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I’m not surprised. Nobody will blame the Japanese government or it’s people. It’s such a shame, it’s just bad luck.

Tokyo Olympics reportedly set for the scrapheap

“What a turn around from 36”.
In hindsight I think Australia knocking out India for 36 worked against Australia over the series. I was at AO so I saw it live.
It was a sporting freak event. Everything that could go right for Australia went right, conversely every thing that could go wrong for India went wrong.
I wonder whether psychologically it somehow made Australia over confident (including the fans and media) and while they’ll deny complacency, sometimes complacency is buried so deeply, you are not aware of it.
Maybe it would have been better if Australia had won the Adelaide Test on Day 5 after an intense see sawing battle. Who knows how that would have affected the series ultimate outcome?

Tim Paine's time as captain is done as Australia crumble to humiliation against India

Pujara’s performance was indeed gallant. It was the perfect foyle for Gill and Pant. Batting teamwork exemplified.

Pujara's version of a Don Bradman stat won India the series

Smith’s “quirkiness” is often brought up in the captaincy debate. Langer is also very intense, some might say quirky as well.

I think we need a competent Test cricketer with a relaxed character who smiles occasionally. Know anyone who fits that description.

Rishabh Pant masterclass guides India to incredible fourth Test win at the Gabba

Most countries go through periods when they struggle to find successful opening batsmen. We’ve been here many times before.

I can remember in the 78/79 MCC tour to Australia, there were forty first class cricketers in Australia who were currently playing who had represented Australia in Test cricket. Such was our turnover looking for quick easy solutions to batting problems.

Not only is the sky not falling, this Australian Test team is really good!

Thank heavens someone has written article containing some overdue common sense. I agree with Ryan’s summary and I would like to add an appendix.
The media and fans in this country have become a little lazy in that we have a tendency to over rate “our boys” and assume victory while seriously underrating India. Ricky Ponting excepted. He spends a lot of time in India and his commentary reflected his respect for their ability. Not many others did.
I’m a firm believer in the old adage that you are never as good as the triumphant fans say you are when you’re winning and never as bad as the critics claim when you’re losing.

Not only is the sky not falling, this Australian Test team is really good!


We have many questions about this truly bizarre Premier League goal celebration

I’d like to see the umpires talk to the captain and set some firm boundaries on stupid appeals. It is annoying.

Commentators lose it at Marnus Labuschagne's totally random appeal

Paine is also a knee jerk reviewer.

Did the umpires make a blue in allowing David Warner to review after the timer?

I had the privilege of running into Yappy Holman in 1982. He was working as a rep for a wine company and after being introduced, it didn’t take long for me to work out why earned the nick name Yappy.

He was from my fathers era in the 1950s, a terrific bloke, full of laughs and fun. He lit up the room every time he called. Dad said he was one of the smartest half backs he ever saw.

The forgotten players: Western Suburbs Magpies

Booze free Test matches!

I remember when good people protested loudly because they

1. Forced to wear seat belts in cars
2. Were not allowed to “celebrate “ Empire Day with powerful fireworks.
3. Forbidden for rolling a 9 gallon keg of beer into the cricket.
4. Were outraged that bringing stubbies to the cricket (you could throw them further) was banned but cans of beer were still okay.

People adapt.

Why India deserve more respect this summer

Great article, thank you.

On another point with Greene, he is a very handy person in the field. Great catching hands.

Wade and Harris can learn from Green's old-school batting

There is no doubt that at any sporting event, there will nearly always be a small group of unruly spectators. I have even seen it at my grandson’s (9 years old) soccer practice and my AFL and Rugby League experience is no different.

I have been going to Test match cricket since 1968, when the SCG hill was a literal sea of beer cans and sleeping drunks by 5 pm. There were dickheads galore fifty years ago and optimistically despite what you hear, the situation has improved.

What has changed is that you are no longer able to stroll into the cricket with a slab on your shoulder and every spectator now has a seat. You are limited to 4 beers per bar transaction and security is a lot tighter now than years ago. Nevertheless, we still have drunken spectators that hurl abuse towards umpires and players.

As a nation, I believe we just have to acknowledge that we have a small and unruly group that make life uncomfortable for fellow spectators, players and officials. We need to remind ourselves the overwhelming vast majority of spectators are well behaved and respectful. Every nation we invite to Australia come as our guests and deserve to be treated accordingly.

Let’s not exaggerate the problem but at the same time, a mature and sensible society should acknowledge that despite our best attempts, things aren’t perfect.

Why India deserve more respect this summer

You’re quite right JohnB. I stupidly used Wikipaedia for my data instead of cricinfo.

I agree with every point you’ve made and while he seems like a nice bloke and has a terrific white ball record over a long career, that’s not enough to break your way into the Australian Test side.

Last drinks for Moises Henriques

But does he really go to water?

He has only played in one Test, against India in India.

He scored 61 in the first innings and 81 NOT OUT in the second innings. His bowling figures were 1/48.

Just saying’…..

Last drinks for Moises Henriques

Great comment fr4d, I hadn’t fully realised just how inexperienced the Indian attack will be in BNE. I’m tipping a big win for the Australians.

Will Pucovski ruled out of Gabba Test as Australia confirm XI

True, but he’s still young. So many players aren’t selected these days until they are in their mid or even late twenties (Mike Hussey comes to mind).

WP will be playing Test cricket for Australia for a long time to come.

Will Pucovski ruled out of Gabba Test as Australia confirm XI

The game has changed to the point where speed over 50 – 80 metres is no longer a central talent requirement. Length of the field tries don’t seem to be as common now as in the 60s.

Remembering a couple of rugby league speed demons

Throw in Kevin Junee in that 30 metre conversation too.

Remembering a couple of rugby league speed demons

No real surprises here Daniel. Despite some fans (including me) calling for Starc to be dropped, it was never going to happen. Our selectors are a fairly conservative bunch at the moment and they have stuck fast to existing players. I feel sorry for WP but Harris has been patient and deserves his opportunity.

I expect Warner and Labuschagne to take their games to a higher level and if the humidity and Gabba pitch are conducive, I think Starc will be make life difficult for the batsmen.

India will struggle, too many key players missing. Australia to win on Day 4.

Will Pucovski ruled out of Gabba Test as Australia confirm XI

That was a lovely tribute. I don’t follow Australian soccer that closely but I do clearly remember the Arok years. I was surprised to see he was in his late eighties. Suddenly I feel old.

RIP Frank.

Vale Frank Arok: A man ahead of his time

I’m under the impression that only players travelling in the “ COVID Test bubble” are eligible for selection. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

I do agree that J Richardson is a fine bowler and in great form.

Mitchell Starc should be dropped for Brisbane

If you’d have told me one week ago that we should consider dropping Starc, my reaction would have been what the hell….

But if we are picking players in consistent form, and we have seen Burns and Head dropped, then maybe it’s only fair that Neser gets an opportunity at the expense if Starc. In summary, I agree with Scott.

Mitchell Starc should be dropped for Brisbane

If he goes “as Captain at least “, he might as well leave the team entirely as his batting is not up to Test standard.

Tim Paine's sledging backfires after horror day with the gloves

I agree Gavin but nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that due to Covid quarantine India is not allowed to fly out replacements.

India hold on for famous draw in SCG Test