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Who wins the John Eales Medal?

As I cast back my mind over the last 12 months of internationals, quite aptly, the phrase “nobody is perfect” comes to mind. That phrase, of course, is synonymous with John Eales and for good reason. This then makes me think of the upcoming John Eales medal award.

Last few years Reds have had the better team on paper yet managed to lose every game between the 2.

This year the difference is overwhelming, if the reds lose this it is a terrible indictment against BT.

Reds should win this in a canter , a narrow win is not good enough, it would not show any improvement in the bigger picture of the reds enduring and perpetual rebuild.

Reds looking to break derby drought in Super Rugby AU opener

Hodge has had multiple opportunities at 13 and has yet to show anything worth praising.

I really look forward to Wright at 6 and McReight starting. If Wright does well 6 is the one of the most open positions in the wallabies, he certainly was not getting a start at 7.
If you are using 2 opensiders they are the ideal combo in many ways.

Super Rugby AU Round 1 teams: No Banks for Brumbies, Tahs and Rebels load up on debutants

Paulo – The difference here is that Barrett is available and eligible for the AB’s the whole time, all he misses is super rugby.

All Black Barrett signs Japanese club deal


It does clear it up

I had read that Philips was eligible for the wallabies this year and next, I assumed it meant he was staying here, but that makes sense.

Good for Philips and good for the wallabies. Bad luck for the rebels.

Super Rugby AU Round 1 teams: No Banks for Brumbies, Tahs and Rebels load up on debutants

Ellis PARK IS AT 1724 Metres, so 5,700 feet , perhaps that is where he got it wrong

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

Tahs are a very weak side.

Brumbies still look the strongest. I do question Cusack starting ahead of both Miller and McCaffery. Only weakness is the locks.

Also great to see Phillips has NOT signed for a french club as some kept insisting.

I also wonder what has happened to Tom English

Super Rugby AU Round 1 teams: No Banks for Brumbies, Tahs and Rebels load up on debutants

On form Campbell has performed in every game Marky Mark has not. Marky Mark has had a couple of very good games and then average games as well.

Daugunu is a genuine strike winger , a more dangerous runner, whilst Marky Mark is a fb/wing hybrid. So no he does not make the merged team.

Wright has performed better than Swinton overall. They bring different things to a game , different strengths and weaknesses so yes I agree you lose some things but you also gain a lot of things.

Wilson has proved himself in super rugby and against good kiwi teams, Harris has not.

Super Rugby Week 4: Here come the Aussies


Considering he has yet to play super rugby, hasn’t played u20’s for australia.

His claim to fame is he has played NRC and relegated a woeful Dempsey to the bench and rejected the NRL.

Even TWAS is saying
Will Harris may be even more promising than Harry WIlson.
A long bow to draw since it all promise and no delivery at this stage.

Super Rugby Week 4: Here come the Aussies

Really the reds should give the tahs a flogging.

I don’t see any press saying they are awesome.

Super Rugby Week 4: Here come the Aussies

It is good to see big young no 8’s coming through. There has been a dearth of them in oz rugby.

Also since Wilson has played 6 then if both progress really well then you may see both starting for the wallabies. Of course Valetini, Naisarini and others will have a say.

Super Rugby Week 4: Here come the Aussies

Daugunu has genuine pace whilst Marky Mark is too slow for wing.

This has to be the weakest Tahs team ever in super rugby.

If I merge the 2 teams the only tahs I see making it are
Angus Bell, Simmons, Hooper, Harrison (Joc to 12), and Maddocks.
so 10 reds 5 tahs.

On paper it is not close at all.

Super Rugby Week 4: Here come the Aussies

his 3rd doping offence, get him out of the game

Ex-Boks hooker cops doping ban

similiar to under 19’s variations

only 1.5 metre push, no holding the ball at the base, and no wheeling allowed. If the scrum wheels 45% play must be stopped. If unintentional scrum resets

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

league players could not hold the ab scrum for 2 secs under rugby scrumming laws.

They would easily be pushed off the ball and/or a league player seriously hurt

They would be uncontested scrums simple as that since to do otherwise is too dangerous.

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

I will write it more clearly , you cannot have multiple players in a tackle and still try and strip the ball.

No issue in rugby. League players would lose the ball often trying to get their offloads away since they have little ball security and the ball would be stolen since the rugby players train to tackle to strip the ball whenever they can.

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

hahahaha, in rugby the playmakers don’t get 10 metres plus and oodles of time for decision making. League players would have all teir time and space taken away and their decision making would be poor. Unless of course the 10 metres are kept to favour league.

Benji Marshall was hopeless as a playmaker in rugby. No time no space no idea.

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

if gang tackles and strips are allowed as per rugby then league players would not be able to even hold onto the ball in the tackle.

League players just don’t have any contest for possession, even in the tackle except for a one man tackle!

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

nor mauls or proper rucks. Every single contest for possession would need changing to give the league guys a chance.

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

birdy – agree when rugby went pro 25 years ago.

Rugby has evolved a lot since then.

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

Nat – So what exactly is allowed from rugby in this hybrid set of rules then?

No contested scrums, no rucks, no mauls.

So only lineouts. Yet somehow league gets to keep the 10 metre rule which is the major advantage from their rules.

Basically league with lineouts.

Of course Kangaroos would win since there is virtually no contest for the ball and a very limited set of skills are required.

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

IMO CFS is the first casualty of the new laws and better kicking being required from outside backs.

Waratahs smashed by injury ahead of Super Rugby AU opener

don’t agree the scrum make the difference.

Under rugby law they would have to uncontested anyway.

The difference is the ruck. If rucking as per rugby is allowed i.e to contest it, and counter ruck then Kangaroos have no chance since there are so many rucks.

The main advantage for kangaroos would be a 10 metre rule.

For AB’s ruck great advantage, lineout great advantage , at the end of 5 tackles kick it out and win the kangaroos lineout 70% of the time. Maul they would have to allow it to be collapsed otherwise AB’s score at will within 20 metres of the tryline.

So basically for the kangaroos to have a genuine chance the hybrid rules would need to eliminate a lot of contests for the ball i.e make it far more league like, hardly fair then.

Can the All Blacks play rugby league?

I hope Nic Bishop also sees this.
I have always disliked and disapproved of the concept that the jackler had to survive the cleanout because 1) Contrary to the written law 2) It is dangerous

The sky is falling, the sky is falling – oh hang on

exactly right

Nothing stopping AB’s playing all backrowers as their forwards though so body shapes would not come into it.

Basically the hybrid rules would be very close to league and thus they get all the advantage and they should win.

The time has come for extra time in Bledisloe Cup deciders

Full and I mean full union laws should apply in 1 half (if they go that way).

However what a lot of people miss in the laws would be a requirement to go to uncontested scrums due to safety reasons. The law is applicable in this instance.

The league players would have zero chance in mauls, rucks, lineouts anyway.
Even tackling would see them carded if the laws are applied properly.

The issue is would it be a whole game under hybrid rules or a game of league one half and game of rugby the other. If half and half then IMO there is no doubt AB’s would win easily.

If hybrid laws then as has been mentioned the simplified laws would be closer to league with a token gesture to rugby where it would not disadvantage league players too much.

The time has come for extra time in Bledisloe Cup deciders