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Also in the mix if they can get fit and be more disciplined are forwards like Fotuakia, Fa’amausili, Kaitu’u and Skelton.

While the backs bench is good, the picking beyond this are still slim.

Glimpses of greatness and lamentable let-downs: Wallabies 2021 player ratings

Agree. He reminds me of Pat Cummins or James Pattinson in cricket. Absolute beasts when they play, but prone to injury.

I just hope he goes down the Pat Cummins path and not the James Pattinson one.

Glimpses of greatness and lamentable let-downs: Wallabies 2021 player ratings

Here is my choice for the WC (obviously hoping everyone is fit!!)
1. Slips
2. Latu
3. TT
4. Arnold
5. Rodda
6. Leota
7. Hoops
8. Valentini
9. White
10. Cooper
11. Koroibete
12. Kerevi
13. Ikitau
14. Vunivalu
15. Kellaway

Glimpses of greatness and lamentable let-downs: Wallabies 2021 player ratings

My thoughts of the NH tours (from a Wallaby supporter) of the top 8 teams:
SA – Game is one dimensional and built around suffocating the opposition and getting penalties from it. When they convert better, they will be hard to beat. Hard to watch (for non SA fans) but hard to beat.
NZ – Game is one dimensional and built around running, running, running. Teams have learnt to better nullify this with equally aggressive defence combined with running. Seem to struggle changing game plans during the game which is very unNZ.
Aus – Certainly on the rise, although need to find a better balance between attack and defence. Have a tendency to fall off in the physical side of the game. Depth is a real problem, although this last game showed that given time some of the newer players can cover (maybe if allowed to play to their own strengths and not of the player they are replacing). Need to play at their best to be any kind of a force.
Ireland – Great mix of aggressive defence and attack. Can they keep it up and play like this all the time? If they can, hard to stop.
England – Showed great defence and attack. They have the forwards to match it with the best and Smith and Farrell can lead the backs well. As always, can beat any other team on their day.
Wales – Looked tired and barely scrapped past a 14 man Wallabies team. Not sure if they have the game to match it with the other teams, but when they get some of their injured players back it may lift them.
Scotland – Showed a bit of flair in attack, but not sure they have the defence to hold out other full strength teams. I confess to only watching one game, so no great detail to add.
France – World beaters one day, feather dusters the next. If they can play like they did against the ABs all the time, they will be hard to beat.

Why it's not all doom and gloom for the Wallabies

Fully agree Danny. The fault doesn’t lie with the ref or the rules, it is squarely at the feet of the 5 players that were around the ball that just stood and watched.

That said, there is too much grey between what is a penalty and what is a card. Compare Beale’s to Barret’s from last week and there is no reason why they weren’t treated the same.

Genuine flames, if not a roaring bonfire of momentum, to end the Wallabies’ year

Here’s a few of my points from the game:
1. The red card was indefensible. No issues. Tackle lower guys and at least you will bring in some mitigating circumstances.
2. Having to play for 65 minutes with a player down is crippling. I wish they all played with the ability to replace the player after 20 minutes when red carded. It is still a significant penalty.
3. The Nick Tompkins try hurt, but it was a try. Play the whistle FFS. It is something that happens way to often, players remonstrating with the refs to try and get a penalty (but then they complain if players stay down to milk a penalty). Just stop it, all of you.
4. While the scoreboard didn’t show it, I think the Wallabies were the better team. Luckless, but played well.
5. The ref was OK. Sorry DR, but bad luck doesn’t mean bad reffing.
6. KB played well, the forwards dominated the set pieces, lots of go forward, Nick White still pissed me off with his constant chirping to the ref, the whole backline clicked and worked together.

Ciao til 2022

ANALYSIS: Give the ref a propeller hat, thank Kurtley for the memories and fix this blight on the game

Short Arm, stop letting facts get in the way of a good story.

Townsend accuses Eramus of 'sledging' Scotland player during water boy duties

Have you actually looked at the team playing this weekend? Do you actually know who they took on tour with them?
Let’s go through the ones you don’t want playing:
Lalakai Foketi – I agree he is lucky to be in the 23, but he comes in at the expense of Izaia Perese, so that wouldn’t have made you happy anyway. Given Hegarty isn’t in the broader squad, it wouldn’t be feasible to bring him in for one game and expect he would gel.
Angus Bell – He is among the top two (fit) loose head props in Aust. Would choose Bell over Fotuaika all day.
Jake Gordon – suggest checking through the 23, as he is not in there. It is your man Tate so that should make you happy.
Lachie Swinton – He plays with the aggression that McReight/Wilson/ASY/Wright don’t. Some of these will feature heavily in the WC, but there is a reason they were left at home. Personally, I think LS should be ahead of Leota.
Izaia Perese – as per above, he is not in the 23.
Tolu Latu – The WBs need some firepower upfront and imo TL with TT and JS is a great combination. Personally, i would have had Mafi in for Folau Fainga’a who struggles come scrum time. But then TL doesn’t play for the Tahs so why does it matter?
Will Skelton – Lots of hype that so far hasn’t come to much. I think picked more on the hype than the fact he used to play for the Tahs. At this stage would prefer Matt Philip (or LSL) come back in, but hopefully he gets more game time this week and proves me wrong.
Kurtley Beale – Has his fare share of haters, but was solid under the high ball last week. Made some silly “trick” errors, but did the basics well. Would have been just as happy if they called in Hegarty a few weeks ago instead.

