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Is there any other sport than rugby?



One of the things I have been wondering about is what the impact on the Australian sides will be of eight to ten weeks of being referred by Australian refs only. We only have three qualified at super rugby level but will we see Amy Perret get a go? I hope so. It will certainly reduce the topics of discussion on a Monday about the impact of those biased Saffa and Kiwi refs. Instead we can whinge about those Queenslander and NSW refs (especially of your from Victoria or WA). I mean, how can Nic Berry and Damon Murphy possibly referee a game against the Tahs fairly? C’mon.

Second, which suburban solicitor or accountant came up with the name “Super Rugby AU”. What would be wrong with “Super Rugby Australia”? We can’t afford all the letters on the logo? Or even “…… Australis” or (with suitable cross-cultural consultation) “………. Corroboree”, or something else – anything? The Roar should start a petition.

Reds, Cru, Rebels and Chiefs for me. Looking forward to seeing My Little Pone up against the Slipper and I hope that Hosea, Ha’angana and Leota get good runs.

Super Rugby Week 4: Here come the Aussies

Thanks Brett

I said after the first round of SSA (on Geoff’s thread) that if the breakdown management was maintained then any further fiddling with rules would be unnecessary. The following two rounds have reinforced that belief – quicker ball means more space equals better rugby. The other stuff is just gimmickry in my view.

I have no doubt that this weekend will see lots of breakdown penalties – although we will not be so understanding as everyone was to the Kiwis. “They’ve had three weeks to watch the Kiwis get it right, why can’t they?” will be the call. I will happily be proved wrong.

I agree that the Brumbies are favourites. Rebels will be competitive and the Tahs will struggle. To read the Oz over the last few weeks, everyone who does not wear a maroon jersey is wasting their time seeking Wallabies glory. If they don’t turn up there is going to be a very unhappy Queensland based journalist drowning his sorrows on Friday night.

What we know ahead of Super Rugby AU Round 1

Sorry to here about Beth. I had assumed she was the only one left (apart from some called AAP – and he’s just had a late reprieve). Who’s actually left?

What we know ahead of Super Rugby AU Round 1

Wal – I watched both games on Kayo and had no problems.

I also have Foxtel, but with the right gear, all games on Kayo are in 4K UHD – the difference is significant. This has only just dawned on me since the the start of SSA – another reason for dumping Foxtel to add to the list.

The Wrap: The patience of rugby players and fans is about to be rewarded

As a civil engineer of some 50 years experience, I would have counselled staying at the Tahs!

The Wrap: The patience of rugby players and fans is about to be rewarded

Thanks Geoff

Only four more sleeps (or five for the real start). Cannot wait.

There were one or two times over the weekend when I thought that I, along will the entire Road tipping panel, was going to have to eat some humble pie. But we were all saved our blushes when class prevailed. I don’t agree that the Blues have to step up to beat the Crusaders. I am really impressed with the Blues who may not have the absolute flair of the team from Christchurch but I think they have the team and the coach to win a SS comp in late winter NZ weather – and where did that Caleb bloke come from?

I think it will be some time before I get to see the Rebels at home again – maybe for the finals 😁 I was planning a trip up the Hume to see then against the Tahs, still some weeks away but… anyone know how to get a fake NSW licence?

The Wrap: The patience of rugby players and fans is about to be rewarded

I would be surprised if there is any argument about the picks this week except by die-hard Highlanders and Chiefs fans. The Blues looked like they were twice the size of the Chiefs last week and the Crusaders will not repeat their first half penalties this week (without which the Hurricanes would have been thrashed).

Looking forward to both games though.

Super Rugby Aotearoa Round 3: Everyone's feeling Blue

Thanks Nick – always enjoyable to read an article about a favourite player.

I agree he versatility makes hime vulnerable to the forgotten man syndrome. Even coming back this year, it will be difficult to drop Kellaway given his pre-Covid form (and I don’t think they should). With DHP a lock for full back and Koriobete a fixture on the left wing, where does he play for the Rebels this year, never mind the Wallabies.

As your clips show full-back is his best position but with DHP captain, that will only be an injury filling position for the next few years. But he has to be in the Rebels starting 15 in my opinion.

