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I am a writer based in Western Australia. A passionate Richmond, Raiders, Twins, Flames, Spurs and Western Force (RIP) fan and I love everything to do with the world of sport.



Richmond get 13 games at the MCG… 10 Home and 3 away.
Eagles and Fremantle get 12 at Optus
Adelaide and Port get 12 at Adelaide Oval

Only one extra game at our home ground (with five against other MCG tenants) hardly the huge advantage.

It wasn’t an advantage when we were getting pumped every week, so why is it now?

The AFL stock market: Round 17

Well said.

Some very encouraging signs in the comp. I watch most of the Fremantle game, and the run and skill execution from the Dockers was of a great standard. The first two goals from deep n the pocket on tight angles were elite quality (and I think 100% efficiently from their first dozen or so possessions). 2017 and 2019 are chalk and cheese for most of the teams.

Now to just fix the conference system…

AFLW Evolution: Who's top of the food chain, and who's going extinct

Unfortunately, I think this team is way off the mark. While no doubt the players are good, there are very few elite players named.

I would love to see this team play the offical All Australian team, but I’m pretty sure it would be a blowout to the AA….

My best 22 if I was picking a team based on the 2018 season

Not at all…

Eagles supporters in WA live in a bubble where there are no repercussions for their boorishness. I understand that you can’t see it, and I know I can’t convince you otherwise.

I wish the Eagles all the best, and I hope that their supporters celebrate the win rather than the other teams loss.

2018 AFL finals series: Week 1 preview

I hope you’re right PTS.

Eagles supporters in WA love to make life unpleasant for non-Eagles supporters over here. Anything to quieten them down a bit

2018 AFL finals series: Week 1 preview

As per usual I think from the usual suspect(s).

Stats can be made to show anything you want… as long as you don’t use them all 😉

Wonder how much of an advantage people think the MCG gave us prior to last year?

Or is it because some people got so used to picking on the Tigers and their supporters that they are now confused by the current state of affairs?

Grand Finals at the MCG are unfair? That's rubbish

As a Tiger fan in WA, I have to put up with this argument a lot.

Funny how the MCG wasn’t a great advantage prior to last September…

Grand Finals at the MCG are unfair? That's rubbish

I cried tears of joy for only the second time in my life when the Tigers won it last year. Born in ’81, I was forever unsure that I would see one in my lifetime. but when it finally happened, the delight was so overwhelming that the only words I could muster to wifey were said with an embarrassing stutter.

The premiership was the reward for the thirty-odd year journey that we had to take. It is a feeling that not many other supporters will ever feel. Geelong supporters know it, as do Doggie’s and Swan’s fans. When the Saints and Demons win get there their fans will feel it too. The pure elation of finally getting there after decades of near-misses and humiliation.

The joy and satisfaction of winning H/A games is still there, and the journey to another premiership has begun.

I just hope it’s a bit shorter this time around.

Is winning a premiership really what matters?

Death, Taxes…. and Peter the Scribe having a go at Richmond.

Can anyone stop the Tigers from going back-to-back?

The truth is that bullies don’t like it when the kids they used to bully become bigger, faster and stronger. So, they try to bring them back down to a level where they can bully them again.

Even the middle kids (those that don’t bully or get bullied) don’t like it, so they try to bring the bullied kids back down.

It’s inherent in our nature unfortunately. The good news is, the bullied kids that become bigger, faster and stronger tend to go on to be happy, whereas the bully’s just lie in their own misery.

Deconstructing Chris Scott's bizarre post-match comments

I know its hard to see… but there is always hope. As a Tigers fan, we went through more tough times than most. So much so that I have no idea how to be feeling right now, given how well we are going.

This article is written by someone that seems to deeply care about their club, and really wants them to do well. It will happen, but patience is required.

The blame is on Stephen Silvagni

It’s the same situation that happened when the video review of run outs and stumping’s was brought into cricket. As soon as there was an appeal for either of those, the umpire would just refer it rather than making the call.

As with cricket, if a call is even a little close, the goal umpire is too intimidated to make a decision (just in case he is wrong and the video replay shows it).

The review was brought in after Tom Hawkins scored a goals from a ball that clearly deflected off the post in the 2009 GF. It was by any definition a “howler” of a decision. The review is supposed to stop these obvious mistakes, not ensure every single little thing is correct.

Human error is part of the game, and we need to appreciate that and accept it.

While I’m not sure a captains call is the answer (nothing like being able to delay the opposition momentum when you can just call for a review)… changes do need to be made

The best way to improve the system is for the umpires to back themselves in a bit more and make the decision. It cant be a bad review if you don’t review it.

Captain’s call: A solution for the AFL goal review system

However, if you include Brisbane in the equation (defeating Essendon in ’01 and Collingwood in 02 and 03), then it becomes 6 wins from 13 for Interstate teams (about 46%).

The truth is simple – if a team is good enough, they will win the GF no matter where it is played.

Home ground advantage means more for, and to, some AFL teams than others

I really hope not. As an Tiges supporter living in Perth, it would be nice to have a couple of years (at least) where I can be the smug one…

Eagles supporters haven’t really had hard times yet, so would be nice if they did (just so they could learn a little humility).

They're flying high: West Coast are a genuine premiership threat

Good point…

But I disagree to an extent. While playing home games at the MCG has it’s advantages, it certainly doesn’t have the home ground factor that Optus and Adelaide Oval have (during the season at least)

I do concede that it is a greater advantage for the Tigers come Grand Final time, but during the season I think the Interstate teams have the advantage.

West Coast is flying high once again, but the test begins now

Being a Tigers supporter living n Perth, I get regular reminders about how well the Eagles are tracking.

But the truth is, with such a huge home ground advantage, the Eagles and Dockers (plus the SA teams) only need to be slightly above average to win 10/11 games for the season. Get lucky with playing WB at their lowest ebb, and play Carlton away as well, and you can make the finals.

No doubt they have played ok, but given the quality of the teams they have played away from Perth doesn’t provide a lot of optimism for their future.

I think they will win this week against Port, but the certainly need to beat a quality team away from home to have any real credibility.

West Coast is flying high once again, but the test begins now

I think we need to remember just how young the AFLW competition is. Imagine if we had a new AFL comp, where all the teams were of similar ability to GWS and Gold Coast in their first and second years. In no way would it be as good as the current AFL.

Give it time, and eventually AFLW will be a good spectacle.

AFLW is not worthy of all the hype