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I’d say pay her what you said you’d pay her when you hired her.

Raelene Castle and Rugby AU execs take big pay as player talks loom

Surely ‘take big pay cut’. not ‘take big pay’ should be the headline.

Raelene Castle and Rugby AU execs take big pay as player talks loom

1. Slipper
2. Ulese (not totally sold, but looks the most likely)
3. AAA
4. Rodda,
5. LSL
7. Hooper
8. Naisirani
10. Toomua
11. M.K
12. O’Connor
13. Kuridrani
14. Petaia
15. Banks
16. Sio (but maybe pick Bell for the odd game, to give him some experience)
17. FF.
18. Tupou
19. Philip
20. Wright (just, not sure)
21. Mcdermott
22. Lolesio
23 Hunt (can really impact off the bench both ways coming in at 12, Toomua or JOC can shift around later in the game)

Pick your Wallabies team for... whenever they play next

Alaalatoa as captain is a good choice. Not much I’d disagree with, but I’d have Petaia in there ahead of DHP and Wright ahead of Macaffery. McDermott ahead of Powell. I still rate Karmichael Hunt as just about there too. Very smart, tough and very unselfish player

Pick your Wallabies team for... whenever they play next

What’s the glaring weakness(es) Nick?

(not a sarcastic/rhetorical question)

The great Australian openside debate: Round 2

I don’t understand positions well enough to know what you want from a 6 but not an 8. Seems like you want a ball runner at 8, but what should a 6 do? and could Nasirani 6, and Wilson 8 work?

The great Australian openside debate: Round 2

Refreshing to be debating Folau as a player, not a person. The good old days

Is the time now right for the reunification of the rugby codes?

We have some form across the backrow at least for likely Wallabies. Competitive. About 6 blokes with a decent claim on the 3 or 4 spots Not many second rowers really showing great form, but Philip and Neville should get a look

Just when the Reds win brilliantly, Super Rugby is suspended...

Told them ‘i know it’s a derby’ when it got testy earlier too. I think he’s a good referee. Missed a forward pass or two in this one i thought, but the 3 or so games i remember him in , he’s good, handles the flow and feel of play well .

Referee hilariously throws shade at the Brumbies for delaying a lineout

I’m in France. Suburbs of Paris. I’m happy they are taking a harder line on confinement, I think it’s mad not too,but also saying they’ll back up businesses with tax breaks and delaying due payments already. Having said that I have friends with babies in the city. Really tough for them. Another couple with a baby due in two days, super stressful. We have three kids 2,5,7 in our apartment and no private garden. I have to work online. Going to be tough, 15 days at least I think it will extend tôt the end of the school holidays 45 days from now. I have rellies in England. I’m worried about how their overstretched NHS is going to cope. Ours is better resourced but we’re going to take a big economic hit, for the sake of keeping more elderly alive.

What's wrong with Eddie's England?

What’s your take on Farrell at 12 Nick? I hate him – all the unpenalised shoulder charges and late hits on kickers – and the England media’s big beat up on how wonderful he is, and that may be coloring my view that most of his last 12 months of Rugby, apart from his goalkicking has been pretty ordinary… . Is Ford that good à 10 that he has to keep Farrell back at 12? I’ve never been that impressed, and Farrell seemed more effective and influential at 10.

What's wrong with Eddie's England?

Been a long and gradual decline. He always had a lot of talent in terms of run and quick reflexes and beating his opponent. But I get the impression it was a kind of let Kurtley be Kurtley coaching approach. It probably should have been more about accountability and working on fundamentals of team rugby.

Disaster for Tahs as Kurtley Beale pings hamstring chasing Brumbies try-scorer

Only just saw the Tuilagi hit. i thought it was barely a yellow, not much in it at all.

Piers Morgan's fiery defence of Joe Marler for squirrel-grip incident

Was going to this one. Doubt there was much risk/drama given its outdoors but I suppose all the folk crammed into trains trying to get there isn’t great.

France-Ireland Six Nations match postponed

Interestng and telling that a civilized and worthwhile conversation can take place more here, niche conversation group with a shared interest than in mainstream current affairs discussion

Shadow of Folau obscures signs of rugby's revival in Australia

You are probably right. I just think let’s accelerate things and take the losses short term to give these guys experience internationally, to build towards being top tier again 3-4 years from now. But if you want him to well and truly earn it ahead of Slipper and Sio, yeah let’s wait a bit

How the Waratahs' youngsters are making a difference

I don’t understand the intricacies well enough to critique some of Toomua’s skills, but he feels like a leader and energizer to me at 10, where he just puts more pressure on the opposing defensive line and seems to facilitate confident running lines from his centres (maybe cause his a centre himself.)

How the Waratahs' youngsters are making a difference

Patto, I disagree pretty strongly on Toomua. Also would put Hunt and JOC ahead of DHP and Hodge and Simone. Would also go younger still by bringing Bell and Wilson into the 23 forwards-wise somehow. Otherwise yeah looks about right. Philip deserves a shot ahead of LSL.

How the Waratahs' youngsters are making a difference

I think Hunt’s passing and general quick, smart decision making both ways has been important

How the Waratahs' youngsters are making a difference

I also get the impression that the Reds aren’t good at all at getting their backs involved in the game; ie it’s as much a how to play as an attitude thing. I’ve seen a bunch of games where whoevers at 11,13 and 14,-even JOC à few weeks back playing 10, barely get the ball. Seems to be forwards run the ball or Hegarty kicks it straight to the opposite fullback. Blame seemed to be on Kerevi as an ineffective passer in previous years, but I don’t know. I just get the impression 10-15 aren’t well coached

The time for positive affirmations is over for the Reds

i wouldn’t call that two punches to the head. thought he held back a bit actually, wasn’t doing much more than freeing himself – though obvioulsy high contact. Yellow was alright, maybe even just a penalty.

Lions forward sin-binned for lashing out at Rob Simmons

Great article Nick. Really highlights more clearly what he’s doing so well. I can now see the reason for the hype. Re the backrow – Samu, Valeteni, Nasirani you mentioned – have you been impressed much by Wilson, the Reds’ 8?

Can Noah Lolesio be Australia’s triple threat at No.10?

Didn’t see the Brumbies game. Saw the highlights with Samu scoring two tries though. Was he otherwise really good too?

Super Rugby: Five talking points from Round 4

Like Quade Cooper. Playing some of his best super rugby later in his career. More precision and restraint in his play. Shame Cheika had already written him off by that point

Super Rugby: Five talking points from Round 4

Easily in the Wallabies’ 23 but I can see why we would want to move on from Hooper as captain. Don’t see a strong replacement candidate though. I would lean toward Toomua, but he’s already 29, I would pick him at 10 or 12 pretty quickly but not sure everyone selecting would agree

The Brumbies and the Reds should provide most of Rennie's Wallabies