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Send in the SANZAR Special Forces

Last weekend saw the British and Irish Lions kick off their Australian tour with a 59 to 8 victory over the Baa-Baa’s in Hong Kong. The game was essentially an exhibition game between two artificial sides, yet over 28,000 people paid good money to watch them run around.

I guess the NRL aren’t actually serious in their commitments to get drugs out of sport.

I guess the favourite sons can do no wrong in their eyes. To get banned and then banned again for flouting the ban should have a simple outcome of never again but ‘he’s a good bloke’ so it’s all good’.

Shane Flanagan may be back, but we must never forget why he was banned

If he was taking ‘recreational drugs’ he wouldn’t have even got a slap on the wrist. The result would have been clean as they only test for PED’s in out-of-competition tests.

These guys know how the system works, they are trained and schooled in it, over and over.

Sorry, but trying to tamper with as sample means that you shouldn’t be able to gain employment in sport again. Tampering with a sample when you don’t need to, just means you are a fool to yourself and a burden to others.

Willie Rioli speaks out after ASADA suspension

The trouble with that assertion is that out of competition testing is ONLY for performance enhancing substances (PED’s), it is not for illicit substances.

The only time so-called recreational drugs are tested for is during In-Competition tests.

So if he has tampered with the sample for non-PED’s then he is even more stupid than anyone first thought.

The text of his “apology” would seem to back that notion.

Willie Rioli speaks out after ASADA suspension

What you say about juniors is true. But it is a classic straw man argument, this has no bearing on the NRL team they follow. The Berowra Wallabies and the Central Wyong Razorbacks seem to be doing OK without being in an NRL area. I wonder who those kids follow and I also wonder why they ever got involved in playing if they have no local NRL franchise?

It’s mystifying that they have any interest in the game when there isn’t a local team to follow.
I mean how do any of the country group competitions ever get to field teams because they don’t have a local NRL franchise either?

It’s a mystery, eh?

Manly must invade enemy Bears territory to survive

Can someone remind me what Warner’s role is again?

Australia in box seat to retain Ashes today

There a number of poor assumption made in this article.
First up, at the end of the 1999 season many fans simply walked away from the game. Most never to return. A revamped Bears may lure some back, but none will switch to Manly.

Next is this fixation on territorial allegiance. Many expansionists seem to cling to this as some sort of golden arrow that will save us all. Sadly this is 20th Century thinking. Physical location of a supporter no longer has much bearing, if any, on who they follow. The modern world allow supporters to closely follow a team or sportsman any where in the world. Just because someone lives in an area deemed by a bureaucrat at NRL HQ to be a catchment area doesn’t actually mean they have any inclination to follow that team.
I live in the area you claim to be under dispute but I follow no NRL team, these days I am more interested in what the Norwegian Biathlon teams or what the World Cup Ski Jumpers are doing.

Bums on seats is no longer what elite sport is about, it is TV and digital audiences, so needing to have access to a footy ground, even if it is a “centre of excellence” (what ever that is) is not a thing anymore. Why pay a premium to sit in a dreadful echo chamber or over engineered multi-function stadia where you need to watch the big screen to see anything, when you can sit anywhare with your device as see more of what is going on?

The world has moved on from Saturday afternoons traipsing to the local footy field to follow a team, most players don’t even live in the catchment areas.

I still follow the Bears and once or twice a season I’ll head down to North Sydney Oval to soak up some afternoon sun on the hill with the game playing out before me, but I haven’t attended an NRL game this century and I only watch one if it is on the TV at the bowlo.

The bottom line is simply – There is no such thing as a physical location for fans anymore. Manly can believe all they like that the Upper North Shore and Central Coast are their future but it would be a fair waste of time and money chasing that pipe dream.

Manly must invade enemy Bears territory to survive

I am probably the least qualified to person to talk about this as I rarely watch rugby any more.

So let me just say this, any new law variation that promotes more brain-dead kicking as a first and only option will certainly fail to get me re-interested is watching the game.

Early days, but some of these NRC Law Variations have merit

Just not feeling it.

A care factor of <0.

I hope others enjoy it. I can't say for sure that I'll be watching.

The Ashes: England vs Australia, first Test preview, prediction

At the end of the day, the WADA and ASADA codes have an instrument called strict liability.

In a nutshell, strict liability says that the athlete is responsible of any and all substances found in their samples.

They signed up to the code and understand the implications.

It matters not where the substance came from, the onus is on the athlete.

Do not for a minute fall for the trap of believing that “innocent before being proven guilty” is a universal tenet, it is not and has no meaning in this context. It is up to the athlete to disprove the findings.

Shayna Jack reportedly faced with four-year ban by ASADA

That deserves a four year ban.

Shayna Jack reportedly faced with four-year ban by ASADA

It seems a premature announcement, has the hearing been conducted?

