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Surely Curran deserves a 9 atleast.He was also the MOS and easily the most impactful player of the series.Curran also looks like a left handed bowling version of Chris Woakes with similar speed(Woakes is quicker) and action.So as mentioned in the article,He might struggle in flatter pitches in Tests just like Woakes.
Rest of the ratings are pretty much spot on.

England vs India: Who starred and who didn't for England?

I get where the Author is coming from and this article would’ve made lot more sense if this world was full of saints.People(Most) will cheat if they are allowed to cheat(think they can get away with).

More you show the audacity,the bigger will be your cheating.Stuart Broad was labelled as cheat because he didn’t walk despite a “huge” nick and it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if it wasn’t a “huge”nick.

Many Students will try to cheat in exam if they think the teacher is very lenient.But only a few audacious students will try to cheat despite knowing that teacher is extremely strict and if being “caught”,they will pay the price.

Sometimes you have to draw a line when you label anybody cheat otherwise IMO Most people that I came across are cheats as well.

Is Virat Kohli a cheat?

Anindya You’ve got it all wrong.If Smith retires now he will obviously lose points whenever Australia plays.

Why would you expect Smith to lose points when Australia haven’t played a Test after SA series?Infact no 1 ranked Smith will lose lot more points for missing test matches if we compare it to some mediocre ranked player missing some games.That’s why it is difficult to maintain ranking if you are on the top,be it player or Team ranking.

just to add,I think in some ways Players Rankings are more reliable than averages.

For Example-Kohli “statistically” had a decent series in SA where he averages 47.8 which was lower than his career average of 53.Under normal circumstances,you would expect a highly ICC ranked player to lose some points but instead he gained around 30 points because it took into accounts that it was an extremely low-scoring series where all the 60 wickets fell for the first time ever in 3 Test series.Although the reasoning of Kohli gaining 30 points in that series is much more intricate than saying “it was simply because of low-scoring series” but you got the point. In this case,His average didn’t do justice to his performance unlike ICC rankings.

Although Player’s ranking also has its flaws like not differentiating between Home and away performance but it goes same for team ranking as well.That’s why we see the likes of Yousuf,Sangakkara,Hussey,Root and Hayden have higher ICC peak ratings as compared to Sachin,Waugh,Lara and dravid.

Steve Smith regains world number one Test batting status while suspended

No one can argue with stats put up by Ronan.England have been mediocre in Tests since 2013 whitewash in Australia.1 close win against India hardly changes anything.Their Win/loss ratio is still 0.75 in last 5 years.

In ODIs however,England are deservingly ranked no 1 and easily the best side in the world.

Kohli will bring controversy to Australia this summer

Steve smith ban for 1 year has slightly weakened his chances of becoming best Test batsman of this era.

But ATM Steve smith is still a league above any other batsmen in Test cricket.Closest to Steve Smith is probably Kohli.If Kohli wants to enter that league then he needs to have a great series in England like he did in SA recently(Highest run scorer in SA series).

If Kohli follows that great England series with another great series in Australia then he would surpass Smith and will become best Test batsmen in the world.

It will interesting to see who will end up as best Test batsmen of this era.IMO only Root and Kohli can challenge Steve Smith throne.Kane is unlucky because he plays for NZ(not big 3) and NZ are not that much interested in Test cricket.So I don’t think Williamson will get as much opportunity that Root,Kohli and Smith will get against top sides.

Root has massively underachieved in Test format.Inspite of that he is still one of the best Test batsmen right now.England plays lots of Test cricket and Root is 2 years younger than Kohli and Smith.However English batsmen generally don’t have a long career.Cook is only England player to get 10,000 runs.Apart from Cook,no other English batsmen has scored 9000 runs in Test format.

Steven Smith won't be the same after his suspension

I don’t disagree Saurabh

Tbh I still don’t find anything wrong in my statement of India being “slightly lucky” due to Hales missing out.

In others words(We could also interpret),Hales was more likely of doing well in that “particular” ground than some of the other England batsmen.IMHO Apart from Buttler,I think hales had most chances of succeeding in that match(Root is struggling with form) and I’ve already given my reasons.

Nonetheless,That “slightly lucky”post wasn’t meant to be taken that seriously and he wasn’t the only player who didn’t play that game(woakes,bumrah and kumar also didn’t play).

Now,It doesn’t really matter whether hales or others would’ve done well or not in that match.What actually matter is that India won that match comfortably.

India primed to do well on remainder of UK tour

Forgot to add,Kuldeep’s 6-25 spell was one of the best ODI bowling performance i’ve seen in a long time.

India primed to do well on remainder of UK tour

I should’ve explained it better.Both Indian and England team are missing just 1 or 2 players.

1)Hales has a great record in his home ground as I wrote earlier.

