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General news journalist living in Bath, England. Huge tennis fan, but also partial to rugby union, cricket, football, cycling and the Olympics. If you are not good enough to play sport, the next best thing is to write about it. @RichieMills2



Thanks Ribena!
I am trying to find updates on it this week. No luck so far.

Guerrilla, not gorilla, warfare: Fired tennis analyst who nearly died to have his day in court

Hi CJ.
I think she is a fantastic talent. She hits big off both sides, although her backhand, imo, is the better shot. She serves big and moves well, which is key.
I thought Kvitova would win a lot more slams but she is too hit and miss. I think she will win a few slams at least!

Has there ever been a more eventful grand slam?

In this day and age, it really is uncommon. You say it is not uncommon but you’ve listed three people that spanned from Chang (1989-today). That is pretty uncommon.
Nishikori has not had Ferrer’s consistency, Hewitt stopped being a slam contender when he was 23/24 in 2005. He was then blown out the water as he could not compete with the power players and was crippled by injuries.

I am not saying he was an all time great, I don’t even think he was the greatest player to not win a slam but he deserves a lot of respect.

Diminutive David Ferrer will forever stand tall

You are not comparing apples to apples though, re the first two.
The average height back then was around that height whereas now it is 6’2 or so.
The game back then was about touch and skill and now it is so power dominated.
Rios was an insane talent but his consistency really was not there.

Diminutive David Ferrer will forever stand tall

We all strive to become verbs!

The greatest inadvertent record in tennis?

Cheers Decima!

The greatest inadvertent record in tennis?

Thanks Bugs!

The greatest inadvertent record in tennis?

Ha! Maybe pitch it to them and tweet Polansky!

The greatest inadvertent record in tennis?

Good post CJ. The serve was key in his win vs Rafa but I still don’t think it is as good as it was during 2015 and the first half of 2016.

It is a strange one with Rafa. In 2010 at the US Open he was serving between 130-135 mph! I heard that he could only do it for that fortnight because it led to shoulder problems. He clearly has that capability but it is maybe a long term risk, especially as he is 32 now.

If he could find those extra % points, the tour would be in big trouble!

Why Wimbledon was Novak Djokovic's greatest triumph