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Send in the SANZAR Special Forces

Last weekend saw the British and Irish Lions kick off their Australian tour with a 59 to 8 victory over the Baa-Baa’s in Hong Kong. The game was essentially an exhibition game between two artificial sides, yet over 28,000 people paid good money to watch them run around.

So it’s true then.

The Buttler did it. 😂 😂 😂

Sorry, I’ll show myself out…

Buttler fined for Philander abuse in Test

“We owe it to those communities who have lost people and property to watch and read all we can so that we can understand the anger and sadness they feel, and feel angry and sad for them ourselves.”

By all means don’t watch the cricket. Follow the news sites and social media all you like but please do not fall into the modern trap of thinking that because you read a story about something on the internet you helped.

Because you didn’t. Clicking links and liking posts is not action and it is not being helpful.

Use media and the internet to keep up to date and to ensure you are not in harm’s way but don’t conflate that with actually doing something.

Feeling angry for them, unless it spurns action, them what does it achieve?

Slacktavism doesn’t create anything but slackness.

By way of disclosure, I am not watching either but for different reasons.

Why I'm not watching the cricket today

I think, for my own sanity, that it is time to take a sabbatical from sports sites and The Roar in particular.

I am bored by the whole Folau thing and it just seems it will never end. Have fun with your ever-repetitive reparté. I just can’t take any more poorly informed comments and unknowledgeable bush lawyering.

See you when it has all blown over.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Have we not suffered enough from the politics and management machinations of rugby league?

😊 😁 😛

Gold Coast emerge as shock favourites to sign Latrell Mitchell as Tigers drop out

Spot the target, present the fly, strike and reel ’em on in.

Nice one Tim 😁 👍

Here’s a great idea: Let’s stop playing the All Blacks

Folau’s comments have nothing whatsoever to do with the legal challenge, nothing to do with sport and he is currently not employed in sport.

His vile comments are just that vile comments.

Israel Folau links bushfire crisis and drought to same-sex marriage and abortion

No, it doesn’t affect anyone in sport directly (other than morally but that is a different kettle of fish).

He is no longer covered by the code of conduct. He is a free agent able to express his beliefs to his followers.

Ergo, it doesn’t affect anyone under the code. Just as if you were to express an opinion that contravened the code, it would not have any consequences under the code as you aren’t covered by the code (I am making a bit of an assumption on your status but I am sure you get what I mean).

Israel Folau links bushfire crisis and drought to same-sex marriage and abortion

Seriously, there is a difference between free speech and dissemination of that (hate) speech.

Folau has a right to make those comments (his free speech). Those who disagree with his position also have the right to oppose what he has said. (Their free speech).

The dissemination of his (hateful) comments is an entirely different thing. The Roar is a sports op-ed site. Folau’s comments are nothing to do with sport so it simply behoves the site to not further spread his comments.

For those who suggest this is suppressing you right to free speech, it simply isn’t. First up, you have every right to express your beliefs on the matter. I am sure there are plenty of appropriate forums for that. The Roar isn’t one of them.

Secondly, despite all the commentary on free speech, in this country you actually do not have such a right – you have an implied right, but no direct right. Which puts it all into a grey area.

In summary, my position is: Folau is allowed to say what he did. You are allowed to dispute it. The Roar is the wrong place to do that (for either side).

Israel Folau links bushfire crisis and drought to same-sex marriage and abortion

Wow, I guess you don’t know me at all.

I am on the record here saying that Folau is wrong on so many levels. He is quite welcome to spout his drivel, no one has the right to stop him, that is what is meant by freedom of speech. In the same breath, that doesn’t mean his dribblings should get coverage outside his church of 30 odd people.

His religious tripe especially shouldn’t get coverage on sports op-ed site.

He can say what he likes, just as we a free to refute it and ignore it. I think The Roar should be ignoring it.

Israel Folau links bushfire crisis and drought to same-sex marriage and abortion

Sorry, but why is this on a sports op-ed site?

He is a former player who has taken to spouting damaging and ridiculous rubbish. By all means, he has the right to carry on, but why on earth would The Roar give it oxygen?

It is NOT a sporting matter in any way shape or form.

Israel Folau links bushfire crisis and drought to same-sex marriage and abortion

Didn’t choke?
Look at the scoreboard a 1:40.

That’s a choke.

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

Geez a choke of Greg Norman proportions.

Well done England (I never thought I’d say that).

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

Four runs!!!!!

Well that makes him an automatic selection for every game this summer…

David Warner fails again against Tasmania

And there was much rejoicing.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

“But unless one of his competitors finds form very quickly he may retain his Test spot against Pakistan, opening with David Warner.”

Why do you assume Warner should retain his place?
Since his return he has had about one good innings and many absolute failures. He, too, is not stepping up and should have his head on the chopping block just like the others.

Once upon a time he was an automatic selection, these days he is a burden and a dead weight.

Australia's Test opening candidates are not stepping up

No way (etc).

England eliminate Wallabies in World Cup quarter-final

Only watched about 10 minutes.

Why was Genia crabbing so badly? I felt like I was watching Gregan re-runs.

England eliminate Wallabies in World Cup quarter-final


England eliminate Wallabies in World Cup quarter-final

😂 😂 😂
Yep, he’s earning his spot, eh?

Half-tracker sees David Warner gone for just one

SMH is suggesting 11 dead or missing in Tokyo alone.

A sporting carnival is of no consequence to destroyed lives.

The Rugby World Cup has turned into a joke

Hi Brett,
With reference to your statements:

So when World Rugby comes out after the first week of the tournament and declares that “the match officials team recognise that performances were not consistently of the standards set by World Rugby and themselves,” everyone knew what was coming.


So, of course, with their own forced admission of dud performances and underwhelming KPIs still ringing in their ears, and already knowing that players have copped big suspensions for things that didn’t earn yellow cards on the field, Poite and Skeen went into a big game determined to get everything right to the letter of the law.

I would ask you to consider this hypothetical:
You are a writer, who writes for several organisations. The editors of one of these organisations says “We have rewritten our style guide and you need to switch to the new guide.”. As a professional you would do so and you would have no qualms if the editor rejected your copy on the grounds that it was not consistent with the guide.

Now consider a professional rugby team that has been given the news from on high that the officials will be refereeing to a standard that reflects the written laws and those players ignore that direction, or simply cannot adapt to those new laws and interpretations.

In this second scenario, the players are the equivalent of the writers, the officials are the editors and the laws are the style guide.

Professionals, especially well paid professionals, should understand the framework in which they work and must be able to adapt to changes in that framework.

Clearly from your assertions, it would appear, that the well paid professional rugby players and staff in the Wallabies organisation did not accept the changes and adapt to what the new paradigm was.

I would suggest that their woes with the officials were of their own making and showed a lack of professionalism.

The Wallabies didn't lose because of Romain Poite, but World Rugby, we do have a problem

As a life-long North Sydney Bears supporter, I pleases me to say that if we couldn’t lift the trophy I am glad that the Jets could.

Well done!

Newtown Jets win NSW Cup in extra time

I suspect down the middle, out wide but mostly over the try line.

Wallabies make major changes for Wales Rugby World Cup match

I almost wet myself.
😁 😂 👎

Wallabies make major changes for Wales Rugby World Cup match

The plot thickens

Rioli involved in second ASADA bombshell