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"What a team. That culture the bloods, thats what it's all about." (Bruce McAvaney)



At the end of the day us Swans fans need to stop whinging. ANZ still has 4 goalposts at either end and the conditions will be the same for both sides. Yes the SCG has a better atmosphere, but ANZ will still have 40,000 or so wearing Red and White cheering loudly. If we lose, it won’t be because we played at ANZ. It might be because it was raining and the Swans can’t perform in the wet.

The SCG and September should be synonymous for the Sydney Swans

Another insightful observation mastermind, Thank you. Not only is Kyrgios the “the next big thing in Australian tennis” but he is exciting to watch. Unlike Tomic, it appears that Kyrgios, whilst confident in his ability, is prepared to work hard and grind out tough victories. His performance on the challenger circuit this year to improve his ranking is testament to that. Let’s not forget he had to win the Challenger in Nottingham to earn his Wildcard into the Main Draw.

Why Nick Kyrgios is the next big thing in Australian tennis

Mastermind, This millennium is only 14 and a half years old. As such, I am going to make the bold assertion that Ablett is not “the greatest player ever produced this millennium.” This is because, to be produced this millennium Ablett would have to be aged less than 14 years. He is pretty good but I think he is older than 14?
I only kid Mastermind, you know I love you!!!

2014 Brownlow Medal: Ablett’s to lose

Axle: you say you have nothing against a National Competition and suggest its great for football. Unfortunately, in order to have a national competition the Afl has needed to provide assistance to Brisbane, Sydney and now Gold Coast and GWS. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. One should also remember that the Swans had decades of struggles before becoming the successful club they are today. Yes they received AFL assistance but so does modern day Melbourne, North Melbourne etc. It is up to these clubs to use this assistance, be it draft concessions, priority picks, monetary handouts wisely. Who knows one day Melbourne maybe successfull again and copping the unjustified criticism the Swans are receiving now.
Oh and axle, for someone who is not whinging and doesn’t care less why have you made 5 comments saying basically the same thing???

To be a force, the Blues must look to Sydney

I think Parker is a massively underrated player. He showed great promise when he started before he was injured against the Bulldogs a couple of seasons back. Fought his way back to play as the Sub in the 2012 GF win. He fits perfectly within the Swans midfield structure and can rotate forward and kick goals as he did yesterday. Jack, Kennedy, Hanners, Parker, McVeigh- there’s a few decent players in that group.
As for the Melbourne media writing the Swans off, well as a Swans fan I am used to their Rubbish by now. Year upon year the Swans prove them wrong. I see no reason why 2014 will be any different. Tippett and Goodes to come back, Buddy continuing to improve…Cheer Cheer.

Sydney bounce back to defeat Adelaide

Albo, I think you will find that it was the Melbourne media that started the rumours. But don’t let the truth get in the way of an inaccurate comment.

The pros and cons of 'the age of Buddy'

I may be missing something but how exactly would a LAFHA be any different from a COLA. The Sydney clubs would still receive an allowance substantially higher than that given to Victorian, South Australian and Western Australian clubs. Therefore, wouldn’t all those clubs continue to whinge and whine about the Swans receiving an allowance such as this.

Additionally, wouldn’t a LAFHA discourage clubs from non traditional footy States from signing local players? The likes Kieren Jack, Jarryd McVeigh, Craig Bird etc may have never played for the Swans under such a system. It would be a disincentive to signing local players if they were to receive an allowance for drafting players from interstate. Not sure how this would benefit anyone???

It is time to replace the COLA

Groth lost in the final round of qualies but has got a lucky loser spot into the main draw as a result of Pospisil’s withdrawal. Now plays Ivo Karlovic in Round 1. Battle of the Big Servers!

ATP tour and Aussies move on

What a ridiculous article! Not only has this author attempted to compare players at different stages of their career, in different positions, with different influences on their teams but he has also attempted to compare them with other champions in other sports. Perhaps the next article will be: Who was better Malcolm Blight or Rod Laver? The whole concept is absurd.

Goodes or Ablett Jr: who is better?

McAvaney is so bad at commentating on the Tennis, it almost makes his work on the horse racing coverage and afl seem bearable (when it’s really not). I must say I like Lleyton’s expert comments and I am a fan of Courier. But how McAvaney continues to get a gig with 7 sport is truly baffling.

How Channel Seven's coverage of the Australian Open could be improved

In watching Serena’s post match presser in its entirety, she was attempting to be gracious in defeat I think. It was the journos continually hounding her on her injured back: How much did it affect you? How long has it been troubling you? What treatment have you had? When will you be back on Court? etcetera and so forth. Serena appeared to try and deflect those questions and did keep giving credit to Ana Ivanovic. For a Serena press conference after a loss I actually thought she handled it okay.

Ana being in the half of Bouchard, Pennetta And Li Na would have to like her chances of making it through to the final, provided she can continue to play at that high-level.

Serena Williams crashes out of Australian Open

One name: Vasek Pospisil. See what happens when you fight through the pain barrier. My case is rested.

Is Bernard Tomic the definition of unAustralian?

Brent, Pospisil appears to have a clear power edge over Ebden. Ebden will need to serve very well to stay in touch?

