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Piru – Spot on.

It’s not complicated is it……….you dominate the gain line, with or without the ball, you’re very likely to win.

England, luck or genuine legitimacy?

Ben – that is utterly tasteless and insulting.

“Yeah, but it was” …the laziest cricket argument going

Spookily Lanka is in the words Manuka Oval. The two acted as one!

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs Sri Lanka, second Test

Appreciation of rugby varies so greatly. Where some Roarers saw a victory, others saw a loss. For me it was as skillful as any ABs game.

EJ’s getting too much credit. Mitchell deserves more plaudits.

Top level intensity for 90 mins. Line speed outstanding. Tackles dominant for 90 mins, not just felling. Farrell’s kicks to corner were a thing of magic. Deft grubber kicks not reliant on just one player. Big units doing their thing unrelentingly and periodic finesse by the backs.

Mako V made 24 tackles. To me that requires skill equal to what Barratt achieves on any day.

I’ve watched it twice now, in isolation it was outstanding.

Predictable Ireland bore themselves into a shock defeat by England

The “right thing” is stand up and leave.

Then he should call RC…. “I was just in a room where someone took drugs. I didn’t and I walked away.” No need mention names.

When story “breaks” ARU says “we know, KB called us straight away to say he left the room immediately”. God thing about mobiles is all calls and texts are time stamped.

Kurtley Beale apologises for "compromising" video

Nick – Packer’s so yesterday. It’s “Twiggy Time” now!

2019: The battle for the soul of Pasifika rugby

Bobby, Nick Bishop did couple of great articles last week on how Oz players have improved in NH. One is Morahan. Forget some of his past low form, if selection were on current form then he’d be on the roster.

2018 in review: Rugby union

Bobby – that is what could make GRR fly. There are hundreds of people across SE Asia capable of bank rolling a team aka the French league.

Add 3 global names, and a few more of their own regulars to the HK team that played WSR and that’s a way good enough standard.

And HK didn’t make RWC

Is Twiggy’s trailblazing GRR a curiosity, or will it catch on?

The currency market is like Mccaw, it positions itself in expectation of events. The market has already suffered and is the wiser for it. The GBP will improve simply if it sees some good on field decision making, regardless of the potential outcomes.

Why Rugby Australia should listen to Bob Dwyer and dump the Giteau Law

New caps since RWC……….Australia 34, England 32, SA 39, AB 35.

What I said in my first comment above were a list of things that have happened under his watch. He is almost certainly not maliciously placing his own interests above those of his country, but by staying on, his interests are being better served that his country’s.

Rugby Australia re-arranges the deck chairs on the 'Titanic' Wallabies

Cheika has put his personal interests above those of his country.

He takes money from the table of grass roots rugby. He holds back the careers of younger players. He makes the country an international laughing stock. He drags the game down from where it will take years to recover.

Rugby Australia re-arranges the deck chairs on the 'Titanic' Wallabies

From RC “……..allows him to do what he is best at which is coach the Wallabies.”

What the hell is he worst at????

Rugby Australia re-arranges the deck chairs on the 'Titanic' Wallabies

Great piece. But Jones is not near the edge, even if they lose. ABs and SA returned him to grassy padlock.

A win could be worse result for WBs, selection would go haywire, toe holds and The tiniest of ledges would be made flush.

Wallabies in the big hole

These rules will attract sponsors. They love to be associated with terms like new, fast paced, fresh, innovative, high scoring, multi-national, growing etc.

Twiggy has a smart team with him.

Why we must embrace Twiggy's rugby rules

Jacko – Farrell was dealt a duff hand just prior to RWC 2015. England were 6 wins from 8 in 2015, but then Ford was dumped as 10, Joseph got injured days prior to Wales game, and amongst this Burgess was still playing 6 for Bath and couldn’t cope with new faces around him.

The biter bit: Ireland wrong-foot the All Blacks in Dublin

If Pocock’s out England will merrily pick and drive, box kick, and Watson/Nowell will happily deliver the letter

If Tuilagi on pitch then back row will need to get to second phase sharpish as Foley and Beale will bounce around like golf balls in a squash court.

Take the win, acknowledge the issues, gear up for England


As there no fixed number of penalties prior to YC it relies on ref’s reading of the game + their bias. Oh no, that can’t be right…..

Wallabies defeat Italy, but the RWC 2019 cause still looks hopeless

Nick, for once I feel you have rewarded the wrong people.

You are quick to say the ABs lineout dominance began after they started cheating and that once this began they were brilliant at exploiting it.

I am not blaming the ref, just pointing out that England were up against a style of play it is unfair to measure them against.

Cheats cheat when they are weaker. Jones knows this, his post game optimism was well founded.

Sir Brodie takes Prince Maro off his high horse at Twickenham

“Lower skilled set of players”. Is the air thin on that high horse?

Seven talking points from Wallabies v Wales

So “just short” if 5 core on field team changes are made and another 3 to 5 on the bench.
No doubt this team is better than it has been, but with amount of games lost, ranked 7th, need kept in perspective.

The best player on the pitch is the mental worm in Welsh players heads when play vs WBs

Jack Dempsey confirmed in Wallabies team to face Wales

HAHA! Just spat coffee over my keyboard

Google says MWS is “Morning Wood Syndrome”

Three opportunities for the Wallabies to experiment. But will they be taken?


You’re right, Weapon’s $ comment is miss-placed. But like all new ideas it needs refining and not discarding.

How about a target of doubling the number of converts next year than the average over the last 3-5 years. (I’ve just plucked that idea, no idea how many it equates to).

Rona hasn’t cost much, and the game would be better placed with a bunch of Ronas over the next 2-3 years.

We need more Weapons ( 🙂 ). 10 ideas and the sound of one landing is one more than yesterday.

Rugby union is in strife – league is here to help


WBs can’t have a “hard look at themselves”. Cheika has metaphorically removed all the mirrors.

Wales to fire against Wallabies: Davies

“Beastly 6/66” – Like it

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs South Africa, first ODI

Huge win for England. So many under 10 caps and a 4th choice 8.

Gave away 11 penalties.

11 of 25 forwards over 18 stone, 10 of them Saffers, yet little scrum or rolling maul dominance.

Game was big set back for SA.

New-look England side does Jones proud