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AFL finals fact checker (part II)

Drawing inspiration from the Federal Election and the various “fact-checkers”, several well-established claims regarding the AFL premiership will be tested. The Claim: “Premierships are built on defence” Ask any AFL traditionalist and they will bemoan the fact that footy ain’t what it used to be. Carlton great Alex Jessaluenko admitted last week he doesn’t watch […]

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Referees have too much influence

A heap of talk has been generated over the controversy surrounding Harry Kewell’s sending off in the World Cup match against Ghana. It doesn’t matter whether it was the right call or not, this incident highlights the fact referees can have too much influence on a football match.

Eddie truly is the Donald Trump of the AFL land. Everything is tremendous and outstanding when the facts state otherwise. Given his own ‘colourful’ past in this area, he would be the last person who should be doing pressers on addressing racism.

Eddie McGuire's trainwreck of a spin job only reinforces damning Collingwood report

Congratulations to India. Incredible performance capping off an enthralling series. Lowest score ever and record run chase in the one series!

The victory in Aus a couple of years ago perhaps came with an Asterix given the absence of Smith and Warner, but this series victory comes with an explanation mark given they won with the absence of their captain and decimated by injury.

Rishabh Pant masterclass guides India to incredible fourth Test win at the Gabba

2012 was definitely missed opportunity but they would have lost to the Cats in 2011 if they made the GF.

Brisbane, Geelong, Hawthorn or Richmond: Which dynasty has been the best?

Other sides may be stronger in a hypothetical match up, but for me the Brisbane Lions three peat represents the greatest achievement owing to the fact they are a non-Victorian side having to travel interstate every second week.
The comparison table should include the amount of kilometres travelled during the season and the number of matches played at the MCG in premiership years.
The Lions would have travelled the by far the most amount of kms and played by far the fewest matches at the GF venue (MCG), with 2020 being an anomaly of course.
As the article mentions, the Lions were also denied a prelim at the Gabba in 2004 due to the disgraceful and outdated rules the AFL had with the MCG at the time. Who knows if that would have impacted the 2004 GF result.
The Lions were also the first side to achieve the three peat in the modern AFL era, hence you could argue they were the trailblazers that set the new blueprint for success that the other sides have followed.

Brisbane, Geelong, Hawthorn or Richmond: Which dynasty has been the best?

Point 2 is what I have often thought about the Cats. Their bottom 6 exposes a soft underbelly that too often has been found out in big matches.
To win big finals, you need at least cameo contributions from your bottom 5, preferably with 1 or 2 playing out of their skin.

The Geelong Cats are at a crossroads – again

That would be small consolation for many Victorians who still see the competition as the VFL with 8 gatecrashes.

The first time ever the GF has been played outside the ‘home’ of AFL. That will sting, particularly for MCC members. The announcement has been coming, but it wouldn’t numb the pain.

Confirmed: AFL locks in night grand final at The Gabba

So who will be saltier? Victorians or Western Australians?

Confirmed: AFL locks in night grand final at The Gabba

Seems a bit harsh to single this out as an example.

The pandemic has decimated most aspects of society including sport.

Not matter how cashed up a club/sporting code is they can’t spend money as if everything is hunky dory. Clubs and the AFL will be under massive financial pressure for at least the 2 years (likely many more).

Before the sexism argument gets thrown about, I would note the AFL has recently announced massive job lay offs and killed the ENTIRE NEAFL competition to merge with the VFL with one of the existing NEAFL clubs (the Canberra Demons) told their aren’t invited.

I would say many of those people would be feeling expendable right about now.

Everyone in AFL land is hurting at the moment. Men, women, girls and boys.

Do the Richmond Tigers really care about women's footy? I'm not so sure

Interesting concept but has some flaws. One is difference is weather/ground conditions which has already been raised and other other is would probably lead to more score blow outs and tanking.

A 100 point flogging is proportionally likely to be far more damaging to a team’s percentage as opposed to a “Points For” system. This could encourage coaches to bench the top players when the game is lost or rest them entirely from matches if they remain in front of clubs on the same number of wins but ahead on “Point For”.

Percentage keeps teams more honest.

