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Send in the SANZAR Special Forces

Last weekend saw the British and Irish Lions kick off their Australian tour with a 59 to 8 victory over the Baa-Baa’s in Hong Kong. The game was essentially an exhibition game between two artificial sides, yet over 28,000 people paid good money to watch them run around.

Me too. But we can dream can’t we?

Joey and Freddie are right: There are too many teams in Sydney

Hey Ed,

Thanks for the heads up.

It tickled my funny bone that this thread is under ‘Other Sports’. Commenting is the newest blood sport I suppose.

(Whatever happened to “play the ball, not the man”?)

Announcing new features for The Roar's comment section

My comment regarding “budding mathematicians” was in reference to the issues experienced by those with singularly focused childhoods.
Sporting people aren’t the only ones to fall into this category.

NRL players are adults - let's start treating them like it

Sadly, by the time many sports people come under the harsh glare of the public spotlight it is too late.

They have spent their formative years being ‘the special one’, with people going out of their way the make sure they have the best run at success.

While this may be necessary too little effort is made to ensure they have the skills to be ‘normal’ and to behave as society expects.

By the time the are in their 20’s and the NRL start to lecture them it is too late as their character has been set.

Many really haven’t had a childhood that allowed them to have these societal norms become habit. Cocooned and praised endlessly as a child is a recipe for maladjustment, especially when the sports hero bubble bursts and they are out trying to fend for themselves. Mental issues and these behaviours are common place is those who have spent their childhood with one goal, be that; playing footy, swimming fast or running around a track, being a math guru etc.

These kids need better support with life skills while growing up.

NRL players are adults - let's start treating them like it

I am genuinely curious why you say “we’re entitled to be told why”?

Where does this entitlement come from?

These are individuals, working for private enterprise. The players are effectively contractors. There is no reason to expect that employment details and reasons for choosing a particular contractor should (or must) be made public.

The company (CA) are free to employ anyone they like and do not have to explain that to anyone outside the process.

The last bastion of the CA Secret Men's Club has got to go

Why would this be under FOI legislation?

CA is not a government agency. The players are private employees, working for private enterprise.

FOI only applies to certain part of government.

Additionally, what makes you think you have a right to know? These are private individuals undertaking their employment for private enterprise. You have exactly zero right to know anything about them that they do not publicly release.

I'm not calling Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft liars, but...

Lord help ’em, they just aren’t that bright.

Failing Test batsmen ordered back to Big Bash to "spend solid time in the middle"

His Dad.

Marsh in, Handscomb out of Boxing Day Test

It has always been thus. If you are from the chosen few it is harder to get out of the Australian team than it is to get in.

Marsh in, Handscomb out of Boxing Day Test

Packers must have been watching the Wallabies defence…

New York Jets' speedster scorches the turf in epic kickoff return

That could well be it. I am just not convinced. It feels more like the contrition is about getting sprung, rather than the act.

A remorseful Steve Smith comes clean

I don’t know why, but I just don’t believe the ‘contrition’ from Smith.

It all feels like it is too stage managed and is the product of a PR Damage Control Spinner.

Once the ban has been served he needs to prove his eligibility to rejoin the team by earning selection, then if he does earn a recall, it needs to be made clear that the captaincy is off the table. His admission that he turned a blind eye to the cheating should disqualify him from any further consideration as captain.

A remorseful Steve Smith comes clean

“e-sports athletes”?


A rather long bow to draw isn’t it?

Competitor? Sure.

Athlete? Umm, no.

There might be interest in it, but so too there is a resurgence in baking and handicraft contests.


Why esports is becoming a bigger part of the Australian sporting calendar

Anyone but Gordon…

(Carn the Rats)

Rugby Australia is turning into Fort Freefall

Surely they had it all in order before the meeting. They couldn’t be that incompetent.

Oh wait…

Cheika survives Rugby Australia review - for now

Umm the NRL are one of the rugby codes I alluded to (even if I did it with a typo…)

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia

“you can’t be too hard on either sides batsmen”


This is what they are supposed to do for a living. A very lucrative living. Yet none of them appear to understand that they have five days to bat, not five overs.

I suggest that they all be given an ultimatum – play test cricket properly or leave.

Composed Head upstages impatient teammates

If the broad churches that are soccer and the rugby’s are so all-consuming and omnipotent, then let them fund their own places of business.

Don’t expect the taxpayer to prop up their flawed and failing business models.

If these codes are so important and are so wanted by the population, why does no-one go to these stadiums and why are the businesses within the codes always in danger of going broke?

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia



Langer's extraordinary prediction in the Adelaide nets may derail the summer

Hi Sheek,

To be honest, you won’t get much of an argument from me, except that in the very short-term sacking Cheika would get the most ‘bang for the bucks’.

The others do need to go and there needs to be a root and branch rebuild, there is no doubt about it. It shouldn’t be delayed but will do less damage by delay than Cheika will.

In the context of Brett’s article, the starting point is the coach, followed by any player who simply doesn’t lift their game.

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

This is a consideration, of course.

Another consideration is that support for the Wallabies and rugby in general is falling. The problem is that with falling support comes falling revenue. In the short-term this will be felt via sponsors not wanting to commit as much, or at all. In the longer term it means the next broadcast deals will bring in much less.

So the question then becomes, do they take the short-term pain of sacking the coaching staff with the hope of an upswing in support (and therefore revenue) or save that money and risk a bloodbath come broadcast deal time?

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

Hey MC, ya want some cheese with that whine?

Owen Farrell shoulder charge worth 'three penalties': Cheika

BZ, that man.

Poor call, Eddie


That actually gave me a genuine laugh out loud, thanks.

Valentine Holmes eyes playing NFL: reports

It is quite sad when these players start to believe the spin that their managers and the media dribble on with.

Oh well, good luck to him.

Valentine Holmes eyes playing NFL: reports