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AFL finals fact checker (part II)

Drawing inspiration from the Federal Election and the various “fact-checkers”, several well-established claims regarding the AFL premiership will be tested. The Claim: “Premierships are built on defence” Ask any AFL traditionalist and they will bemoan the fact that footy ain’t what it used to be. Carlton great Alex Jessaluenko admitted last week he doesn’t watch […]

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Referees have too much influence

A heap of talk has been generated over the controversy surrounding Harry Kewell’s sending off in the World Cup match against Ghana. It doesn’t matter whether it was the right call or not, this incident highlights the fact referees can have too much influence on a football match.

Amazed that everyone tipped GWS. They were lucky to beat Port and Syd and were absolutely woeful against the Hawks last week. Reckon the Dogs will get the chocolates.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 22

Precisely. It you run around sticking your arm out at 90 degrees you are asking for trouble.

A European Super League would destroy football as we know it

There are notable exceptions though

Mandela did not support changing the Springboks jersey despite the most of the black population supporting it being changed.

His wearing of Springboks jersey ( regard by a many as a symbol of apartheid) is considered a powerful image as part of that country’s reconciliation process

NZ government backs Crusaders on potential name change

Given concern about Climate Change and extreme weather, the Wellington Hurricanes should also change their name…

NZ government backs Crusaders on potential name change

“We’re also concerned about the intrusive nature of the reporting involved here.”

So photographing players in a public place acting like dicks is intrusive??? Gimme a break!

What a waste of a front page

No doubt it would have been closer, but I just can’t see the England taking 20 wickets in enough matches. The Australian bowlers were much better with the ball and the bat compared to their English counterparts. The Poms batting collapses once they were 5 wickets down was a major point of differentiation. The story could have been so much different in Adelaide and Perth if the Poms hadn’t fallen away as badly as they did.

Would Australia have regained the Ashes without Steve Smith?

Germany have a fantastic record when playing their first match in the group stage (they gave Portgual a nice touch up in their opening match at the last world cup). It’s generally the second match where they can be prone to have a stumble. Worst case scenario for the Socceroos would be a repeat on the 2010 World Cup (Germany in opening match).

2018 FIFA World Cup draw: The best and worst case scenarios for the Socceroos

“But the move into Asia was designed to expose Australia to a tougher qualifying route, and it’s done exactly that.”

Not sure if I agree with this. Australia went 30 years without qualifying when playing through Oceania yet have qualified for the consecutive world cups when playing through Asia.

Not saying Asia is easy, but when there are 4 automatic qualifying spots up for the grabs (compared to none in Oceania) I would be argue that is easier to qualify through Asia.

The biggest problem when playing in Oceania is that Australia would pummel their local rivals and then have to face a substantial better and battle hardened opposition in a cut throat play-off.

While the overall standard of Asian football is superior to Oceania, the fact that 4 qualification spots are on offer makes it easier in my view. The results speak for themselves.

Our road to Russia is no more difficult than any other nation's

He’s entitled to clear his name if he feels he has been defamed. The jury agreed.

The ones with reputational damage is Fairfax not Gayle.

Gayle’s court case a bad look for cricket

It’s a crying shame.

Grand final rematch pencilled in for Round 2 as 2018 AFL fixtures released

As an interstate Swans fan, the fixture is utter rubbish. Just two afternoon games, one over the Easter long weekend, the other against ‘heavyweights’ Gold Coast Suns.

Do they actually want people to travel to attend matches? Apparently not, it’s all about TV ratings.

I’m cancelling my membership in protest.

Make Saturday Arvo footy great again!

Grand final rematch pencilled in for Round 2 as 2018 AFL fixtures released

Unless you want to censor the internet, I am afraid criticism on social media is here to stay.

This is not a situation isolated to footballers, celebrities and politicians cope of plenty of insults and worse.

The fact there are a lot of angry people in the world and with the anonymity of social media and group ‘pile on’ they feel comfortable hurling abuse.

Another point I would make is alot of the criticism players receive can be considered general banter and some can be genuinely quite funny (e.g. memes and gifs ) and are not vindictive in nature.

The reality is footballers are highly paid figures in the public spotlight and have to deal with criticism, some of which will be harsh and unfair.

The focus needs to be on better equipping players to better deal with the inevitable criticism they are going to face throughout their playing career.

Footballers are people too, so treat them as such

The Dockers picked up Nathan Wilson for a steal. GWS have practically traded him for nothing.

Every deal done in the 2017 AFL trade and free agency period

“Hasn’t yielded the promised/expected results”

Bar winning a premiership, the Franklin recruitment has been a roaring success. 2 GF appearances, Membership and general media exposure up and the performances of Franklin himself has definitely met expectations.

The expectation that the Swans would steamroll the competition winning multiple flags with Franklin was largely driven by the media and whining Victorian clubs. Had things panned out that way, they wouldn’t have received due credit. Now that they haven’t met the lofty expectations of outsiders, they get panned for it.