People understandably loath low scoring matches, but remember when alot of goals are kicked it is often only one team that is kicking them.

Why it's time to ditch percentage from the AFL ladder

Not a Hawks supporter by any chance?

Facing their lowest ebb in some time, Swans must get creative

I think your original assessment was correct: The Swans aren’t as bad as you think.
Yes they are 17th but their 4 loses have all been to last year’s finalists (Essendon, Bulldogs, West Coast and Richmond) and two of those losses were by single figure margins.
An injury list of the Swan’s magnitude would massively affect most if not all teams, let alone a team that wasn’t expected to make finals.
All of your suggestions make sense, but let’s see how they go against some of the other also-rans (starting with the Suns this weekend) before we get too critical.

Facing their lowest ebb in some time, Swans must get creative

Sydney seems most logical approach given proximity, climate and the ability to get bums on seats.

Still way too early to start planning now though.

What’s currently happening in Victoria could pop up in another city come September/October.

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?

Geez who’d be a sports administrator at the moment.

I also pity the poor bugger who has to keep redoing the fixture spreadsheet!

AFL reveals Round 5 changes after Richmond denied entry to Queensland

Optus can have 30,000 people attend.
Yep a big crowd with no match.
I guess it’s a nice variation to Yes Minister’s hospital with no patients. 😛

Winless Dockers demand AFL hub end date

A reasonable health comment but the reality is the AFL is forced to try and work with the hand it has been dealt due to the State Border restrictions particularly in WA.

The WA Government has carried on like a petulant child, thinking it is far more sensible to transport 16 teams and support staff 3000km across the nullarbor and stay there for potentially the entire season.

I don’t really see what other choice the AFL had to keep the competition running. Either a few clubs have to take a hit or the whole things gets called off. The latter is looking increasingly likely.

Winless Dockers demand AFL hub end date

You’d be pinged for holding for the ball…

Seven talking points from AFL Round 2

The buddy deal was always a massive risk to the Swans and sadly those risks are being released.

It will be a shame if Buddy can’t get to 1000 goals. Still eminently achievable with 2 years left on the contract but father time may have other ideas.

As for the pursual of Danniher I wholeheartedly agree with Question 3. It frankly defied believe what the Swans were prepared to offer for him last year. Adrian Dodoro saved them from their own stupidity.

Four burning questions for Sydney ahead of the AFL restart

Based on this news How on earth can the NRL claim to be forging ahead (in full)? Methinks they will shortly be tapped on the shoulder….

AFL season suspended due to coronavirus

Amazed that everyone tipped GWS. They were lucky to beat Port and Syd and were absolutely woeful against the Hawks last week. Reckon the Dogs will get the chocolates.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 22

Precisely. It you run around sticking your arm out at 90 degrees you are asking for trouble.

A European Super League would destroy football as we know it

There are notable exceptions though

Mandela did not support changing the Springboks jersey despite the most of the black population supporting it being changed.

His wearing of Springboks jersey ( regard by a many as a symbol of apartheid) is considered a powerful image as part of that country’s reconciliation process

NZ government backs Crusaders on potential name change

Given concern about Climate Change and extreme weather, the Wellington Hurricanes should also change their name…

NZ government backs Crusaders on potential name change

“We’re also concerned about the intrusive nature of the reporting involved here.”

So photographing players in a public place acting like dicks is intrusive??? Gimme a break!

What a waste of a front page

No doubt it would have been closer, but I just can’t see the England taking 20 wickets in enough matches. The Australian bowlers were much better with the ball and the bat compared to their English counterparts. The Poms batting collapses once they were 5 wickets down was a major point of differentiation. The story could have been so much different in Adelaide and Perth if the Poms hadn’t fallen away as badly as they did.

Would Australia have regained the Ashes without Steve Smith?

Germany have a fantastic record when playing their first match in the group stage (they gave Portgual a nice touch up in their opening match at the last world cup). It’s generally the second match where they can be prone to have a stumble. Worst case scenario for the Socceroos would be a repeat on the 2010 World Cup (Germany in opening match).

2018 FIFA World Cup draw: The best and worst case scenarios for the Socceroos