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Thanks Chris.
I really hope we see some great batting from Verma, Mandhana and Rodrigues. And if India made it to the final, the organisers will be all but guaranteed their goal of selling out the MCG.

Women's T20 World Cup: The contenders and the roughies

There definitely has been a revolution. I haven’t researched it in any concerted manner but sometimes find myself thinking about what drove it.
Women have played sport, all sorts of sport for as long as I have known. They’ve also been athletic, talented and ambitious. Yet somehow we find ourselves at a time when substantial enough confluence of things, i.e. governing bodies, clubs, broadcasters, media, supporters, will, intent, patience, appetite, money etc. has come together to enable (or at least allow) women to be much more visible in sports that haven’t been traditionally considered to be women’s sports.
[Tangent: For this reason I consider the headline to sit somewhere between unfortunate and disappointing. But then the perspective and tone of the article is quite different, so all good on balance. I think it’s a good article.]
They do however have to endure having the unnecessary qualifier ‘W’ attached to their competition name. But that’s a personal bugbear.
My gut feel is that the weight of factors contributing to greater exposure is different for each sport and even perhaps in localised areas. It seems that generally the key players in organisations (inc. governing, media etc.) are willing to learn how to do it better from each other. Which can only benefit them all.

Women have been the biggest revolution in sport over the last decade

Nice change to see Forde getting more on the scoresheet than in assists. Without access to stats, I posit this could be the first time.

Caitlin Foord stars with a hat-trick as Matildas thump Chinese Taipei

Pretty good first outing for the Lions this season. Interesting to see how much they can build on it in the weeks ahead.

AFLW 2020 season preview: Brisbane Lions

They are super odds. Although with Satterthwaite on mat leave they’re down a very experienced captain, great top-order batter and strike bowler all in one.

Can Australia be beaten in the Women's T20 World Cup?