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It was nice to see Alex Johnston achieve that wonderful milestone. Being a club’s all time leading try scorer, and a foundation club at that, must make Alex feel really proud. To think Souths were trying to sell him off a couple of years ago.

Johnston breaks Souths try scoring record as Bunnies bounce back in style

Nick Meaney is one Canterbury would be sorry for letting go. I’ve followed his career path since someone told me about him while at Newcastle. Going to Canterbury was a hiccup he didn’r need but that’s now history. Bellamy could see the talent within and took him.

'You’ve got to know when to hold them': The one who got away from your club

Haas is nowhere near a million dollar player but it looks like he thinks he is. His new manager is an associate of the same bloke that got SBW to walk out on Canterbury so anything could happen.

'It rattled me a little bit': Haas booed, three binned and a comeback for the ages as Broncos run continues

Pathetic second stanza from GC. This must be very frustrating for GC fans to see a 20 point lead at half time get hunted down. For all the accolades given to GC players early on it lead to nothing. As for the million + dollar man, he did score a try, but he is nothing more than a stock standard footy player. These players on the big money must earn it, not simply go through the motions of being in a team.

'It rattled me a little bit': Haas booed, three binned and a comeback for the ages as Broncos run continues

I can understand the sentiment in cutting him loose. Afterall no club needs a sulking brat who wants his own way but it’s time for a club, any club, to stand firm against a recalcitrant and deny him a release mid-contract. If the bloke spits the dummy and plays below par then send him to reserves and let him see his value plummet. When I read who Haas’ manager is associated with, it all made sense.

Broncos' latest offer should've been enough for Haas

The gladiator must have been injured.

'Tremendous' Munster stars as Melbourne bounce back with Manly win

Red Rob, what you say is spot on. No-one is irreplaceable, especially players whose ego is higher than their talent. As for releasing someone who doesn’t want to be there I agree with as I have stated in the past. However, the time is coming that a club, any club, must take a stand with the sulky one and refuse the release request, send him back to reserves or even park footy and watch their value nosedive. Then they might appreciate what a good wicket they are on.

'Pony up': Broncos must do whatever it takes to keep Haas as Origin star requests immediate release

Tonight’s game; Having tipped Melbourne with a low level of confidence in doing so, I’ll stick with them. Having Hughes back on board should get them better organised in attack although their defence has been abysmal, conceding over 70 points over the last two rounds. Losing Turbo will be too much to overcome for Manly. It’s good to see Jorge Taufua playing again. He is a big plus for his side, a weapon in defence as Cameron Munster can confirm. I like the look of Toula and hope he is marking Seve who is a hopeless defender, in the same class as Morgan Harper. If the Manly forwards muscle up and intimidate Melbourne’s pack then they can win. The last two games have seen Bromwich and Co be outplayed comprehensively hence the losses. The two packs looked evenly matched but no Tommy will be the difference.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 12

This is ridiculous. The bloke signed a contract knowing what it is worth and now wants out. Interesting that the manager gets a mention.

'Pony up': Broncos must do whatever it takes to keep Haas as Origin star requests immediate release

To mandate clubs interview Indigenous candidates for senior roles could come back to bite them. Any position in any organisation should go to the best credentialled canditate regardless of gender, race or anything else. If this mandate does indeed come into place and indigenous applicants continually miss out then there will be hell to play.
Blokes like Thurston, Inglis, Walker et al could be brought on board to spearhead a campaign aimed at encouraging more indigenous people into coaching. Could be worth a try.

Round 12 Questions: Indigenous coach plan? JWH lucky? Manly gone? Walker's off? Ponga v Walsh for Maroons?

It’s reached the point where there are too many stats in a game. One time I was anxious to see all the half time and full time stats to see how the respective teams were going. Now the sheer volume of stats detracts from the spectacle if you look too much into them. An enjoyable viewing experience, unless it’s a bog of a match, is the best part of the game with the most important stat the final score.