Basing your measurement of success purely on premierships is a very narrow measurement. Is Geelong’s recruitment of Patrick Dangerfield a failure because they haven’t won a premiership? Adelaide’s recruitment of Eddie Betts? Carlton’s recruitment of Chris Judd?

Have the Swans lost their 'Bloods' culture?

I think the answer is pretty simple. Playing in Adelaide is playing in a fish bowl with intense media scrutiny but without the glitz and glamour. If players want to get out of a fish bowl environment they move to Sydney, Brisbane or Gold Coast. If they don’t mind all the media attention, they move to Melbourne so they can make more money off their brand and rub shoulders with the AFL’s movers and shakers.

Tippet. Dangerfield. Lever. Cameron. Why players leave the Adelaide Crows

Agree on that, but I think’s its unlikely they will land all three players without having to trade some silverware. Gold Coast in particular will try and put them over a barrel.

Three to Essendon, Hodge to Brisbane

I must say I have schaden fraude from watching the AFL entangle itself in its own self-righteous, moralising hypocrisy.

Whatever the AFL does they are hyprocrites. If they do nothing, they appear to condoning behavior they have said they are against. If they do take action, they look even more hypocritical given their own backyard is not exactly squeaky clean.

Perhaps Gill and his mates should think about punishing themselves. Kicking themselves up the backside would be a good start.

The AFL's 900 million shades of hypocrisy

It promises to be a great game, hopefully the umpiring is up to the same standard.

The Roar’s AFL expert tips and predictions: Grand final

I guess the rule book doesn’t apply when it’s a grand final and involves a player from a Victorian side.

Cotch-in! Tigers captain free to play in AFL grand final

“”If Sloane is suspended, parliament must intervene”

Who will then run a postal vote so all AFL fans can have their say…….

Best team versus best story: An early look at the AFL grand final

A big disadvantage that all Non-Victorians face is that they have to play finals and grand finals at the MCG. Most interstate teams would be lucky to get 4 games a year playing there during the home and away season. It can be hard to adjust to a wider ground, particularly if you your home ground is narrower (Subiaco) or smaller (SCG).

The Swans don’t play the MCG particularly well and given they face the best of the best at this ground they have failed to deliver.

The challenge is for teams is Sydney is that do they build a list and game plan that suits the MCG or one that better suits the SCG where they are going to play most of their games each year?

The Sydney Swans are built to win flags - so why don't they?

I would say Dogs and Giants were Top 4 based on their final standings. If the Swans draw was “no harder than fair”, how would you describe Richmond’s draw? Just two top 8 sides (Eagles are woeful in Melbourne anyway) and were smacked off the park against the Crows. The Swans were highly fancied going into 2017 off the back of their 2016 that is true, but at the risk of sound like a financial adviser, previous performances are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

See the Bulldogs as Exhibit A in that regard.

Another failed finals series for John Longmire

I’m not ignoring it, they were woeful in the opening 6 weeks. It does make their recovery better because their margin for error was practically zero from that stage on.

Another failed finals series for John Longmire

Absolutely Birdman. When the team is playing poorly, the coach cops the blame but he should also take the credit for the recovery.

While not making excuses for their start, they had a fairly tough draw (Dogs, Eagles and Giants) and a fair few injuries to boot. A 2-3 start wouldn’t have surprised me.

As for the Hawks, they were still a decent side who troubled some of the better sides this year (beat Sydney twice, beat Adelaide at home, drew with GWS, lost to Geelong by 4 points). The difference this year was that they were inconsistent. At their best they were still a side to be reckoned with. It wasn’t only the Swans who had trouble with them.

Another failed finals series for John Longmire

Cam, I know you are not a fan of Longmire but a bit more context would not gone astray.

They started 0-6 and became the first team EVER to qualify for the finals from that position. Are you giving Longmire any credit?

Over the last 18 games, they were 15 wins and three losses. Two of those losses were by a goal. They probably should have beaten the Hawks at the SCG (Mills utter shank kick for goal and Hanneberry failing to guard the mark probably cost them the match). Over 18 weeks, they were bound to have an ordinary match and were facing a Geelong side that were desperate for redemption and played accordingly. Geelong has been soundly beaten by the Swans on the last three occasions so that effectively forced them to experiment. A lot easier to take chances when you have less to lose.

You also fail to mention that irrespective of the form of the teams going into the game, history overwhelmingly favours the home side in Week 2 of the finals. At least three quarters of the matches have been won by the home side. In addition, a team winning the flag from outside the top 4 has only happened twice in 20 years (something a lot of pundits seemed to have forgotten).

Criticism of the players for their performance in big games is definitely warranted, but Longmire is not as poor a coach as you make him out to be.

Another failed finals series for John Longmire