A ban is likely, the two samples failed and no matter how you slice or dice it under Strict Liability the athlete is ultimately responsible for the failed test regardless of how the substance came to be in their system.

Shayna Jack reportedly faced with four-year ban by ASADA

I’d make him Left Back, as in left back in the sheds…

What is James O’Connor’s best position for the Wallabies?

A couple of years ago, just after the farce of the Sochi Winter Olympics a similar situation arose when some federations, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) in particular failed to act on the Russian doping. This failure to act was in direct conflict with WADA and in the light of actions by the Athletics Federation and several others.

It fell to the athletes to act. Fortunately, Martin Fourcade (at the time the World’s number one biathlete and most marketable male competitor) led the charge against the Russian drug cheats err “competitors”.

There were a number of World Cup medal presentations and press conferences where the tension was palpable with the Russians being pretty much given the cold shoulder by all and sundry.

As the IBU continued to keep it’s head buried in the sand things deteriorated. In the end Fourcade as a competitors representative met with the IBU and explained if the Russians were not sanctioned and if the IBU did not clean up it’s act and join the 21st Century, then the top flight cohort of biathletes would sit out the season.

This triggered internal ructions which saw much change in the IBU board and structures and the sudden retirement of a large number of Russian competitors.

I hope the actions of Horton and Scott trigger a similar effect in FINA.

Mack Horton's stance is about much more than a problem with Sun Yang

Just a thought:

Should coverage of the Wallabies be transferred to comedy blogs and TV channels?

I mean, what they are serving up is a joke.

Wallabies haunted by Ellis Park curse

The Roar is slumming it with the use of click-bait headlines?

C’mon, you’re better than this.

Cycling is just so much better with Lance Armstrong involved

I used to be of the opinion that if religion is your thing, good on you, but leave me out of it.

Sadly, as religionists have decided to continue to push their unfounded beliefs onto those, who simply don’t care and do not wish to hear about it, I have moved to a point where I immediately distrust and actively avoid such believers.

By all means quote religionist doctrine and faux scientific claptrap – just don’t expect me to give two hoots – I am well beyond that and well beyond worrying if ‘true believers’ are offended by my stance as I have been offended by their stance since I ran out of Sunday school at age six.

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

Sorry Keith, but from where I sit it seems that you have fallen into the trap of believing that many on the religious spectrum seem to fall into.

“Free speech” cuts both ways.

Just because someone believes in mythical beings, doesn’t mean that their opinion is fact. Those with rational thought also have the rights to these free speech “rights”.

Similarly since religionists are granted the right to discriminate, those of us who see religion as a scam can dismiss religion out-of-hand and the religionists need to cop it.

The bigger issue is that this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with contrat and employment law.

If you wish to contribute your hard earned, then good on you, but don’t feel too put out when others snort derisively and pigeon-hole you as some kind of poor soul that needs to be pitied.

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

“Israel Folau’s comments are the harmless mutterings of a religious nutter”

I cannot agree. LGBTI youth suicide rates are many times higher than the general population, with many struggling to cope with their feelings and the stigma. Now imagine if Folau was someone you looked up to as a sporting hero and he says that unless you stop being LGBTI, something you have no choice about, then how much harder would that make it to cope?

Folau hoping to crowd-fund legal case against Rugby Australia

Without prejudice (well maybe a bit):

1 Timothy 6:9-10
But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.

For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Folau hoping to crowd-fund legal case against Rugby Australia

I really do wonder why those who are firmly ensconced within the hierarchy of a church (whatever church that is) are of the belief that everyone else should fund them and their life choices?
If he really believes this stuff, then to show his God that he is a true believer shouldn’t he be willing to suffer for his beliefs?

A vow of poverty is a supposed way to show your faith, so he should fund this all on his own.

Folau hoping to crowd-fund legal case against Rugby Australia

No the AFL said the BAO vests had to go – not the wannabe warders in them…

Gillon McLachlan's press conference was an abject failure in providing clarity to the fans


Are we still talking about this?

In all honesty, who cares? An over-inflated ego with a God complex – He knew what the outcome would be but did it anyway, now he wants to bankrupt the game.

Rebels need to make it a rough night for former teammate

Maybe 18 months ago.

I work as a writer in defence and that has been the acceptable term for about that long.

We should ban footy player acronyms, IMHO

Sadly, none of your examples are, in fact, acronyms. They are initialisms.

An acronym becomes a word like radar, laser, Qantas. Acronyms are simply groups of initial letters such as NSW, AFL, ARU, NSWRL. When spoken each letter is are articulated.

Also as a side note, the term PTSD is no longer used. It is now PTS as calling it a disorder is not helpful to its sufferers.

We should ban footy player acronyms, IMHO

Umm, you do know Waltzing Matilda is about a thief who commits suicide when he is about to get caught, you do know that?

Two Aussies won't sing the national anthem. Let's find out why