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The problem is simple: The interest in the A-League is minute resulting in Mike’s article still being at the top of the page after 3 days.

Someone find Evan so he can write a decent article about the football for us to discuss.

Melbourne City have a massive image problem

Well, I won’t be around to display my public discourse should it happen.

I’m a man of my word. I will not comment on this forum again should I be wrong.

The A-League can't afford to delay expansion any longer


The A-League can't afford to delay expansion any longer

Mere chest beating from our latest hero in the Chair’s position.

No rational person authorises two new franchises (let alone an entire Board) into the season with less than a year of preparation. If they think they can pull off a WSW double, well…that will be the greatest mistake in Australian sporting history.

All the WSW proved was the sheer incompetence of the previous Board for not having a Western Sydney team from day 1. Speed was also of the essence, in this instance, due to the disbanding of Palmer’s Play Thing United.

Expansion next year compared with 2 or 3 years will result in very little positive upside when looking at the bigger picture. However, the success of the preposed two new franchises, if rushed, will. There is zero benefit rushing in next season, only downside. The risk vs reward makes no sense either, unlike in the above example involving the WSW. Finally, there will be no pressure on the current Board to get it done next year. There will if they mess up both franchises in the proceeding years, especially from the ‘I-told-you-so’ brigade.

Investment is key to the future of the A-League. Investment requires stability. P/R does not provide this, stifling the capital investment required to build a strong tier 1 league that can go head-to-head in the most challenging football market in the world.

The broadcast deal is what it is: An investment by Fox at very little cost relative to their portfolio. It’s also obvious (to me anyway) why they paid the amount they did. Control & time. Control is quite obvious, but Fox is still years behind in their streaming infrastructure and development; just like Channel 7 was when the ballsed-up both their Winter and Summer Olympics steaming apps.

Time is the key here. They will control it for a further 4 years, by which time, the NBN will be fully developed here in Australia along with the 5G network, which Telstra plans to fully unveil next year. By 2020, 4G and 5G will be standard, capable of steaming 4k & 8K content respectively with ease to the masses. Foxtel will also have developed their steaming app, which too has recently been unveiled via beta access, over this same time period.

All those who predicted mass competition from other streaming services such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, Optus etc. will finally be right. However, they will have been wrong for the previous 10 years — sending their companies broke in the process due to their lack of understanding of the critical infrastructure required for their vision to become reality within an acceptable timeframe.

It’s that simple. My smarts have very little to do with it. Just common sense.

The A-League can't afford to delay expansion any longer

I need to make more time to help this forum out, along with its struggling writers.

Let’s get one thing straight: there are some real muppets on this site with some crazy ideas. That’s fine, but it’s not okay when these same people continue to predict everything wrong while enforcing their lunacy on others.

For instance:
— we had a few who predicted a $100m + broadcast deal
— elaborate broadcast structures involving Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.
— A Tasmanian expansion team as a certainty according to their ‘sources’
— P/R this year, but if not, definitely within the foreseeable future
— Woolworths coupon style marketing deals
— Discrimination policies

Some have even managed to balls all of the above up, which is impressive. Statistically, they should have guessed something right by now. But according to their ‘close contacts,’ i.e. made up bu!!$H1t we are going to see expansion next season.

Let me tell you how this WILL play out:

1. There will be no expansion next year
2. There will be no P/R in the next ten years. Not in a capacity that would jeopardise the security of any of the current ‘marquee’ franchises or high-profile future bids
3. The current broadcast deal will remain in place

Why? Because I am never wrong. I’ll empathise this point again. I am NEVER wrong!

The broadcast deal was around the $60M as predicted.
A near identical broadcast structure to the AFL’s as predicted.
The remaining six hopefuls include Southern Expansion and South Melbourne as anticipated.

Why am I so good at predicting with such accuracy? Because I use common sense first and foremost. That, and I’m a genius of epic proportions.

If expansion occurs next season, I’ll never comment on this forum again. That’s how confident I am.

The A-League can't afford to delay expansion any longer

I wish I had more time of recent to join discussions like this.

It’s been a pleasure reading some of the comments by others today actually talking football, and its tactics, on the Football Forum.

It’s been a long time and I commend Evan for writing an article like this for us to engage in proper footballing chat.

Let's talk about Australian managers

It’s only a matter of time before United set a new world transfer record when they sign Kane.

Chelsea crack as Spurs march into the top three: EPL Matchday 13 wrap

The A-League may well be the poorest quality domestic elite competition in Australian sport but Honda certainly wears an Italian pinstripe suit well.

Time for Victory to get serious about Asia

I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me giggle.

A-League boss: Expansion might have to wait

Fecking edit function, or lack of!

Melbourne Cup 2018: Exotic bet help – quinellas, trifectas, first fours and more!

Along time ago then.

