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The case for Wade

When Tim Paine was unexpectedly thrust into Australia’s XI for the ultimately successful Ashes series almost 12 months ago, many felt it may have all but closed future Test ambitions for Tasmanian teammate Matthew Wade.

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David Warner, your time is now

David Warner’s struggles in the sub-continent have been talked about at length here by Roarers, and with Australia now holding the leverage and a genuine chance to win a rare series in India, it is time for the vice-captain to contribute more heavily.

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Big Bash burnout, anyone?

I don’t want this to come out the wrong way, because I happen to love the Big Bash, but does anybody else find it tiring, night after night? That it’s perhaps a little bit draining, and all too consuming to keep track of?

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The selectors shouldn't forget Tim Paine

I’ve been super impressed by the batting prowess of 32-year-old Tim Paine opening the innings for Hobart in the BBL so far. Impressed in a most nostalgic way – once a favourite of mine, I’d almost forgotten of Paine’s raw ability, mainly due to him missing so much cricket for a wrath of reasons.

Both similar types at 3-4, working the ball around in a steadying manner but still ticking things over nicely, working hard between the wickets etc
Not sure there will be room for both

The deserving Aussies who simply won't make the World Cup squad

One spot could come down to S.Marsh v Handscomb, and I feel like Marsh might be unlucky, despite an incredible 12 months in the ODI team. In any case, whoever misses out will be super unlucky.

The deserving Aussies who simply won't make the World Cup squad

Exactly, I wouldn’t even prioritize Smith for the WC like I would Warner. I just don’t feel he’s integral to winning the WC however obviously the most important man for Australia’s Ashes chances. I would think exposure to the red ball instead would be the best preparation for Smith.

VOTE: Pick your Australian squad for the 2019 Cricket World Cup

He is the man for mine. Exceptional accuracy and control – across his whole FC career – but particularly the last few seasons. His numbers this season are unbelievable. I think Aus can only afford one of these wildcard type bowler selections in the squad, and Copeland could be a handful in the right conditions.

Peter Siddle puts his hand up for Ashes selection

I’d need to go and find this mate, but before anything, worth remembering it was in September/October so mightn’t mean as much now.

Maxwell's hot form a World Cup boon for Australia

And I think you end up with a more complete package when M.Marsh is bowling in full flight too. Like his brother, many confuse a poor trot at test level with a solid ODI record.

M.Marsh ODI stats – (53 matches)
Bat: 11 x50, 1×100, SR 93 @ 35.7
Ball: 44 wkts, econ: 5.52

Not saying he’s the answer, but Stoinis may not be either.

Maxwell's hot form a World Cup boon for Australia

Terrific post – perspective. It can’t happen every single time, but when it does, it wins matches in a canter.

Maxwell's hot form a World Cup boon for Australia

I think the more time Stoinis has to work into an innings, the better. So as a consequence, the higher he bats the better. If they need to shuffle around the order for this, it probably needs to happen now in preparation.

Stoinis' slow scoring a World Cup worry

This is exactly what I agree Australia need to be careful of. Going hard at the English with all-out pace, in an attempt to blast them out, probably won’t work – it didn’t in 2015. The single fifth test Siddle played, he was superb, offering accuracy and control.

In which case you probably wouldn’t want to see more than two of Starc, Cummins, Hazlewood or Pattinson in the attack, instead leaving a place for a skillful, slower bowler (who can swing it, of course) that suits the conditions. Would love to see at least one of the Copeland/Worrall/Tremain etc types at least in the squad.

Fit again Pattinson an Ashes must

I hope to see one wildcard type quick taken on the Ashes tour, even if just backup in the squad. Someone who has earned it through Shield performances, and suited to the conditions – like Copeland, Bird, Sayers, Tremain or even a Winter/Worrall.

The Sheffield Shield final rule changes explained

In other Shield news, Scott Boland named player of the tournament, with Victorians dominating the top five. Fair play to him, a lot of bowlers performed brilliantly across the season.

The Sheffield Shield final rule changes explained

I agree Chris we are probably too far down the path to be trialing that now, even if Handscomb is presumably more than capable, and the temptation of more strike power. There has been a clear intention to have Carey behind the stumps for the WC for some time now.

