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Hannah transitioned as an adult after a long and successful sporting career training and playing at an international level as a male, and a big one at that. I don’t want her crashing a pack with my daughter in it. Pretty simple, find another (non contact or individual) sport or play in the male comp, and don’t cry victim.

Hannah Mouncey withdraws from AFLW draft

Why a picture of Cyril for the “homesick” article? Cyril, formerly a Scotch College boarding student drafted to Hawthorn, resigned a on the tail end of persistent injury and inconsistent form, and after 4 flags and a Normie, he’s paid his dues. He wasn’t looking for an out for more money or a better club under the guise of “homesickness”, he was giving the gig up altogether.

Homesick? Suck it up, be a man, and blame someone else instead

I go out to Spotless from the Eastern suburbs a few times a yea and it’s a royal PITA getting there and slightly less so getting back on PT. Very few direct services from Central, driving & parking is a nuisance. It’s enough to turn off the already flakey Swans supporters.

Swans blitz Giants in Sydney derby

We are the softest top 4 entrant in a long while, but I’ll take it. BTW Carlton & Freo – this is what a rebuild looks like.

Hawks survive St Kilda scare

You’ve just described the difference between a “team of champions” and a “champion team”.
If Clarko couldn’t nab a Coach of the Year award from 2008 – 2015, not sure why they’d reward him now. We should win against the Saints but we are also due for a loss and I’m wary of the Swans who are coming home strong.
Numerology is on our side tho 1978, 1988, 2008 🙂

Are Hawthorn pretenders or premiership contenders?

Jim, that line is not utter garbage at all. The Swans QC successfully argued that Hall’s punch was delivered “in play” when it was a good 50m off the ball. The AFL was happy for any reason to let Hall off, they needed the Swans to succeed. He shouldn’t have played – and Big Baz has always acknowledged that.

Will Richmond's challenger please stand up?

Whenever I hear “unbeatable” “theirs to lose” ……….. I think of 2008, 2014 & 2015.

Will Richmond's challenger please stand up?

I remember it clearly because I was there with a bird’s eye view, albeit drunk, but an elevated seat in the first row. Here it is, navigate to the 50sec mark for the hit.
Yeates was squaring up to Dermot who’d split his testicle some weeks earlier. Rough justice.
I get about the team punishment of the send off rule, but still don’t agree our game would benefit from it or that it would prevent these very serious but rare occasions.

Andrew Gaff: How many weeks, and where will he be next year?

That was the 1989 grand final, but it was not legitimate contact that left Dermie with broken ribs. Yeates made a beeline for him before the first bounce, well off the ball. Had there been a card system enforced with today’s sensibilities, we would have missed out on one of the greatest contests the game has ever seen! I hope the AFL never introduces a send off rule.

Andrew Gaff: How many weeks, and where will he be next year?

A Gaffe in a viscous situation for sure.

Monday Morning AFL Podcast: Will we see Andrew Gaff in Eagles colours again?

No thanks. Beware “favourite son syndrome”.

Memo St Kilda: Give Sam Mitchell the top job

Yep, me too, I’ve booked a weekend away on the basis I could catch the game at the SCG on the Friday night then head off. First world problems but ……….. groan.

Carlton given prime-time fixture as final round of 2018 AFL season confirmed

They have these things called “cars” in Sydney, and they’re not 9-5’rs, can live where they like.

Nine hot takes from AFL Round 19

The forward line yes, but how good is the midfield, surely comp’s best. The Richmond clash this weekend will be epic, maybe a grand final taster, I’ve tipped the Pies to run out with this one.

Nine questions to come from Round 18

I have 2 memberships to GWS and didn’t receive a “bring a friend for free” email this week. The crowd was really noisy and there seems to be more people wearing the club colours. Pretty happy with the club, works hard for it’s members and excellent game day experience – probably the best in the country.

Giants CEO: 'Best ever' crowd a sign of GWS's progress in Sydney

Not sure why the Hawks went in as such favourites (aside from the home ground at Launie), given the inconsistent form. Smashing the Bulldogs lulled us into a false sense of security. The Lions beat us by 10 goals 2 months ago and the coaching box contained 2 architects from the 3peat era in Chris Fagan and Luke Hodge. Where’s the respect?
I tipped the Lions and also put a lazy tenner on them at the tote as emotional insurance.

Which Round 17 slip up will prove the most costly?

Grundy is very good and may yet eclipse Nic Nat but at the moment, it’s Nic Nat (for his X factor), Grundy, Gawn in that order.

Who has been 2018's best ruckman?

A recent grand final appearance, out of the 8 on 4 points only (and a swag of % granted) whilst missing half the side is a crisis? The Saints would give up dwarf throwing for that kind of crisis.

Crows in crisis as Hawks storm to AFL win

Deserved and overdue in fact. Sheeds is an excellent and very funny orator also, as seen in his acceptance speech.

Coaching titan Kevin Sheedy declared AFL Legend

Have to agree with you there Roger. I’ve been in Sydney 30 years and the Swans were a complete joke in the early days, took ages to be successful on and off field, now our kids are playing and the sport is growing at a rate of knots. Can’t see why Western Sydney with it’s population growth won’t do the same in time. Like any big venture, it’ll be a slow burn.
Have been very impressed with how GWS is run as a club, from a member perspective, they’re throwing everything at it. An academy system in western Sydney would benefit it.

A hellish May has the Giants staring at a lost AFL season, or worse

Johnny Platten aka “The Rat” aka #44 says hi!

The unheralded number 44

“That’s true but it doesn’t mean gossip journalists have carte blanche. Some almost celebrate human frailty.”

Don – that’s the job description for that level of journo, although “muck raker” is a better description. They’re bottom feeders and they exist in every industry from used cars to dodgy doctors, unethical swamp rats lurking on the edge of legality hoping to line their pockets from some poor sod’s misery – politicians and CEO’s mostly.

Media dropping a bomb on Bomber Thompson

Leigh Matthews wrote in his autobiography that if the playing style (ferocity) of the 70’s & 80’s was played today, with modern footballer bodies, there’d be fatalities. And he’d know, he could have killed Neville Bruns that day in 1985.
Don’t agree with this article that NicNat should be spared a tribunal visit because umpires aren’t currently diligent about in the back. That’s like saying the cops are targeting speeding this weekend so we shouldn’t be penalised for drink driving.

Nic Naitanui cannot - must not - be acquitted for his heavy tackle

Nice one. You should turn this into it’s own article. Pace has never been Hodge’s strong suit and “crab like” describes hi style last year too.

Seven hot takes from AFL Round 7

AFL is a not for profit and the “big picture” is getting people, humans, men and women engaged and playing the sport. You guys must be spewing that the world is changing, it’s a constant source of amusement that you’re spitting chips and shrilly complaining about the other half of the population getting a share of the chocolates.

Mary's Wonder Women: Where are the female AFLW coaches?