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Work in Credit in Finance. Father of 2. Former player, now social. Armchair opinionator. Love what I learn from the Roar. one of the best Sports sites I have ever seen.



God I adored Chisel mate. Flame tree is an all time fave.

But Dragon, Mi-Sex, Hudugurus, Aussie Crawl, Th’ Dudes – great era for us old guys…

Yeah, noticed this chick and some small humans racing around my house since the sports channels abandoned me.

They seem nice…

The Wrap: Rugby shuts down… am I ever going to see your face again?

Yep… that’s a paddling…

The Wrap: Rugby shuts down… am I ever going to see your face again?

Went to the Blues’ last game for the season on Saturday Geoff.

KFC pavilion; the hot-wings flowed…

Thought an under-strength Blues still produced some great moments.

Wouldn’t have picked you as an Angels fan mate; great tune too.

Sports is in its death throes all around the globe and i’m … well… lost… to be honest. No rugby, cricket or tennis?

The Phoenix are just killing it at the moment so that’s something I guess but how long is that and the League going to make it?

Might have to drag my big derriere from the couch and actually play some sports…

The Wrap: Rugby shuts down… am I ever going to see your face again?

Roscoe is a linch-pin, no doubt.

But this is more telling when it comes to the Black Caps’ ODI success: the consistency of their batting line-up, the elite quality of their fielding, and the brilliance and dependability of their bowling.

Nowhere was this more evident than the World Cup.

Really looking forward to the Chappell-Hadlee series despite Clark’s comments and probably equally, because of the insipid performance in the recent Test Series on your shores.

Thanks Ronan…

Ross Taylor is Australia's biggest threat

Is it time to believe mate?

More and more convincing.

Defense convincing.

Beaudy to add life in the halves behind one of the better packs in the comp?

Not so secretly excited RT…

Super Rugby Round 6: Wollongong is beautiful this time of year

Yeah, I feel that.

I confess though that I will still watch the Internationals and that the big hits DO resonate. I apologise for my short-sighted gratification.

But in all seriousness, and as a former bowler, I abhor the lack of contest between bat and ball with dumb-downed pitches and licensed switch-hitting.

It’s interesting that guys like Williamson and Kumar can still make hay hitting cricket shots in that format. Telling perhaps?

And while we could argue that it’s eroding that technique and application so rewarding in Test Cricket, it also remains true that the shorter format has had a direct influence on the increase in outcomes we have seen in that longer format.

Kiwis' big chance to end 35-year drought in Australia

Still a vastly superior product to hit and giggle Mick…

Kiwis' big chance to end 35-year drought in Australia


Great handle mate…

Super Rugby Round 6: Wollongong is beautiful this time of year

I have the Reds getting pasted in Super Bru Dave – 25 point margin

Super Rugby Round 6: Wollongong is beautiful this time of year

Gidday RT,

Akira’s start will be interesting. Always rated the guy’s skill-set but Sotutu may keep him out in any case; he has really grabbed the opportunity.

It’s surprising the Blues remain such an enigma as they shore up the front, middle and back rows. Their back row stocks are excellent and with the new Laws regime favour teams who are more dynamic at the breakdown.

Looking forward to seeing how they go in Wellington…

Super Rugby Round 6: Wollongong is beautiful this time of year

At home they are class.

I think it’s a strong Australian squad for this series, although their schedule on the back of those losses might advantage the Black Caps initially.

Kiwis' big chance to end 35-year drought in Australia

My pick too Dave.

And an okay result if we can fight enough to make these into exciting contests…

Kiwis' big chance to end 35-year drought in Australia

And how much effect the psychologists have had on the traditional heebie-jeebies we get before we even reach Australian shores…

A little tongue-in-cheek but a conundrum that exists IMO…

Kiwis' big chance to end 35-year drought in Australia



Kiwis' big chance to end 35-year drought in Australia

Ha. You must be old like me.

It’s all part of society’s general graduation to lazy short-term gratification.

If only those pajama fans could appreciate the see-saw battles within battles that the whites’ game produces. The examination of technique and application. Ball versus blade. It’s funny, the older I get the more I appreciate it.

But, like millennials, they want their fix, and the amount of money pajama giggles garners makes producers and advertisers giddy with greedy avarice…

It ain’t going nowhere mate…

Kiwis' big chance to end 35-year drought in Australia

Rocking back and forth, head in hands, simpering… “Oh God no…”

We all know how those fearless predictions ended for the Black Caps just a few months ago, Ronan.

I hope you’re not taking the pi$$!

On a more serious note, and to the delight of my Therapist’s college fund for his kids, I actually agree with you, dammit. And for the same reasons.

The Black Caps have a fit squad and will be looking to atone for their previous insipidity against the Australians who are coming home on the back of a drubbing. They will also be aware the Chappell-Hadlee trophy, much coveted in the past, has been in their cupboard for a while.

