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Is there any other sport than rugby?



Stan has nothing to do with a broadcast from Fiji – they take what they get. I don’t know who employs Clarke and co but it is not Stan.

The Wrap: Why SANZAAR must hold Frank Lomani accountable for 'going back for his hat'

Re Harrison see Geoff’s comments re Lancaster above.

The Wrap: Crusaders' shot clock fiasco and shhh, don’t put the moz on Darby

Not sure when the shot clock actually started as the ref was distracted by a bit of handbags after the try. But agree – the shot clock needs to be on the screens – stadium and TV.

The Wrap: Crusaders' shot clock fiasco and shhh, don’t put the moz on Darby

It was the last item on Offsiders yesterday – nice pics of a dark stadium. Lasted 20 minutes apparently during a women’s A-League match

The Wrap: Crusaders' shot clock fiasco and shhh, don’t put the moz on Darby

Thanks Geoff.

I wondered all weekend if the shot clock would overrun the game clock, as neither was visible to us. On such small things do events turn. But where was the skipper?

What a game from the Rebels’ women. After the Drua’s first run away try I thought “oh Oh – here we go” But the turnaround was wonderful. As the men found out later, having a decent first half makes the second half “comeback” so much easier. Shame their season is over. I have aa suggestion for a better finals system that increases the number of games at little extra cost: 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 in semis; 5 v 6 to settle the wooden spoon; losers in semis play off for third and winners play off for the trophy.

So, Rebels are fourth after eight rounds and whatever happens in round nine they will still be fourth after all the byes wind out (thanks Reds and commiseration to their fans). I think the need for the bye after eight rounds was starting to become evident as the game wore on and the second half went tit-for-tat. I hope they all enjoy the week off. I know I will.

Apparently the power failed at Tarneit stadium on Saturday night. Ominous signs?

The Wrap: Crusaders' shot clock fiasco and shhh, don’t put the moz on Darby

Very happy with the Rebels team except I would have kept Vaihu over Anderson. Vaihu is quicker but more importantly a much better defender.

Super Rugby teams round 8: Tahs drop Marky Mark, Kellaway returns for Rebels, HMP replaces Lynagh

I should have added this earlier but it looks like the rebels Women will mis the finals again this year. Unfortunately they have the same first-half wobbles that afflicts the men and their rousing second-halves have been to little too late. Friday night was a prime example where the totally iced the Reds in the second half but missed out by a kick. Whatever they are giving these teams at half-time they need to give the up front.

With just the Fijiana to come it makes the 5.00 pm game next Friday a must see.

The Wrap: 'Take them to a dark place' - A quiet round grabs eyeballs for all the wrong reasons

Yes TWAS but this year we have cover in most places.

The Wrap: 'Take them to a dark place' - A quiet round grabs eyeballs for all the wrong reasons

That should be “held” not “hurled” in the penultimate para 😊

The Wrap: 'Take them to a dark place' - A quiet round grabs eyeballs for all the wrong reasons

Thanks Geoff.

Thanks for the continuing insider snippets from the Rebels front. As a fan, the whole thing is like the slow drip of water torture. I can’t imaging what it must be like for the players, coaches and staff. What does stand out for me is that the playing group and staff have not given up at all. If we could only nail the opening 20 minutes of a game, the glorious comebacks would not be necessary. They should understand that many of their long term fans are getting on a bit and our hearts may not stand the strain for much longer.

Staying with the Rebels, I am, really pleased to see Uelese finally start to show the form and maturity he has always promised but not often delivered. I hope he keeps it up. Canham and LSL are really developing as the engine room of the pack – but not sure they can keep up the really long shifts they put in on Friday. Gordon had the second half of his life and he seems indestructible – let’s hope so.

Did you, like me, wonder why both Canham and Gordon did not get pulled for an HIA?

I am actually starting to genuinely feel sorry for the Tahs. I can remember numerous seasons when the Rebels have been crippled by injuries to key players. It is not a great feeling and turnarounds within the season not possible. That said, the Brumbies were always going to win that game comfortably – and they did. I’ve only watched the nine minute recap of the Force game but the score says it all.

Not much more to say re Lomani and Koroduadua. Don’t know the latter, but Frank surprised me. I am sure he regrets his actions deeply. Canham was interview on the pitch post game and admitted that he and Frank were good mates and he hurled no grudge about it. But both were very lucky with the outcome – which could have been much worse.

On the other stuff – I hope they nail the croat ASAP and make an example of him (or them).

The Wrap: 'Take them to a dark place' - A quiet round grabs eyeballs for all the wrong reasons

Excellent comments – but you are a week ahead of yourself with the”three in a row” 😊

'Insane and total stupidity': Drua have two SENT OFF as Rebels score 33 unanswered points to win again

TWAS totally agree. A-League is now a summer game, fine for sitting on the grass on balmy summer/ autumn evening. A different story mid-winter.

And, how many V-line train services are running at around 9.30 -10.00 pm on the Geelong and Warnambool lines on a Friday or Saturday night in winter – and how frequently? Few if any would be my guess. Would you take your chances if you were trying to get your family home to somewhere well east of the CBD, relying on getting a shuttle bus to the station on time?

Didn’t think so. Me neither.

'We've got three pay cheques left': Rebels given glimmer of hope - but the clock is still ticking

Western United play their first home game at the new stadium on Saturday. Travel advice is V-Line to either Tarneit or Werribee stations with a free shuttle bus from both. I hope that have a successful launch but would they get a rugby crowd? It’s a long way from Frankston and Endeavour Hills etc where there are large PI communities – they don’t go to AAMI in any numbers and that is a lot closer.

We have to see the details but I admit to having big doubts about the viability of this proposal.

'We've got three pay cheques left': Rebels given glimmer of hope - but the clock is still ticking

Good luck to him

The Wrap: Good news and bad news for Rugby Australia as Brumbies and Rebels win local derbies

Thanks Geoff – excellent info and comment as usual. I look forward to the DOCA arrangement becoming public and truly hope we get a resolution favourable to all in the Victorian community and the wider realm of Australian rugby. Hard to pull off I suspect. I also suspect the ATO will be the hardest creditor to convince – but that probably depends on what their alternatives are.

Babysitting duties (that kept me from being in Sydney for the Tahs game) somewhat distracted me from the early games on Saturday but I thought I heard Greg Clarke say that Baden Stephenson was about to step in as General manager of the Drua. Is that the case? If so glade to hear it.

Re-watching the Tahs v rebels game has convinced me that the game was not as bad as it felt live. Post game rose-tinted glasses in all probability. However the obvious conviction in the team not to lose gives me hope for the rest of the season. If offered 6th place after six rounds pre-season, none of us would have turned it down.

I said earlier in the season that the Reds looked the strongest of the Australian teams. Not so sure now – the Brumbies are clawing it back – they had what it took at the death.

The Wrap: Good news and bad news for Rugby Australia as Brumbies and Rebels win local derbies

I am a Rebels fan of long standing and I want them to survive.

I understand the various opinions flying around what is now happening but none of us can judge that until RA reveals in full what the takeover of the Tahs is costing Australian rugby.

Rather than RA calling the Rebels bluff, I suspect RA will end up regretting not resolving these matters. All round , this will end in tears for RA.

Exclusive: Rebels threaten Civil War as peace talks with RA end in another blow for Super Rugby

Leigh Clifford has had nothing to do with Qantas for at least 10 years, rendering your comment irrelevant. With respect to corporate matters such as these his experience & expertise outstrips the current members of the RA Board and management by several country miles.

I have no idea what is about to happen, but – if Leigh Clifford is supporting the thr Rebels in their future actions – my money is on the Rebels.

Full disclosure – die hard Rebels fan.

Exclusive: Rebels threaten Civil War as peace talks with RA end in another blow for Super Rugby

sticking with the Rebels – no choice. Beyond that I agree with most of the panel: Brumbies, Drua, Chiefs, Blues and reds.

Fiji is being smashed with rain at the moment including Lautoka. (Senator Pat Conroy has cancelled an official visit because of it – major flooding expected). The earth wind web site suggests that the worst will be over by tomorrow pm but who knows what the state of the pitch will be. In a game of mudlark rugby, I will go with the Drua.

Super Rugby tipping week five: Canes' incredible show of depth, brave soul backs Tahs for Fiji upset

I managed to nail the first four games last week – going for a full set this week.