So imo there is no room for McReight, Wilson, Fotuaika, ASY, Angus Blyth, or Liam Wright. However, there is a case for LSL, Jock Campbell and Mafi, but based on the way they play, not the SR team they play for.

WALLABIES TEAM: Latu starts, Foketi to debut, Daugunu and prop stars return

Skill wise I agree JP would be a great option at 15, but his body is not up to it and arguably never will be.
Imagine banking on him making it through a whole WC campaign.
I know he is still young, but he reminds me a bit of James Pattinson – outstanding talent that is always out with injury. Hope I am proven wrong.

WALLABIES TEAM: Latu starts, Foketi to debut, Daugunu and prop stars return

Is it possible that some of the best players also happen to play for the worst performing SR team?
Is it possible that the worst performing SR team was coached badly?
Is it possible that the worst performing SR team have no real depth, and missing good players in key positions?
Take off your blinkers and look at the individuals and what they bring to the team. Explain why changes should be made based on skills and what they bring to the team and not state parochialism.

WALLABIES TEAM: Latu starts, Foketi to debut, Daugunu and prop stars return

Relatively happy with the selections.
1. I know there are lots of KB haters, but he was solid last week for the large part of the game. DR should remind him that he is not a 20 yr old wunderkind anymore and not to try any silly little trick plays.
2. The forwards, especially with Latu coming in (and the injuries for the Welsh), should dominate. I just hope they don’t overplay their hand and continue handing possession back to Wales.
3. If the forwards do dominate, NW/JOC/HP need to show more composure and feed the ball to the outside backs.

Prediction – WBs by 12+

WALLABIES TEAM: Latu starts, Foketi to debut, Daugunu and prop stars return

I am not sold on Banks either, but out of all the options available he is maybe the best. An alternative, which never seems to get a run at international level is Jock Campbell.

'No answers': Only questions and confusion left lingering from Wallabies' loss to England

Good article as always Brett.
The last few months have highlighted that we need overseas players, but I reckon 2 is all we need, but maybe 3 once MK goes overseas.

IMO we have enough in the forwards to only use Aust based players. The games against SA showed that we have the firepower to match it with the best.

The backs is where we struggle.
Half – we have enough currently playing in Aust, although NW needs to remember that the TMO will be looking for any little indiscretions he does.
10 – We really miss the guidance of QC, but more work needs to be done on developing the understudies. As much as he has played well for the reds, JOC is not the answer. They need to put more time into developing Noah and the other younguns. RA should be doing everything they can to get QC back to Australia to help coach the young guys.
Centres – Obviously SK is another overseas player we need to bring back. He is the best and we need him. Len and Lalakai should be the mainstay in the future.
Back 3 – MK is needed on one wing an Andrew Kellaway on the other. Tom Banks when fit should be the FB.

'No answers': Only questions and confusion left lingering from Wallabies' loss to England

The WBs have been really frustrating this tour. Including the Japanese game, there has been none of the intensity that we saw in the wins over SA and Argentina. The difficult thing is they are capable of playing with that Irish intensity, but for some reason only do it in spurts. This surely has to be between the ears rather than skills or fitness.

I thought the forwards played ok this week considering the lack of cattle, but the backs were directionless.
⚽ Why have an old hand like James O’Connor if he is not able to keep up with the game. Bring in Noah and at least give him more experience.
⚽ Tell Ikitae he can’t win the game and score off every touch. Stop throwing speculators.
⚽ Why Kurtley? Blood some younger players and they’ll be better for the experience.

I get why DR is bringing back some older players, but its not working. It will be a wasted opportunity if there aren’t some big changes in the backline.

The Wrap: Familiar themes emerge as Wallabies and All Blacks are pasted by England and Ireland

Agree. When your number one impact man (Valentini) only makes one run, something is clearly wrong.

You aren't imagining it... proof the Wallabies were hard done by

Nick, I agree with everything you said, but the simple fact is the Wallabies (like South Africa often do) played a game that invited Poite into it.
Surely it was pretty obvious after the first scrum (and more so after TT went off) that we were going to concede penalties in the scrum – why then did they not get the ball out as soon as possible instead of trying to pretend they were dominant and try to get a penalty only for it to backfire.
They needed to create more attacking opportunities – Valentini only made 1 (or 2) hitups.

