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Thanks for your feedbakck, Badmanners. The article, is not actually about doing away with the toss whatsoever. That is merely a debate that has emerged in the comments (which is fine, of course) instead the article focuses on the quirks and oddities of the game.

Cricketing quirks: The coin toss

interesting idea Maxy. Be hard pressed to find someone who thinks the home side needs any more advantage, but unsure how I feel about getting rid of the toss. I quite like that cricket has these little quirks

Cricketing quirks: The coin toss

Thanks, Paul. Nothing quite like the dross on the first morning of a Test match!

Cricketing quirks: The coin toss

Certainly not an argument to replace it, and definitely not with the bat flip!

Cricketing quirks: The coin toss

Thanks, Max. Still searching for (or happily avoiding) the answer!

Cricketing quirks: The rain delay

Thanks, Paul. Appreciate it. Agree that they’ve got a strong side and hope to see an improved performance in Sydney!

In a test of character, Williamson's New Zealand will not wane

Australia has picked a bowling line up that is well-suited to English conditions. Siddle was an excellent selection, and with Hazlewood and Pattinson able to rotate, it looks particularly promising.

Is it green decks or bust for England in the Ashes?

Good point. I’d completely forgotten about the Gutsy Calling ad, but felt totally the same way at the time. Has done so much right in the aftermath, however, that I find it hard to question his dignity

Steve Smith: Celebrating the man I condemned

Interesting piece. I am interested; what sort of dignity would you have liked to see from Smith over the last 12 months. Or perhaps more specifically, what did you feel was lacking?

Steve Smith: Celebrating the man I condemned

Kennett-esque assessment of security. Always happy to disagree with his premise.

Why I support the AFL's fan crackdown

I think we all know that’s not what we’re talking about here… I understand there is wriggle room that probably needs some ironing out, but most of us understand what constitutes offensive behaviour.

Why I support the AFL's fan crackdown

No, Chris. That’s not my idea at all. The football should be a place where everyone can go and support their hearts out and enjoy themselves. Should someone’s behaviour impede the enjoyment of another, or indeed a lot of others sitting around them, then that warrants some kind of consideration and action.

Why I support the AFL's fan crackdown

I can certainly see the benefit of such a decision, but one of the great things about the AFL is the mixing of supporters- not to mention the gentle ribbing of mates when you go together supporting different teams; a situation not possible if fans have to be separated.

Why I support the AFL's fan crackdown

Tend to agree here. Making an example of one in any one section of the ground would hopefully be enough to deter many others.

Why I support the AFL's fan crackdown

Spot on! Cheap bullying behaviour. No surprise Clarkson hasn’t come out in criticism, it was left to the CEO. Clarkson perpetuates the dirty football that has typified Hawthorn for years.

Professional sports versus schoolyard games

Anyone else see the stat re the crowd? 9412 in a per capita sense, is worth 166 here in Australia. It certainly is a misfire.

Why the AFL's China venture misses the point

In football, as in life, we are too quick to jump on the negative. Lovely piece and well expressed. Foster the positive and see what comes of it.

Outrage is ruining our game

Not at all; his outstanding record must stand for something; especially when times get tough. They’ll come good.

LISTEN: Should John Longmire be under more pressure?

What a lovely piece. Joy to read.

Australia vs India, Adelaide 2014: When a terrific Test followed cricketing tragedy

Interesting point about Mitch’s output as an allrounder; there seems to a fascination with picking a seam-bowling allrounder, got to wonder why when the balance is so skewed…

Marsh brothers on thin ice

Take out the mentions of premiership success and it retains all validity. Gained a great deal of respect for the Pies this year; Buckley’s grace and humility are truly admirable and it has been echoed in the on-field performances. It’s amazing what culture and unity will do for a team’s output. Ostensibly far from the most talented list, but Collingwood have obviously put in place some excellent systems behind closed doors and are doing a lot of things right. Kudos and good luck to them next year.

The column you were never meant to read: what if Collingwood won?

For sure the first half was pretty scrappy in parts, but the very fact that it could turn around as much as it did on the whole and for a number of individuals does make it a pretty special game. That it was so close after the initial threat of a blowout in the first quarter; that it had so many twists and turns; controversy; a game-sealing goal from the boundary and that it kept 100,022 people enthralled at the game plus millions at home… if not a classic then pretty close to it.

A close grand final does not a classic make

Interesting that for the better part of the season, the Cats only seem to let loose when the game is on the line or seemingly gone. Perhaps we saw this shift in the last two weeks against Freo and GC; yes they are weak opponents, but often Geelong don’t put those sides away to the extent they did. Pulsating and uncompromising; if they can bring that from first bounce to final siren tonight, there is no question in my mind that they’ll get up.

Can the lacklustre Cats salvage their season with a finals run?

Nice piece, Adrian. Hoping your prediction is slightly off and the Cats can get the job done! Either way, I’m going to be distinctly unproductive for the rest of the day.

Elimination final forecast: Melbourne vs Geelong

Agreed, Tim.
If for no other reason, 100,000 fans can only fit into one ground in the country, and it happens to be in the middle of Melbourne…

Grand Finals at the MCG are unfair? That's rubbish