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Send in the SANZAR Special Forces

Last weekend saw the British and Irish Lions kick off their Australian tour with a 59 to 8 victory over the Baa-Baa’s in Hong Kong. The game was essentially an exhibition game between two artificial sides, yet over 28,000 people paid good money to watch them run around.

Didn’t choke?
Look at the scoreboard a 1:40.

That’s a choke.

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

Geez a choke of Greg Norman proportions.

Well done England (I never thought I’d say that).

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

Four runs!!!!!

Well that makes him an automatic selection for every game this summer…

David Warner fails again against Tasmania

And there was much rejoicing.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

“But unless one of his competitors finds form very quickly he may retain his Test spot against Pakistan, opening with David Warner.”

Why do you assume Warner should retain his place?
Since his return he has had about one good innings and many absolute failures. He, too, is not stepping up and should have his head on the chopping block just like the others.

Once upon a time he was an automatic selection, these days he is a burden and a dead weight.

Australia's Test opening candidates are not stepping up

No way (etc).

England eliminate Wallabies in World Cup quarter-final

Only watched about 10 minutes.

Why was Genia crabbing so badly? I felt like I was watching Gregan re-runs.

England eliminate Wallabies in World Cup quarter-final


England eliminate Wallabies in World Cup quarter-final

😂 😂 😂
Yep, he’s earning his spot, eh?

Half-tracker sees David Warner gone for just one

SMH is suggesting 11 dead or missing in Tokyo alone.

A sporting carnival is of no consequence to destroyed lives.

The Rugby World Cup has turned into a joke

Hi Brett,
With reference to your statements:

So when World Rugby comes out after the first week of the tournament and declares that “the match officials team recognise that performances were not consistently of the standards set by World Rugby and themselves,” everyone knew what was coming.


So, of course, with their own forced admission of dud performances and underwhelming KPIs still ringing in their ears, and already knowing that players have copped big suspensions for things that didn’t earn yellow cards on the field, Poite and Skeen went into a big game determined to get everything right to the letter of the law.

I would ask you to consider this hypothetical:
You are a writer, who writes for several organisations. The editors of one of these organisations says “We have rewritten our style guide and you need to switch to the new guide.”. As a professional you would do so and you would have no qualms if the editor rejected your copy on the grounds that it was not consistent with the guide.

Now consider a professional rugby team that has been given the news from on high that the officials will be refereeing to a standard that reflects the written laws and those players ignore that direction, or simply cannot adapt to those new laws and interpretations.

In this second scenario, the players are the equivalent of the writers, the officials are the editors and the laws are the style guide.

Professionals, especially well paid professionals, should understand the framework in which they work and must be able to adapt to changes in that framework.

Clearly from your assertions, it would appear, that the well paid professional rugby players and staff in the Wallabies organisation did not accept the changes and adapt to what the new paradigm was.

I would suggest that their woes with the officials were of their own making and showed a lack of professionalism.

The Wallabies didn't lose because of Romain Poite, but World Rugby, we do have a problem

As a life-long North Sydney Bears supporter, I pleases me to say that if we couldn’t lift the trophy I am glad that the Jets could.

Well done!

Newtown Jets win NSW Cup in extra time

I suspect down the middle, out wide but mostly over the try line.

Wallabies make major changes for Wales Rugby World Cup match

I almost wet myself.
😁 😂 👎

Wallabies make major changes for Wales Rugby World Cup match

The plot thickens

Rioli involved in second ASADA bombshell

I guess his availability to play could mean “I am not doing anything else so can I play” and they’ve said “yes, you seem to have some openings in your diary, we’ll think about it”.

Israel Folau set for rugby league comeback

Maybe I am a cynic but it’s funny how this has surfaced in the middle of the RWC.

By the by, the SMH story is reporting that Folau said “I am thankful that the RLIF have accepted my availability to play”, so it may have a tick of approval already.


