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Tricky pitch alright.

That was a great series.

Antigua's all-time cricket XI

Not sure. He didn’t want to believe. Great player. One of the best to watch ever I reckon.

Antigua's all-time cricket XI


Cameron Bancroft picks up a rare wicket with some absolute filth

Ricky’s I think but who knows with the Warne clan.

Antigua's all-time cricket XI

You can’t blame Richie for being disappointed but he needed to look in his own backyard for the reasons for the loss.

All the great batsmen of his era bar Lara and himself had gone. Lara was only in his 21st test or something and despite his mammoth scores not yet the destroyer he became.

While Ambrose was incredibly dangerous, the other 3 were not quite as accomplished as their predecessors to make it one of the great units. Walsh was very, very good but perhaps not quite a spearhead. The Benjamins were a handful for sure but probably more supporters than annihilators. Without those demons like Croft, B P Patterson and Bishop to scythe through an order, the aussies judged them as survivable.

While the ugly Australians have been well publicised, these boys had been well schooled in the Art of Brutality by successive West Indian outfits. They were not going to take a backward step. And didn’t.

Antigua's all-time cricket XI

Also Roy Fredericks’ finest couple of hours and Chappelli’s last 100.

Antigua's all-time cricket XI

And Greg Campbell

Antigua's all-time cricket XI

Yeah it was poor form.

Antigua's all-time cricket XI

Sorry Pies old son. You are stuck with me.

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

At least there is some quality wine nearby for Charlie.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

As a card carrying member of Boys’ Club, I speak for us all when I reveal that the first rule of Boys Club is to seriously overrate yourself. The second rule is to seriously underrate women.

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

That attack would rattle the cage of all the best Sheffield Shield state teams.

Antigua's all-time cricket XI

It’s all personal preference. I like Neroli and Dermie.

My fave combo is Sarah Olle, Brad Johnson and Dermie who do post game/round review.

As far as in game commentary and analysis I can do without the likes of Lingy, Kingy, The King and Bruce.

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

Franklyn Stephenson. Absolutely brilliant. No tests.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever state team and the All-Time XI

Onya The Chadd

Chadd Sayers reminds selectors that he does still exist with 8-wicket haul

Hey The G, Cricket is littered with slow starting batsman who became champions.

S R Waugh

and many, many more that I don’t have time to chase up.

If there was (anti)social media then they all would have copped the old “not test standard” stuff.

Glenn Maxwell to take break from cricket to deal with mental health difficulties

Tassie conceded the second highest FC total ever and highest at the time, 1059 vs the Vics in 1923. Qld hadn’t entered the Shield at this time either.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever Tasmania team

That was a woolly mammoth of a score. 3rd highest in shield history I think.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever Tasmania team

“It was a 9! Best ever 9!” Yours sincerely R J Quiney.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever Tasmania team

I’d go


They had some pretty special cameo appearances.

The brilliant Franklyn Stephenson.
M A Holding
W W Davis

Flat Jack Simmons and John Hampshire provided professionalism early on.

And Gary Cowmeadow for his name alone.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever Tasmania team

I like Clarkey’s commentary too. For a bloke who managed to annoy nearly his whole contingent whilst captain, he is very empathetic to the struggles of modern day international cricketer.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever SA team

Thor’s Day I think Marky.

AFL releases 2020 pre-season fixtures

I was thinking there wouldn’t be too many Grizzlies in Tennessee.

Turns out they migrated from British Columbia.

If AFL clubs were NBA franchises

Probs right on all counts Bri.

Formidable Australia A squad named ahead of Test summer

Does anyone remember “Cricket Sportsphone”?

You’d ring up and a seductive female voice would murmur

“Buckingham c Phillips b Gladigau 11”

and so on

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever SA team