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OK, let me say first up the music idea dumb, really dumb, and as mentioned on the Fox Football podcast yesterday and said again by Mike just above wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

However, I have said previously, the FFA could cure cancer tomorrow and people would find reason to complain about oncologists being put out of work, the FFA can’t do any good for some people.

What has been ignored by most on here by want or by neglect are the other things being considered. The FFA are talking groups like the RBB and the Cove (plus others) about match day, they are talking to security and police about the ridiculous over policing at games (and I am certain the massive issues on crowd violence at AFL games have helped the FFA point out the hypocrisy.
They have floated the idea of safe areas for pyro, which is EXACTLY what people have been asking for. The new Wanderers stadium has safe standing EXACTLY what the RBB wanted because of work done by the club and the FFA.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

Thee Hills Football Association have introduced walking football, i’m not there yet, still able to run around, but the more people are playing our beautiful game the better, so i’m all for it

The joy of walking football

Wanderers would play out of Marconi and still get more fans than Sydney FC, Sydney is Red and Black

Western Sydney Stadium takes shape and the Wanderers start packing

The beauty of the Cup

APIA Leichhardt stun the Victory in a raucous Cupset

MQ again clearly not a clue, they are not rank amateur, in fact they just lost there number 1 striker (who had been scoring for fun all year) 2 weeks ago to the Mariners. They are far from rank amateuer, but then again what else do we expect from you

APIA Leichhardt stun the Victory in a raucous Cupset


I am glad you posted, I would have been worried about you otherwise. As champions Victory going out is going to bring so many people joy, and I know you will revel in that as well, because that is what we want in our game, great banter.

So Nem, I’d suggest you get some sandbags, a good helmet, hunker down because it is going to rain down. LOL

APIA Leichhardt stun the Victory in a raucous Cupset

I will be interested to see how Patrick Kisnorbo goes with the youth squad at City. Joe Montemurro took up coaching Arsenal Women last season, still there I think. John Hutchinson still at Seattle I believe. Lots of them around

The A-League managerial pressure cooker

You also have forgotten the greatest player Australia has produced team mate of Popa and Aloisi, Harry Kewell, but then again if the assessment about who MQ is right then not surprising he doesn’t know that one.

nor the likes of Alex Tobin, Steve O’Connor, two that spring to mind

The A-League managerial pressure cooker

Well it is true, and you never seemed to have complained, sorry midfielder I lasted all of 20 minutes.

$1.5 Billion for Perth Stadium
Adelaide Oval
$500 million for Ethihad
In April this year Herald Sun announced MCG would be getting a $1 billion upgrade.

And that took 3 minutes on google,

FIFA urged to probe claims Qatar sabotaged rival World Cup bids

As a dad of a Keeper, thanks for writing that, he has actively wanted to be a keeper, he sought it, it wasn’t thrust upon him, make of that of you will. But I suspect it does say something about him, he loves maths and science, when he wa sin goals as an 8 and 9 year old he seemed to have a knack of closing the angles, i wonder if his propensity for maths enabled him to get the concept quicker than his peers.

But thank you, great read, well done for your first up article. And thanks to the editors for putting Jada in as the picture, she is a great young keeper and a marvelous ambassador not only for the women’s game but also her culture.

Goalkeeping 101: On learning to love the undesired position

good call. What baffles me, why does this poster continue what sort of damage has this person suffered

FIFA urged to probe claims Qatar sabotaged rival World Cup bids

ummm if it was so bleeding obvious more papers would have been written on it. The Asian Cup we hosted was an economic success, why would you assume an event 10 times larger wouldn’t be a success.

Economic papers assessing Germany 2006 indicate that it had a net $900 million increase due to Tourism, this does not include the asset value that the stadiums and other infrastructure added to the country no the flow on effects for tourism post event. Korea/Japan found that including value adding to both Nations the result was over $1.3 billion

FIFA urged to probe claims Qatar sabotaged rival World Cup bids

Just because one is paranoid doesn’t mean they don’t have enemies

FIFA urged to probe claims Qatar sabotaged rival World Cup bids

So you keep talking about 1 incident, and then escorts, WHICH ARE NOT INCIDENTS, so like I said I remember 2 from last year, AFL has had 13 or 14 in past 9-10 weeks.

So the fact that you dismiss this as occasional yet keep talking about an incident that happened (you claim) in 2013

Which you don’t even understand what happened.

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

Nick Channel 7 Sport made a comment regarding the Bonnyrigg White Eagles match result a few days ago

The FFA Cup is back, and it's the best thing about football right now

oh Rick, you probably should have not bothered, you of course misconstrue actions You argue because Police put more resources into Football therefore football must be worse.

It could just as easily mean Police force Football to hire more Police with little need.Because if football refuse then NSW Government refuse to allow use of Stadium.

Now love the 150plus years comment, how about we look at past 9 weeks.

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

Ali, I have maybe made 6 maybe 10 comments on the AFL tab in about 8 years on this site. I am not on it week in week out. Can you say the same thing regarding this tab?

So, I tell you what, you and your ALF mates don’t come here, I promise I won’t go over to your tab, deal?

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated


16 incidents in 9 rounds, it is not occasional, sorry if you don’t like that statement but that is what it is, 16 in 9. That is anything but occasional, one MAY call it endemic

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

wow go to a football game and you will see police do not escort fan groups in, they do not separate them.

As our teams tend to play out of their own ground, ticket season memberships mean certain areas are for home fans. That means certain areas are reserved for away fans. Not being separated but simply because they are reserved sections that CAN’T be bought by home fans.

The home END is ONLY for season tickets and MEMBERS of the Club, therefore you can’t get into that area if you are an away fan because you have to be a member.

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

I assume that question was to me?

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

We looked a little rusty, a higher number of passes failed to find their mark, we looked a little slow to the ball. The tournament does show the amazing depth the squad has, some quality players coming off the bench, massive headache for selectors going forward, which quality player to leave out.

I was a little disappointed in van egmond, she didn’t have her normal dominant game, her poor touch resulted in the Brazil goal. Kerr looked a little lazy towards the end.

I know i sound particularly negative for a team that just won 3-1. Williams had a very good game, the back 4 were very good, very smart.

Matildas vs Brazil highlights: Tournament of Nations scores, blog

what is it with AFL fans and Violence? don’t bring your violent tendencies onto this tab Ali

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated


16 reports of fan violence in 10 rounds of the AFL, you really want to claim occasional fan violence, if would be surprised if there were 16 reports of fan violence is 5 years or more of the A League.

So sorry you cant say it’s occasional anymore

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

He was not very liked over at the Animal House

Victory sign Neidermeier; close in on Keisuke Honda

funny how people don’t think much of the A league but spend time commenting.

Even more interesting is people that actually know about football are looking to invest 100’s of millions in the A league, but yea know one takes it serious Conan.

It's so crazy it just might work: Why Usain Bolt to the A-League might be worth it