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Some great batting. Clive would be rolling the arm over quite a bit though.

Guyana's all-time Test XI

Good Sth Aussie word verboten, they understand it implicitly. Adelaide were verboten by the AFL. The SA premier also verbote a whole uboat full of AFL things but it seems to be frei rein regarding everything else coming very shortly.

AFL unveils fixtures up to Round 5

Some unkind Melbourne teammate claimed Fred went missing in the big games. Maybe they all did? I could be wrong but I think Fred’s 97 is still the season best by a demonic one.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter F

Fair point but at least the transport is top notch and you don’t get spat on in the street…as much.

The Vic-centric AFL discriminates against WA clubs

Victorian teams suffered discrimination from other Victorian teams for nearly a century and they still do. Get used to it.

The Vic-centric AFL discriminates against WA clubs

Allott’s 52* on debut at no.10 was handy.

The best England Test XI of the 1980s: Part 2

Pitches were often almost as unfriendly as the bowlers.

The best England Test XI of the 1980s: Part 1

Jeezus Bushy are you trying to make us feel old?

Hughes was flamboyant, courageous and dogged. Often to the same delivery.

The best Aussie Test XI of the 1980s

There can only be one……….. asterisk!

I’ll be delighted if North take it.

Footy is back, but do we care?

That’s interesting Pauly D.
I found the games without fans were pure footy without the hyper bowl. Now if we could just get rid of the commentators.
The joy of just playing footy, albeit for good coin, was abundant. The only thing I could compare it to was grassroots country Under 19s footy.

Footy is back, but do we care?

I’m alone but I quite like Clarke’s cricket commentary. Like Ponting, He’s quite empathetic to the modern player unlike your Tubby, Chappelli, Brayshaw (yoicks although I love his Ordinary Olympics) et al who have forgotten their own struggles.

Kat wasn’t even the worst blunder. The captain and coach selecting was a terrible idea. What was that dopey report called again?

Why does Michael Clarke keep shooting himself in the foot?

Good to see our lad Trevor there.

I’m sure I read somewhere he got 100 for WSC Cavaliers vs WI in one of those 2 day 100 overs each at Lismore I think. And got booed for his trouble!

Memorable ODI innings by Aussie batsmen in the 1980s

Don’t even think it.

The ten players your team can least afford to lose: North Melbourne Kangaroos

Remembering any ODI match is a feat in itself.

I don’t remember any of these.

I do remember Deano’s 145 but not if it was in the 80s. I think it was Australia’s ODI record for a long time.

Also Steve Smith getting a 100 vs WI in about 1984.

Memorable ODI innings by Aussie batsmen in the 1980s

Your glee is palpable Bobby B

SA government deals major blow to AFL restart plans

It would be no different than catching it from any other relaxation of social distancing, as in the upcoming shopping frenzy. Or even under current social distancing. If you get it picking up the chardy at BWS that’s just bad luck. There is no legal liability, not that someone might not attempt such a course.

AFL announces mandatory COVID tests, orders clubs to slash football department costs

I have a team mate who always asks me what the seam is doing. I’m too busy worrying about self preservation to worry about the blinking seam.

I found, and still find, that a lot of people are out before the ball is bowled. Speed is the most powerful intimidator. Worked a treat on me when I was a lad, I was too busy worrying about what might happen.

The thing to tell a kiddie, aspiring or not, is to explain to them the science of watching the ball. As others have pointed out it’s impossible for the ball to beat your eye.

Having said that some players are clearly in another realm.

Is seeing the ball a superpower?

Don’t get me started on English Imperialism.

We are indeed luckier down here. Geography not the least reason.

Aussies are far from perfect but we have got compulsory voting so the pollies know we can only tolerate so much bull. I pity the plebs of England and the USA.

What Australia’s next cricket summer should look like

That’s the English way of leadership for about the last 1000 years. Blistering outward overconfidence and stoicism will get them through anything. They believe their own mythology and are pretty good at getting their people to believe it too, often with violent relish. It’s just a bit uncommon for them to be caught out at home and this isn’t a problem they could solve with conventional means old Empire style.

What Australia’s next cricket summer should look like

Great work again Tige.

Farokh’s outstanding surname might have given him the edge.

I know Engineer and Contractor played together but do you know if they ever played with Merchant?

The tale of an unlucky Indian keeper

Also while they had the upper hand Brownie dropped a simple mark dead in front, plus they missed out on a couple of blatant frees within easy range. Could have put the maybe 5 and a bit goals up to make it a bit harder for WC. Alas. They lost pretty comfortably in the end.

The decade that was: North Melbourne

The hubs have gone the way of notorious The Hub at Newtown.

Scotty wants the get the ball rolling, or at least awkwardly bouncing like a good old Aussie Rules ball. It’s nothing to do with the Influencer of the USA.

I don’t want to undo it. Just find it curious how the message has changed.

Are the two WA clubs victims of the AFL's Vic bias?

Regardless of state rivalry I’m intrigued as to what happens next.

The league was shut down by solemn faced pollies banging on about flattening the dreaded curve of the rightfully dreaded lurgy. The mantra was the best scientific advice was being taken. The shutdown was very successful. With a bit of goodwill the matches could have continued safely with little risk.


Now the pollies are talking about gradually opening everything up (possibly against the best scientific advice) to save the economy.

This will probably result in more widespread outbreaks making it more dangerous than the last 7 or 8 weeks of no footy.

So my question is, will the footy continue regardless of the ongoing presence of the virus?

Are the two WA clubs victims of the AFL's Vic bias?

Absolutely. It’s not life and death…. it’s much more important than that.

Plus post match beers.

If you stick around long enough and keep putting in you will get lucky.

Why cricket is beautiful

As you pointed out, no one cares about the poor old bowlers.

JJ Krezja 8/215 and then only one test thereafter.

Carl Rackermann got 11 in his second test but only 28 on his other 11 tests. Even with injury and a bit of rebel action there were high hopes for Big Carl.

The batting breakthroughs that weren't