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My thoughts.

1. Gawd please no! Yet another area of contention umpires will invariable cop flack when they stuff it up. Stewart will receive a hefty punishment at the tribunal. Move on.

2 . No just need better enforcement of the current rules. A blanket stopping the play rule will be gamed and again puts the umpires in the gun.

3-6 Agree though on point 6 I’d go further and just get rid of the entertainment all together. Have a curtain raiser match instead.

Six Points: The dangerous problem the AFL must fix now, and is there a better solution than red cards?

No doubt the AFL in its infinite wisdom will decide to broadcast matches on delay to “encourage” people back to the games.

Six Points: No.1 pick needs to cut the dirty play out now, and why the Bailey Smith scandal was handled perfectly

Yes agree. There were also several free kicks paid off the ball for ill disciplined or clumsy acts on both sides, several of which resulted in goals. Almost all of these were all justified in my view.
That’s is very different to a game where umpires are blowing for every little discretion in contested situations. That sort of over officiating can often ruin matches and doesn’t priduce a high score.
There was a passage of play in the Syd v North where four consecutive free kicks were paid in marking contests progressively up the field that resulted in a goal. All of those frees were dubious and just killed the game as a spectacle.

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Swans and Tigers put on a classic despite the controversy - and why THAT non-50 was the right decision

I still to this day don’t understand what Rampe was thinking. Was his hoping he could hold onto the post and grab the ball like King Kong grabs an aeroplane? 😛

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Swans and Tigers put on a classic despite the controversy - and why THAT non-50 was the right decision

Not sure if I agree with the logic that more frees amounts to higher scoring and overall better play.

The umps paid 60 frees in the Swans v North match and that was low scoring and painful to watch.

I think the reason there were so many frees in this game was the ill-disciplined acts committed by both sides. Reversal free kicks are rare in modern footy and there were at least two (possibly three?) in this match alone.

Maybe a bit more agro is needed to spice things up?

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Swans and Tigers put on a classic despite the controversy - and why THAT non-50 was the right decision

Those Richmond/Sydney hypothetical trades would be abysmal for the Swans. Giving up 3 players who could well be stars over the next decade. Glad your not in charge of list management Brett 😛

Dusty to Sydney, Tex to Port - How a mid-season trade period could spice up the AFL and 12 moves we'd love to see

Alternatively he can offer to flagellate himself on social media and offer to be permanent patron of the Dylan Shiels Hurt Feelings Foundation.

AFL NEWS: Swans unsure on Martin but star has Hardwick's blessing if he wants out, Pickett banned, Rohan ready

“With the concessions they were given when set up as a club, the talent that has been through the door ever since and the ability to trade that talent out for high draft picks year after year to always have more coming in, the Giants have been by far the most underperforming team across the last decade.”

Three word rebuttal – “Gold Coast Suns”

With Leon Cameron gone, GWS finally have a chance

Why is the Luke Parker ‘taunt’ even a thing? Has the game seriously gone that soft that a bit of banter is out of bounds because it might hurt someone’s feelings?

As for Dustin coming to the Swans, go for it, worth the punt and will likely have salary gap space at the end of this season.

AFL NEWS: Swans unsure on Martin but star has Hardwick's blessing if he wants out, Pickett banned, Rohan ready

COVID-19 has been the perfect cover for the AFL to implement a range of changes that the fans loath but the corporate backers love.

As well as moving the GF time slot, the floating fixtures is another bee in the bonnet.

Just goes to show who really runs the game

Six Points: Lloyd's Bomber bake misses the point, Leon Cameron deserves more credit, and AFL flips fans the bird again

This season feels alot like the 2002 season. The reigning premiers are considered a lay down misère for another flag and we are just going through the motions to that inevitability.

Of course the 2002 GF was much closer that many expected so hopefully for the neutral fans history repeats.

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I’m tipping West Coast….possibly not to score

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 8

The Swans no doubt pour serious dosh into the academies so they should be able to get first dibs on any talent that comes out of it.

There is alot of cherry picking that goes with the criticism, but let’s put some perspective.

In 2021, the academy had 500 male players on the list. How many will go on to play AFL football and how many of those will become A-grade? I reckon it would be 5% if they were lucky.

It is also worth remembering the purpose of these academies is to foster talent in non-AFL states. Most of the teenage rising stars are playing and excelling at multiple sports and it is often fiercely competitive to attract these kids to pursue a single sport professionally. Isaac Heeney has admitted on multiple occasions he would not be playing AFL were it not for the Swans Academy.

Finally, I know I was critical of cherry picking draft examples but since that door has been opened, two can play that game.

