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Destiny makers: How the Eagles re-wrote their story and seized the premiership

Prospecting is never about stating the obvious. It’s all about impending glory, and no club has a better future at ruling the Australian sporting landscape than the mighty WSW.

The Reds and Sky Blues look good, but what about the Wanderers?

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Parra is a dump. Don’t limit yourself to the slums of the world. The WSW will soon take over the entirety of Sydney. However, bring a riot shield in the interim if you’re afraid, the police certainly do.

Sure enough, they will become the Manchester United of the Asian Champions League, except, they’ll actually win it more often than not. Everyone wins via brand recognition as the WSW single-handedly raise the profile of the A-League throughout Asia.

Leave that backwater you call the Central Coast and join a real team, in a real city and start living the dream.

The Reds and Sky Blues look good, but what about the Wanderers?

You fail to acknowledge one important fact about the Glory: They are useless!

The Reds and Sky Blues look good, but what about the Wanderers?

Nobody cares about pre-season half-baked competitions. Nobody! To draw some magical conclusion from it is more a reflection of boredom than anything else.

The WSW will once again be a beacon of hope in perilous times. The only club with the potential to become World Class in the greatest city of them all.

Sydney FC can enjoy their moment in the sun. Hopefully, they won’t be playing that bat$$!t boring game style they call football again this year (for their 50 fans) now that Arnold has moved on.

Once my boys are entrenched at WSS next season, they’ll completely take over the west, along with everything else.


The Reds and Sky Blues look good, but what about the Wanderers?

A close grand final does not a classic make

The journey is the best part.

Why take a path of misery for a majority when you can endure an action-packed life of heartbreak, sorrow and glory. It’s what it’s all about!

You lost this time, but it doesn’t mean you have to like it.

Good luck next year. It’s a shame you’ll lose again to my Cats though. 🙂

Five talking points from the AFL Grand Final

Oh so close.

Bucks is like the Terminator – he’ll be back!

The column you were never meant to read: what if Collingwood won?

Congrats once again to the Eagles and their fans. They dug deep for most of the match after tripping out of the block. That takes great character.

To the Pies: commiserations. Superb effort to give themselves a chance, once again, at ultimate glory.

Go Cats 2019!

Five talking points from the AFL Grand Final

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing, Cam.

Well done to both the WCE & Collingwood. Great game – could have gone either way, but there can only be one!

A close grand final does not a classic make

I don’t have an offseason. Check out the EPL if you want to watch some real football:

An FFA Cup derby in Penrith? Smart decision all round

Us real sports fans will spice this place up in the coming weeks. It’s been like a morgue around here over the past 2-months.

An FFA Cup derby in Penrith? Smart decision all round

Soak it all up. It’s tough to make a GF and even tougher to win it. Relish the experience.

You should be very proud of your boys; irrespective of the result tomorrow, but remember one thing: no one remembers second place. No one!

Eat breathe and $$#t B&W tomorrow.

The seven factors that will decide the 2018 AFL grand final

AFL season over this weekend, Mike. I’m expecting a good codewar article next week from you.

An FFA Cup derby in Penrith? Smart decision all round

I just made all that $#@t up, but of course, I’ll be right again. 🙂

Good luck to your boys.

The seven factors that will decide the 2018 AFL grand final

Hey, I’m a genius, not Nostrafckingdamus.

The seven factors that will decide the 2018 AFL grand final

Problem is, if you guard space forward, you leave open space on the other flank to run into. Space De Goey loves.

I don’t know of any player who can stay on the heels of De Goey on the lead. It’s their X-factor combination that will prove lethal on Saturday for the Eagles.

The seven factors that will decide the 2018 AFL grand final

Let me give you seven better reasons as to why the Pies are going to win:

1. There is no matchup for De Goey. None!
2. There is no matchup for Cox. None!
3. There is no matchup for Grundy. None!
4. Shutting down the games best outside centre player .i.e. Sidebottom will be tough precisely because he’s an outside precision player.
5. Pies have a superior midfield, just like the WCE did in 2006.
6. Bucks is a born winner — his players love him.
7. Home ground advantage.

Two of those players are X-factors — no amount of coaching will stop them if they are on song. This game will be won or lost across the WCE’s half-back line.

The best part is: we’ve seen it all before.

2015 saw a superior Eagles outfit flog the reigning champs at home. 3-weeks later they were whipped by the Hawks away.

2018 we’ll see the same events unfold. 3-weeks ago the Eagles just beat the Pies in Perth. I suspect the same is going to happen this Saturday but in reverse on the Pies home deck.

