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Nick, for once I feel you have rewarded the wrong people.

You are quick to say the ABs lineout dominance began after they started cheating and that once this began they were brilliant at exploiting it.

I am not blaming the ref, just pointing out that England were up against a style of play it is unfair to measure them against.

Cheats cheat when they are weaker. Jones knows this, his post game optimism was well founded.

Sir Brodie takes Prince Maro off his high horse at Twickenham

“Lower skilled set of players”. Is the air thin on that high horse?

Seven talking points from Wallabies v Wales

So “just short” if 5 core on field team changes are made and another 3 to 5 on the bench.
No doubt this team is better than it has been, but with amount of games lost, ranked 7th, need kept in perspective.

The best player on the pitch is the mental worm in Welsh players heads when play vs WBs

Jack Dempsey confirmed in Wallabies team to face Wales

HAHA! Just spat coffee over my keyboard

Google says MWS is “Morning Wood Syndrome”

Three opportunities for the Wallabies to experiment. But will they be taken?


You’re right, Weapon’s $ comment is miss-placed. But like all new ideas it needs refining and not discarding.

How about a target of doubling the number of converts next year than the average over the last 3-5 years. (I’ve just plucked that idea, no idea how many it equates to).

Rona hasn’t cost much, and the game would be better placed with a bunch of Ronas over the next 2-3 years.

We need more Weapons ( 🙂 ). 10 ideas and the sound of one landing is one more than yesterday.

Rugby union is in strife – league is here to help


WBs can’t have a “hard look at themselves”. Cheika has metaphorically removed all the mirrors.

Wales to fire against Wallabies: Davies

“Beastly 6/66” – Like it

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs South Africa, first ODI

Huge win for England. So many under 10 caps and a 4th choice 8.

Gave away 11 penalties.

11 of 25 forwards over 18 stone, 10 of them Saffers, yet little scrum or rolling maul dominance.

Game was big set back for SA.

New-look England side does Jones proud

Chris, spot on. The king id dead, long live the king.

Heads only roll when the people rise up. Think the French, Charles I, Tsar Nicholas, KMT, the Kaiser, the velvet revolution, etc.

If Roarers truly want change at CA then they have to switch off (TV, attendance, radio, laptops etc.). Stop buying sponsors goods. Don’t just attend protests, start them.

Otherwise only the keyboards bear the brunt of everyone’s frustration. CA has one Achilles only, the P&L

Off with their heads!

Holding the unaccountable to account


Your comment wrings heavy with an unwillingness to help. Drua going pretty nicely, they bring a high standard and attract support wherever they play (“Tonga” and “Samoa” in WSR was good example).

A 10 year plan (3 RWC’s away) is required; then bank rolling, and initially managed by 3rd parties with business acumen. The money is out there, not in Australia, but if there is genuine willing by WR/IRB then it can be found.

Tonga Test teaches SANZAAR a lesson

By following your suggestions the “line” will struggle to find the sand for years.

How then will Warner measure his actions?

Time for Cricket Australia to end the Smith, Warner and Bancroft bans


The length of a ban is to achieve more than just punishing the individual. Everything you complain about was known when the ban’s were handed down.

Any player considering cheating has to examine the consequences their actions will bring on their team-mates, supporters, and country. These include commercial, reputation, and quality of play.

Cherry picking other people’s bans as a measure to meet your argument is loose journalism. Why not include Butt, Asif and Amir? Afterall they too humiliated themselves, their team, the game, and their nation.

Time for Cricket Australia to end the Smith, Warner and Bancroft bans

Yet another ex player asked to do the job of someone schooled in business/management.

Committing to WSR would have then needed diplomacy, negotiating skills and foresight to build a club at short notice. Whilst there is local talent and support he couldn’t just open the doors and expect people to rush in. (And who’s coach, backroom, etc etc.)

I suspect this is not Hore’s fault. Some Roarers may see it as taking the easy option, but I wonder if, given the lack of RA support, he simply saw it as the only option.

