talking points from the Eels' controversial win over the Knights

I have no problem with Penrith’s approach. But the Cleary’s are flattering themselves. They not only got a big wake-up call, but they have also dug a real hole for themselves. Until yesterday the ‘were’ the only team who could beat the Storm. Very disappointing.

Panthers face a hard road back to the grand final