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I’m afraid I am of a like mind. My view is that this is a poor Roos team that will struggle against the better Asian nations, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we don’t qualify for the last 32 team world cup finals.
When we are pulling a 34 year old from the bottom of the English div 3 to captain our national team, you know we are in real trouble.
That Milligan is our captain illustrates just how far our national team has fallen since 2006. Milligan wouldn’t even have been considered for the squad.

Takeaways from Australia's win over Taiwan

Mid table finish. I don’t think the visa players are of a high enough standard for Brisbane to trouble the better teams. I would have had more faith in Fowler had he not recruited Roy O’Donovan, visa squandered on a 34 year old striker whose better years are very clearly behind him. Fowler could have and should have done much better.
Bottom line for me is that visa players need to be better than the div 3 and 4 Brit journeymen (and less in the case of O’Donovan) Fowler has recruited.

Will God walk on water or sink in the Brisbane River?

The question I am sure I’m not alone in asking, Waz, is Why?

As in travelling and scouting.

In an official capacity for BR?

Melbourne derby to provide early glimpse of title credentials

All excellent points.

ABC viewers must see attacking football when they watch the A-League

This is certainly a valid perspective, but I would counter that just because one venture failed doesn’t mean that all ventures will. For example, I see no reason why another Gold Coast team would not succeed if well managed.

In any case, it’s all academic. The kind of changes I am suggesting will remain ideas only.

In the meantime, the signs this season are encouraging in terms of the squads and the demonstrable intent of the coaches. Can’t wait for Friday night.

ABC viewers must see attacking football when they watch the A-League

Respectfully, Waz, as someone who has worked in the media for many years, I disagree. I’ve had to constantly adjust to changes. My business now is specifically in screen storytelling. Audience demographics, shortening attention spans and multiplicity of access and options all have to be factored in and, I assure you, have changed significantly the selection and structuring of screen storytelling.
Every football game is a story, subject to the same forces at work on the stories I am involved in creating and shaping. You can try to ignore them, but sooner or later their effect will come into play.
Right now, in Australia – and let’s stick to this context for a moment – football isn’t cutting through outside the circled wagons of the true believers. In this context, traditional thinking isn’t going to be enough. We need to look at solutions outside what is really a very narrowly defined squarre.

ABC viewers must see attacking football when they watch the A-League

In complete agreement about the imperative, Mike.
However, unless attacking football is incentivised in some way, it won’t happen.
For example, even though FIFA wouldn’t let it through the gate, imagine what 4 points for a win and a bonus point for scoring 3 goals of more would do to encourage attacking football.
Our game needs to move with the times, and this kind of restructuring would do exactly that.
But of course we’ll go on playing exactly the same way we did 100 years ago as if nothing has changed in our society. Essentially the same rules, same size goals, same size pitches even though media has revolutionised the forms of and access to entertainment with significant implications for viewing attention spans, and even though players are bigger faster and fitter, effectively shrinking the goals and field of play.
The one change we’ve had of any significance? Three points for a win instead of two. Not enough.

ABC viewers must see attacking football when they watch the A-League

I suggest that your “plenty” represents an commercially unworkable definition for the A League’s specific context.

My view is that 3/5 is the absolute workable minimum. What works overseas doesn’t apply here.

A-League owners have taken two significant missteps

I suggest that you need to define your terms. What exactly does “plenty” mean?
Anecdotally, and without any attempt at empricism, I would say I saw about one game in five that was worth the time to watch according to my personal standards of acceptable level football.

A-League owners have taken two significant missteps

Does he have to, Fad? I thought that most of the A League football on show last year was dull, pedestrian and thoroughly unexciting.

A-League owners have taken two significant missteps

Should always use protection.