No western Sydney WSR team for 2019: Hore

Hi Brett,

as ever a considered article that keeps the heart and head separate. Just a few points:

One issue surmises much of the problem: why does a player miss the same tackle on a Saturday that he made the week before back at his club? Because he is unsettled, mentally and physically. Mentally, because (apologies to those who’ve read my views on this elsewhere) in the dead of night these guys know losing the losing records are stacking up (even if these thoughts are only in their subconscious, they still eat away). Physically unsettled because not only are they perhaps out of their natural position but because too many players are during teh course of the game.

He’s not changing, nor is the ARU’s policy, so the only straw left to break this camel’s back is Cheika losing the players. As the fog of Cheika’s “commitment” keeps clearing his hold on teh team will fail with dramatic consequences.

Progress starts by fixing things that have fallen off along the way


You are right, but I believe players are underperforming as they know what a cluster *** the current position is. They lie in bed knowing they will be remembered as a Wallaby during that “disastrous era”, must be grim.

I feel sorry for likes of DHP, Hodge, Beale, Coleman, and Arnold. Cheika is a millstone around their neck.

Cheika's hapless Wallabies are the real victims of the 2004 Brumbies player-power push

KFTD – Add to that…….

Cheika driving off in the distance, fumbling to remove his balaclava, with the pistol in the back seat still smoking

Cheika's hapless Wallabies are the real victims of the 2004 Brumbies player-power push


Players perform below their capability when the opposition over power them, outplay them, they have little possession, or they have simply lost their drive (consciously or subconsciously).

I suspect the Wallabies have subconsciously lost their drive. They take the field with the best intentions but they’ve lost that 5% in their heart, best referred to as passion.

The players know they are part of a team at its lowest ever ranking. They see little change around them, few new faces and little/no change in strategy. Must be exhausting to put that all aside to be able to commit 100% at the next game.

Six key questions: Boks vs Wallabies

Hi Geoff,

Cottrell brings what Haskell does.

I pity the 6’s playing alongside Hooper and Pocock. It is a system like no other they have experienced. If Cottrell’s given the shirt then it must be for a handful of games to find his feet when playing alongside two 7’s.

The Wrap: No Super Rugby off-season while World Rugby gathers in Sydney

Hi Brett, nice to read a “needs debating” column. Too many just shout their opinion.

But, there is one problem which alone condemns this concept to the bin. Ranking changes will mean promotion/relegation. This would wreak havoc.

League of Nations is an idea worth discussing, but…

Wow, I wish there was still an edit comment option!!

BUT I feel he is suffering….

….not helped by ANYONE

Has Michael Cheika lost the plot, or is he a strategic genius?

Crashball….I agree.

I feel he is suffering. He said “enthusiasm” instead of commitment/passion because the knows the latter is rock bottom, and he’s steering the ship.

But he’s not helped by no-one with influence offering him options (I’m talking ARU and other WBs coaches, not ex coaches via the media). When pig-headedness isn’t producing results it needs a foil to help reset the compass.

Has Michael Cheika lost the plot, or is he a strategic genius?

RA needs to reset its compass but their hands are tied.

Cheika has put himself above the game ( I appreciate unknowingly so). The only way he will leave is if he realises his failings as RA will not/can not fire him.

If RA were of a mind for root and branch change then with him in play they are helpless.

England just hired John Mitchell, there are options out there. Part of the $5m spent on Hooper would have been a decent carrot for a new coach.

What will the Wallabies be like after the World Cup?

Akari……………. Hooper………….Age, rugby in Australia is skint, grass roots crying out for $$’s, win percentage as captain.

“I wouldn’t switch one Wallaby for an AB at the moment”. Honorable sentiment but just say it in private.

Long contracts, to anyone, close off pathways and suddenly NRL looks attractive.

Michael Cheika's loyalty is now to a fault

People who say he is the best available, or RA cannot afford to pay him out are talking BS.

No other coach who can better a 50% record????? And, losing this much costs lots more than borrowing money to pay him out.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

James. That is an extremely valid point. I would add that having a limited array of go-to shots should have made it easier for the opposition.

Alastair Cook: Good or great?