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Well, at least you’re admitting it was a war dance. Here’s another one for you:

Directed straight at the Carlton supporters, just like I said. I’ll remind you of your comment, to the contrary, for all to judge: “There was no aggression directed at anyone. Goodes himself said straight after the game that it had nothing to do with the Carlton fans.”

He had 30,000 other fans he could have directed his actions at. He decided to target a select few who all just happen to be Carlton fans. Coincerdence?

If you’re still not convinced, listen to Dennis Cometti’s comments:

He clearly states it was directed at the Carlon fans — don’t believe one of the most respected commentators in the history of AFL broadcasting if you like.

I’ll accept an apology, at any stage, for your blatant lying.

The AFL’s uncomfortable relationship with racism

I’m flattered.

Longmire rues co-captain drama in tough loss to Pies

Is that you Waz? Arto…interesting name.

Look, I apologise for being an a##hole. Just be thankful I don’t frequent here that often.

At least you learned something.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

You’re getting emotional your Holiness. I can understand your fear — Armageddon will soon be upon the flaccid Roos.

Brad Scott bows out: Roos coach to forego final year of contract

The Cats will be the only team around here doing the flogging.

Longmire rues co-captain drama in tough loss to Pies

Quagmire was funny the first time. Not so much the second time.

Lift your game.

Longmire rues co-captain drama in tough loss to Pies

No, I mean care.

Brad Scott bows out: Roos coach to forego final year of contract

That’s not what Waz is arguing.

Waz and his buddy for the past year have been suggesting Optus’ main strategy is to provide exclusive content to their account holders only. As such, they hoped many would migrate their phone services from other providers, which has not happened to a large degree whatsoever. Just read Waz’s own words about how he was planning to migrate two of his Telsta packages to Optus, which is just not necessary. He knows this now but won’t admit it.

Waz is confusing a content driven model such as Netflix, Stan etc, with that of a service provider. I’m not suggesting that telcos shoudn’t try what Optus has attempted but it’s failed and I’ll tell you why:

If Netflix has something I like, I sign up. It’s that simple. I can cancel my subscription with ease. I’m free to choose whatever I like, nor do I have to change my mobile/broadband provider in the process.

So yes, Optus provide exclusive content in the form of the EPL but it’s no longer exclusive to Optus mobile/broadband customers only. This is the point at the very heart of our discussion.

Now, I know you don’t particularly like me, but I do try to bring balance to this forum when I have the time. Generally speaking, it’s terrible here — this is another fine example.

Hopefully, I’ve helped.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

“Having unique content reduces churn, people will stay for content they love.”

Are you deliberately being obtuse? Do you understand that Optus is not providing unique content that’s exclusive to their customers? I cannot be any clearer. I really can’t.

If you don’t want to answer the straightforward question I posed to you, then don’t bother coming back to this conversation. If you choose to ignore it, then I’ll take that as an admission of defeat.

Secondly, I won’t be drawn into a conversation about other markets such as the UK. You know damn well that their market is entirely different, unlike ours, which is a virtual monopoly held by Telstra and Optus. Customer service is not an issue when they are both as $#%@ as each other. I even told you Optus has the worst record of any company (telco or not) so to suggest people will switch when they don’t have to, is just ludicrous.

A simple thank you for better educating you in this field would be nice but silence…just as good.

One last reminder: don’t bother wasting my time further unless you are willing to answer why Optus has changed its business model.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

Does anyone care who replaces Scott? And right there is the problem, not the coach.

Brad Scott bows out: Roos coach to forego final year of contract

That’s not what Lewis Jetta said.
“The dance Goodes performed was a war cry created by a group of Aboriginal teenagers from the football development and leadership program, the Flying Boomerangs.”
Those are his words, not mine. Sorry to kick you in the guts like that, along with whatever narrative you’re trying to push.

The AFL’s uncomfortable relationship with racism

I don’t care what Goodes said after the game. At the end of the day, he directed a war dance at the Carlton supporters deliberately.

I’ll reiterate it again, a war dance serves two primary purposes:

1. Intimidation; and
2. Spiritual preparation.

Goodes failed on both fronts. What he did do well is throw a jerrycan full of petrol on an already volatile bonfire.

The AFL’s uncomfortable relationship with racism

I think you’ll find I know quite a bit about the Haka.

In 2005, I provided off-field medical support to the All Blacks at Millennium Stadium when they played Wales. I learnt quite a lot that day, both medically and culturally.

The WRU wanted the AB to perform the Haka between the National Anthems but the NZRU denied this request, preferring it to be performed in its traditional slot before kickoff.

Captain Richie McCaw added: “It’s disappointing for fans but it’s been traditional to do it the way it’s been done and there wasn’t a good reason to change it.

“If the other team wants to mess around, we’ll just do the haka in the shed. At the end of the day, haka is about spiritual preparation and we do it for ourselves.”

They also never direct it at the crowd. Never! Go ask Richie McCaw yourself.

As I said, there are two primary reasons for performing a war dance. This is one of them and something Adam Goodes knows very little about.

On your bike now, Davico.

The AFL’s uncomfortable relationship with racism

But it’s not in plain text for all to see, Waz. Even if it was, you still haven’t answered the underlying question as to why Optus changed their business strategy, if indeed what you say is true.

Secondly, it’s not how most businesses operate at all. They work on the premise of people not switching their plans, whether it be a telco, utility, loan, etc. The recent Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry showed this. One of its recommendations was for transferrable bank accounts to allow customers to switch banks easier.