I do not see him at inside centre – his levers are too long for the fast reactions required in that position. So outside centre on rotation with DHP depending on the play. If so, that is unlikely to get him a starting spot for the Wallabies vs the likes of Kurindrani or Kerevi ( about whom I expect to see a new “Rule” being written).

Next year with Meakes and English ( and Magnay?) gone, there may be more scope (but hopefully Semisi Tupou will be back and vieing for that OC position).

He is signed until at least the end of 2021 – it may even be 2022. So Wessels and Rennie need to sort this out. They would problem say it is a good problem to have.

Will Dave Rennie remember Australia’s forgotten man?

I was the Andy Pandy generation. My as yet unborn grandchildren don’t know but I have saved a BBC VHS o the great days of children’s television – just for them. The Woodentops, Rag Tag and Bobtail and the Flowerpot Men.

I have so far failed to find a copy of Muffin the Mule (having just typed that I expect it will get me modded!).

Rugby’s back - and what a difference a week makes

Thanks for the insights. They do emphasise the different environment that rugby operates in being part of a truly global game. CVC seem to be very interested in “owing” that game and interest from other PE forms may spark some competitive tension. I understand that there is a meeting this week re a global season and that 6N recalcitrants have softened their attitude to a world rugby championship with major PE funding. I hope that is true.

On an optimistic note I have informed my daughter that I am reserving her birthday for the possibility of getting into AAMI Park on 10 July! I live in hope (but have reserved a restaurant for the night before – I know who’ll be looking after me in my old age).

The Wrap: New Zealand rugby gets the jump on Australia, and everyone is happy!

Thanks Geoff – great to have some rugby back. I am sure that once the players adjust to how the tackle is being ruled, the spectacle will be greatly enhanced. If the refs keep this up, all other “law variations” will be shown to be pointless.

Still worrying times in Australia. Bothe the AFL and NRL broadcast deals are widely known, leading to a secondary competition about “who got the best deal?” Which even the various News outlets can agree about. So far I have seen nothing about the short term deal that RA achieved. Any leaks about that you can let us in on?

Wayne Smith is devoting a lot of newsprint to the inevitability of a Brumbies-Rebels merger – which I believe would basically mean the end of rugby in Melbourne. I note above that you poo-poo the possibility of KKR riding in on a white charger to save Australian rugby from itself. Where do you see this ending up.

Sorry to get off real rugby matters again.

The Wrap: New Zealand rugby gets the jump on Australia, and everyone is happy!

Great stuff.

Now for the next drama – how much is the deal and what will the players get paid? Expect more whinging.

Australian Super Rugby broadcast deal signed just in time for New Zealand comp

Thanks Brett,
I am old enough to remember when the laws were changed to allow a kick into touch on the full from behind the 22 (it might even have been the “25” at that time – can’t remember) and despite much clutching of pearls, the sky did not fall in and the rugby was better. So the proposed 50/22 is OK except that it should be the 10/22 which would make it more difficult but not make it highly unlikely as it would if 22/22. It would also closely mirror league’s 40/20 (which comes off on rare occasions).
Line drops outs for held up – not for me. On most occasions teams have worked hard to get there and should keep the advantage. Maybe a maximum of three goes and then the drop out would be fair to both the attacking team and the game?
Red card replacements – worth a try with the proviso that the replacement must be like-for-like – ie if a lock goes off and lock comes on – no fancy coaching manoeuvres to gain a late advantage.
Golden point – NO. At the end of the game all players should be spent not saving something for a possible extra time. I have never understood why some people have a problem with a draw. A draw is a result fairly arrived at. Golden point is a lottery. Extra time just screws with people’s travel plans. (As an aside, I have never understood the “like kissing your sister” analogy. How does anyone know? If I had ever kissed my sister I’d still be in therapy).

Law variations on both sides of the ditch with a common goal in mind

Thanks Geoff for a wee laugh on a rather dreech first day of winter in Melbourne.

I note that the Rebels have signed another backrower – a Lesser-Sized Skelton apparently, ex the Sevens squad. That makes about 17 backrowers scampering around Goschs Paddock in the rain this morning.

Maybe they can see the writing on the wall and the introduction of social distancing in scrums – don’t need props to play the hokey-cokey 😁

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

Thanks Geoff

I said most of what I have to say on the Ballymore 3 in comments to Daniel’s article last week. In summary: I have no confidence in the NH being able to play meaningful rugby anytime soon and hence being unable to make firm offers when they will they will have big doubts over their revenue streams. This view is only reinforced by the haverings coming out from World Rugby over the weekend – dateless and desperate comes to mind.