Canes by 10, Rebels, Force, Brumbies, Chiefs and Blues

The Roar's Super Rugby expert tips, Round 4: After a week where we all felt like Tane, here's to six out of six

Just about the best team the Rebels can filed at the moment. Interesting 6/2 bench with new local debutante Maciu Nabolakasi, a backrower of whom I have heard big wraps. It will be interesting to see the finishing tactics.

Super Rugby teams: Rookie at 10 for Reds, DC dips into club footy in hooker crisis, Jorgo ruled out, White benched

Thanks Geoff. Sounds like you are spending the long weekend visiting the relies in NZ. Great timing given the stinker of weekend we are having with the weather. However to does allow for a guilt free weekend sitting inside with the blinds down and the AC cranked up watching rugby, including Six Nations replays on Sunday.

Tipping four from four going into the final two games I was pretty confident of getting a 6-fer for the first time ever. Disappointment ensued, but not about the quality of the rugby. I said last week that I thought the Reds were Australia’s best and they confirmed that status on Saturday night. All the Australian teams are much better this year, so far. Let’s hope that continues.

The Rebels sitting fourth on the log after three rounds is a very nice and very unusual feeling. I know, I know you don’t win anything in March, but given all the rest that is going on, it is good to having something to smile about re the Rebels. But – now for all the big boys.

Change is definitely coming but I am not sure that it will make much difference to RA. I look forward to your further despatches on that front. It is a bit early to be writing off the Cru’ – I’ll believe it when the Rebels beat in late season in Christchurch. that would be seismic.

I have no history with or emotional links to NZ let alone Maori culture – so hesitant to weigh in. But. If I were a Maori (or of other Pasifika descent) and an incoming government announces plans to wind back decades of treaty and positive programs to promote and defend my indigenous people and culture (plans they did not have the integrity to announce before the election), I too would use whatever agency I had at my disposal to protest and fight against such change. And I would not care one jot who I upset in doing so. For as long as I can remember, NZ rugby has represented itself, both off and on the field, as deeply entrenched in Maori culture. Maybe it is time for NZ rugby at all levels to have the “mana” to stand up and defend those people. My first and last comments on this subject.


The Wrap: The two massive power shifts shaping Australian and New Zealand rugby

Great Wrap Geoff and you certainly catch the vibe of the weekend which was great. My view is, of course, highly coloured by the last 30 minutes of the Rebels game but the rest of the rugby was great also. The surprisingly poor performance from the Brumbies being the only low point. The crowds were good and certainly made themselves heard. A lot of traveling Kiwi’s on all three days.

Joe S did show up in the corporate function on Friday night (don’t know about the other nights). Said nothing of consequence but for anyone wanting further info, he repeated most of it on Offsiders on Sunday morning.

I don’t often offer praise to the Tahs but they deserve some for their performance on Saturday. Not a vintage Crusaders side by any means, but the Tahs took their chance. No asterisk alongside that result in the record books. But the Reds look like the best Australian side this year.

For the Rebels – let’s hope they have their confidence back. The “A” team looked pretty good on Saturday lunchtime as well.


The Wrap: ‘World’s best provincial rugby competition’ delivers a superb Super Round

Well said Lyndsay. Australian rugby needs more open, accurate and honest discussion of its recent history and its future. Keep it up and Go Rebels!

COMMENT: This is the real reason why the Force were cut in 2017

Thanks Geoff – you sum things up very clearly across the twelve teams. Unless things change the Rebels and the Force will be fighting it out for the wooden spoon at the end of the season.

In commenting on the Rebels two pre-season games I noted two failings: firstly a continuation of their scramble defense woes from previous years and a lack of offensive penetration near the goal line. These sins lasted for the first 10 minutes of each half v theTahs; and for the entire first half v the Drua. Unfortunately v the Brumbies they lasted the whole game. Let’s hope that 60 days respite from further bad news headlines allows them to regain their composure and confidence and ket the undoubted calss available in this year’s team to shine through.

The Wrap: Opening round of SRP a case of the more things change, the more they stay the same

A lot of changes to the panel this year Tony with no explanation. Any comment

Super Rugby tipping panel week 1: Brumbies to sweep Rebels, cliffhanger brewing between Tahs and Reds