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Federer should have closed it out.

The statesman was actually playing sublime tennis the whole tournament and had the upper hand in the final.

He certainly has his opportunities.

Credit to Novak but this fan is disappointed that the best player to grace a court couldn’t rack it up when it mattered; I’m not sure he’ll be back.

Djokovic saves two match points to beat Federer in epic Wimbledon final

I’m concerned Highlander.

Los Pumas are at home with only 2 changes, good ones IMO.

Established cohesion and if Sanchez hasn’t lost any of his acceleration, he could be a real challenge.

For the All Blacks set-piece may be weakened at line-out time and a bench that may have to clear under pressure.

If they’re out of the blocks slowly again they could get behind the scoreboard quickly.

Shapes as a fascinating contest…

Sevu Reece one of five debutants in All Blacks side for Rugby Championship opener

“I don’t think Nonu is well suited to 5/8 or an outside back role”

At inside centre he is a 2nd five eighth.

When he left in 2015 I thought he was arguably the best player in the game, another reason he will be low on Hansen’s totem.

Traditionally Ma’a has been a little lax in a Super Rugby jumper but has showed, since his return to the Blues, that his game has not lost its venom and I would argue he still has the best distribution in that position after Crotty.

Unfortunately he may be unlikely to go to Japan unless there is an injury or a debutant tosses his biscuits.

Tell you what though, in a knock out game at the World Cup, he could be invaluable, even from the pine…

Sevu Reece one of five debutants in All Blacks side for Rugby Championship opener

What a finish!

Congratulations to the Champions, England, and their fans…

Cricket World Cup 2019: Reflections – Part 2

England’s transformation since 2015 deserves respect.

But this final spun late on a piece or two of pure luck without which England were done.

I’m the first to doff my hat to the hosts and their success but this is all a bit smug Smudge. Deservedly so? Maybe.

The Black Caps fear no one, not even Australia, and they too can walk with their heads held high. I would respectfully point out that our batting has not been at its best all tournament and would expect improvement across the order.

I would imagine the Black Caps will savour the opportunity to lock horns with England this summer and that should be a cracker, not due to bad blood, but because of the contest and a chance to atone.

After the emotions, you have to admit England always had it in them

Possibly Brian.

We’ve had success there against Clarke’s mob and Johnson was no slug (well, apart from the one under his nostrils).

I think we’re navigating better actually but beating Australia at home is notoriously difficult.

Just as long as we give it a good crack and some of the others stake a claim…

NZ can beat Australia this summer

Yeah, I considered that but he’s not much of a tweaker; more of a Vettori-like bowler without the full repertoire…

NZ can beat Australia this summer

Thanks Ronan.

This team (the core is also the heart of their ODI side) is starting to believe and should be competitive. Can’t wait for Boxing Day especially.

I agree the Black Caps have a decent attack but they’re also a decent batting unit. Great comment about BJ too mate. Such an industrious player. Not as flashy as Buttler but just as valuable.

Neesham or de GrandDesigns? I’d probably plump for Neesham on form and as he continues to grow in confidence he will also improve. Matt Henry has shown some improvement recently but may have to show more to figure in Test selection where he averages 47.

Santner or Sodhi? Mitchell has been touted as the spinner selection but does he do enough at Test level? Ish bowls too many four balls for my liking. Maybe Patel will get a recall and he has some zip.

Raval needs to pile on the runs this season. Will Young has already shown some promise in Australia and after surgery will figure in the selectors’ minds and Raval has had some mediocre returns.

There’s some water to go under the bridge yet but potentially:

NZ can beat Australia this summer

The Black Caps need more Tests against the better teams to justify that ranking frankly.

9 this season coming is great but I’d gladly trade the T20s for another one.

NZ can beat Australia this summer

Despite a number of them leaving for Perth I am encouraged to see a shift in selection that sees the inclusion of some recent form for the Wallabies, although we don’t know the match-day 23 yet.

And they have had some form in this Championship in World Cup years. Nevertheless, winless at Johannesburg could mean The Wallabies may recall Aragorn’s famous speech, well the end of it anyway: “…but it is not this day”.

The Boks at home for me.

And in Buenos Aires I think a formidable challenge awaits the All Blacks. Crusaderless and prone to slow starts the All Blacks will face Ledesma’s men, who are also Quesada’s men, bolstered up front and galvanised by the return of their little general, Sanchez to run the cutter.

Los Pumas are in their own fortress, have some established combinations, and probably sense their best opportunity to upset the World Champions.

While their scrum may still struggle, especially in the second half, they have a pretty decent line-out and the All Blacks are missing Whitelock, Barrett, and Read. They’re aggressive at the breakdown and have some fine ball runners. I’m excited to see what Sanchez can bring too.

If the All Blacks are slow out of the blocks…

I’m still going to back the All Blacks but they may need to clear the benches to do it.

Sure thing: the real show-piece of our sport is some way off and that’s where the real gaffes by officials will hurt, so any TMO blunder in the weekend is just practise…

The Rugby Championship Week 1: Blow out the cobwebs

Yeah I rate Lyon.

Arguably the premiere finger-spinner around right now.

I stand by my assertion tho mate; have to as some of my money is in the same position.

It will be fierce as usual no doubt but with England being at home and riding high…

As the spinners will be important in the later stages so too will be how each sides’ top order early on with the ball moving in the air and off the deck.

Should be intriguing…

England's form looks ominous for Ashes

Frankly he was not the only one out of form in a side that really struggled with the blade all tournament.

But Guppy’s value is more than just with the blade to this side.

However one day his lethal fielding is a hero, Dhoni’s run-out and only a day or so later it’s his shy that ricochets off Stokes bat to reverse the fortunes of the protagonists.

And yet, out of form, he strides out to take on a role none would relish, one which I have no doubt, he has put his hand up for, feeling responsible for the team being at that juncture in the first place.

And despite a grand effort from him and Neesh to tie… failure.

Can you imagine the turmoil and pain of oh so nearly?

When Guppy keeps his head still and retains his balance there is no sweeter striker of the cricket ball. Add in the competitive fighter he is and all I can tell you is…he’ll be back…

#JeSuisGuppy: Martin Guptill's pivotal and hopeless World Cup

Good analysis mate.

Put simply:
England are in a high, no matter the format, and the same core will slot straight into Test duty.
England is at home and their attack more potent.
They also bat deeper.

I’ve already had a flutter on them.

England's form looks ominous for Ashes

Nicely balanced David.

The whole thing still rankles from a Kiwi point-of-view but we all know nothing, especially venting of the splene, is going to change that outcome.

At best, perhaps wiser heads will concoct a better outcome for those teams that may or may not find similar circumstances in the future, although I’ll stick my house on it being at least 100 years away.

England have simply been the benchmark for some time, a remarkable turn around since 2015, and arguably deserve their victory. And make no mistake, victory it was and is.

Those Keystone Cops provisions have been in place the whole tournament even though the conveners of such nonsense probably never envisaged them determining such an outcome.

There were other significant moments in that final and none of them went New Zealand’s way and that’s just the way it goes. The guys still grafted and gave it everything and while it grates, came up just short.

Your final salvo resonates too. Put another way. Kane is our mentor and hero. He doesn’t sulk or blame or dissolve into histrionics. Kane smiles, acknowledges the opposition, and while he may be frustrated, behaves in a manner we should all aspire to.

Be like Kane…

Final outrage valid, but also a veneer for the bitter

Way to take ownership and assuage the keyboard masses, let alone stake-holders.

As Ronan has indicated a lot more pressure would be brought to bear had it been another nation on the end of this.

Would have thought Taufel’s comments alone meant they had to say something.

Bet it’s the last time we see that procedure at a World Cup tho…

ICC issues statement on controversial Cricket World Cup moment

The Black Caps have struggled similarly for years to get those gigs too Paul.

We have been punching above our weight for some years now and only just starting to get more Tests.

Sssooo looking forward to Boxing Day, for example…

The Roar's 2019 Cricket World Cup awards: Player of the tournament to biggest disappointment and everything in between

Ha Allanthus.

Yeah, what was Santner thinking; at least wave the blade dammit!

And Kane’s passtime? Seals, him and Hore…

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

Heya Paul.

Shakib’s stats speak for themselves.

He’s probably got a way to go to outdo Imran, Beefy, Sobers, and Kallis, especially at Test level.

But in ODIs he is right there. He leads or has led Bangladesh as they established themselves, has been appallingly treated by their administration but he’s still there and rocking.

Hard to believe he debuted in 2006 and is still only 32.

I have no problem with your rationale around Kane either. I have a decent man-crush for the guy but his is a more subjective assessment IMO.

The Roar's 2019 Cricket World Cup awards: Player of the tournament to biggest disappointment and everything in between


New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

Ronan is an Australian correspondent mate.

It would appear however, he has struck a nerve.

Do carry on though…

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

C’mon Bus.

Ronan’s point is valid whether you like it or not.

Like most he has already acknowledged your team and their win.

Asking for some consideration that ensures mistakes aren’t repeated is good for the game… surely…

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

Daniel already got this right in his article.

Shakib should have got that gong.

Not that you’ll get an argument from this Kiwi; Williamson is the role-model for all aspiring young cricketers. All class. With blade and demeanour…

Was Kane Williamson the right choice for player of the tournament?

I stayed up Ronan.

Admittedly switching between channels in the hope the great Roger Federer would claim another Major at the home of tennis, Wimbledon. Alas…

And I am still internally forlorn. BUT… your statement about the English turn around since 2015 resonates for me. Quite remarkable. They’re a great team and they are Champions. Kudos to them and their fans.

Whatever the furore may have been if another nation had been involved is immaterial now. Captain Kane handled it like a man and I’m proud of him and proud to be a Kiwi today.

There were other turning points in that game too. Roy’s LBW (another rule needing analysis – out is out). Taylor’s LBW. We should have retained the referral option frankly but that was a poor decision from Erasmus, who has been the umpire of the tournament. The normally brilliant Boult stepping on the boundary.

I just don’t think the cricketing Gods were in the mood to assist the Black Caps yesterday. Maybe they put 100 quid on England to win at the outset.

That those rules need addressing so that calamity is avoided in the future is a no-brainer though and I hope the ICC is listening.

Was that your title mate?

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

You had to edit that to get it to sound so classy?

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

Excellent Daniel.

Thought Shakib was POTT too mate. The guys is simply superb and far and away the best all-rounder in the world; he may be a contender for the best all-rounder ever.

Kane’s winning the award was probably more a recognition of his role in the final and a consolation prize really, not that he hasn’t been brilliant himself.

If there was a manly character award Kane would have got that too after the farce he had to endure in that final. His handling of baited questions from the media makes me proud to be a Kiwi. Fronting after such an emotionally draining, see-sawing contest must have been difficult indeed.

Congratulations to England and their supporters from a disappointed Kiwi; no matter the manner, nor outcome of that final the reality is you have been the benchmark and the turn-around since 2015 quite remarkable.

The Roar's 2019 Cricket World Cup awards: Player of the tournament to biggest disappointment and everything in between