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they have a really bad forward line, and probably the 3rd-4th best midfield in the comp, as well as a good defence, they dominated a lot of the games they lost, which were lost due to the fact no-one at port can put them through the big sticks

Port Adelaide: A divided and confused fan base

in that case no-ones premierships from before the afl was founded count?

Port Adelaide: A divided and confused fan base

I think these were all teams who just missed the finals, and if they had been a bit more consistent would have, the swans are in a rebuild, they wont be pushing for finals for the next 2-3 years

Silver linings for the AFL's most disappointing clubs in 2019

what do you mean? by your logic no other team actually existed until the afl rebrand from the vfl, the afl is actually a newer corporate entity

Port Adelaide: A divided and confused fan base

I wouldnt say they are that far from a premiership, that is why they are so frustrating; they consistently beat the good teams, then fold against mid tier teams like Hawthorn

Hinkley safe at Port Adelaide, says CEO

getting the right fitness mix/training is as much a key part of the sport as playing, these clubs must be doing something wrong

The highs and lows of a long AFL season

they are worse than they look, one bad decision gave them a win when they should have drawn with port

Will the real GWS please stand up?

port and the bulldogs look like they are going to push the dons and crows out of the 8

Bulldogs blast past the Bombers in enormous victory

port have beaten most of the teams in the 8

Three weeks until finals: Who makes the eight?

the crows beat bad and average sides, port can beat anyone, or lose to anyone if they get the right coin flip on the other hand, if they make the finals port will be more dangerous than the crows

My AFL September predictions

port last year….

My AFL September predictions

port are finished for the year anyway

Wines staring at even more time on the sidelines

I hate to point to something as un-quantifiable as mojo, but the Tigers are just dont have ‘it’ this year

Richmond's 2019 season may be their best yet

sadly the afl is a business, more than a sport, and bums on seats= $, I dont like it, but its their justification

Your AFL team's run home: Part 1

if the tigers have to travel and finish lower than 4th they will be a week 1 elimination

Your AFL team's run home: Part 1

flip a coin on the port game tbh

Which top eight side looks the shakiest?

problem is that you will probably face them outside of Victoria, and the pies arent that good away from melbourne

What happened? AFL Round 16, 2019

I dont think the crows are any better than port, they cant win the flag

Who's leading the AFL flag race after 14 rounds?

if the dogs had swapped their points and goals they would have beaten collingwood, something other sides have found hard

Four talking points from AFL Round 14

port are a monument to mediocrity, with that said you could see this as a rebuilding year

Previewing the 2019 AFL dark horse derby

gonna be honest this years eagles look more like the 2017 ones than the 2018 ones

The Eagles are a false flag contender

to be fair you could put Alistair Clarkson in tomorrow and Carlton probably wouldnt win 5 games by the end of the year

Carlton: 17 years of mediocrity and counting

completely missed port there, they are missing most of their forward line

Forget Richmond: Who's really getting stuffed by injuries this season?

they have one of the more talented forward lines, and that seems pretty important this year

The erratic Bombers are still dancing in mediocrity

werent the cats similar front runners for 2/3 previous seasons and then faded?

At this point, it's Geelong's flag to lose