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I will take a day at Davies Park watching the Magpies over the Broncs at Lang park. I have a couple of mates who feel the same and they don’t even support Souths.

Sam Kasiano didn’t really bother Redcliffe so I don’t think the Bulldogs size will bother them too much. I think it will come down to who plays the better on the day. Both teams don’t look far off each other to me based on highlight vids at least.

Bulldogs snare NSW Cup title from Newtown

I am less loathed to support the Dolphins over Easts so that is a bonus. I think that was Fullers 9th QRL game. I hope he goes on with it. His size will put many off though, unfortunately.

Mango basically did play in the halves there for a while.

Dolphins claim Queensland Cup in seesawing affair

It was a great game. Fuller was very impressive( I don’t think he has the speed of Barba let alone Bowen but I am happy to be proven wrong), so was Toby Rudolf.

Looking forward to the Dolphins against the Bulldogs next week more than the NRL.

Dolphins claim Queensland Cup in seesawing affair

I think this is the first all old BRL club grandfinal since the state championship game was brought in on the NRL grand final day.

I think the Dolphins will get up, will be a great game, can’t wait.

Queensland Cup grand final preview

I think when that plan refers to the NRL it means Rugby League as a whole.

NRL expansion: How could they pull it off?

There is no apatite for Sydney clubs to relocate outside of Sydney. The other areas of the world want new teams that represent them. A second Brisbane team will probably be the bombers but hopefully it is Redcliffe.

The only reason relocation is mention is that Sydney fans know Sydney cannot support 9 teams down there but don’t want to see there clubs drop from the top tier, which is entirely understandable. But like BRL fans of the 80’s some of the Sydney teams have to drop out of the NRL eventually or merge. I don’t know which of those two options Sydney fans hate more though.

NRL expansion: How could they pull it off?

Sutherland is looking better than the experienced guys today.

Though Wade is showing that the old guys are good too.

The five teenagers lighting up Australian cricket

Short and Stoinis will be big gains for WA.

The four players who'll be using the JLT Cup as a World Cup audition

There are plenty of players who could push for the national ODI team. In regards to the world cup I would think BBL form will play a much bigger role in influencing the selections as it will be much fresher in the selectors minds and they will be seduced by the big hitting.

The four players who'll be using the JLT Cup as a World Cup audition

I personally think the middle order should be as this I think is where they do their best work at FC level and in those conditions.


But where then does Head play. Maybe head at three and Usman opening to keep him away from the spinners as long as possible. But it could be any combination.

Siddle should have been saved for the Ashes

Sangha is the next anointed one to come out of the junior program. He was the U19 Captain I believe. He looks a quality bat and will probably play at 19 years of age. I believe is a middle order bat.

Previewing the JLT One Day Cup

I meant that I can’t see Nesser getting a game if that wasn’t clear. I am sure you are right on Sids opening. Starc and the spinners need to do well for us to beat a focused Pakistan.

Siddle should have been saved for the Ashes

Siddle offers nothing that Nesser doesn’t already do plus Nesser can swing it. I can’t see him getting a game. It is a Bizarre selection.

Siddle should have been saved for the Ashes

I agree, this adds little. A neutral groundsman would be more beneficial or just not have a Final. If they want a Domestic final for State cricket, play the ODI comp all season and have that as the final.

We'll have a guaranteed winner this Sheffield Shield season

Nice to see a couple of articles for a comp I thought was completely forgotten even if I find your rating of QLD massively off the mark. Not even close not matter how true your comments on the team are.

To be serious, QLD do have some talent coming through and we could surprise a few, especially if Stanlake can really perform. I think calling Lynn injury free is a bit of a stretch but hopefully he can pull up really well and pace himself into a big innings. If he and Monty Burns can bat long we win, especially if Bryant can get us off to a flyer.

jimmy Peirson is a big loss.

What to expect in the 2018 JLT One Day Series

I have been on about anointed ones for years and you can see it in full glory now. At least Holland forced his way in. If they xan’t clearly articulate why players are picked or not should tell you eveything.

I fear they see this as another development tour. But the reality is, picking a squad like that you have to win.

Maxwell, Burns and Tremain were robbed by Aussie selectors

Maybe they wanted to test to see if he would defy them. Then they just forgot about him.

Glenn Maxwell betrayed by mixed messages

Maybe it was some sort of test to see if he would go off on his on and play county cricket or something even after being told he was on the tour. Prove he is still working at it, or along those lines. I hope it isn’t that.

Glenn Maxwell betrayed by mixed messages

It is an utterly bizarre squad. Even if they were rewarding Shield form why wasn’t Burns selected. I read somewhere he had to pull out of a county stint due to injury, but that doesn’t seem like the reason he wasn’t picked. Langer said Labusch has impressed against spin so I assume that is still why he is there over Burnsy.

Maxwell, Burns and Tremain were robbed by Aussie selectors

And I am flumxed why Sids is there, can all the others not get through 10 overs?

Bolters aplenty as Australia names weakest Test squad in recent memory for tour of UAE vs Pakistan

I love to see Bulls players get picked but Labuschagne and Doggert should not be there.

Monty Burns should be there ahead of Labusch and Tremain ahead Doggs. Maxi should be there ahead of Head.

This is a very weak squad, short on first class experience let alo e Tests.

Bolters aplenty as Australia names weakest Test squad in recent memory for tour of UAE vs Pakistan

Yeah, I am strughling to see where the improvement is unless they want to show more videos.

Bolters aplenty as Australia names weakest Test squad in recent memory for tour of UAE vs Pakistan

McCullough and Boyd should be leading the team around, but they aren’t doing anywhere near enough in that regard.

Sims City: Tariq hat-trick breaks Brisbane hearts

The Broncs were just awful today and the Dragons turned it on and the scoreline shows that difference in performance.

We always used to pride ourselves on the goal line defence. I was a Bennett mantra almost but today and at times this year it has been the worst I have seen the Broncs ever defend on our line. Today was the worst example of that. Loosing Glenn and Gillett really showed in the end. It forced TPJ out wide for the second half of the season and saw Fifita start in the end as well.

Next season hopefully we keep TPJ and the young guys who ended up starting learn what is required to play important roles in winning team. If we can get Gillett back and the young guys learn and improve from this year then we can go much deeper next year.

We do need a consistent half who is a leader. Milf should really be near the finished article by now but he is far from it still. Niko is even further away. Some improvements are needed but the elements are there to challenge again soon.

Sims City: Tariq hat-trick breaks Brisbane hearts

First off, I cetainly do need to remind you Scotty of those glorious grand finals in 92-93. They were pure joy. 97-98 weren’t far off.

For the Broncs last nigjt was a good outcome. If we can beat the Dragons were are a 50/50 chance against the Rabbits. We would be at Looong odds to even get close to Melbourne.

Six talking points from Melbourne Storm vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL qualifying final