2)Nowadays,confidence plays an important role while playing spin in Limited overs cricket.

Kuldeep in his last T20 match(2nd T20 vs England) had a bad day and India lost that match.The main reason for his poor outing was Alex hales who dominated him in that match.

Kuldeep 6-25 was the only reason why India won the last ODI match so comprehensively.

From Kuldeep’s perspective,I think he would’ve been very happy and confident that hales was not playing especially on his home ground.

3)Hales didn’t play 1st ODI because he was injured.Even if he was fit,I think there was 90% chance of Hales being dropped for that ODI.Main reason being England already dropped Root in last T20 match against India.The sudden dropping from both T20s and ODIs wouldn’t have done the confidence of England’s Test captain any good.

India primed to do well on remainder of UK tour

India were slightly lucky as hales didn’t play in his home ground.

last 2 matches on this ground,Hales scored 100s and England scored 444 & 481.

India primed to do well on remainder of UK tour

Good team.

behrendorff or Tye could replace Lyon.

Australia lose final match of England tour by 28 runs

1)Short should stick to playing only T20 cricket right now.I think he has a great future in ODIs but ATM he is not the solution Australia are looking for WC 2019.Australia have plenty of options already for opening position and Warner(who is improved version of short) is going to be back soon

2)Buttler is going to open in T20s for England which is a right move.

3)England have one of the Greatest ever batting lineups in ODIs

England’s full strength team could be-:

2.Roy (Hales could replace either of the openers)
5.Stokes(He will definitely play)
7.M Ali
11.A Rashid

All 11 players can bat and also aggressively.

4)Buttler improved finishing skills(talking about getting his team over the line) has massively increased the chances of England winning in WC 2019.I think England will be in trouble at some point in WC and it will all depend on Buttler or Stokes.

Australia's in-form T20I team has a chance to salvage the disastrous tour of England

There is no smith or warner,maxwell missed last match and Rest of the batsmen are underperforming.If Khawaja doesn’t make into this Australia XI soon then he might as well retire from ODIs.He is already 31.

I don’t know whether he will be good or not but would like to see him get some opportunity now.

Australia should play two spinners in ODIs

some good comedy going on here.

Australia must attack spin in ODIs

Hoping Australia win this one.

England vs Australia: International cricket, fourth ODI live scores, blog

Correction-:Finch as an opener averages 38.32 with SR 90.01 currently.

Outclassed in England, but there are positive signs for Australia's ODI team

It is not fair to Finch if he bats in middle order instead of his favourite Opening position.But Australia should also look for long term solution.Warner will also be back for 2019 WC and there will be at least 1 opener who will be forced to bat in middle order.Now the problem is Openers will find it difficult to bat in middle order but still feel Finch has easily the most Potential to succeed.

1) Finch as an ODI batsmen has underachieved.He averages 37.87 and his SR of 89.91 is also mediocre by his standard.

Compared to his contemporaries opening batsmen(Average , SR)-:

H Amla(50.70 , 89.19) , R Shama(53.80 , 91.10) , De Kock(45.41 , 93.80) ,Dhawan(45.90 , 93.44)

and Guptill(44.96 , 87.26)

Note-:This is stats of players AS AN OPENER ONLY.

But the most relevant comparison for Finch is with Warner as they both play for same team,faced against same bowlers and in same conditions.

Warner averages 43.22 with SR 96..21.

But it is important to note that Warner was mediocre batsmen in the early part of his ODI career.

Since 2015,Warner has scored 2783 runs @ 54.56 with SR 105.5 whereas FInch scored 1915 runs @ 39.08 with SR 92.15.

2) In T20s,Same Finch has comfortably outperformed all the others Openers in the world.

He averages 40.20 with SR 151.69.

3) The reason for his Great performance in T20s could be because he gets to play less overs like he will if he bats in middle order for ODI Team.

When Finch is fully set in ODIs he doesn’t utilize like other openers do(Warner,Sharma,de Kock,Guptill) and rarely play exploding innings after that.The longer Finch stays at crease,the more he seems like struggling with bat.I think his fitness level is tested (which could be because he is not that used to playing Test format) and thus sometimes struggle to be aggressive after 20-25 overs. Also Finch hasn’t scored 150+ in ODIs unlike many other openers but has scored 156 in a T20 match.

Outclassed in England, but there are positive signs for Australia's ODI team

Smith at 3 and finch at 4.

Finch is already sacrificing the precious Opening position in ODIs and it would make it worse if he bats in 5 or 6th position.

Outclassed in England, but there are positive signs for Australia's ODI team

Buttler will open in T20s sooner rather than later.He will definitely play as an opener in next T20 WC which is in Australia 2020.But in ODIs,he should keep batting in middle/lower order.England already have decent openers.

