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greater western melbourne midgets

The FFA have made the right decisions on A-League expansion

young men are a disgrace and society needs to seriously re-program them. I have no idea whats going on out there but I hear from a lot of young women who go out to clubs and such that they get groped and touched in their private areas unsolicited. It happens all the time apparently. This is the current donald trump, por*n addicted male world.

Jack de Belin charged with aggravated sexual assault

what a fool flanno must be, he’s just be-boppin and scattin all over the NRL

Revealed: The (not so real) emails between Shane Flanagan and Cronulla

nah, i can see their thinking. Australia suffers from the tyranny of distance so the best way to get more people to games is to increase the amount of local derbies. With another team in Sydney and Melbourne you go from having 1 local derby to 3 local derbies. My preference was for Canberra and a new stadium in Civic with a retractable roof shared by the Raiders, Brumbies and A league team would be freakin’ incredible and game changer for the city.

The FFA have made the right decisions on A-League expansion

i wouldn’t look at what the NRL or AFL have done. If the NRL started from scratch tomorrow you would have maybe 3 Brisbane teams and 5 Sydney teams, not 1 and 9.

The FFA have made the right decisions on A-League expansion

Robinho was a disappointment for City, he started well but injuries and off field issues got the better of him. I think he broke the transfer fee record at the time.

The five worst EPL signings you've probably forgotten

wasn’t it called off because it clashed with the world cup, or typical Big Daddy putting his negative spin on everything?

Can we just wait and see before we whine about Nines?

Isaako’s a freak.

Isn’t Boyd going to Souths?

Australian rugby dealt massive blow with Izaia Perese set for shock code switch

if Newwie stay in the top 8 for most of the season they should break 20k average crowd, you would hope.

Brown needs to be black and white about Newcastle's finals prospects

cash rules everything around me (CREAM)

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia

How is 20k stadiums going to attract big events like International Soccer and Rugby, State of origin, EPL, NFL and concerts? Doesn’t matter what crowds the local weekend games get. I know you people down in Melbourne think sport begins and ends in Melbourne but Sydney is going to host big events, it’s the countries largest city, you just have to deal with it.

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia

we all know the ABC has a massive labor bias and that organisation are blatant in their dislike of Rugby League.

Raiders fined $150,000 over Wagga match

does anyone else think it would be hilarious if Roosters, SFC and Waratahs were left with no home?

i cant see it happening but would be funny…

Sydney is the most embarrassing city in Australia

that is interesting since Sevens’s SP has plummeted much lower than nine’s over the years…

Sunrise or Sunset? The Gold Coast ultimatum

yep, Melbourne is a great place but the truth is people overseas come here for the sun, the sand and the relaxed outdoors culture not for quasi European “culture”. So Sydney will always have an attraction that Melb can’t compete with.

Sunrise or Sunset? The Gold Coast ultimatum

but the new stadiums in sydney will have 3 sports as tenants, so whats your point about the Gabba?

Michael Daley might be doing rugby league a giant favour

but GWS apparently has 25k members (LOL!) but they get less than half that to games. Manly has something like 13k members, but at least most of them turn up…

AFL expansion - time to make it fully national

the NRL might be able to charge more for tickets in other cities so it could equal out. The game doesn’t need 80k+ spectators to be a great event. Obviously the stadium needs to meet some level of capacity (maybe 50k) so you cant just move it to canberra or townsville. But Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide definitely.

Michael Daley might be doing rugby league a giant favour

ahaha… yes new zealand will just all migrate from Rugby to AFL supporters. Didn’t the AFL play some games in Wellington and no one was interested.

It's time to centralise Australian rugby

yep firebirds vs lightning is huge in Brissie

My 2019 sporting bucket list

I think pro/rel is a better way forward for the A League, the teams with the better resources and mgmt will make their way to the top.

The comp seems too unstable to potentially introduce more failed expansions. Two new plastic franchises from sydney, melbourne, QLD or wherever come in and they both fail, the comp won’t recover. How will the A league ever expand again?

The A-League can't afford to delay expansion any longer

what a bizarre article, especially this part:

” There is no doubt Shaun has remarkable talent on the field, but he will need to step up his game to match the entertainment value of the men who went before him in the Shire”

what entertainment value did noddy and matt johns bring to the Sharks exactly? lol Johnson is not only a more talented player than those two, he is far more entertaining to watch. No disrespect to Kimmorley who was a great half and won a premiership with the Storm.

NRL: The end of contracts, and of characters

The Glory’s average attendance since the beginning of A league is under 10k at NIB. The Titans overall average at Cbus is over 15k. It’s a moot point anyway as a World Cup game would sell out no matter what stadium its played at.

Stadiums for the 2023 World Cup bid

what’s dan carters salary have to do with anything?

The NRL broadcast deal is 2billion over 5 years, I don’t think premiership rugby is anywhere near that amount…

Is rugby league's window of opportunity in the Pacific beginning to close?

wow huge news! but who exactly do the warriors have that can replace him?

Half the NRL clubs will be lining up to get him I would say….

Shaun Johnson released by Warriors