Social media is one way to actually market the A-League

I may be alone here, but I think the club has been smart with their “Western” branding. My understanding is that Geelong will only be 30 minutes from the stadium, which is considerably less than many, if not most, fans travel to see Brisbane Roar or Sydney FC, for example. I see no reason that the club can’t hold onto Geelong based supporters. They are carefully NOT positioning themselves as a Melbourne team. They represent the West. I certainly wouldn’t write the concept off so early.
This is a highly unusual and bold enterprise. This is a football club being built for the future rather than the present. It is inevitably, in many ways, a gamble, albeit a calculated gamble, but population growth is on their side, and if I was a betting man (which I’m not – I detest the hold on sport that the gambling industry has), then I would wager that ten years from now Western United will be a success story.

Mark Rudan and Western United will surprise many this season

Absolutely. I would never dismiss Gold Coast for a new A League club. People forget that until Palmer screwed things up, GCU were actually going pretty well.

A 10k stadium would be a game changer on the coast.

Will Fowler have Brisbane roaring this season?

I have to say, Mike, that in my view the pre season and the names in their playing squad don’t really suggest that WSW are going to monster anything this season apart from possibly Babel’s job.

Western Sydney Wanderers are about to monster the A-League

Yep. FFA’s last major own goal wrt the A League. At least I hope it’s the last. You never know with those clowns.

Western Sydney Wanderers are about to monster the A-League

I have doubts about the viability of Western United, but none at all about Macarthur FC.

Western Sydney Wanderers are about to monster the A-League

Much as I have misgivings, he really was the only candidate going at the time he was appointed. Popa had been caught up in the Turkey fiasco and FFA couldn’t afford anything close to a decently credentialed foreigner.

So really, it was Arnold or Arnold.

Let’s hope he succeeds because we need him to succeed. I’m not confident he’s up to the job, but I’m trying to keep an open mind. Like Fad I think that more walk and (a lot) less talk from now on is required.

Will Socceroos fans ever appreciate Graham Arnold?

Now if Nemesis treated others on these forums like he treats you, Mid, they would be happier places, don’t you think?

The A-League without a salary cap? Be careful what you wish for

Have you thought about how often you use the phrase “how I laughed” or similar? You should, and also reflect upon why you use a phrase like this. Why exactly do you need to preface so many posts with verbal gestures of contempt towards other posters who are simply offering an opinion?

The A-League without a salary cap? Be careful what you wish for

Your argument in paragraph one doesn’t hold up to examination. All the clubs still receive the same share of tv money. Why should they go broke if the cap is removed? Their financial situation doesn’t change.
Removing the cap will allow the bigger clubs to spend as much as they are able to build better teams. Teams without those resources will have to rely on developing young local players, but still with the same tv deal money they have now. In my view, the A League and football in this country can only benefit from both.

The A-League without a salary cap? Be careful what you wish for

Indeed, be careful what you wish for. Trump, Brexit. The madman in Brasil.

But the A League isn’t working. Too small, stale, losing money hand over fist, losing tv viewers hand over fist, failing to provide quality football across the league, attendances low and plateaued.. Our clubs fail every year in Asia. There is no respect for our national professional competition among the wider Australian population.

We have reached for a point where a game change is necessary, and we have no choice but to gamble.

The A-League without a salary cap? Be careful what you wish for

Rarely in the public sphere will one see such a lame brained attempt by an alleged professional to set themselves up to fail.

You can be positive without sailing out into la la land.

Will positive vibes help the Socceroos tame Asian opponents?

Oh this news gives me such pleasure. Could not happen to a nicer bunch of creeps.
Tell you what, the NRL and AFL are looking waaaaaay overvalued right now. All because of network owners wanting to prove they had the biggest swinging duck (as I temporarily acquire a Kiwi accent).
Karmic return hitting now.

Does Adam Taggart’s rich vein of form have Socceroos ramifications?

Genreau is back with Melb City, Nick.

Does Adam Taggart’s rich vein of form have Socceroos ramifications?

“if you’re anything like me you probably spend every spare second browsing social media, watching football videos and reading The Roar”

Good grief no.

Can the A-League persuade fans to look up from their phones?