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I have followed Port since 1976. Currently live in Bunbury WA. Originally from Coromandel Valley SA.



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Hinkley Voss and Bassett have had long enough. All three should go

Ken Hinkley upbeat despite Port being crushed by Roos

Hutchy will do or say ‘anything’ to pleasure Gilligan.

Hutchy becomes the first and only person to be actually disappointed by AFLX being scrapped

There are many sides to Eureka stockade. The white miners were not only wanting the removal of mining license fees they also wanted the Chinese miners removed. Takes a bit of the shine off the moment.

The Final Quarter reaction – I lost faith in Australia

If you can make the eight this year you are a contender. So yes

Which top eight side looks the shakiest?

The only team to beat WC and the Cats this season is Port and with Dixon back they are contenders.

Which top eight side looks the shakiest?

Your knowledge of the Art of War is formidable grasshopper.

Scott Lycett and the Power of the unexpected

It’s an improvement for Port James H. AD would still have us below Freo. We should be higher though considering the last three weeks we beat 1 and 5 and lost in a blizzard to the Dogs who beat the Cats this week.

2019 AFL power rankings: Round 16

Defenders deserve to be thrown around occasionally. It keeps them in their place and makes them think twice next time. Well done Charlie keep it coming.

Charlie Dixon lucky not to give away his mark as tensions surface in Showdown

Barrett is a choleric miasma bubbling up from the sewer. Much like Croc Media.

Barrett’s Showdown comments are an indictment on the AFL media

The Hoff looked hungry again the week in the seconds worked well. Ditto SPP. Ebert should wear the hat all the time he has been reborn. Sir Dougal is taking some nice grabs. How did we get Dursma Butters and Rozee in the same draft. Having Dixon back gives the younger forwards some space to operate. The horror run of injuries appears to have subsided. The loss to the Dogs doesn’t look so bad after they took out the Cats. And why couldn’t Freo have lemminged a week earlier, I was at that game. We certainly have the Parrots sqwauking. Consistently inconsistent is being said consistently. Learn some new words parroting is lazy.

Power thrash Crows in Showdown

Port may not be predictable but the comments are.

Power thrash Crows in Showdown

‘Inconsistent’ is a lazy way to single a team out. The only side this season who could claim to have been constantly good is the Cats. Port may be inconsistent but so are all the teams from 2 through 14. I would rather my side were inconsistent than consistently bad or ‘rebuilding’.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 16

Gary Lyon the human appendix. An evolutionary dead end, angry and full of puss.

The touching moment between Eddie Betts and Sydney Stack... that Garry Lyon hated

Cats- Premiers.
Pies- next best no doubt.
GWS- away loss.
Cows- good win @ home.
WC- bad loss and bad percentage.
Lions- that hurt.
Tigers-tired time.
Port- Dixon will be a big in.
Freo- injuries to Pearce and Lobb ouch.
Well done to the Roos Swans and Blues.
Swans looking like a late run.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round 12

I love what you did there Paul. With the likes I mean.

AFL apologises for failures in Goodes saga

If percentage is anything to go by Richmond will be the ones to miss out.

AFL 2019 at the halfway point: Are the final eight teams locked in?

Best cricket commentary I’ve heard in years. Oh that’s right I haven’t heard any in years because cricket is also behind a Rupert Paywall in Australia. Soon cricket will be so exclusive it will be invite only. Cricket and Rugby union are on a payment plan to obscurity.

A billion people watched the Cricket World Cup opening party? For cricket's dignity, let's hope not

Good points James. I don’t know if Voss is a good coach or not but I know Schofeild has done wonders with Dursma and Butters. SPP is not burning the ball when he gets it now and Boak is back in the mids where he should be. I didn’t like the direction the midfield was heading under Voss. Very one dimensional. That could be Ken though.

Should Michael Voss get another head coaching job?

It could also be said that while Voss was in charge of the midfield they were mediocre and that Jarred Schofield has reinvigorated them in 2019.

Should Michael Voss get another head coaching job?

There is no millennial type. It’s just old people slagging young people. Oldies called the boomers the Me generation for their selfishness. GenX were slackers and so on it goes. You are just another oldie slinging mud at the young ,nothing new.

The pressure is now on Don Pyke

There is not a lot of new fans in Adelaide. It would be cannibalisation of an existing teams market

Saints and Power set for Shanghai Showdown

Jasper would be glad to have a gig at all and Jarred is so busy counting his piles of cash he may not have noticed there was a change of coach.

Which AFL coach should be the next to go?

Nathan Basset no way. Port should get rid of him and Ken and Voss. Schoffield can then pick his own team of assistants.

Which AFL coach should be the next to go?

A third club in Adelaide would be tough to pull off. Who will support them. Port have their own base and every one else goes for the Crows. To do it you could split the big franchise and bring in real clubs like Glenelg, Norwood or Sturt.

Saints and Power set for Shanghai Showdown

The Bucks in five. Fear the deer. Brogdon back in completes the side, he will tear it up with Giannis

Jordan vs Shaq in 2019 Eastern Conference Finals