Resign yourself to defeat Eagles fans — I genuinely feel for your loss. I’m never wrong in these grand final predictions either. Sorry.

The seven factors that will decide the 2018 AFL grand final

About 40 points I’d suggest.

2015 – near 80 point swing in the space of 3-weeks between the WCE & Hawks.

Good luck!

The seven factors that will decide the 2018 AFL grand final

I stand by my words 3-weeks to you, “if this game is played at the ‘G then Collingwood wins’. The second qualifying final is our best reference as to what will unfold on Saturday.

West Coast is my go-to team when the Cats are on vacation. I hope they win, but the Pies switch-play will be difficult to counter on the ‘G, as will their manic high-pressure zonal defence.

The Eagles are the better team. They have superior ball movement and precision. Both have great forward lines with an edge to the Pies in versatility, but superiority in the air to the Eagles via their Twin Towers. West Coast has the edge down back with a better drive and control off their halfback line. The midfield though you have to give to the Pies. Without Gaff and Nic-nat, it’s hard to see them controlling this area of the ground with any authority.

This, coupled with home ground advantage, probably sees the Pies over the line. I’m rarely wrong in these predictions either.

Nonetheless, good luck to your boys on the weekend.

A West Coast win would be a victory for fairness

Missed that discussion, unfortunately. Nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion. Did I tell you about the time I predicted Collingwood would….. 🙂

A West Coast win would be a victory for fairness

The grand final is but a single quantum in elucidating the riddle of AFL equalisation. The doctrine of fairness, within the AFL community, is becoming more paramount due to adversity’s efficacious nature.

I’ve said for years that AFL equalisation is a riddle which cannot be solved. Instead, we go around and mitigate its influence as best we can. Studies around the world have identified three main variables which influence home ground advantage:

1. Travel
2. Environment
3. Support

The first we cannot influence, instead manage at a club level. However, the environment and support we certainly can.

Both clubs have two of the largest supporter base in the country, yet we’ll see Eagles fans outnumber 3-1 come Saturday. It’s simple: provide an extra 10000 seats to WC members. I don’t care if that comes at the expense of some Collingwood fans. They have many other avenues to GF tickets, which is why we see such a lopsided crowd in these types of encounters.

AFL is played on unique grounds. Every AFL ground around the country is different in some way. The same cannot be said about soccer, rugby, baseball etc. well not to the same extent anyway.

If the Eagles lose this weekend, they’ll join Geelong as the most consistent team in AFL history by making seven grand finals. They’ll also join Geelong in losing four out of seven too! What do these teams have in common? Their grounds are the most divergent in dimension relative to the MCG (Optus changes this somewhat now). They both have struggled to win against MCG tenants on grand final day. Five of their six combined premierships have been won against non-MCG tenants.

Mitigation is key again. Change the dimensions to the higher seeded team. In this instance, the WCE should be able to choose the dimensions of the MCG – most notably the width of the ground to mitigate against Collingwood’s zonal defensive spread.

It matters little how much you train for it. Come game day, the team that is drilled best under match conditions will likely win, and no team has been better battle-hardened, at the ‘G, than Collingwood. This advantage must be taken away by slimming the boundaries to a maximum of 130 metres (Optus Oval’s dimensions), instead of 144 metres.

Mitigation is critical and the only way we can bring some level of equity to our great competition.

The home-and-away season… I’ll leave that for another discussion.

A West Coast win would be a victory for fairness

Great effort by both teams.

Bookies have Collingwood as favourites $1.67
WCE $2.25

What a cracking GF this is going to be.

West Coast join Collingwood in 2018 AFL Grand Final

Name me a scenario where that would occur?

Melbourne Storm spear the Sharks, look unbeatable in 2018

It’s not the win.
It’s not the style.
It’s not the enthusiasm.
It’s the process.

I truly admire clubs that are well run, well structured and believe in themselves.

Buckley is a man I’d follow into combat. His troops have always believed in him. His troops have always played for him and tonight his juggernaut of a midfield destroyed an impotent Richmond.

Either the WCE or Melbourne will need to defeat a very impressive side.

Finally, to teams like Carlton: this is why you don’t do rebuilds. Win or lose next week, the Pies have given themselves every chance of ultimate glory without bringing shame to their club, the competition and their fans.

They have my highest praise. Something I don’t give out often.

Ta-ta, Tigers! Collingwood in grand final after flipping flag favourites