Think about it: if customers aren’t willing to change their mortgage to save thousands per year, as shown by the RC, then why would they bother changing to Optus to watch the HAL — especially when they don’t have to?

It’s not how people operate at all. People don’t like switching service providers, which is why Optus changed their business model. It’s that simple, Waz.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

Which is why I’ve tipped them. You may well get those bets right but it’s not good pot odds betting.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

But it’s not there in plain text, Waz. And even if it was, you still have not answered the fundamental question of ‘why’ Optus has changed their business model. I don’t frequent this forum that often. I find a majority of opinions here to be quite juvenile, hostile and factually incorrect.

What you have stated is, once again, 100% incorrect. You were not aware of Optus changing their business strategy, which completely negates everything you have said today regarding it has a business strategy.

Furthermore, it is not how most business strategies work. Most consumers will not switch providers, whether it be a telco, utility, mortgage, insurance account, etc. Decades of data show this and it’s one of the main reasons the government always advises consumers to shop around on a regular basis.

A perfect example is the recent Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. One of the recommendations was to have individual bank account numbers that consumers could keep, making it easier to switch banks. Most don’t because of the hassle, just like they don’t often change their gas, electricity or telco provider.

If consumers are not willing to change their mortgage, which costs them thousands on average extra per year, as shown in the RC findings, why would they switch their telco just so they can watch the EPL via a service provider that has the worst customer service record in the country? What you’re saying not only makes no sense but it’s factually incorrect in every possible way.

No one will come to your defence. Not even your staunchest buddies who have liked what you said. They’ll read this and know I’m right…begrudgingly, as usual.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

I tend to find people who end a sentence with ‘lol’ to be quite immature.

Let me educate you on a cold hard fact: a vast majority of people do not watch sport or even care about it. If indeed you have worked in the telecommunications industry you would know this. The audience you are speaking to on this forum is not the norm, which is the mistake you, and your pretend lawyer buddy, make every day when conversing on this site.

Why is this relevant? Because I don’t need to look a the financials. Optus changed its Optus Sports business model. End of discussion for you. Don’t blame me for your lack of awareness in this regard.

Even if I did look at the financials, a vast majority of their revenue is affected by other strategies outside Optus Sport. Did it ever occur to you that there may be other reasons for their recent favourable financial results? They are, after all, one of the largest telcos in this country? If in the unlikely event it was all attributed to Optus Sports, then why not maintain its exclusivity?…something you will find challenging to answer.

So if you want to use Optus’s financials as the pièce de résistance of your argument, then you better come with more than just a ‘lol.

Finally, understand one thing, Waz. No one beats me in an argument on this site. No one.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

Instead of providing pseudo credentials, I’d prefer it if you just answered the question.

If what you say is true then why has Optus gone against everything you just said?

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

Totally agree.

The AFL’s uncomfortable relationship with racism

Scenario 1
Waz changes over not one but two services to Optus — a company that has the most amount of complaints to the Ombudsman over the past 10 years — just so he can watch the HAL on Optus Sports.

Scenario 2
Waz listens to Rick. He stays with his current provider, downloads a little thing called an app and watches the HAL on whatever device he likes.

I think we both know which option you are going to take.

BTW — why don’t you give us your business expertise on why Optus decided to allow access to Optus Sports, by the masses, and not maintain exclusivity to Optus customers.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

Yes, it is.

Optus decided that their $@5ty business model, which Waz and his other pretend business buddy love, just didn’t work. Otherwise, they would have kept it exclusive to Optus customers.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

I hate to break this to both you and Mike (who liked your comment) but you don’t need to switch providers to watch Optus Sports.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

The p3$$ant economy of Qatar will struggle to host a 32-team tournament, let alone 48.

FIFA axe Qatar World Cup expansion plans

Firstly, with regards to Adam Goodes. I believe he could have done things very differently on several fronts. Was the booing bestowed upon him purely racist? I doubt it. Was there an undercurrent of racism? Absolutely!

For example, the Carlton Supporter’s incident is something that could have 100% been avoided and was deliberately antagonistic. Adam Goodes must accept this, along with the consequences of such an action.

Why? He learned a dance from a bunch of kids that he has very little to zero connection with, apart from the indigenous one. By its nature, it’s confrontational and is one of two reasons why a war dance is performed. If he cannot handle the immediate response, i.e. booing in the short to medium-term, then he hasn’t learnt the second reason: Morale.

It’s counter-intuitive to direct such aggression towards the supporters, especially when that same entity can deliberately orchestrate psychological warfare in the form of booing. The All Blacks have and never will direct the Haka at the crowd, only their direct opposition.

Now he’ll have learnt from this, along with (hopefully) some of the supporters who inappropriately booed Goodes for other more unsavoury reasons.

The Indigenous Round, I believe, is fantastic. The jumpers are amazing, along with the recognition and celebration of our Indigenous culture.

Go Cats!

The AFL’s uncomfortable relationship with racism

I’m tipping Freo to win, but that’s not a good bet in anyone’s language at $1.75, Pete. Pod odds are not in your favour. In other words: make that bet 10 times and you’ll come off second best by a long shot.

Essendon at $2.70 is good pot odds if you wanted to have a bet. I’m not tipping them to win, but I’ll be putting a bet on them though.

Right there is the difference between tipping and betting.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10