In addition, I would expect that NH hemisphere rugby players unions will be demanding protection for their own players – not opening up more opportunities for foreigners at the expense of local players.

My own preference would be to leave the Giteau Law alone but I do see value in your proposal for a Marquee player option – if only to further lower the value of players in the eyes of the cheese eating surrender monkey owners and their like.

On Harrison – one wonders if he can lie straight in bed.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

As a wee update – the Guardian is reporting that the UK will (finally) introduce quarantine requirements for new arrivals later tonight their time. This does not suggest that things are getting better

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

I really have no idea what is going on here – but in the interests of Friday footy tipping – my money’s on the coach being the reason.
My real interest is where they think they are going to get a game (and an income) in the near future.
In Australia, any of the three sides would not be able to afford any of them (irrespective of salary cap considerations) this year without moving some of their existing team on, which for mine would be very poor form on their part. No doubt the Rebels will be looking for some locks for next year with Jones (and it seems Phillip) going, but they are still here until the revised season is over. They do have some good young prospects in Hosea and Ha’angana to fall back on plus Koeglenburg, but some experience will be necessary. The Force could be a short-term option as they have deep pockets and no cap.
The UK has just put a return to training back by at least two weeks. France has cancelled the current season, Ireland has strict foreign limits and Scotland has limited opportunities. But overall I really doubt the capacity of any team sport in Europe (from football down) to be in a position to make long term commitments to anyone in the near future. One thing I would put money on if I was a betting man is that the “second wave” is coming, and may well have started in the Premier League.
Ditto North America.
That leaves Japan, a country in a much better place covid-19 wise (for the moment) but where they are still not sure they can hold a rescheduled Olympics next year. I reckon any contracts offered will have big caveats attached. The lucky ones ( like Rangi and Cotteral) have already signed.
Sorry stuff all round

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

I think you may find that there is also a very similar article on the SMH and the one everyone else is running from AAP – all based on the players press release, which is all anyone has got at the moment. Be grateful the Roar published this – with added context – to allow us all to demonstrate that none of us has much to add either except for speculation and rumours of “inside mail”.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

Thanks Geoff – good to read something pleasant about rugby for a change. What with Mr Jones penning a column on Friday that did not bag anyone and some other good things starting to happen, it was downer to come on the Roar and have to read about the “Ballymore Three”.

There is a four letter epithet that starts with “T” and ends in “S” that comes to mind.

The Wrap: Cauliflower Club a shining light in Australian rugby

Geoff I had to go back and check those numbers. I hope you get to clip the ad revenue on the way through. 😊

The Wrap: Cauliflower Club a shining light in Australian rugby

All Australian rugby players are contracted under a collective bargaining agreement which they, through their union, have agreed to vary on a temporary basis. While stood down (and that can only mean without pay) they are still contracted to the Reds and at least in Rodda’s case, to RA.

They cannot go anywhere else to play without RA’s approval, as World Rugby would not sanction any move. So they are playing a dangerous game, especially the younger guys who are not going to attract much attention or money from the big boys in France, the UK or Japan (their likely desired destination).

However I would not be at all surprised if they turn out to be stalking horses put up by certain people to see how much they can screw RA around some more.

Reds trio refuse to take pay cut, stood down by QRU

Spiro – its an attack based on the cheap journalism approach taken of dressing up a perfectly normal set of accounts with unfounded comments such as the RA “burned $120 million last year”. A Georgina Robinson’s excellent (and actually researched – good grief) shows most expenditures were normal or fully explainable. Wayne Smith cleared up some of the questions today ( and lets give thanks to his voice of sanity). Ms Halloran has been News’ main attack dog over the last few weeks in what had been a laughably obvious part of NFJ’s “process” designed bring down both Castle and RA and deliver RA into the hands of the bunch of fools who obviously consider themselves to be the BSD’s of Australian rugby.

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

So who is the “Deep Throat” in the Roar carpark who gave Wayne the gen on your article?

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

GR piece on the SMH site late today blows the conspiracy away. A couple of biggish expense that do need a bit of explaining , but no smoking gun

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks