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Let’s face it, Kyrgios is the Happy Gilmore of tennis. He will bring the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

The only question remains is whether he claim a grand slam and then life would truly imitate art!

The AO, tennis fans and Nick Kyrgios should all be embarrassed

Agree 100%.

The other issue is that the TA correspondence to players stipulated that any applications for vaccine medical exemptions needed to be submitted by 10 December, nearly a full week before he contracted Covid.

It therefore begs the question on how he was even granted a visa in the first place?

Is this yet another example of special dispensation for the privileged?

Djokovic family's angry reaction to claim Novak mingled with children after positive COVID test

Rodney Eade is another that could fit into the Brad Scott mould. Taking the Swans to a GF and several finals campaigns and three consecutive prelims with the Bulldogs.

Similar to Scott, Eade’s chargers were underdogs (no pun intended!) in all three of their losses so perhaps does make the losses perhaps a little easier to stomach.

I think it is much worse when lose a match when you are expected to win or get completely smashed in a big match. They can be tough to recover from.

Which coach stands to lose (or gain) the most from preliminary final weekend?

Franklin’s goal in the dying stages of the 2011 prelim is the best goal I have ever seen. I still don’t understand why this goal doesn’t get the accolades. It doesn’t even rate in Buddy’s best ever goals (admittedly he does have an impressive highlights reel). Perhaps if it had been the winning goal in the Prelim it might be a different story.

The degree of difficulty on that goal is absolutely off the charts.

'Twice the ecstasy and twice the heartbreak': Preliminary finals have their own place in history

“cognisant of finishing the match at a suitable time for younger footy fans”

By scheduling the match so that it finishes the same time as last year’s GF well after 10pm.

AFL locks in timeslot for 2021 grand final

I don’t really understand how the Swans are under salary cap pressure. With Buddy likely to retire next season (and possibly Josh Kennedy) that would free up around 1.7m of salary cap space from 2023 onwards. Add the likely delisting of Sam Reid adds another $400k. They must be paying serious overs for B graders!

Could a Neale deal help Brisbane, and how would it work? Five big questions from AFL trade bombshell

I’m no fan of any of our leaders at the present and quite happy to criticise Gladys as well as Marshall in SA hauling residents into hotel quarantine from off the street is the stuff of a military junta.

What gets up my goat is State leaders chest thumping about locking other Australians (we are all Australian btw) out of jurisdictions under the guise of health advice yet strangely that doesn’t apply to the favoured few such as elite sports people.

Popular it may be, but it doesn’t make it right. And no, I don’t have a personal axe to grind on this issue.

McGowan will be in a tricky situation if one of the gf entourage causes an outbreak.

'Thank god they've only got it for one year': Eddie keeps firing at WA after grand final snub

He has deliberately fostered division in Australian society for political purposes. He’s not the only one but he’s been the most vocal and arrogant. Pride comes before a fall though.

'Thank god they've only got it for one year': Eddie keeps firing at WA after grand final snub

Gee tough one to take sides on this one. The mouth from the south vs Emperor Lord Chairman McGowan of the People’s Republic of WA.

'Thank god they've only got it for one year': Eddie keeps firing at WA after grand final snub

“Sydney Stack finished third in the 2019 Rising Star and can do things on a football field that most can’t”
He also can do things OFF the football field that most can’t (or shouldn’t) 😛

'Short rebuild or try to spring back immediately': Their reign over, Richmond stand at a fork in the road

Should have played GWS v Port in Canberra as always planned.

UPDATED: Footy chaos as NRL, AFL postpone games with Queensland in lockdown

What the tip this is the final round for a while? Two more matches moving to the Gold Coast the merry go round continues.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 18

Similarly if you accidently bumped into someone on the street turning a corner and broke their nose, you would receive a life sentence!

AFL full of hypocrisy and mixed messages on concussion

Let’s just turn AFL into a non-contact sport and put everyone out of their misery….

AFL full of hypocrisy and mixed messages on concussion

Sanity prevails though it should never have even gone to the tribunal.