Matthew Ebden vs Vasek Pospisil: 2014 Australian Open live scores, blog

It is encouraging that people are still supporting Tomic. But it should be remembered that Tomic has had instances where his commitment has been questioned. People are seemingly forgetting the Tanking episode in the US Open against Roddick. People have also seemingly forgiven his holding his participation in Davis Cup to Ransom? And people are also seemingly forgetting that he walked off a Court because he felt their was bias against him from the Umpire and Linesmen.

People may blame these instances on his father, but at some stage you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

Just my opinion, as everyone is entitled to?

Is Bernard Tomic the definition of unAustralian?

If that was the case then why did he pointlessly push through the first set???? His injury was sustained in the first game.

Is Bernard Tomic the definition of unAustralian?

Integrity is the most important aspect of any sport. The number one goal for all sporting officials, fans and players (who are clean) should be ensuring that all are competing on a level playing field. Are the testing procedures at times inconvenient or invasive? Undoubtedly but this is all necessary to uphold the integrity of the sport.
Therefore in answering the question, how many doping controlls are too many? I would suggest that none are too many.

How many doping controls are too many?

Just to clarify mastermind but how exactly have the “excellent performances of our tennis players gone unrewarded”? Those young tennis players are indeed lucky they have a home grand slam and are in fact rewarded with wildcards into the main draw. Is Ash Barty unlucky to draw Serena Williams? Perhaps, but she is fortunate to have the opportunity she is afforded, given her ranking sits at153.
As for Tomic, he has no one to blame but himself if he suffers poor draws in Grand Slams. After winning Sydney last year, Tomic’s performances for the rest of the year were extremely disappointing, and consequently his ranking dropped. Once again he has performed well in Sydney this year and may give a good account in his straight sets loss to Rafa. Let’s not forget that Tomic is a former Wimbledom quarter-finalist. But, the test for Tomic is can he produce results when playing on an outside court in San Jose, Indian Wells or Miami? (that’s provided his ranking gets him into those events). He is an egotistical show-pony who performs well under the bright lights in front of an encouraging, success starved home crowd. When he has to work hard and very few are watching his results are poor, thus explaining his current ranking and him not being seeded. Therefore he has only himself to blame for drawing a Top Player.
As for the other Aussies like Hewitt, Matosevic, Groth, Duckworth,Gajdosova etc who have drawn quality seeded players, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as the chances of drawing one of the 32 seeds are very high for unseeded players. If young stars, Kyrgios and Kokkinakis cannot pull off 1st round wins, it may be the case that no Aussies get past the 1st round in Singles?
The only player that may consider herself unlucky is 17th seed, Sam Stosur. But given she loses 1st round in Australian Open every year, the draw is inconsequential anyway.

Analysing the 2014 Australian Open draw

The Adelaide Crows will finish Top 4. Dangerfield is the best player in the comp and should therefore win a Brownlow next year. And if Taylor Walker stays injury free he should pick up the Coleman too. Not too optimistic at all.

The optimism of sports fans

Okay so Andrejs Everitt has come out and said one of the reasons he chose to leave the Swans was due to the High Cost of Living in Sydney. So now the Swans are losing players as a result of the high cost of living. This would suggest the COLA, as it currently stands, is inadequate and should be increased for both Sydney clubs. Thoughts Roarers?

Richard Colless is the AFL's sole Survivor

“The move would be good for Reid as well, he would get more opportunity, a chance at another Premiership and an opportunity to learn from one of the best coaches Ross Lyon and one of the greatest forwards Matthew Pavlich”

Does he not have another chance at a premiership at the Swans, particularly given the Franklin signing. His current coach is John Longmire, easily the equal of Ross Lyon. And at the Swans he can learn from experienced forwards Franklin, Tippett and Goodes. Surely they out trump one Matthew Pavlich.

Therefore the argument that the move would be good for Reid makes no sense whatsoever. Oh and Longmire said he is not for sale in any case.

Why Freo need Reid

That is a nice draw isn’t it. Pity about the next 21 rounds though. I do believe the Swans were drawn to play each of the previous years Top 4 twice. In the last 4 rounds they played Pies, Hawks and Cats. But hey their first 2 games were easy so you must be correct.

Franklin's Sydney move will make waves across the codes

Davey, “Easy Draw”. To make such a comment it would be helpful if you actually had a look at the draw Champion. Look at Sydney’s draw and Adelaide’s over the past 2 seasons and let me know what you think.

Oh and last time i checked GWS were a Sydney team and play the Swans twice as this is a Derby. Once again, a study of the Draw will reveal there are 2 ‘Showdowns,” 2 Western Derby’s and 2 Q Clashes each year.

Franklin's Sydney move will make waves across the codes

The Collingwood fan strikes again. More thoughtful, educated, rational reasoning. Thankyou for your contribution.

Franklin's Sydney move will make waves across the codes

Given the outcry and backlash within the AFL community I don’t believe the AFL will allow the trade to proceed. The AFL oversee all proposed trades and have overriding power to veto such trades.

Don’t rule out Buddy joining GWS. They can always amend their offer and try again. Richmond did the same with Dusty Martin.

Franklin's Sydney move will make waves across the codes

I love unintelligent comments by Melbourne folk still living in the dark ages of the VFL. It amuses me.

Hawthorn and Freo: the perfect grand final