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Wow, I wish there was still an edit comment option!!

BUT I feel he is suffering….

….not helped by ANYONE

Has Michael Cheika lost the plot, or is he a strategic genius?

Crashball….I agree.

I feel he is suffering. He said “enthusiasm” instead of commitment/passion because the knows the latter is rock bottom, and he’s steering the ship.

But he’s not helped by no-one with influence offering him options (I’m talking ARU and other WBs coaches, not ex coaches via the media). When pig-headedness isn’t producing results it needs a foil to help reset the compass.

Has Michael Cheika lost the plot, or is he a strategic genius?

RA needs to reset its compass but their hands are tied.

Cheika has put himself above the game ( I appreciate unknowingly so). The only way he will leave is if he realises his failings as RA will not/can not fire him.

If RA were of a mind for root and branch change then with him in play they are helpless.

England just hired John Mitchell, there are options out there. Part of the $5m spent on Hooper would have been a decent carrot for a new coach.

What will the Wallabies be like after the World Cup?

Akari……………. Hooper………….Age, rugby in Australia is skint, grass roots crying out for $$’s, win percentage as captain.

“I wouldn’t switch one Wallaby for an AB at the moment”. Honorable sentiment but just say it in private.

Long contracts, to anyone, close off pathways and suddenly NRL looks attractive.

Michael Cheika's loyalty is now to a fault

People who say he is the best available, or RA cannot afford to pay him out are talking BS.

No other coach who can better a 50% record????? And, losing this much costs lots more than borrowing money to pay him out.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

James. That is an extremely valid point. I would add that having a limited array of go-to shots should have made it easier for the opposition.

Alastair Cook: Good or great?


WBs have regressed yet no-one’s seeing it. Brett’s optimism also based on Cheika becoming a better coach and that ain’t going to happen. I also don’t think WBs made SA look terrible, just did it themselves

What happens when the result isn’t the most important part of a win?

Paul, I’ve tracked England/India series closely. I’m sure there has been sledging but I’ve heard nothing to suggest anything said “off field” as you speculate. I may be wrong, but unless there has been then lets celebrate what we know.

How the 'Spirit of Cricket' misses the mark

Cook leading England for a 4-1 series win vs No.1 test team. Seems fairy tales do happen.

Then Anderson equaling Glenn McGrath’s record! A “where were you” day for England.

Cook ends on 147 as England dominate India

He has an open mind and I hope he ends up holding some of the levers of power in cricket. He said cricket is in a better place now than when he started and that if game stands still then everything goes past. I suspect he sees 20/20 as an unfortunate necessity but realises that without it cricket loses relevance. He wants to keep test matches but again said they must change to remain viable and relevant.

The traditionalist calling it time

Ralph. Haha. You expect he’s given a plan??
Cheika will bathe him in his motivational magic and say “go do whatever it is a 10 is supposed to do”.

Wallabies team vs South Africa: Cheika rings the changes ahead of South Africa clash

Ice melts unless you keep it static and in a secure environment.

It also disappears quickly when exposed to other liquids.

How do you solve a problem without a solution?

Reminds me of Johnny Wilkinson. There have been more naturally gifted/flashy players but he showed that incredible dedication, steeliness, and incessant practise are part of an innings. It’s not just the shots you make.

Cook calls time on 12-year England career: "Nothing left in the tank"

“You can’t put everything else on hold while you take 12-months to fix up the off-field structures and attitudes.”

Not sure what “everything” here is but I believe bad times call for strong decisions, and 12 months pass very quickly.

Lets say during the 12 months everything continues as is whilst the new structures are drawn up/agreed upon. During that time clever/professional PR/communication with the whole rugby public is constant and as open as is practical. Very hard I know, but ideally the tribes and media would kept at bay.

The efficient measure, for this undoubtedly big risk, is would it see more steps back for rugby in the long term than a RWC melt down might. Not forgetting new structures would be in place post the 12 months.

The Wrap: A way forward for Australian rugby – how hard can it be?

Hi Brett. Great article.

I am happy we know little to date. With so many stakeholders these discussions cannot take place under the glare of the media.

I like that the naysayers stating Twiggy’s all talk no trousers have evaporated. Instead there is an air of excitement and anticipation that change is coming.

Super Rugby’s future: Same, same or World Series Rugby different?

Hi Geoff,

Great article. But…..your comment “prevailing ‘up yours’ mentality” is off the mark. This only includes a couple of Roarers and maybe 10-15% of the crowd (without whom attendance would have been over 9,000).

The chant of “Force, Force” shouted mainly by kids in the stadium was almost surreal (“from the mouths of babes” came to mind).

Twiggy and Hodgo are a dream team. One has ear of global authorities and overseas Govts., and the other is in touch with high level and grass roots clubs.

But……the inevitable new business hiccup is coming. Non-one knows what it will be, but I believe it is what may define WSR’s more immediate future.

The Wrap: World Series Rugby; what really matters

Absolutely. I believe it’s in the region of $100-110,000 per game. That’s what Perth Glory were paying in 2017.

If we can get average crowds of 13,000+ then the club will be in clover. That’s enough to get some sensible sponsors.

Twiggy gets ready to crunch the numbers on Force future

Euro clubs would not have offered 5 years. He’s 30 in 3.

Average salary for BIL team was $540,000. Liam Williams moved to Sarries for $520k salary, and he covers more than one position!

RC not covering herself with glory

CONFIRMED: Hooper commits to rugby mega-deal


Twiggy’s $50m promise from last year will establish WSR/Indo Pac (if all else in Oz Union remains as is). Who knows what formula he will produce, perhaps a central pot with guarantees supported by his own wallet.

WF can pull circa $3m rev per year (10k crowd x 7 games, x $40 tix). Add just the local advertising and you’re covering some big bills.

Tonight will be a blast. My kids desperate to go. KO 6.30pm but we’ll arrive 6 to see skydivers, fireworks, dancers, musicians, bouncy castles, face painters, stilt walkers.

“Rugby’s a game captain, but not as we know it”. AND NO RAIN. WOOOHOOOO!!!!

Twiggy gets ready to crunch the numbers on Force future

and with one more win than WF last year 🙂

Close, but no cigar for Australian finals aspirants


Agree. Give Hodge as many options in one position as has Hanigan.

Having stability outside him will help whoever gets parachuted in at 10 when Foley has the inevitable injury. Otherwise it’s deckchairs again.

Close, but no cigar for Australian finals aspirants

CP – agree 100%. But this is meaningless until Foley is injured.

Mind blowing that Australia has to “manufacture” an alternative 10. Even England has half decent spares.

But whilst Cheika has charge of selection he has charge of rugby.

Close, but no cigar for Australian finals aspirants


Before the 5-0 shellacking Australia’s ODI form was terrible for over 2 years.

Because certain players were missing in England people assume results will improve on their return. There’s firm evidence to show this will not happen, what’s changed?

England are no certainties to win World Cup


Thousands of scrums before engagement rules changed. Thousands of rucks before stopped use of feet. Thousands of line-outs before allowed lifting. Thousands of tries scored before points increased to 5.

The game evolves. Either for safety or a perceived improvement.

Folau suspension: Let's applaud, not sanction, skilful feats


There was intent.

But, it can be said Folau’s intention was simply to keep his own balance, and not to pull POM over. Intent doesn’t need to be good or bad, just to exist and cause consequence.

Folau suspension: Let's applaud, not sanction, skilful feats