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The case for Wade

When Tim Paine was unexpectedly thrust into Australia’s XI for the ultimately successful Ashes series almost 12 months ago, many felt it may have all but closed future Test ambitions for Tasmanian teammate Matthew Wade.

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David Warner, your time is now

David Warner’s struggles in the sub-continent have been talked about at length here by Roarers, and with Australia now holding the leverage and a genuine chance to win a rare series in India, it is time for the vice-captain to contribute more heavily.

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Big Bash burnout, anyone?

I don’t want this to come out the wrong way, because I happen to love the Big Bash, but does anybody else find it tiring, night after night? That it’s perhaps a little bit draining, and all too consuming to keep track of?

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The selectors shouldn't forget Tim Paine

I’ve been super impressed by the batting prowess of 32-year-old Tim Paine opening the innings for Hobart in the BBL so far. Impressed in a most nostalgic way – once a favourite of mine, I’d almost forgotten of Paine’s raw ability, mainly due to him missing so much cricket for a wrath of reasons.

Heck Rogers at 41 could just about open the batting in this Ashes series and score well. Patterson is the one test newbie in particular who I see with a circumspect, patient game to bat for long periods and succeed in English conditions.

England's Ashes weaknesses exposed by Windies

Not sure, was there a bit of a disconnect between he and the bowling group? The fact Starc went and sought the assistance of his state coach to iron out some issues has me wondering.

Bombshell dropped as Australian bowling coach quits

It may happen given Carey is far from explosive, and hasn’t really done much to suggest he is the preferred ODI keeper/bat. The issue is they have again cornered themselves by prematurely handing him the VC position. That said, like M.Marsh in the test scene, having that label won’t make your selection automatic.

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

I think Warner can take it coming back pretty well, he gives plenty of lip himself, and knows it.

The Jason Hughes thing though, was completely different. I doubt Warner was offended or impacted by what was said that day, but because of who said it.

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

Exactly. Head has massively surpassed the expectations of most, adapting very well to test cricket and his numbers already show this. Whether it is at 5 or 6, he is a lock for the Ashes in my mind.

VOTE: Pick your Australian XI for the Ashes

Tough one, always is when comparing Australia’s pinnacle in both formats. But considering Australia has won four test matches in England post-2001, and lost the same number of series, has to be the Ashes for mine. During this same period Australia at least has three WC victories to boast.

Do we care more about the World Cup or the Ashes?

Hard to disagree with that XI if picked today. There’s plenty to happen between now and then though, including the back end of a Shield season (with a duke ball), ODI cricket including a World Cup, and Tour matches ahead of the Ashes.

The bowling – well, the pace trio, anyhow – might be an example of horses for courses, depending on the English pitches. Would be great to see J.Richardson in there at some point, although I still think it’s difficult to see it being anything other than the NSW big three come August 1 – fitness pending, of course.

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

And with the way Richardson was bowling, what he was getting the ball to do, especially in Brisbane, he would’ve troubled plenty of International bats, and taken wickets against the Indians, English or South Africans. Simply impossible to discredit his efforts there.

“Yeah, but it was” …the laziest cricket argument going

It will be a close series, I think you can bank on that! Two sides with a raft of issues especially with their batting, and seriously capable pace attacks in those conditions and with the duke in hand. We haven’t witnessed a closely-fought, gripping Ashes series that leaves you wondering until the 5th test in a long time – 2005, really – so that would be great to see.

“Yeah, but it was” …the laziest cricket argument going

2-0 expected, I don’t think many are surprised at this, but for Sri Lanka, it will be the gravity of the defeats which hurt most, and the non-competitiveness with the bat. They may have been a little undermanned, and not resembling any of the class they have possessed in previous tours here, but there was still enough quality in their line-up to compete better.
Still lots of uncertainty on the Ashes side, but we more or less have an understanding on the make-up of the squad. Right now, it’s hard for mine to see the top six differing from Warner, Burns, Khawaja, Smith, Head and Patterson – however with many pivotal questions still remaining, it might be almost pointless speculating yet.
Importantly – whether or not Warner will be automatically welcomed back to the setup – obviously from a pure cricket perspective he should be instantly. The back end of the Shield season and tour matches will reveal a bit more too, and finalize the conundrum.

Australia destroy Sri Lanka to wrap up 2-0 series victory

Crazy! You’d almost rather be in Australia’s camp from a batting perspective – even with Smith and Warner needing to re-adjust. England are just as unsettled and seem pretty devoid of quality top order players, and a surplus number of 6-8 options. Makes for a very intriguing build up.