Let’s say pick the 2011 AFL Draft, the Swans use pick three to select Dom Tyson and in exchange give up 33 (Brad Hill) 36 (Rory Tagett) 37 (Jack Newnes) 43 (Jordan Lockyer).

Or 2006 – Pick Three (Lachie Hansen) for pick 33 (Jarryd Morton) pick 36 (Alywn Davey) Pick 37 (Todd Goldstein) Pick 43 (Tim Houlihan)

Or 2017 – Pick Three (Paddy Dow) for Pick 33 (Tom McCartin) Pick 36 (Charlie Constable) Pick 37 (Harrison Petty) and pick 43 (Connor Ballenden).

The draft is a fickle mistress and having high draft picks certainly does not guarantee success.

BRETT GEEVES: Are the Swans still 'cheating with that bloody academy' - or time to cut them a break?

Spot on Cam. The consistency (or lack thereof) to overzealous rules are what is killing the game. Could you imagine if this were to decide the GF this year? Fans will tear the stadium down!

While on the the subject on non adjuication how many times have we seen this year a player doing a kick in from a behind able to stroll out 30 meters without bouncing the ball and not being pinged? Have the umpires been told to simply ignore this rule for the sake of the game?

AFL House does it again - creating more problems than they solve

Roll your eyes at the umpire. That’s a paddling…

AFL NEWS: Lachie Hunter takes leave over 'personal issues', AFL responds to crackdown anger, Port's 'great faith' in Hinkley

Yet another over reaction by the Boffins and AFL HQ trying to fix a problem at community level AFL.
Umpires are not quitting at community level because players are throwing their arms up in frustration, so why on earth do they feel the need to crack down on this at AFL level? What’s next, ejecting fans who boo umpires?

BRETT GEEVES: Round 5 was a s--t show and ludicrous spate of 50m penalties threatens to derail AFL season

Oh no we suck again! 😛

'So happy and so ready': Ash Barty's shock retirement from tennis

Gee, Adam Simpson said the quiet part out loud. What is the Eagles’ position on kids that went to a private school but their parents are divorced?
Still, best to stick with a philosophy that avoids any issues, recruiting cleanskins like Ben Cousins…..

BRETT GEEVES: Kane Cornes' 'respect' whack for Jack Ginnivan was fair, and revealed plenty about their generations

Ta. Bolton is definently the stiffest to miss out and I actually originally had him in the side ahead of Kirk. However, Bolton’s (suprising) lack of individual honours means he misses out. Creswell also played an important mentoring role for the likes of Kirk and Bolton that can’t be underestimated.

Celebrating 40 years in Sydney: Swans all-stars line-up

Let’s face it, Kyrgios is the Happy Gilmore of tennis. He will bring the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

The only question remains is whether he claim a grand slam and then life would truly imitate art!

The AO, tennis fans and Nick Kyrgios should all be embarrassed

Agree 100%.

The other issue is that the TA correspondence to players stipulated that any applications for vaccine medical exemptions needed to be submitted by 10 December, nearly a full week before he contracted Covid.

It therefore begs the question on how he was even granted a visa in the first place?

Is this yet another example of special dispensation for the privileged?

Djokovic family's angry reaction to claim Novak mingled with children after positive COVID test

Rodney Eade is another that could fit into the Brad Scott mould. Taking the Swans to a GF and several finals campaigns and three consecutive prelims with the Bulldogs.

Similar to Scott, Eade’s chargers were underdogs (no pun intended!) in all three of their losses so perhaps does make the losses perhaps a little easier to stomach.

I think it is much worse when lose a match when you are expected to win or get completely smashed in a big match. They can be tough to recover from.

Which coach stands to lose (or gain) the most from preliminary final weekend?

Franklin’s goal in the dying stages of the 2011 prelim is the best goal I have ever seen. I still don’t understand why this goal doesn’t get the accolades. It doesn’t even rate in Buddy’s best ever goals (admittedly he does have an impressive highlights reel). Perhaps if it had been the winning goal in the Prelim it might be a different story.

The degree of difficulty on that goal is absolutely off the charts.

'Twice the ecstasy and twice the heartbreak': Preliminary finals have their own place in history

“cognisant of finishing the match at a suitable time for younger footy fans”

By scheduling the match so that it finishes the same time as last year’s GF well after 10pm.

AFL locks in timeslot for 2021 grand final

I don’t really understand how the Swans are under salary cap pressure. With Buddy likely to retire next season (and possibly Josh Kennedy) that would free up around 1.7m of salary cap space from 2023 onwards. Add the likely delisting of Sam Reid adds another $400k. They must be paying serious overs for B graders!

Could a Neale deal help Brisbane, and how would it work? Five big questions from AFL trade bombshell