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Send in the SANZAR Special Forces

Last weekend saw the British and Irish Lions kick off their Australian tour with a 59 to 8 victory over the Baa-Baa’s in Hong Kong. The game was essentially an exhibition game between two artificial sides, yet over 28,000 people paid good money to watch them run around.

Hey Brett, you have posed some very rational questions. Sadly I doubt that the Wallabies corporation will have any truthful or meaningful answers.

One question is particularly concerning:
“How do the players judge their own first half performances…?”

I fear that they management and players will believe their own press and conclude that only the second half counts. As has been noted before, the cocooned, fêted and cloistered few struggle to see what the rest of the rugby world see.

Wallabies do it to us again. So what now?

Sadly, and despite his previous successes, I feel that Michael Cheika is simply out of his depth so is simply flailing around trying to look like he is doing something, anything.

The players under his hand aren’t helping with their lack of basic skills and lack of rugby brains.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone in the set up that can bring fresh, clear and focused thinking to the problems at hand. Are they wilfully blind or just unseeing? Well I don’t know, but there does need to be a shake up to bring clarity and fresh ideas.

Why is Michael Cheika playing Russian roulette with his career?

Well that’s freed up my long weekend calendar then.

Must write a thank you note to the judiciary for allowing me more ‘family time’ now that I don’t feel like watching the game.

Grand final bound! Billy Slater free to play NRL decider

One of the fairest comments I’ve heard on this matter.

If Billy Slater plays on Sunday, I won't be watching

How many flankers were involved?

Or did the flanker own the chip ‘n’ chase?

Apostrophe trouble – and it was posted by an Editor no less!

Welsh flanker's epic chip 'n' chase try

Does the NRL own these or are they local council/state government owned?

The NRL needs a new stadium – but not another in the city

That is a business decision for the NRL (or AFL, FFA, RA etc.).

Governments shouldn’t be propping up these private enterprises using taxpayer money. If the business can’t fund it, then it shouldn’t happen

The NRL needs a new stadium – but not another in the city

Why is there an assumption that the government should build this stadium?

Here is a thought, the NRL is a for profit company. Therefore it should build and maintain its own places of business. If it can’t afford that then its business plan is somewhat flawed.

The taxpayer has built enough places where these private companies can do business. If the NRL wants more, good on them but they need to fund it.

The taxpayers in this state have enough non-core things to fund, this is simply a bridge too far.

The NRL needs a new stadium – but not another in the city


Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

So do I. My only Wallaby jersey has four stripes on the sleeve…

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

So you are saying that only those who have played at a ‘significant level’ are entitled to feel passion about the game?

I hope not. Was he a goose? Of course he was. Do I condone the abuse? No, I don’t.

Every one who is passionate about something can go off the straight and narrow due to that passion at times. If you’ve never done it, I feel sorry for you because you’ve missed out out the feeling of getting swept up in that passion.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

Hi Brett,

I know we’ve had a few disagreements and differences of opinion over the years but that doesn’t reduce the pleasure that I get from reading (and thinking about) your articles.

With reference to the article, and I do not wish to excuse the behaviour of the fan with this, but I believe that there is something that has been missed in the discussions thus far.

I gather that Tui is of Samoan heritage. I have spent a little time in Samoa and one of the first things you work out is that family and church top the list of priorities in Samoan culture. Mourning of loved ones is very important to the Samoan families I have had the pleasure of meeting.

The situation should never been allowed to get to the point it did. Without a doubt security should have intervened much, much earlier.

I imagine that Tui was somewhat close to the edge, due to circumstances and his teammates and coaching staff should have been more proactive in watching out for him.

I hope that once Tui is once again ensconced in the mana of his Aiga (family) and he feels the some of the strength Fa’a Samoa he will regain his focus and regain his composure.

His reaction is somewhat understandable given he has lost a close relative and his sister became involved in the incident – I hope some family time will get him back on his feet.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

With all due respect, my question is why do you need a ‘finals team’?

Is it not good enough to park your support for your team and just enjoy the footy as a neutral?

I find it gives a clarity that is not available to the times when the emotional attachment kicks in.
(I’ve been a neutral since 1999. )

Grandpa's ghost in my heart and Gus Gould in my ear

I suppose given the abysmal treatment of club rugby by ARU/RA over the past decade or so, maybe RA needs to to some of it’s own ‘heading pulling’ first…

NRC Season 5: Less means much, much more

I also meant to add that the indent needs to be fixed and some paragraph formatting would be nice 🙂

The Roar has relaunched! Welcome to a new Roar

Not a huge fan of the chosen typography. The bold san serif everywhere is very harsh and uninviting.

The balance of whitespace feels odd. It’s all a bit beige.

These things will normalise over time I suppose.

I really HATE the stupid “mouse over drop-downs” from the menu bar. All they do is obscure what you are looking for as the mouse moves around. They are particularly awful for small form factor devices.

The Roar has relaunched! Welcome to a new Roar

How can it be retired?

One half of Pooper is the Messiah Returned, the other half has been guaranteed the captaincy and a starting spot for the next three years.

Barring a career ending injury there is no chance that experiment will be changed.

Wallabies should be ashamed of last night's Bledisloe drubbing

Of those 25 million, how many get to go through the exclusive private schools system?

Junior rugby isn’t the well from where Wallaby’s come – it is the private schools. Which is why the talented kids you mention vanish, they vanish off into the work-a-day world and into subbies.

RA, NSWRU and QRU politics makes it so. That and now that the private schools system has a very different cohort of students the well is running dry.

Wallabies should be ashamed of last night's Bledisloe drubbing

I don’t usually blow my own trumpet, but t’was me…

Wallabies vs All Blacks: Bledisloe Cup Game 1 live scores, blog

Well that’s made my night.

I bet there were a few grins in Abbott St, Cammeray tonight.

Manly Sea Eagles vs Gold Coast Titans: NRL highlights, live scores, blog

“The Wallas only hope is if the ABs are complacent”

I doubt this very much.

AB’s by 25+

The fine line between genuine Bledisloe hope and uncomfortable nerves

Raelene, is that you?

New-look Wallabies hope to catch All Blacks on the hop

Surely the kudos of best ever partnership in Oz Rugby has to be Bill Pulver and Cameron Clyne!

Such teamwork and inward vision. Always looked after each other.

The three greatest partnerships in Australian rugby history


Live calling a tribunal hearing?

In the words of the late, grate, Peter Frilingos “That’ll do me”.

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

What is it with these ‘professional’ players and coaches? Why do they think that playing out of position is a good thing?

I guess this could all be a suck up to Folau to try and keep him?

Foley backs Israel Folau to make positional switch for Bledisloe games