Wrestling with the most pointless statistic in the NRL

Very good article Mary. Since day dot referees have been subjected to booing, ridiculing and low down abuse which makes up the crowds on game day. Who hasn’t heard a big voice from the mob on the hill yelling “get ’em on side ya mug,” or “They’ve been doin’ it all day ya bloody idiot” after a penalty has finally been given. All harmless antics on game day.
The change in tempo of abuse can be due to a variety of factors as you say with commentators, gambling and social media which is a curse in relation to the game. One other point is the bunker causing too many lengthy stoppages forensically examining minute details of an incident. This interference from the bunker can cause some to react negatively to match officials especially when a punter has lost his money because of the bunker. The bunker delays are causing our game to change too much with one game last Friday going for over two hours from kick-off to full time.
People will become irate at the interruptions and those with a short fuse will explode and take it out on the poor old refs. Whenever the human element is involved in anything, sport or otherwise, there will be mistakes and to threaten refs with violence is insanity.

Respect for NRL referees? Let's start with media's role in making every decision a drama

After another look at that encounter I feel there was nothing in it. Josh Jackson didn’t react and Naden simply let it go when he released Dufty. No other players from either side were interested.

WATCH: Vision emerges of post-match dust-up between Brent Naden and Matt Dufty

A lot of stats there which make sense but the most important stat of the lot is the final score. I can’t agree it was right to move Reynolds on especially seeing where Brisbane and Souths sit on the table and how they’re performing with one in fifth spot and the other lucky to be in eighth.

Why Rabbitohs were right to let Reynolds go to Broncos and put faith in Ilias

Good on him. If he feels he’s gone stale and needs time out it may do him a lot of good and come back refreshed. When I was his age I was on the other side of the world travelling around Europe living it up and I recommend he does something similar.
He has enough talent to play top grade again and I hope he does.

'I want to take a break': Warriors star walking away from NRL at 23

I forgot to put in my previous post another highlight and that is Selwyn Cobbo. This bloke is something special, very special and I have no doubt he will be RL’s No1 player in a couple of years considering he is still a teenager. Brisbane look like keeping him according to reports today and I hope they do.

NRL Round 11 talking points - It’s evolution, baby

The highlight for me was watching NQ play. I tipped Melbourne to win but watching those blokes dismantle the southerners was gold star Rugby League.

NRL Round 11 talking points - It’s evolution, baby

Something is wrong with Dufty. One time he scored some spectacular tries then developed his passing game to set up tries but all that talent has now gone. He is playing no better than reserve grade standard.

WATCH: Vision emerges of post-match dust-up between Brent Naden and Matt Dufty

Jack Bird is a capable first grader, good solid player but nothing more. He may have a higher opinion of his value than what it is. If he keeps being difficult with the contract business then show him the door.

NRL NEWS: Bird ends contract delay, Cowboys duo out, Smith 'embarrassed' by Storm, Herbie signs, Hynes surges

Souths management have themselves to blame. The coach should have known better to follow Bennett as coach after the master departed as per his history. This could be a career killer foe JD unless he can get them to fire.

Raiders celebrate Papalii's 250th in style as Souths attacking woes continue

………..and the worst of all, Michael Ennis, the motormouth who just won’t button it. He talks over the top of the caller ruining the telecast with that hillbilly drawl of his.

NRL NEWS: Lodge quits the Warriors, Best's gruesome elbow injury, Ray Warren may not return for 100th Origin

Isn’t his father-in-law the recruitment guru for Redcliffe?

NRL NEWS: Lodge quits the Warriors, Best's gruesome elbow injury, Ray Warren may not return for 100th Origin

Is that you Clive??

'I don’t get it': O'Brien bemused at bunker as Broncos avoid obstruction call to romp to victory

Fair enough comment from Danielle. Anyone whose career is in the public eye is open to potshots. Journos and RL players both leave themselves open to criticism at times and Vaughan has certainly warranted the shots fired at him. For what he’s done in the past he hasn’t endeared himself to the fans of his club. At times I’ve thought he’s not smart enough to be the village idiot. There are some journos that are mere scandal mongers, e.g. Rothfield, so they must accept the occasional return fire.

'You had to be a smartarse': Dear Paul Vaughan, just like NRL players not all journos are 'the worst people'

Just on the Canberra/Souths game, when the team lists came out there was no Schneider in the Canberra line-up. I must be getting old as, to me, he was one of Canberra’s better performers last week.

Round 11 Questions: Can Potter do magic trick? Which coach is next? RCG Origin? Did Anasta drop Munster value?