Warner can flourish in middle order at World Cup

Some of the domestic umpiring in this season just concluding has been a bit laughable

It’s time to change the leg-side no-LBW rule

Hope they do too! Will they, though? Most likely not as most of us would suspect…not only is Carey the VC (I am still puzzled by that) but they clearly want him in the side. He has performed better at 7 than I thought however, but still doesn’t maximise the potential hitting power.

Warner can flourish in middle order at World Cup

Warner has the destructive capability of scoring quickly anywhere in the top seven for mine. With all his experience coming as an opener, I think this situation is set up for him at 3, and I’d like to see him there. Khawaja must open, and his pairing with Finch is gaining momentum.

Warner can flourish in middle order at World Cup

Yeah Finch or Warner at 3 now for mine, because the former is now locked in, and the latter should be with his blistering ODI record as Ronan mentions.

Australia seem more adept at chasing at the moment, and in a better position mentally. Perhaps a tactic that could be employed as much as possible at the WC?

Warner's stunning return a World Cup boost for Australia

And usually taking a while to build into his innings too; which is fine, but does suggest perhaps the higher up the order he bats, the better.

Finch books World Cup spot with matchwinning ton

Won’t be losing sleep over it, but struggle to identify any actual ‘need’ for this.
Tradition and sacredness don’t seem to matter now, anyway.

Take a number, and shove it

I particularly like the batsmen/all-rounders you have excluded. While I could see some from that group being selected, I agree they are undeserving, and far less worthy than any of the incumbents, or Wade and Maxwell.

A great sign if swing bowlers with brilliant Shield records and form like Tremain, Bird and Sayers are just missing out, even though they’d all be very unlucky. There is some considerable depth at the moment there.

Five games an eternity in fickle selection surrounds

Random Shield update as the last round commences; Pattinson wreaking havoc in the morning session against SA; boy is this nice to see again. Bancroft missing out at the WACA and yet another half-century for Dan Hughes as NSW start well after being sent in.

Why Australia should be optimistic about the World Cup

Selecting a squad AFTER the A-tour matches, in which several candidates will be pushing their case…now who would’ve thought

Selectors could make historically late Ashes squad announcement

It seems that teams generally might want two spinners in the UK for the WC. I think there’s little doubt Zampa is the first choice white-ball spinner, and given the job Maxwell did as the sole spinner at times in the 2015 WC triumph, I would’ve thought that pair would be enough.

The points a few have made about missing Agar is critical too I think, because his inclusion would add depth to all areas if not for his injury troubles.

Lyon should not be a World Cup certainty

Nah, I wouldn’t say fifties are the metric at all. That was Wade I was referring to, and I appreciate your correction re: that 57 he scored in India. I suspect what has also kept selectors cautious about re-calling Wade is whether he will correlate the dominant form to test level, given he is 31, with an average of 28 from 22 tests. I don’t particularly agree with it, given we are witnessing the guy in the form of his life, but it might be a reason for their desire to look elsewhere at younger options as pure batsmen.

Matthew Wade clubs another Shield century and it's just getting ridiculous now

Yes. Nevill did little wrong behind the stumps, yet couldn’t produce more of the fighting knocks with the bat which he did on occassions. Wade was 100% re-called initially for the ‘mongrel’ he supposedly brought; perhaps Smith preferred standing beside it as opposed to Nevill. Either way, mongrel they claimed it was, but in reality nothing but boorish behaviour. The fact he didn’t pass 50 in his last 17? test innings (off the top of my head) is what hindered his chances most.

Matthew Wade clubs another Shield century and it's just getting ridiculous now

Great read. Any arguments citing ‘Entertainment’ as a reason for such changes, clearly aren’t coming from purists. Test cricket is uniquely entertaining in it’s own gruelling way, and those seeking a quick-fix, rapid form of entertainment have already been blessed with other formats which provide that.

The thing is, I actually don’t mind the changes in isolation; your comment re: the over rates and ways to address it, are on the money for mine. Teams dragging through only 75-80 overs in a day has been allowed to happen for too long now, and incorrectly policed.

An open letter from a concerned fan of Test cricket