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Examining Group B in the 2010 World Cup

9 Dec 2009

This is the second of an 8-part series looking at each group, one at a time, for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Group B includes Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea and Greece.

Examining Group A in the 2010 World Cup

6 Dec 2009

This is the first of an 8-part series looking at each group, one at a time, for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, starting with Group A, which includes South Africa, Mexico, France and Uruguay.

World football is still too conservative

5 Dec 2009

Following on from Jesse Fink’s article published on The Roar yesterday, and the many comments that it engendered, I thought I would touch on a favourite theme of mine: world football and conservatism.

The best in the world returns to Canberra

29 Nov 2009

We rarely focus on female sport, even when there are events that are more than worthy of our attention. One such scenario has been quietly bubbling away in the background over the past week, and that is the impending return of Lauren Jackson to the Canberra Capitals for the remainder of the WNBL season.

The ACT continues to produce AFL talent

29 Nov 2009

The ACT ceased to be a strong Aussie Rules territory over 25 years ago – its demise corresponding with the Swans moving to Sydney in the same year that the Raiders were admitted to the then NSWRL.

Thierry Henry's multi-skilling pleases FIFA

22 Nov 2009

In recent months, Craig Foster has written a series of scathing articles aimed at denigrating the football codes that use an oval ball, the AFL in particular.