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Hi Paulo
Good read. I’m an AB supporter and more annoyed than disappointed, especially when my English cousins call me after the game and chant “4 more years” over the phone
No wonder I don’t visit them much
BTW I am in Melbourne and in Centre Rd Bentleigh there is a SAFFA shop (that’s what it’s called) that will have all the Biltong you need

Full credit to England they smashed us

As a New Zealander, this is why I don't like the World Cup

Obviously a bunch of reprobates who cant grasp the subtleties of satire, or at lest my pitiful attempt at it .
I remember the old Auckland vs Canterbury Shield challenges from the 80s where after years of domination Auckland finally pulled it back. Luke smashed Darth Take that Grizzzz!
Anyway I live in Melbourne so don’t even get me started on my major source of disappointment the Rebels who dive most sane people to despair
At least you have consistent teams who play a good brand , unlike my flops. last weekends semi was a cracker
Enjoy the final guys and go Jags

Super Rugby history worth celebrating. Or I’d have thought so…

Good article Brett
However what most people don’t understand is that the Crusaders are from a place called Canterbury.
The majority of NZ rugby fans know is that anything and anyone playing for Canterbury (unless they are All Blacks wearing a Black jersey) are essentially from the Dark Side of the Force.
Darth has nothing on these guys
Who do you think Peter Jackson modeled Sauron on?

Apart from the fact they have been successful, well coached have a good culture etc etc. (I watched the Richie McCaw movie and started to get some admiration about them…I wont do that again) they are still a force of evil that most people North of the Bombays are wary of.

I will be cheering for the Jaguares what I think they have done is mega impressive and I love seeing the game take off in South America. That crowd against the Brumbies looked awesome.

Hogo Porta was always one of my favorites

So all good red blooded (not those wildlings from Canterbury) Rugby fan should be cheering on the Jaguares .

Super Rugby history worth celebrating. Or I’d have thought so…

Hi T Man. He did play for North Shore. I played for Takapuna it was also before they split off North Habour
Agree with your comments on JK and Tui

A good big guy always beats a good little guy

Awesome article. Loved it

Still on the wing...

As I said in my maiden article , that’s been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, accepted into Harvard as a dissertation on Irkness (Ivy league White House residents of tomorrow will use it in their campaign speeches) , and has been given the general consideration of its awesomeness has come to pass

Nostradamus has bugger all on me

He lines the backs up and says “who want to play centre this week?…. Remember its number 13 so you may get smashed.

The mind boggles

Folau to 13 confirmed as Wallabies make a number of changes for Bledisloe 3

I am kind of annoyed with this. The Rebels have a way of continuously disappointing you. They started last season with a hiss and a roar then fell short..yet again. Now they are buying a “stop gap lets hope he performs so we can do well” player

I don’t think the short term fix and not develop our own works, it seems endemic of the overall system. It sends a message to the younger guys that your not good enough so we are getting this older bloke.
There must be others out there that can be developed brought up through the system

However I hope they do well and QC proves me wrong otherwise I will be leaving AMMI early…again

Quade Cooper joins Melbourne Rebels on one-year deal

I’m reading the Roar and watching the replay on TV, every time I look up Hooper is on the wing?

Five talking points from Springboks vs Wallabies

Hi All, Thanks for reading and the comments.

To clarify a few things, I never really hated the Wallabies.

Generally, blokes from that era have limited vocabulary and there were not too many options of expressing yourself, so we went for the easy simple option.
Good= Love
Bad= Hate

Nowadays with Microsoft Word and Shift F7 for the Thesaurus you can wax lyrical.

There is a general mood across the Roar that Rugby in Oz is not working and there is clear proof in the state of the game and the yardstick of International Results

I genuinely feel for those out there in Club land

The old quote that the sign of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is quite prevalent (I got that word from Shift F7) so things need to change.

I really want the Wallabies back to what they were and I want to be able to go to a Test and see it as what it should be, a Test not a flogging or an honourable defeat.

But a game where they execute basic skills, win the lineout, make good decisions and do what we all expect them to do…Play like Wallabies

The Wallabies irk me

Hi Steve thanks for reading. I don’t really hate them just want them to be the team they were. Even after 30 years I’m not sure if it’s biologically or technically possible to support the WB,s against the AB,s. System overrides would come on and I would probably self destruct

The Wallabies irk me