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There have clearly been some editing faux pa’s from my end with regards to the article – Heeney half and not naming Mark Blicavs – and these things won’t happen in the Round 21 analysis and my apologies.

Your club's underrated performer: Round 20

Thanks a lot mate that’s really appreciated! Even the underrated series is going underrated we think but feel free to share with all your footy loving mates and hope the Cats keep marching on for you pal!

Your club's underrated performer: Round 10

Always good to see the veterans performing and if I was an Essendon fan, jumping on the Harry Jones train needs to happen quickly as it’s filling up quickly!

Your club's underrated performer: Round 10

I’m not as strong on JJ and Dahl as others and genuinely just missed McGovern in my research so that’s 100% on me. Is definitely in there for sure

A decade of reflection: Revisiting the 2011 draft

Local boy Jacob Van Rooyan should be in Freo’s first round calculations

A decade of reflection: Revisiting the 2011 draft

Geez that’s a cracking question, I’d need some good thought on that

A decade of reflection: Revisiting the 2011 draft

Breust was a rookie promotion, was already on the list in 2009 and Devon was in my calculations but since the best and fairest year, hasn’t been near his best

A decade of reflection: Revisiting the 2011 draft

This is really interesting and loved reading your piece

Matching perception and predictions with reality

As someone who’s written about the atrocity of Vic bias in the past, can you please enlighten me how a Grand Final rematch where both teams are going to be up there again is biased? Melbourne and Sydney are two of the three big improvers this season, you can’t just call it bias if you disagree

Round 8 games ranked

You always have to overpay to get someone out of the club but a pick in the 20’s should get it done, considering the Dogs do have some depth

Your club's underrated performer: Round 7

Hawthorn would be ruing not getting him, they were very close, he was almost free to leave in 2019 but he’s a star the No.15 but was probably BOG for mine last night hence he didn’t get the mention but if positions mattered, he’d be almost All-Australian for me

Your club's underrated performer: Round 6

Carlton had a few lining up but the temptation to celebrate Eddie was too strong but I agree, was very good Jack

Your club's underrated performer: Round 3

Silly me for not including it but of the last 56 teams to go 0-2, only five have made finals

Someone's season ends on Thursday night

Perhaps the way Fyfe is judged might make his performances perhaps slip under the radar…. definitely something for me to consider, appreciate it mate

Your club's underrated performer: Round 1

Thanks mate, the Swannies are a bit like Hawthorn, don’t need to develop rucks they just go get them (Darren Jolly, Shane Mumford as well as the ones we’ve mentioned, Hawthorn with even Paul Salmon, Peter Everett, David Hale, McEvoy, Ceglar, Brooksby on the current list)

Your club's underrated performer: Round 1

I’ve written in the past about Danger in the side was abhorrent, I also said it’s a blatant shame about Vlaustin being remembered for his dive while also naming four of his best qualities and named him a favourite in the series. Think you’re looking for something that’s not there my friend

An All Australian dark horse from each club

Jimmy I’m flattered to think I’m part of the media ????

Your club's burning question for 2021

It’s actually Chayce and I reckon it was an autocorrect error

Your club's burning question for 2021

A mistake on my part for the Sydney portion not being uploaded so it’s here in the comment section, apologies.

Where are you at?

Sydney’s rejigging of their list since the 2016 Grand Final has perhaps not reaped the rewards that they could’ve hoped for but with the last three drafts of Nick Blakey, James Rowbottom, Justin McInerney, Zac Foot, Dylan Stephens, Will Gould, Chad Warner, Logan McDonald, Braeden Campbell and Errol Guldon all look like good pickups but Sydney are one of those teams where a finish between 9th and 17th isn’t surprising. So, where are they at?

Your club's burning question for 2021

Just a thought, I wrote 30 in November and for some reason it’s been taken out and I don’t have access as to why.

30 and over: Geelong to North Melbourne

Just a bit of fun mate while we wait for the season to start

Daz and Smithy's draft: One player per club

I hate that he’s gone to the middle order for QLD and his attitude has been cited for a reason he’s not in the fold in the Australia side
I like him a lot as an opener, hardly put a foot wrong, especially at home but for mine as we sit, Travis Head is the No.5 with Ben McDermott potentially snapping at his heels.

Ten players to watch in the Sheffield Shield

Bont is captain, Vlaustin and Sheed aren’t.

The ten free agents to watch in 2021

Was a proof reading error, I did mean a first and a second for Laird

The ten free agents to watch in 2021

Bontempelli has had team success, Cripps has had squat. If Carlton start the year say 2-6, the media will go bonkers about how the WA sides should go and get him

The ten free agents to watch in 2021