Israel Folau set for rugby league comeback

I guess the NRL aren’t actually serious in their commitments to get drugs out of sport.

I guess the favourite sons can do no wrong in their eyes. To get banned and then banned again for flouting the ban should have a simple outcome of never again but ‘he’s a good bloke’ so it’s all good’.

Shane Flanagan may be back, but we must never forget why he was banned

If he was taking ‘recreational drugs’ he wouldn’t have even got a slap on the wrist. The result would have been clean as they only test for PED’s in out-of-competition tests.

These guys know how the system works, they are trained and schooled in it, over and over.

Sorry, but trying to tamper with as sample means that you shouldn’t be able to gain employment in sport again. Tampering with a sample when you don’t need to, just means you are a fool to yourself and a burden to others.

Willie Rioli speaks out after ASADA suspension

The trouble with that assertion is that out of competition testing is ONLY for performance enhancing substances (PED’s), it is not for illicit substances.

The only time so-called recreational drugs are tested for is during In-Competition tests.

So if he has tampered with the sample for non-PED’s then he is even more stupid than anyone first thought.

The text of his “apology” would seem to back that notion.

Willie Rioli speaks out after ASADA suspension

What you say about juniors is true. But it is a classic straw man argument, this has no bearing on the NRL team they follow. The Berowra Wallabies and the Central Wyong Razorbacks seem to be doing OK without being in an NRL area. I wonder who those kids follow and I also wonder why they ever got involved in playing if they have no local NRL franchise?

It’s mystifying that they have any interest in the game when there isn’t a local team to follow.
I mean how do any of the country group competitions ever get to field teams because they don’t have a local NRL franchise either?

It’s a mystery, eh?

Manly must invade enemy Bears territory to survive

Can someone remind me what Warner’s role is again?

Australia in box seat to retain Ashes today

There a number of poor assumption made in this article.
First up, at the end of the 1999 season many fans simply walked away from the game. Most never to return. A revamped Bears may lure some back, but none will switch to Manly.

Next is this fixation on territorial allegiance. Many expansionists seem to cling to this as some sort of golden arrow that will save us all. Sadly this is 20th Century thinking. Physical location of a supporter no longer has much bearing, if any, on who they follow. The modern world allow supporters to closely follow a team or sportsman any where in the world. Just because someone lives in an area deemed by a bureaucrat at NRL HQ to be a catchment area doesn’t actually mean they have any inclination to follow that team.
I live in the area you claim to be under dispute but I follow no NRL team, these days I am more interested in what the Norwegian Biathlon teams or what the World Cup Ski Jumpers are doing.

Bums on seats is no longer what elite sport is about, it is TV and digital audiences, so needing to have access to a footy ground, even if it is a “centre of excellence” (what ever that is) is not a thing anymore. Why pay a premium to sit in a dreadful echo chamber or over engineered multi-function stadia where you need to watch the big screen to see anything, when you can sit anywhare with your device as see more of what is going on?

The world has moved on from Saturday afternoons traipsing to the local footy field to follow a team, most players don’t even live in the catchment areas.

I still follow the Bears and once or twice a season I’ll head down to North Sydney Oval to soak up some afternoon sun on the hill with the game playing out before me, but I haven’t attended an NRL game this century and I only watch one if it is on the TV at the bowlo.

The bottom line is simply – There is no such thing as a physical location for fans anymore. Manly can believe all they like that the Upper North Shore and Central Coast are their future but it would be a fair waste of time and money chasing that pipe dream.

Manly must invade enemy Bears territory to survive

I am probably the least qualified to person to talk about this as I rarely watch rugby any more.

So let me just say this, any new law variation that promotes more brain-dead kicking as a first and only option will certainly fail to get me re-interested is watching the game.

Early days, but some of these NRC Law Variations have merit

Just not feeling it.

A care factor of <0.

I hope others enjoy it. I can't say for sure that I'll be watching.

The Ashes: England vs Australia, first Test preview, prediction