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Poms brought Anderson in with a pre-existing injury. That’s their poor choice of selection.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Fast forward. Labuschagne has to come in now. Maybe keep Bancroft as at least he hangs around a little longer and takes a decent catch. Warner out. Wade is a concern with three single figures out of four innings. Seems he can only bat when conditions are in his favour. Hopefully Smith comes back next test or we are in serious trouble.

Australia must drop David Warner

Zero chance of Hawks beating Eagles.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round 22

It’s interesting. In the professional era and with relatively cheap plane flights I’m not sure what’s stopping changing the squad during a series. The whole squad concept seems to be thirty years out of date.

Australia must drop David Warner

Wade still has a bit to prove when batting in less than favourable conditions. However I couldn’t drop him so soon after making a hundred. Not many options for replacements either.

Australia must drop David Warner

I think Warner’s batting history earns him one more test. Bancroft has yet to do anything in his career to earn second or third chances, other than some good catches. Harris in for Bancroft. If Warner fails in 3rd test than either Bancroft back in or elevate Khawaja to opener and bring in Labuschagne.

Australia must drop David Warner

It’s boorish and pathetic behaviour and given the situation it is just downright disgusting. They’ve had their time to let the feelings be known in the World Cup. Smith and Co did the crime and have done the time. Well past time to move on. Just like the Adam Goodes saga it says more about the people participating in the never ending abuse then those on the receiving end.

The booing of Steve Smith was disgusting

Geez if the Eagles finish above the Tigers, and it’s a grand final of Tigers v Eagles at the MCG ?? I can’t see this MCG contract lasting anywhere close to 40 years. After 30 years of being the AFL it’s time this issue was dealt with.

Five talking points from AFL Round 22

The booing is boorish behaviour and disgraceful in the situation. Just like with the Adam Goodes saga it says a lot more about the people participating in the never ending abuse then the person receiving it.

Smith cops sickening blow as Aussies scrap at Lord's

Four innings will be enough to decide if we keep Bancroft. Given he was only marginally ahead of Harris at selection if he fails in the second innings (if there is one) he should be replaced.

Warner and Bancroft are floundering

Disappointing, I think we’ll need him if Docherty can’t get back on the park. It probably makes sense to transition one of Simmo or Daisy out otherwise and bring in one of the younger guys.

Carlton veteran Dale Thomas announces AFL retirement

Administrators and officials need to grow some….and just ban this idiot outright. No one needs to put up with the crap he serves up.

We can't even describe what just happened in Nick Kyrgios' latest loss

Many coaches have had their teams consistently perform below expectations. Something has to give at some point.

The AFL coaching massacre isn't done yet

Col, I’m rapt that Teague has got the job but I agree that 2 years should be the maximum length at this stage. There is still a lot to prove as it’s a very different scenario going from caretaker coach to full time coach.

The training wheels are off as David Teague lands Carlton job for good

England’s favouritism may have come down to uncertainty about how good Smith would be on his return to test cricket. Well I think that’s been answered.

The Ashes balance has shifted as Lord's duel looms

The cats must have been very ordinary too then if they only managed 9 goals.

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 21

Just checked that one. Freo led 3 goals to 1 at quarter time. Geelong than kicked 23 goals to zero for the remainder of the game. Very similar, perhaps not as memorable because it was Freo.

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 21

Essendons performance was one of the worst in living memory, not just the season. To allow a team to kick 21 unanswered goals and to only have one goal themselves until late in the final quarter while playing under a roof in perfect conditions. I can’t remember a score line of 21 goals to 1 in an AFL match before ?

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 21

Yeah we lost the next test by what ? Two runs ? Pretty sure McGrath would have reduced England’s total over two innings by at least 100 if he had of been playing.

Revisiting the best spell in Ashes history

Yep that should be the finish of Lang. No need to play him again as his last 2 games have been awful. Stocker and Dow (who’s done his penance) should come back in next week.

Five talking points from AFL Round 21

Hussey was still belting county attacks around in 2005 while Australia was losing the Ashes. It’s a shame our selectors were so conservative at the time.

Remembering Australia's Ashes domination in 2001

Incredible that this guy made his test debut as a bowling all-rounder. Now he’s the best batsman since Bradman. Wow !!

Steve Smith: A statistical batting gem

Our 2nd best batsman in the first test. Most critical partnerships with Smith in both innings (along with our number 10 and 11 batsman in the first).

Travis Head obliterates all the nerves in his inaugural Ashes outing

Head worked the hardest. Two really valuable innings. Lyon and Wade great but in very favourable conditions. Cummins great but I’m sure Anderson would have been his equal. There were good contributions from English players as well, just no one in the league of Smith and we didn’t have our best bowler missing for the entire test.

The changes both sides must consider ahead of the second Ashes Test

Sorry Viv just started with a simple comment that Smith and Anderson were the difference in this test.

The changes both sides must consider ahead of the second Ashes Test