Khawaja ton an Ashes boost for Australia

The Ashes will see two sides with unsettled batting line-ups, with particularly questionable top order players. Even with limited cricket under their belts, I’d almost prefer to be in the Aus camp assuming Warner and Smith slot back in.
England on the other hand continue with their awkward balance, an oversupply of guys suited to 6-8, but not enough top order grit. Aside from Root and Bairstow it’s difficult to pencil anybody else in 1-4.
Burns might be finding his feet now but I’d be stunned if they include Jennings, and even Denly is an unknown yet. Cook had a dozen (or more?) opening partners since Strauss, leaving one opening spot a total question mark, now it seems they have two.
Issues aplenty for both, but at the very least it could present a mouthwateringly close series between good pace attacks.

England all at sea in second Windies Test

Might mean uncertainty for Harris, but I think Burns just has to open in England. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise even if it’s his highest score, as he already boasted 3 test tons at 37 prior to it.

Imagine what more he could’ve achieved had he partnered Harris since Adelaide, with Finch in the middle order.

Burns and Head cement Ashes spots

Don’t remember his efforts to save the first test in the UAE?

He would benefit from turning his 20-40 scores into something bigger, but since his return, Paine has been one of the only reliable bats in the side.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

Can’t say I agree. When fully fit and when his body is allowing him to bowl longer spells, he is in the best few FC quicks in the country. Easily.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

The comparison drawn to Johnson seems eerily similar, as the article and many others have pointed out. It’s almost as though you keep on selecting him because of what you know he CAN do on occassions, being the ability to blast an opposition batting line-up and win matches. So much of it boiling down to confidence and rhythm, however.

It would be more than fair to suggest Starc has plenty of credits in the bank, but, like Khawaja, they’re disappearing gradually.

Australia's defensiveness only underlines Starc’s bowling woes

He is, so unfortunately worth forgetting in the short-term. The prospect of a fit Pattinson at 7, with his batting, and four quicks + spinner must be however tempting at some point. But with the fragility of his body it seems nobody knows if Pattinson will play much more test cricket.

On the fifth bowler concept, I remain baffled that Australia don’t feel confident they can get sufficient overs out of a combination of Head/Labuschagne.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

It’s an interesting one, reminds me of the late P Hughes (RIP) in that his expansive cover and square drives were on one hand a scoring weapon for him, but also risky in that he would get himself out a lot doing so. Similarly, Peter Handscomb and playing the ball behind the wicket – equally a strength and a weakness.

Not sure Harris should put away the cut shot entirely, but like Travis Head, just needing to work on keeping concentration for longer periods, after making a great start.

Hayden to Harris: Cut the cut to score a hundred

Kinda didn’t think Renshaw should’ve been included to begin with, having not been able to buy a run since his brilliant County stint in the winter. If they really wanted to include him, he should’ve played in the UAE ahead of either Finch or Labuschange, when his form was there. His concussion issues didn’t help the cause, and the apparent lack of ‘match practice?’ was it? Makes you laugh sometimes.
Burns, Maxwell and Ferguson are the key members of the unlucky club for mine. Perhaps Wade too.

Renshaw joins Maxwell and Wade in the selectors wake

Last little paragraph sums it up for mine! This assumption that more is more with this stuff, perhaps it isn’t always. They have stopped caring about the quality of the product, and only interested in forcing the issue, because of the $$ at stake.

They’d want to be careful they don’t kill it.

Richardson now an Ashes frontrunner

If it has to happen, would feel terrible if either Burns or Patterson had to make way, that sends yet again another terrible message to players.

Stoinis does not deserve a Test debut

I’d still be baffled if Stoinis actually gets picked. The Canberra pitch may be hard, but gee you’d think a combination of Head and Labuachagne would suffice as a fifth bowling option; especially given the ease with which this batting lineup was rolled at the Gabba.

The selectors are about to dud Will Pucovski again

They’d have to drop a bowler? He could be a real impact player at test cricket, but it concerns me being a player with a pedestrian FC batting record, especially the last couple of seasons.

Stoinis set for Test debut

323 and win by an innings..staggering

Australia win at the Gabba on Day 3

Sixers have surprised me greatly, now seeming an almost certain finalist. Didn’t quite think they had the depth and quality in the squad, but that said, I didn’t count on the impact first Denly and then Vince would have, plus the fast bowling group including Abbott and especially Curran.

The run home: Who can and can’t make the BBL semis