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Work in Credit in Finance. Father of 2. Former player, now social. Armchair opinionator. Love what I learn from the Roar. one of the best Sports sites I have ever seen.



Nice piece Bill…

Why India deserve more respect this summer

He was pretty useful with the ball when he was here in January a year ago, Dave.

With the blade though? Not so much. Both Ashwin and Jadeja are bonafide all-rounders,.

Brisbane decider is biggest Test in Australia for 17 years

While I’m not as misty eyed about Tim as you Peter I tend to agree with your article.

Give the bloke another chance; he, and the team, will be better at the GABBA.

A win will put-paid to mmost of the keyboard c0ommentators anyway…

Give Tim Paine a break – he's earned it!

Excuses were made for the Kiwis due to injuries to key personnel.

Yet New Zealand suffered nothing like India’s current injury crisis.

So true Ronan dammit!

That still rankles.

Appreciate your enthusiasm and the fact that it’s “all on the line” but I just can’t see such a depleted outfit outlasting an Australian Team, who will have learnt from that insipid last day in Sydney, at their Fortress.

Taking 20 wickets without Bumrah, Shami and Jadeja will be a challenge.

Brisbane decider is biggest Test in Australia for 17 years

Aaahh… the line

Aahhh… the brand

Reflecting on the venom of previous iterations of the Australian Team, even recently, this version’s only real similarity was the escalation as the pressure went on.

Paine’s comments were trivial by comparison and Ashwin’s quip that getting Austrlaia to India may represent the end of Paine’s career may not only bear fruit, but was the better riposte in any case.

Given the on-going nature of Paine’s chirping while Ashwin repeatedly tried to take his mark you could argue the Umpires may have censured him to allow the game to progress but even that is neither here nor there. Frankly, he would have done better to concentrate on his own game given a poor day with the gloves, mediocre field-settings and alarmingly poor management of one of the best attacks in the game.

Smith may or may not have scuffed Pant’s mark but I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, despite initial mis-givings, and in any case, it too, was trivial.

The reality is that under Paine they have been better, and deserve credit for that.

Unfortunatley their position at or near the top of the heap, along with numerous past indiscretions, will always attract analysis and criticism. It will not be lost on many cricket fans that Vaughan and Gough both copped the previous brand on or over that line.

In short Adam, the vilification needs to end so we can return to the cricket. When Australia win at the GABBA, and they should give the decimation of the unfortunate Indians, most of this will be forgotten anyway.

A dkhead away from disaster: Does Australia's image deserve to crumble?

Appreciate your enthusiasm.

The reality is that The GABBA is to the Australians what Eden Park is to the All Blacks.

They would be hard enough to conquer with a full complement, let alone such a depleted line-up.

It’s the attack without Bumrah, Shami and Jadeja, that concerns me; got to take 20 wickets to have a chance and I just can’t see them doing that, even if they emulate the same stoic resolve Ashwin and Vihari displayed.

You can bet that the Australians will have learnt from that poor final day in Sydney too.

Getting a little sick of the Aussie bashing from keyboards across these formats; bring on the cricket…

India versus Australia: Fourth Test preview

Happy New Year Digger…

Fair enough.

Innocuous is a word I’ve used on these pages relating to this incident.

I actually like the banter and felt Ashwin got the better of him anyway. But endless from behind the stumps when the guy’s taking guard could have (and perhaps should have) been policed by the umpires.

Why Tim Paine's sledging leaves such a bitter taste

Really Paul.

Fair enough.

I generally agree with your posts but we will have to disagree here.

Where we do concur if the fact this innocuous drama has been inflated beyond its remit.

Are the bad-boy Aussies making an unwelcome return?

Agreed Steven.

Poor form even more poorly policed.

Add to that the Paine commentary interfering with the game as Ashwin takes guard. That whole thing could have been moderated by an Umpire telling Paine to shut his gob.

Are the bad-boy Aussies making an unwelcome return?

Superb emotion mate and it was a great rearguard action.

The injuries and absences surely added to the drama and will continue to do so in Brisbane, with Bumrah now out oo.

The mountain may have just got a little too high methinks…

India versus Australia is cricket’s beautiful best

Off you jog then mate…

Why Tim Paine's sledging leaves such a bitter taste

Mornng Dat,

Bumrah IS out apparently; man, they’re decimated by injury.

Agree with you it will be an uphill battle; Ravi may need don the whites!

Shame really as you need a full complement against Australia in Brisbane…

The 131-over rearguard that propelled this series into an instant classic

From the article Dwayne: However it’s also worth pointing out some of Langer’s words from a little under a year ago.

“One thing is for sure. It will only take one piece of bad behaviour for people to say, ‘There you go, that’s the Australian cricket team. Their culture is still shit’.”

Why Tim Paine's sledging leaves such a bitter taste

Afternoon Dan.

Good read thanks.

From over the ditch and considering some of the venom of the past, this is innocuous really.

1) Umpires could have managed the exchanges there better I thought, as it was interfering with play.

2) Paine’s management of the bowlers and field placings was an issue on a day geared towards an Australian victory.

