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I know the Bombers are flakey but all of theroar’s tipsters and all 16 experts tipped the Giants. I’m hopeful of a good display as we beat them in Sydney last year.

Just shows that all this talk of the Bombers being a top 6 team is fluff. No seems willing to actually tip them.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 1

I hate Carlton as is my right. I am, however, looking forward to them playing, I think they are getting a nice list together. Cripps is one of those players I tune into a game I don’t care about just to watch.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 1

Haha fearts

2019 AFL season preview: Collingwood Magpies

Well Macca, with Carlton’s anticipated upward trajectory and Dylan Shiel individually destroying Essendon as a team and club as a whole, Essendon may well be underdogs by bounce-down of the clash.

Five bold predictions for the 2019 AFL season

Hopefully we’ve just gotten it out of our system so that we don’t do it again in the season proper.

Five bold predictions for the 2019 AFL season

Is it really a bold statement if 90% of the users on here keep stating that Shiel is an over rated hack?

Five bold predictions for the 2019 AFL season

Maybe at No.49 in place of a certain Richmond player…..

2019 AFL season preview: Essendon Bombers

No good as a forward and solid enough for a lock-down defender (he is deceptively quick). He has no attacking game from defence though so he is quite limited.

2019 AFL season preview: Essendon Bombers

I won’t give you credit for the Essendon win as it was the Bombers who beat the Cats by 6 goals.

2019 AFL season preview: Geelong Cats

Yeah I wouldn’t be too concerned at losing to Geelong at Kardinya by 5 goals with players being managed. I’d be concerned if this is the output delivered in round 1.
The narrow confines of Kardinya doesn’t suit Essendon’s run and gun play from half-back. Geelong shut down the space and had plenty of numbers back. Fortunately we don’t play there in the regular season. I would expect to beat Geelong at the MCG (which we have the last two seasons).

Cats beat Bombers in last pre-season hit-out

From memory (albeit a poor one) Dangerfield was offered less money from Geelong than Adelaide as Geelong have a policy of sharing the money around and relying on culture and success to draw players in. Dangerfield wanted to only go to Geelong for lifestyle purposes and took less money than he would have gotten on the open market.
Adelaide, realising they could easily match the monetary bid but only get one draft pick in compensation, negotiated a trade scenario with Geelong. This suited Geelong as they could get Dangerfield for less money despite being a RFA and it suited Adelaide as they got greater compensation for losing Dangerfield.

Are the Adelaide Crows winning the Patrick Dangerfield trade?

If you get them over the top like Josh Jenkins. Otherwise you usually have to earn the ball with good leading patterns, hard running or a contested mark.

The Roar AFL Top 50 2019: 10-1

Yup, standing back unmanned to catch a ball from a poor opposition kick that was the result of pressure applied downfield.

The Roar AFL Top 50 2019: 10-1

With the new rules potentially allowing Cripps more time and space to ply his contested and clearance trade I think he will jump into the top 4 players by year’s end and be one of the most valuable players in the league. I wonder if 200 clearances for the season isn’t out of the question.

The Roar AFL Top 50 2019: 10-1

Like young Silvagni at Carlton, the romance may be over at season’s end without a significant input from Long this year.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

Dylan Shiel is a centre square beast and that is where he will be of most benefit to Essendon. Stringer also looks damn fit and may be in for a big season this year.
Most of my excitement about the season is seeing Joe Daniher up and running again (fingers crossed).
It’s a good analysis Ryan, however, it is likely Essendon will continue to do Essendon things like lose to Carlton tonight.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

Fyfe, Sandi, Hogan, S.Hill, Pearce & Bennell, 1-6?

The Roar's 2019 AFL Top 50: 30-21

Agreed, he is better than that lot.

The Roar's 2019 AFL Top 50: 40-31

Hawthorn are the Lion’s bunnies Macca.

2019 AFL season preview: Western Bulldogs

Yeah not sure Rioli is even in the top 150 players.
At a ranking of 49 he would be considered in the top 2-3 players of every club.

The Roar's 2019 AFL Top 50: 50-41

I can’t see Freo not improving on last year. I also can’t believe you think St Kilda will finish higher. Each to their own though.
I’m not sure if you’re just baiting in an attempt to break the record for most comments on an article on The Roar.
I can help, Carlton is terrible.

2019 AFL Season Preview: Fremantle Dockers

Interesting tactics to play 6 defenders on Hogan when you are up by 71 points deep in the last quarter.

How 2019's AFL rule changes will play out on the field

Having two of the best four teams watching from the sidelines in the finals will not be a good look, particularly if the semi finals are significant blowouts.
The two teams from Conference A that make the finals will certainly have earned it.

Round 3 AFLW review: Competition favourites start to separate themselves from the chasing pack

A team of discards. A real banana skin if they can all click but you would love to have them twice in your fixture.

2019 AFL season preview: Gold Coast Suns

Appears a very shallow and selective analysis to support a preconceived opinion.

Essendon aren't the finals lock you think they are, and here's why