Melbourne Cup 2018: Exotic bet help – quinellas, trifectas, first fours and more!

I’ve picked 5 of the last 12 Melbourne Cup winners based purely on stats.

Avilius is the likely winner based on my awesome formula — 5 yo, good odds, good weight etc.

Put your house on it. I’m rarely wrong, except on those other 7 occasions!

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Remind me again the last time the favourite won?

Melbourne Cup 2018: Exotic bet help – quinellas, trifectas, first fours and more!

You want tough games at home and gimmes away. Lions to make the eight!

Disappointed with the Cats draw. It needs to be the toughest for someone of my ilk to be truly satisfied:

They’re now certain favourites for the flag.


AFL reveals fixture for 2019

WSW to smash SFC. The rest of the games really don’t matter — they’re utterly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s hope that horrible sky blue top attracts a few more fans this year.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 2

Firstly, I wish both you and your father all the best.

The A-League should be striving to become the best competition in the world. I’ll repeat that. The A-League should be striving to become the best competition and forget about the quality. This should include best practice when it comes to the use of the VAR.

We have a wonderful opportunity to show not only the rest of the footballing world but also every other sport how it should be done. Nestor Pitana has set the benchmark of how it shouldn’t be done during the last World Cup final.

Football, and especially the A-League, has fallen victim to fear — a fear of allowing an incorrect decision to stand. In an attempt to remedy such doubt, the VAR has been implemented but with one fundamental flaw: a ‘clear & obvious error’ caveat. This and only this is where the problem lies.

I love technology. It will be humanities saving grace, but it comes with its limitations, ones we must be willing to accept. Technology, in this instance, is causing confusion and doubt, all in one sentence, which is self-defeating, to say the least.

At present, the VAR is given far too much time behind the scenes, casting doubt upon referees such as Nestor Pitana when they’re informed of a potential ‘mistake’. They, of course, will be affected by such doubt; vehemently acting as a panacea.

Courage in the wake of adversity from public uproar is required, with proponents of the ‘clear & obvious error’ caveat holding firm in the event of an incorrect decision not being overturned, despite the cameras telling us potentially otherwise.

Nestor Pitana showed a lack of courage, irrespective of whether he made the correct decision or not. He walked to the monitor, spent over a minute before walking off to make his decision, only to then walk back to the monitor for a second glance. From this point, it was clear & obvious that his original non-decision was ‘not’ clear and obviously wrong.

Right there is the problem with the current system. The FFA can show real leadership in this area and show the rest of the world how it is done.


The A-League needs a better narrative than just VAR

Sports writing at its finest.

Destiny makers: How the Eagles re-wrote their story and seized the premiership

Prospecting is never about stating the obvious. It’s all about impending glory, and no club has a better future at ruling the Australian sporting landscape than the mighty WSW.

The Reds and Sky Blues look good, but what about the Wanderers?

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Parra is a dump. Don’t limit yourself to the slums of the world. The WSW will soon take over the entirety of Sydney. However, bring a riot shield in the interim if you’re afraid, the police certainly do.

Sure enough, they will become the Manchester United of the Asian Champions League, except, they’ll actually win it more often than not. Everyone wins via brand recognition as the WSW single-handedly raise the profile of the A-League throughout Asia.

Leave that backwater you call the Central Coast and join a real team, in a real city and start living the dream.

The Reds and Sky Blues look good, but what about the Wanderers?

You fail to acknowledge one important fact about the Glory: They are useless!

The Reds and Sky Blues look good, but what about the Wanderers?

Nobody cares about pre-season half-baked competitions. Nobody! To draw some magical conclusion from it is more a reflection of boredom than anything else.

The WSW will once again be a beacon of hope in perilous times. The only club with the potential to become World Class in the greatest city of them all.

Sydney FC can enjoy their moment in the sun. Hopefully, they won’t be playing that bat$$!t boring game style they call football again this year (for their 50 fans) now that Arnold has moved on.

Once my boys are entrenched at WSS next season, they’ll completely take over the west, along with everything else.


The Reds and Sky Blues look good, but what about the Wanderers?

A close grand final does not a classic make

The journey is the best part.

Why take a path of misery for a majority when you can endure an action-packed life of heartbreak, sorrow and glory. It’s what it’s all about!

You lost this time, but it doesn’t mean you have to like it.

Good luck next year. It’s a shame you’ll lose again to my Cats though. 🙂

Five talking points from the AFL Grand Final

Oh so close.

Bucks is like the Terminator – he’ll be back!

The column you were never meant to read: what if Collingwood won?

Congrats once again to the Eagles and their fans. They dug deep for most of the match after tripping out of the block. That takes great character.

To the Pies: commiserations. Superb effort to give themselves a chance, once again, at ultimate glory.

Go Cats 2019!

Five talking points from the AFL Grand Final