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Send in the SANZAR Special Forces

Last weekend saw the British and Irish Lions kick off their Australian tour with a 59 to 8 victory over the Baa-Baa’s in Hong Kong. The game was essentially an exhibition game between two artificial sides, yet over 28,000 people paid good money to watch them run around.

Yes he has.

Paul Vaughan sorry for "reckless and stupid" COVID bubble breach

So how is this new competition going get FTA coverage if none of the FTA companies will pay for super rugby in its full competition?
For the slow:
FTA depends on eyeballs watching to sell ads (aka ratings). which in turn pays for the coverage.
Rugby, especially lower tier rugby doesn’t rate. Further the rivers of gold that used to be advertising dollars are no more so even less reason for FTA comp[anies to pay for a second tier competition.

As Brett McKay has said on numerous occasions FTA hasn’t ever made a serious offer for Super Rugby, why would they bid for a lesser product in a depressed advertising market?

In the end to get FTA coverage rugby will have to PAY their broadcast partners to broadcast it. That will simply dig rugby’s grave so much faster.

A national club competition: Australian rugby going it alone

Is this what rugby conversation has come to?

Is the game so broken and underwhelming that rather than talking footy all we seem to get is more and more left-field, crackpot or inward looking articles about how rugby should be run?

It’s all a bit rearranging the deck chairs stuff.

Having half-baked competitions won’t fix the fundamentals nor will it fix the governance. having a whole bunch of amateurs running around in a second string competition rebadged as the top tiers won’t improve the players lack of ability or teach them to play.

If you want to see the future under such a model; go to the 65 minute mark of the Crusaders vs. Chiefs game last night. Look at that scrum. Now reimagine it with the red jerseys as black ones and the red, black and yellow as gold. This is where the Wallabies are headed.

Average players pitted against other average players does not improve the pool it causes it to stagnate.

A national club competition: Australian rugby going it alone

That would be an easier and more logical prospect, but I imagine politicking will knock the sensible right on the head.

NRL seeking travel exemption after Queensland closes border to Sydney

Actually we do. Every 3 or 4 years.

Sadly most voters in this country fail to see that and keep putting the same snouts in the trough.

Which Sydney suburban rugby league grounds should be redeveloped?

If we, the taxpayer, are being expected to pay for these upgrades, I would also expect the NRL, football association, Super Rugby etc to pay full commercial rents.

Which Sydney suburban rugby league grounds should be redeveloped?

This is the rub:
“Nevertheless, there is the challenge of securing funding to make many of the suburban grounds suitable for week to week NRL in the post COVID-19 world, a time when there will be less government money to be thrown around on grandstands or stadiums.”

The only redevelopments that can be even considered are those that are fully funded by the businesses who will operate out of those premises. No ifs, no buts.

Elite sport is business and should pay its own way. The taxpayer shouldn’t be propping up their business model.

The local hairdresser, tyre fitter, plumber, bakery, department store all have to provide their own business premises. If they are renting those premises then they pay full market price for them. Why should people who play games for a living not have to do the same?

Which Sydney suburban rugby league grounds should be redeveloped?

There must be some dust in the air and in my eyes.

Sail on Benny and Harry.

Too much life to live to worry about footy: Goodbye Benny Bear

Different standards apply?

Good grief. Abuse, harassment, bullying, racism etc. have no place in society at all.

Yes they run into each other for a living, but that doesn’t give them the right to abuse a third party, regardless of how bad the decision was. Nor does it make them special and above the law.

Disparaging, ignorant, offensive: Why Addin Fonua-Blake's behaviour warranted more than two weeks

Well given both incidents happened after the siren, the “what happens on the field” excuse falls flat, now doesn’t it?

While some exceptions during play are required (obviously) abuse, harassment, racism, bigotry, overt violence and the like have no part in ANY situation.

If you can’t see that, then I feel sorry for you.

Disparaging, ignorant, offensive: Why Addin Fonua-Blake's behaviour warranted more than two weeks

Well, this proves that they should apply.

Frankly, they are have not shown they deserve any form of dispensation.

There is also the fact that this happen after the game, when they are no longer on the field – any blind eye applied during the game should no longer apply.

Disparaging, ignorant, offensive: Why Addin Fonua-Blake's behaviour warranted more than two weeks

I agree wholeheartedly regrading the choice of language being hurtful and wrong. There is another aspect that also needs to be explored.

In my workplace, I work with both fellow employees and employees of other companies, we work together as an enterprise to achieve our goals. A bit like the players and referees in some ways.

If I was to let fly with an expletive laden rant that disparaged a co-worker or, even worse, a colleague from one of our partner companies I don’t think I’d see the afternoon out as an employee.