3) Langer’s prediction is coming true isn’t it. Everyone’s leaping on it. Also true is the fact that the fervour of it rose as the pressure went on Australia. That said it just really adds some spice to the decider at the GABBA, where Asutralia has to be favourites given their record and the plethora of injuries the Indians are carrying.

4) More focus on an outstanding effort from a beleaguered Indian side who batted with injuries and took multiple body blows to see out the draw.

Test Cricket is still great…

Why Tim Paine's sledging leaves such a bitter taste

Absolutely nothing at all in it.

Yeah… nah…

Smith as a player is class but that was deliberate and rank Dan…

Why Tim Paine's sledging leaves such a bitter taste

A massive help when we had Warne and McG was we had crazy batting talent that did it at a cracker of a run rate.

That’s a valid comment I think, looking at those line-ups. As is the fact that had they bowled more accurately as a group, along with the keeper taking 1 or 2 proffered chances created by that pressure, they are able to shoulder the extra burden the absence of previous batting line-ups may create.

However, Dwayne, a fully fit india could create problems for Australia given their bowling attack can just about match Australia’s and they bat deep…

India hold on for famous draw in SCG Test

Thought Ashwin handled it well actually mate.

My favourite:

Paine: I can’t wait to get you to the Gabba Ash I’ll tell you what, woo hoo

Ashwin: Just like we want to get you to India, that will be your last series

Tim Paine's sledging backfires after horror day with the gloves

Sets up nicely for the GABBA, doesn’t it David.

Australia were uncharacteristically disappointing in that final stanza though.

Dropped chances, especially behind the stumps. Attacking the stumps on day five with a sniff of victory should have been paramount and Paine managed his charges poorly I thought. 13 deliveries all day hitting the stumps is just dumb cricket.

The pitch was probably unhelpful given it should have offered more assistance to the side bowling last, although it may have aided Rishabh (and to a lesser extent Cheteshwar) hitting the GOAT out of the attack before inanely succumbing to him.

Tim’s sledging added to Smith’s petty wiping out Indian batting marks was conspicuous.

A depleted India had the last laugh but given Australia’s immense record in Brisbane and with further injuries the GABBA may be just too big a hill to climb.

The 131-over rearguard that propelled this series into an instant classic

God I love Test Cricket.

What a rearguard action from an Indian team bereft of several mainstays.

While I may agree with some of the criticisms on this page it makes the GABBA a must-watch…

India hold on for famous draw in SCG Test

They may not be Australia’s best iteration but they remain a formidable attack. Chances were created but went begging.

I agree with Bernie that the pitch played a part but so did the management of the group and the complement that should be attacking field placements.

Warnie did an analysis that showed all the quicks hitting the stumps only 13 times all day; probably not enough on a day that offered a result…

India hold on for famous draw in SCG Test

I noticed that too and was disappointed actually.

Add that to the increasing fervour of Paine’s sledging as Ashwin and Vihari dug in manfully.

Ironic given a poor day with the gloves and some less than stellar field placings…

India hold on for famous draw in SCG Test

Should have been concentrating on his field placings and bowlers – one stat had only 13 balls hitting the stumps.. collectively.

All of this would be moot if he and others had held more of the chances on offer. Was surprised to see Australia drop so many actually…

At the end of the day this will only add spice to the deadlock at the Gabba…

Tim Paine's sledging backfires after horror day with the gloves

NZ are there today due to the idiosyncrasies of the process, not because they are actually the best. You have hit on the key difference between Australia and NZ when it comes to cricket. One strives to get to number 1 via dubious rankings whilst the other strives to actually be the best. Both have achieved their objectives it seems!
Everyone will be happy to play NZ in England if it comes to that, but I suspect it won’t.

Just WOW.

Unfortunately Pedro, you’re right about the drubbing handed out to the Black Caps last year. As a Black Caps fan it was a real opportunity and they blew it.

However, given the limited opportunities the Black Caps get (refer to the amount of Tests they play above, let alone against the elite teams), you could also argue New Zealand continues to punch above its weight and may merit further consideration.

I think to insinuate the Black Caps strive for success by playing minnows at home is disingenuous although I concede winning against the bigger bnames away remains the goal.

Not so sure everyone will be happy to play New Zealand at a neutral venue either. Another real opportunity looms for the Black Caps and the insipid results a year ago may be a spur.

Conditions at Lords with a Duke is likely to suit them actually.

New Zealand deserve the no.1 Test ranking

A lot of them stayed and are now on the dole as well!

Terrible thing to say mate.

Besides, unlike Australian immigrants here, Kiwis are refused the benefit in your couintry.

Stick to the sports Pedro…

New Zealand deserve the no.1 Test ranking

Ouch Ouch…

All Blacks are in a rebuilding phase.

Back to back World Cups are pretty hard to argue with tho.

However, maintaining those levels of excellence has proved difficult and it is true that other international sides have caught them.

Good for rugby to be honest. The Wallabies under Rennie are already showing some signs of recovery which is also good for the game and that trans-tasman rivalry…

New Zealand deserve the no.1 Test ranking