For ODIs/T20,It’s basically a fact that nowadays middle/lower order batsmen generally find it much easier to bat in top order than for a top order batsmen to bat in middle/Lower order .

Buttler will come good as an opener in ODIs.But it also will left the spot vacant for finishing role.So far Buttler has been very good as a lower order batsmen in ODIs.He recently had great Ipl where his team was underpressure and he finished couple of matches.I think his finishing skill has improved which will only increases England’s chance for next year’s WC.

Maxwell and Agar shine as Aussies collapse in England

Ahh Completely forgot about Woakes who is also very good.

Maxwell and Agar shine as Aussies collapse in England

Root at 3, 2449 runs @ 58.3 with SR 91.51

Root at 4, 1962 runs @43.60 with SR 80.08

That strategy worked in Australia mainly because of mediocre batting performance by Australia in that series-Also outrageous knock by Roy.

Hales is a natural opener.It doesn’t matter where he will bat whether at 3 or middle order,he will find it difficult to score in any position that is not opening.Whereas Root is a definition of a typical no 3 batsmen in ODIs.

Maxwell and Agar shine as Aussies collapse in England

1)Finch must bat in middle order.Australia have lots of options for openers like Head,short,finch or warner(after ban for WC).Amongst the mentioned names,Finch is most likely to succeed in middle order.In terms of versatility,He is Australia’s best batsmen right now.Short is yet to prove himself against quality spin.

2) Old cliche like “you don’t need to hit lots of sixes or boundaries to become successful limited overs batsmen” might have worked a decade ago but game has changed massively in last 4-5 years.WI won last T20 WC mainly due to Six hitting skill.Their bowling wasn’t great at that time.

Batsmen like Travis Head will prove to be liability at some point.Only way to hide him is in opener position for ODIs.

3) Good ODI Team generally have atleast couple of aggressive batsmen in middle order/Lower order.Maxwell who is inconsistent and Stoinis(to lesser effect) are the only ones I saw today.That’s why it is important that Australia’s best T20 batsmen Finch bat in middle order position.

4)Nonsense Strategy used by England today

a)Root should always bat at no 3.

b)If hales plays,he should always open

I think they only did it because they were chasing low score but it shouldn’t become norm.

.It would be interesting battle between Roy,Bairstow and Hales for opening position.Only 2 of them can find a place in England’s full Strength team.

5)ATM England’s biggest strength is not their batsmen but All rounders.Stokes is arguably biggest match-winner/Gamechanger in cricket right now.If Stokes is doing well,Chances of his team winning massively increases.His ODI game is only going to improve with time.They have got genuine ARs in Stokes and M ali along with bowling ARs like Willey and Plunkett.

Maxwell and Agar shine as Aussies collapse in England

Finch shouldn’t open.He must bat in middle order.No team would really be afraid of players like Head or Henriques.
Stoinis has punched above his weight with bat so far in ODIs,let’s see if he continues his form in ODIs .

England vs Australia highlights: International cricket, first ODI live scores, blog

whether Australia wins or lose,let’s hope they don’t cross the line lol.

England vs Australia highlights: International cricket, first ODI live scores, blog

I really enjoyed reading this article.

Afghanistan rise has been astonishing and I don’t think any other team made such impact that Afghanistan players have made in their first 8-9 years of international cricket.They have already produced players that are dominating world class players(Kohli,AB etc) in leagues like IPL,BBL etc.Rashid Khan is arguably best bowler in Limited overs Cricket right now.Compared to their neighbour,India Pakistan and Bangladesh were minnows in their first couple of decades of international cricket which is understandable.Afghanistan already has shown the promise that they won’t be minnows for long.They still need major improvement in their batting and Pace department.

Bangladesh should be disappointed with 3-0 result which is just not acceptable even though T20 format is easily their weakest.Their Fans now won’t be accepting such type of results like they did before 2015 and questions should be raised now if this type of performance becomes norm(last couple of months hasn’t been great for them in all formats).

Bangladesh hasn’t performed like minnow ever since they reached QF of 2015 WC and I would say they have done better than WI across formats since 2015.They followed WC success by whitewashing Pakistan 3-0 in ODIs,convincing ODI series win against India & SA and then reaching Semi Finals of CT 2017(although they were slightly lucky).

Even in Test cricket,they have drawn series against Australia,England at home and drawn series in SL away where Australia were whitewashed 3-0.Even though T20 is completely different format but given their recent success in ODI and Test,their poor performance in T20 format is still a bit surprising.

The new invaders from Afghanistan

The back up Australian quicks are best by some distance.Top 8 ranked in this article are quality bowlers and can play for any other limited overs team.For ODIs,Teams like India,SA and Eng are struggling in pace department atm.

Ranking Australia’s white-ball quicks