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I lost a bet to Adelaide Docker, and this was my punishment

I lost a bet to Adelaide Docker, and this was my punishment

5 Oct 2017

Many parallels can be drawn between Star Wars and the AFL. Both have enduring histories, epic rivalries and powerful entities orchestrating perfidious acts; but above all, they’re enriched with heroes and villains we love or hate.

Can Clarkson's 'chaos theory' win the flag?

24 Sep 2014

The question this week for the Hawks fans is will Alastair Clarkson and his men be the last ones standing at the end of September?

Defence the best form of attack, but attack the best method of winning premierships

13 Aug 2014

There is also a well known saying that ‘the best defence is a good offence’. This is an adage I firmly believe in.

Do the media even know what they are talking about?

9 Jul 2014

I’ve been watching the AFL/VFL now for nearly 30 years and this season is shaping up to be the best I have ever witnessed.