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I have no issue if that’s what he wants to do with his life.
My points though are:
-he loves the publicity though. While your friend probably didn’t want the publicity, Nick wants the attention, and to be in the public eye. He’s probably not good enough at basketball to get that attention, so I think he’s bluffing that he wants to quit tennis.

-I’m just saying if he’s leaving at 27, and doesn’t intend on being his best on the court until then, I have no interest in watching him. I want to see a guy make slam finals, not fourth round matches. Gael Monfils and Fabio Fognini are entertaining too, but I could care less about watching them because they don’t seem too interested in making sacrifices required to be their best.

Retire at 27 to play basketball? Kyrgios, you've officially lost me as a fan

Funny, I thought the athletes actually competing would be the ones who should bring the ‘cool factor’

A not so 'chill' assessment of Kitty

haha I can assure you I didnt submit the article with the term ‘fork in the road’. It was added in by the editors!

Frustrated Kyrgios in no man's land, with two options

Thanks for the replies!
@Winston the reason I don’t think he’d be okay just being a top 100 player, is his conduct and mental state after a bad loss. Players like Gasquet, Monfils, Fognini and even Tomic don’t seem bothered to lose matches badly. Kyrgios has a pride in him that I don’t see in them. He gets hurt and just oozes toxicity when he’s losing or playing badly. Don’t think he could do that for 10 years.

I also disagree with you about not having the talent to be top five. But I think, as I said I’m the article, talent now doesn’t mean much.

He has time on his side. My prediction is we may see mediocre results from him for the next year (maybe even two) – if he stays in the game

Frustrated Kyrgios in no man's land, with two options

Agree mate! Very sad some of these biased media publications have so much influence

Nick Kyrgios has every reason to feel aggrieved

As the great Michael Holding said during that frantic last session- when the ball is reverse swinging at pace, it takes a very good player to deal with it successfully.

That, simply is the problem. Australia no longer possesses the quality of players that can handle reverse swing, which is relatively foreign to what Australia are used to.

In the days of Wasim and Waqar, it took some brilliant Aus players such as Taylor, Langer, Hayden, Ponting and the Waughs to successfully deal with it.

Simply, these days the only player of that calibre is Clarke. Warner is close, and has the potential to be at that level one day (funnily enough he didn’t seem to struggle with it as much), but the other batsmen are essentially at a lesser level.

Australian fans better hope the likes of Warner, Hughes, Smith and Maxwell become world beating test batsmen, because I don’t see anyone else in domestic cricket with that potential.

When will Australia deal with its constant nemesis?

I don’t think the time is right for Kohli to come in. He’s only starting his test career, why jeopardise his batting at this stage? Dhoni got them into this mess, he can get them out. He has to learn to be more attacking, and pick a more aggressive bowling attack ie Yadav, Shami, Ishant (only because there’s nobody else), Ohja and Ashwin (batting at 7).

Give Kohli the captaincy in a years time or so, but don’t heap the responsibility on him for the Eng and Aus tours. Dhoni simply has to get better.

Time to call stumps on Dhoni’s Test captaincy?

I think the fact that Anderson is rated so highly says more about the low quality of fast bowlers in world cricket over the last 6-7 years or so (since the stars of the 90’s retired). Anderson is a guy who’s been able to have longevity in test cricket- something most other bowlers of recent times can’t do. He’s brilliant in swinging conditions, and accurate/rarely gets hammered on a good wicket.
I agree though, talk of him being in the same ballpark as Steyn is ridiculous. On his day and in favourable conditions, he can be as effective, but other than that, he’s nowhere close. But seeing as the English have never had a fast bowler who can claim All time great status, I don’t blame them for over hyping Jimmy.

Anderson the most overrated player in Test cricket?

I wouldn’t drop Bailey for Faulkner. On a good Adelaide pitch, if you make sub 400 in the 1st innings you are a big chance of losing the match. We need 6 genuine batsmen. I wouldn’t be against resting Harris for Adelaide, though. I’d bring in Doug Bollinger. One thing Aus have done well in the last month is pick players who are in form, and Douggie is bowling beautifully at the moment. Bollinger, Johnson, Siddle and Lyon can do a good job in Adelaide. Sure the left armers may give Swann some rough to work with, but it will also benefit Lyon.

Drop Bailey for Faulkner at Adelaide