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Since when is averaging 40 not test standard?

Selector are certainly selective. No matter how great Warner has been, he was shot by the Oval. Harris also in terrible form. One of them had to go.

Also leaving out Head was not a great idea I think.

They’ve done worse in India and Sri Lanka (4 batsmen!) but not much.

I wouldn’t be a Test selector for quids

Hell yeah.

'An absolute witch hunt': Kane Cornes defends Toby Greene

He’s listed as 182cm and 83kgs. Not exactly small. Not that has any bearing on his conduct. I like how he just does not care. His tussle with a certain L Hodge was very entertaining. I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t play on sat arvo. The booing would be sensational.

'An absolute witch hunt': Kane Cornes defends Toby Greene

Or Toby would have dished ’em out anon. He knows you can’t belt people (mostly) otherwise he would. Eons behind Lethal Leigh, Dermie, Dodgey Hodgey, Lewis, Hall. Even nice Mr Gaff’s one off assault.

'An absolute witch hunt': Kane Cornes defends Toby Greene

The Big Ship once read the paper in the outfield as a test meandered to a draw. He also bowled 2 consecutive overs either side of a break. Is there a Liebke Rating for that Dan?

The Liebke Ratings: Fifth Ashes Test

Batting out of position is no biggy. We’ll see how things run but you should always pick your best top 6 regardless of position. 1, 2 and 5 are all up for grabs. Khawaja is a better opener than all his contemporaries.

Another innings, another failure by the openers in massive run chase

Old Dodgy Hodgy. Didn’t mind giving a bloke a whack off the ball or putting them through the behind post. Maybe Toby Greene should try that so he becomes more likeable?

I hate him but yes an out and out champ.

Love him or hate him, Luke Hodge is an AFL great

Crazier when the alternatives are inferior.

Another innings, another failure by the openers in massive run chase

He likes the boos IAP.

Toby Greene cops one-week MRO suspension

Gaff broke the lad’s jaw. No comparison.

Toby Greene cops one-week MRO suspension

Should have batted first at Lords as well.

Archer and Curran rip through Australia

This is a waste of money and time.

How dare they take money from our Footy Fan Statue Fund for this travesty?

And the time wasting!? Some bozo sculptor wasting time on a Tayla Harris. Outrageous!

He should be doing a more worthy project, such as a rendition of “Babyfaced Assassin Greene attacking Saint Bont in the style (reversed) of St George and the Dragon”.

We should all petition Statues Australia to put an end to this sort of behaviour.

The Tayla Harris statue transcends sport

Very funny Marty “That game featured newly-Gianted Steve Johnson spending the entire match scragging with Luke Hodge, both ignoring a match the Giants won by 75 points”.

Why being despicable legitimised GWS as a football club

Yes Yawny. I go for North. After decades of only having The Swans as a window to the world it is great to have another team in town. Better venue and better song is a bonus.

People really underestimate how teamy weamy they are.

Why being despicable legitimised GWS as a football club


Aussie bowler makes women's cricket history with second career hat-trick

It’s so logical I can’t believe you all can’t see it?

Khawaja 8 + 23 = 31
Harris 8 + 19 = 27
Head 19 + 12 = 31
Harris 13 + 6 = 19
Warner 0 + 0 + 0 = 0

Dropping Head for Marsh was a mistake

Boon and Mark Waugh form was ordinary over the last couple of seasons.

Dropping Head for Marsh was a mistake

Dodgy Hodgy, in the Hawthorn tradition, was way worse than Greene yet not vilified. So to some extent it’s who you play for that matters. Maybe it’s age but Dodgy seems to have given up belting people without provocation since his move to Brissie.

Anyway the Bris Vagan supporters will boo themselves stupid with Jezza Cameron and Greene on board. Not sure if the relatively young McLions will be feisty particularly. They have old man Hodgy but are missing White Line Fever Sufferer Mitch Robinson.

The good, the bad and the Toby: Greene's gaffes may cost him superstar status

Stevie J’s dopey hit on Kennedy probably cost them a GF appearance, maybe the flag.

Was that the best win in GWS’s history?

Classic Lancey.

Is Marnus the best first drop since Ponting?

I blame the terrible Kangaroo guernsey for North’s terrible performance. I’ve followed North since I were a lad in the 70s and fall a bit on the traditional side. I love the vertical stripes. Even begrudgingly accepting the current non traditional white stripe in the middle as I’m appeased by the greater presence of the royal blue. However I hate the ‘roo jumper. Hated it from when it emerged in the shiny 90s. Hate it now. There. I’ve said it. Long live North Melbourne.

Friday's jumper clash was a long time coming

Just taunt NN about his precious dreads. That should get the free kick count going.

Geelong need Patrick Dangerfield's chaos to be contagious

No one cares what soccer clubs do.

Friday's jumper clash was a long time coming

The bats will go in unchanged apparently. Selectors are certainly selective when it comes to some batsmen.

Fixing Australia's XI for the fifth Ashes Test

Almost nothing to do with this but I like how there were a few Doggies supporters at the GWS match wearing the “made for colour telly” 70s and 80s number. Do the Dogs ever play in it?

I prefer the Colliewobbles Black stripe in the middle that they romped around in from the 50s (or earlier?) to the 90s.

Friday's jumper clash was a long time coming