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Toby is my hero. If I were 30 years younger, I’d probably have a picture of him on my wall. Dirtiest player of the modern era. Love it.

Lachie Whitfield ruled out of preliminary final

Cats will comfortably dispatch of the One-Hit Wonders.

The GF result will be ’05,’06 & ’15 all over again. Figure that one out for a gold star. 🙂

Lachie Whitfield ruled out of preliminary final

Most true Pies fans will be disappointed at this, along with Green’s suspension (which I fully expect to be overturned at appeal). This is the best weekend of football. Nothing like your team pitting it against the best — not some half baked reserves team.

Lachie Whitfield ruled out of preliminary final

I heard reports that the urine sample was switched for an energy drink.

Lemon lime Gatorade or Red Bull would have been my substitute choice.

The Eagles will soar without Rioli

Geelong by 20 goals.

I’d give a reason, but I did that last week and was completely wrong.

Go Cats!

Geelong Cats vs West Coast Eagles: AFL semi-final forecast

That’s quite the conspiracy you’ve got going there.
Well done.
I’m more interested in who will play Rioli in the musical.
Any ideas?

Geelong Cats vs West Coast Eagles: AFL semi-final forecast

I guess Dunstall and Pavlich didn’t think too highly of the man.

Don Pyke quits Adelaide Crows

I don’t watch the FFA Cup but it’s good to hear they’re playing some decent football. It’s been too long.
Not having a manager walk out at the start of the season can only help. I’m expecting a big year from my boys in the A-League.

How valuable will Bankwest Stadium be to the Wanderers?

This will be a good test for the A-League and the WSW.

Great stadium.
Great location.
Great brand.
Great game.

If the A-League cannot make this club work…it’s doomed.

How valuable will Bankwest Stadium be to the Wanderers?

The Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Reform) Act 2017 was enacted on 16 October 2017.
You can read in further detail about the amendments here:
This is the original Bill:;query=Id%3A%22legislation%2Fems%2Fr5907_ems_978e8b30-1d13-4ced-bfc2-428f25095021%22;src1=sm1
Our government couldn’t run a meat raffle, let alone update its websites.

Has anyone noticed the Socceroos aren't on free-to-air TV?

I think you’ll find you’re using outdated information. For example, free-to-air broadcasters can premier content on their digital multichannels. It’s called the ‘multi-channelling rule’, which was one of many amendments made in 2017.

Has anyone noticed the Socceroos aren't on free-to-air TV?

I think you’ll find this is a direct result of the proposed amendments made back in 2017 to the anti-siphoning laws.

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers involving Australia, played outside of Australia, were removed from the anti-siphoning list.

It has always been a delicate balance for the Communications Minister to weigh up the commercial benefits vs public interest. That and the political pressure, which often follows, should a particular sport/event not be on this list or removed from it.

The Communications Minister, in this instance, felt that the public interest was not significant enough to deny the commercial gains offered by a paywall.

It’s that simple.

Has anyone noticed the Socceroos aren't on free-to-air TV?

And the no #%@$ award goes to?….

Better policing will help improve A-League atmospheres

I have no issue with people like you, Rodger.

Better policing will help improve A-League atmospheres

Not as poor as a bunch of criminals ruining it for the majority.

Better policing will help improve A-League atmospheres

Good luck to your boys. Not long now.

Geelong vs Collingwood: AFL qualifying final forecast

I think someone needs to learn the meaning of the word ‘demean’ and apply it to my original comment.

It’s also why the POMS refer to us, in jest, as a ‘Bunch of Criminals’.

Better policing will help improve A-League atmospheres

I’ve been looking forward to this matchup for some time now.

Scott probably has the most amount of pressure bestowed upon him of all involved tonight. I admire the man and consider him one of the best coaches of the modern era. Tonight, and for the remainder of this finals series, this testament will either hold true or be put to the sword. There will be no in-between.

This year has been all about width for the Cats at the ‘G. Scott knows all too well that width will make or break his chances when it counts. Thompson’s game plan of run-and-gun up the centre mass of the ‘G was perfect footy — it took width out of the equation while having a pure back-six to defend the turnover.

However, this is not how Scott likes to play. He’s a defence first coach, emphasising mitigation and possession over reckless abandonment. It’s taken him nearly ten years to design a winning formula. Now we’ll see if it works against a similar style team, equally as seasoned and hungry to win the Holy Grail of Australian sport.

It’s simple for me. The Cats have been brilliant on the ‘G this year. They had a slip against Hawthorn (those games are always a flip of the coin), but otherwise, their defensive spread has been spot on. The switch to the fat side will be critical against Collingwood, along with intermittent centre corridor spot-kicks — something they sorely lacked against the Lions.

Geelong possesses the best defence in the league by a distant margin. It’s not a pure back-six like Thompson’s either; it’s a Motley Crue of individuals forged under the guidance of two of the greatest defenders in AFL history in Corey Boris Enright and the great Matty Scarlett.

One thing is for sure: Geelong will not go gentle into the good night like in previous first quarters. The Cats are the Roman Legion of this Finals Series. They’re drilled hard, organised and will be very hard to defeat. They’ll make life difficult for Collingwood’s X-Factor players by not defeating them, but constricting their brilliance as a collective.

They’ll use width to defeat Collingwood’s defence with tempo football off their halfback flanks, while using the likes of Ablett and Kelly, further afield, to deliver precision passing into their forward 50. Couple this with an intermittent ballistic offence in 5-minute patches, and we may well see the perfect balance of attack and defence.

Of course, the Cats are up against a formidable foe, along with the Pies Army — this is going to be a cracking match.

Cats by 15 points.


Geelong vs Collingwood: AFL qualifying final forecast

It is what it is, but the status quo will never change unless you have the courage, and more importantly, the tenacity to continue calling it out.

If the AFL wants to become a truly professional competition, that isn’t laughed at by half of the Australian population, then it should take heed of the comments made by one of our more decorated AFL coaches.

'The system's wrong': You'll never guess what Chris Scott is complaining about again

“Sydney Swans have over a million *worldwide* fans”

Thanks for the chuckle.

This should be posted in the Football Forum. The responses would be hilarious.

Hawthorn are not the best AFL club of the decade

I love the second paragraph.

Melbourne Demons vs Sydney Swans: AFL Friday night forecast

One of Geelong’s all-time greats.


Footy legend Polly Farmer passes away at 84

My little baby girl has been keeping me very busy. That and work.

Will be good to get back into the footy in the evenings and chat again.

Hawks veteran Roughead's farewell game secure

They wouldn’t want to lose this game.

Hawks veteran Roughead's farewell game secure

You could both be right. I really have no idea.

Essendon vs Hawthorn: Friday night forecast