Why is this situation any different? They are both in their workplace and what has been shown and reported boils down to simple bullying and harassment. Especially as he decided to further abuse the referee in the tunnel. There is no excuse, whatsoever, for this behaviour.

And before anyone trots out the “heat of battle” or “passion” defences, they simply do not cut it under workplace laws, so why on earth should they cut it here?

Disparaging, ignorant, offensive: Why Addin Fonua-Blake's behaviour warranted more than two weeks


But good on them.

I am at a loss what this has to do with sport, really. I realise subject matter is thin on the ground right now but this stuff is boring as bat poop.

Australian Opals 'Rise up' against racism

I probably will have a similar reaction then too.

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

I know it’s wrong but my reaction to the news was “Meh”.

Although underwhelmed I am pleased that those involved, who think it is important, have achieved their goal.

The rest of us non-believers should prepare for the endless repetitive media hype I suppose.


Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

Just what rugby needs!!!!!!!
More excuses for the inside backs to kick the ball!!!!!!!!

Players lacking rugby nous, more excuses to kick away possession, what could possibly be the outcome? Good old fashioned kicking duels! That’ll bring the crowds back.

Rugby Australia confirms law changes for Super Rugby AU

If elite sporting organisations want world-class boutique stadiums then they should build them. QED.

Rugby League, AFL, Rugby Union, Football and the like are businesses. Pure and simple. As such they should not expect the taxpayer to fund and underwrite their business models.

Recently it has been shown in great detail that their business models and business acumen are truly lacking. At the same time governments are struggling to help those in need and to maintain and repair the economy. Frittering away tax-payer money on white elephant stadiums is simply obscene at this point in time.

Elite sport is simply a type of entertainment, no different to movies, music or TV shows and is far from a necessary or essential industry for tax-payers to prop up.

The NSW stadium policy is in shambles, but there is hope

One article quote Clarke as saying the move was to stave off insolvency.

Very dire, indeed. It is said they will save $5.5 million by doing this. RA runs less than 10 teams (and some of those are state board responsibility). That seems like a lot of money given this saving is not from playing or direct support staff. Nor do they support grassroots/junior/club rugby, in fact the support goes the other way.

I realise many who have lost their jobs are probably hardworking dedicated people, but how can the organisation cost so much to run?

Rugby Australia announce brutal job cuts due to restructure

How do I get the gig as the navigator?

Daniel Ricciardo's insane paddock bash practice

You say that the NRL has a contract with Nine – which is true.

The converse is also true, in that Nine has a contract with the NRL. Now that contrat would no doubt stipulate things like the number of matches that the NRL has to provide each week, access to players and coaches, amongst other things that NRL are failing to provide.

The upshot is that both sides need to honour the contract and I would say the NRL, although trying, are not currently delivering.

I don’t know what is in the contract but exit clauses for non-delivery wouldn’t be unheard of.

"There's a contract in place": V'landys hoses down Nine speculation

Well I am glad you are happy to live in a world where employees can’t stand up for their rights.

V’Landys (and the rest of the NRL management) have been trying to strong arm their way to get what their bosses in the gambling sector want. The government, the safety of society and anyone else can be damned if they have the temerity to get in the way.

There are plenty of folk who are suffering, have just as much need to support themselves and their families but understand that, right now, the greater good requires sacrifice.

But I forget myself- you have a God-given right right watch some footy and that is what counts, so by all means, continue to insist that the players allow themselves to be exploited. You know it makes sense…

Potential player boycott throws NRL return into doubt again

Is that really your take on this?

V’Landys – “Ok, you players bring it on in. Om Monday you need to front up for training and we’ll be kicking off playing on the 28th.”
Players – “How much are you going to pay us?”
V’Landys – “It’s a secret so I can’t tell you.”
Players – “So you want us to front up to work but you won’t tell us how much you’ll pay us?”
V’Landys – “In a nutshell, yes.”
Players – “I think you need to review your position, as we aren’t happy with that.”

All seems reasonable to me.

Would you front up if your boss told you he is changing your pay structure but is not going to tell you what it is until you start working?

Potential player boycott throws NRL return into doubt again

Can someone pass the popcorn, this may take a weird and wonderful turn yet…

😊 😱

Potential player boycott throws NRL return into doubt again

May the fourth come down on them like a falling deathstar…

NRL reveals social distancing sanctions against four players

“Focus will then move to appropriately educating players on their responsibilities to avoid harsh penalties for breaches as promised by the NRL.”

Good luck with that.

Current evidence indicates that it will be a very steep learning curve for many.

NRL biosecurity measures near approval