You aren't imagining it... proof the Wallabies were hard done by

On the whole, it didn’t look like the Wallabies played to their strengths (and away from their weaknesses).
1. Rob Valentini had some very penetrating runs in TRC, but only 1 run against Scotland. Also I find Leota frustrating, as he is rarely seen except for the 1 or 2 runs a game.
2. Our scrum was under pressure all night, but rarely (if ever) went for the quick ball option. Why leave the ball in the scrum any longer than needed, when the likely outcome is a penalty against us.
3. Did JOC run the ball at all? N Nothing makes it easier for tehe defence than knowing that the 5/8 won’t be running it.

Wallabies vs Scotland: Did I see what I needed to see?

Thanks Geoff.
My observations:
1. Scotland played really well. Good set piece, willing to run the ball, and good hands. They deserved the win and it was only solid defence from the Wallabies that made it such a close game.
2. You’re right, alot of the issues with the Wallabies comes down to ill discipline. You can’t keep constantly gifting the opposition points and/or field position and not expect it to bite you. You can argue the toss about whether things were YC or not, but FFS just don’t do it. Its like the players don’t realise there are cameras all over them.
3. Certainly not ref bashing, but I thought it was an interesting call to keep the scrums contested in that 8 minute period where we had no AA or no TT. With all the scrutiny (and penalties) about protecting the players, to make a loose head prop switch to tight head and essentially say “suck it up princess” seems really odd. Yes Slipper can play tighthead (and team changes later in the game put him back there), but this appeared a pretty dangerous thing to do.

The Wrap: Dumb rugby sees Wallabies sacrifice too many points at Murrayfield

For me the most influential players were:
Aust – Michael Hooper. While we have come to expect him to be a non-stop workhouse, this year he took it to another level.
NZ – Jordie Barrett. Probably the best bomb diffuser out of all teams this year and a few clutch kicks.
Pumas – Montoya. Daylight second.
SA- Faf – While I have him as the most influential Springbok, it was not in a good way (that would have gone to Eben who was a monster and the standout lock of the RC). Faf’s constant box kicks in the three losses was the prime reason they lost. Yes, following orders, but IMO this was one of the biggest reasons they had the 3 losses. We saw how dangerous they can be against the ABs when they mix it up a bit.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Standout players of TRC

Reading through the comments and it makes me think about what the game will look like in 10-20 years.

Basically, there are 3 power bases. The (overseas) club owners; the national unions (noting some of these also control the clubs); and world rugby.
The club owners make no money from Australia playing France, and if anything put their assets (ie players) at risk of injury.

Will we go down the path of basketball where all the focus is on club competitions with international games are only at the Olympics (or World Cups); the path of Soccer where the focus is on club competitions with international games focussed on the World Cup and qualifying with a few friendlies thrown in; or will we keep the focus of internationals like we do with Rugby at the moment.
My guess is it will follow the Soccer model and we will see less internationals…….

Club World Cup a decent idea on paper, but no chance of finding room in the calendar

It sounds a little bit like WR are trying to come up with something so they can make more money from it, forgetting that the clubs/country unions pay the players’ salaries. Even if they pay the players/clubs to take part, what about all the ones that miss out.
As woodart said earlier, they have a solution to a problem that no-one is asking.

Club World Cup a decent idea on paper, but no chance of finding room in the calendar

This should happen.

TEAM CONFIRMED: McMahon on bench, Holmes becomes oldest Wallaby in pro era, Tate rested

Agree Pete.

With the relaxing of the Gitts law, it got me to thinking that the administrators are looking at the wrong things. They seem to be trying to protect the local competitions without looking at how to actually grow it. Instead of trying to create obstacles for local players, create incentives.

One solution could be to separate the administrators and the national coaching staff.

The coaching staff of the national teams should have one focus – win games. To do this they should be able to pick players from anywhere.

The national administrators on the other hand should be solely focussed on how they can work with the other national/state unions to maximise the money they can pay players. That should be pretty much their only objective. If they were to succeed in this, they could afford to pay players to stay here (and maybe even attract world class players from overseas), and then the fans would get more higher quality games to watch.

Note to administrators: Rugby is no longer an amateur game

While I hope I’m wrong, I don’t like the WBs chances this week.

More than last week (if that is actually possible), I think the SBs will have a much more forward dominated game. They have now got the referees running scared again and will be looking at everything the WB forwards do to make sure they don’t miss any penalties.

My prediction is for the SBs to win by 15, and for their to be more kicks than in the AFL grand final. Hope i’m wrong…….

‘Still stinging’: Smarting Springboks out to hit back

The way the SB are playing, we will all have to choose an alternative sport. No sponsors are going to want to touch it.

If you think the way they are playing is a good spectacle, then your are on your own. For a team like the SB to kick away possession when they are in the opposition 25 as the first resort is just bizarre.

I certainly don’t want to watch a game where one teams only game plan is to try and milk penalties and then have a whinge if it doesn’t come off.

Use it? Lose it! A simple way to fix rugby's much-maligned maul