The Black Caps have been clinical against the Indians since stuttering through the T20s but will be wary of a wounded Australia at home who still have, on paper at least, a strong squad as well.

As they should be. Finch, Warner and Smith Labuschagne have all caused head-aches in the past and if Marnus and a couple below him fire the carnage could be repeated.

As a Black Caps fan a win and some steely fight in close encounters will be enough. Despite the embarrassment that was that Test tour only months ago the Black Caps have had a pretty successful summer.

Watch out for Kyle Jamieson. Young medium fast seamer who gets some bounce and can also swing the blade a bit. Ferguson is also back and hope he can regain some of the form that saw him so successful in England. Boult is returning to form too.

Our only concern is the Captain’s recent lack of runs but Kane is too good not to come good.

Dare I say it, we may even keep that trophy in the cabinet.

I relayed all this to my therapist in sweaty fervour. He just laughed and rubbed his hands together tho…

Kiwis' big chance to end 35-year drought in Australia

What a catch!

Thought Jadeja’s catch off Burmrah to remove Watling was excellent as well.

In fact the passion the Indians have shown in the field reflects their climb in the rankings somewhat although there are still the odd clangours…

Ravi Jadeja drops jaws with an all-time CLASSIC catch

Appreciate your enthusiasm but…

This Test is not over yet. India resumes at the crease this morning 97 runs to the good with 4 wickets in hand and I reckon anything over 140 won’t be easy to chase, altho I concede I expect (read as “hope”) the Black caps to come out on top.

What Virat is short of is runs. He may or may not have some niggling doubt in private but has repeatedly advised the dearth of runs at the minute does not bother him. He runs his side positively and is as passionate as any I have seen when a bowling plan works or a scintillating catch such as Jadeja’s produces a wicket.

I agree India are really missing Rohit’s experience and form with the blade but the lack of leadership you refer to is as much the fault of administrators as Kohli’s. He is a forceful personality though no doubt. Guys like Rohit, Jadejha, Shami and Bumrah should all be part of the leadership group but everyone knows who makes the final call.

3 things are also contributing to the low totals from BOTH teams here. The pitch, while not menacing, contains some assistance for the seamers and has even taken turn, Jadeja’s beautiful dismissal of de Grandhomme a terrific example. And both sides have had been able to extract some bounce and movement in the right areas which has troubled the bladesmen from both teams. Some have persevered to make half-centuries by being a little patient but the majority of wickets has been either poor technique or poor shot-selection.

Finally, your estimation of previous Indian greats is not without merit but I would argue this nearly the best Indian team I’ve seen when fully fit. It has a greater balance to it due to its world class seam attack. They are not the first gifted team to struggle away from home where their is more bounce and lateral movement.

Virat Kohli has lost his self-belief

Speaking of reality biting…

Super Rugby Round 5: Reality bites

Morning gents.

Crusaders – Better than the Highlanders who’s last minute escape can’t mask the mediocrity
Sharks – Should be too big and too fast for the Rebels as they head for home
Chiefs – Competition winners against Aussie conference winners should be match of the round.
Reds – Set piece at home
Stormers – Jags to take out the conference but Stormers at home in a tight affair
Blues – You guys have made me emotional with the love for my beleaguered franchise.

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

Hang on Paul.

Just grabbing some popcorn that has been pinging in the microwave at my place for 159 seconds!

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

Nah mate, that was me…

Super Rugby Round 4: Short and sweet

Will they ever Nobes.

That’s a game changer…

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here

I agree with Ruchika in that the ODI results weren’t entirely unexpected on the evidence of the T20 series. IMO the Black Caps could, have and probably should, have won 2, maybe 3, of those games while India should have closed out last ODI.

The Black Caps acquitted themselves well with some bigger names missing in that ODI team but it was also obvious that the return of some experience to that side made a difference too.

While we are still hurting from a frankly insipid effort across the Tasman around Christmas the Black Caps are not to be under-estimated at home. The potential return of Ferguson and Boult will add to the home-team arsenal with Boult and Southee looking to swing the ball and capture some early scalps.

IMO India will miss Rohit and I’m frankly astounded they can find no room for in-form Rahul down the order in spite of his white ball preference. I guess it just goes to show how incredible their depth has become.

I am hoping will Young does enough to force a spot in the Black Caps. Equally, Jamieson has probably done enough to make the squad as well, troubling the top order with bounce on a length. There are some great young players coming through but that’s another story for another day.

My concern will be our spinning and all-rounder spots. Santner has really struggled with the red ball and looks down on confidence. I would like to see his spot go to Patel or Sommerville. Kane simply must roll his arm over too if we’re not taking twin tweakers.

And I would also like to see more of Mitchell as the all-rounder. He has impressed so far.

Looking forward to some cricket in traditional whites…

After ODI failure, how are India shaping up for their Tests against New Zealand?

cough…cough…bull-pucky… cough… cough

Friday night derby thanks

Super Rugby Round 3: Nothing to see here