Match Review Panel needs to remember that AFL is still (for now at least) a contact sport and these sorts of injuries and knocks will occur.

Intent of the player’s actions need to be given far more weight when they are making assessments.

Crows' Mackay cleared in landmark AFL case

I guess that’s why they call them the Blues….

Carlton are this century's saddest football club and it's not even close

Part of being professional athlete is that you have to front up when things are going against you. Only interviewing winners would make things incredibly boring.

Too often these days public figures are way too selective on when they want media exposure.

Quite happy to appear in front of the camera when it is to their benefit (promotional campaigns to flog their latest brand) but then squeal and complain when their privacy is ‘invaded’.

You can’t pick and choose when you want to turn the media tap on and off. It’s all or nothing in my book.

Osaka withdraws from French Open

A sensible compromise should be to put time limits on press conferences. 15 minutes max

Osaka withdraws from French Open

If attending press conferences is detrimental to one’s mental health then I would argue the life of a professional tennis player (months living out of suitcase away from family and friends, playing in front of crowds live and on tv, training and rehab) is equally detrimental.

Being a professional tennis player comes with great privilege and yes a few responsibilities.

If you can’t handle it, then perhaps it is time to step away for a period. This is what Osaka has done.

Osaka withdraws from French Open

It’s the only way Arsenal can get back to top flight football.

A European Super League is elitist, arrogant and criminal

The Suns issues are systemic and long-term I’m afraid. This is reflected they have never made finals in their 10 years in the competition.

The constant churn of players looking for more success, turn over of key administrative personnel such as strength and conditioning coaches and having to pay overs to keep and retain fringe players from other clubs.

It does not bode well for any type of success.

Campbell Brown has been scathing of the Suns based on what he saw inside the tent and has compared the Suns to what clubs such as Hawthorn were doing over the same period.

Is it time to stick a fork in the Suns?

My general rule of thumb is that if you can’t win a home preliminary final, you won’t win a flag with your current squad. This particularly applies to Non-Victorian sides.

Think Adelaide and St Kilda (2005), Freo (2015) and Giants (2016). The only side that springs to mind that bucks this trend is Sydney who lost a home prelim in 2003 and won in 2005.

That for me rules out Port and Bris given their home losses last year.

Richmond and Geelong look to be the frontrunners once again. West Coast could emerge for one last decent crack at a flag with their current list. Dogs could be a bit of a smoky if a bit of luck goes their way.

Which top-four side is most under threat this year?

While the article correctly identifies the AFL’s reasons for not wanting to seriously consider a Tassie bid, it is a sad reflection of modern sporting bodies that there only real consideration is about dollars and growth. It seems tradition and football heritage only count if you are a struggling Victorian team that needs propping up.

In regards to expansion sides, while GWS and Gold Coast may have added “12 seconds of news coverage” in QLD and NSW nightly bulletins (if you are lucky) it has come at enormous cost to the AFL with no end in sight.

The Giants are bleeding money, losing over $4 million last year. Even before COVID they were losing money, against a backdrop of rising membership and fairly strong on field performances.

They are likely to struggle on the field for the next couple of years which does not bode well for future financial stability. I’d imagine Gold Coat would be in a similar position.

Stop dreaming - Tasmania won't get its own AFL team

The fact there is only one serious entry tells you everything you need to know about the ‘desirability’ of hosting the games.

It is widely considered a poisoned chalice and this is becoming increasingly evident.

Brisbane Olympics as good as a done deal: Coates

A reasonable question to ask but we need to careful we don’t go too far in the other direction.
The complete banning of runners in cricket is overkill in my view. It has led to scenes where a batsman has clearly blown their hamstring and been forced to hobble on and risk further injury or have to retire hurt.
A time limit on medical attention is reasonable but 3 minutes is too short. It may take medical staff that long to properly assess the injury.
Ultimately tennis is not a team sport and if an individual can’t continue, then the match is over. Would fans who have forked out an arm and a leg to watch slam final want to see the match forfeited because a player has rolled their ankle and it can’t be strapped within 3 minutes? I think not.

It's time for tennis to call timeout on medical breaks