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I suggest this would have to signal the end of her career.

Muslim AFLW player stands down from GWS game after refusing to wear pride jersey on religious grounds

No turnaround is imminent.
The spread of the omicron variant has made people extra cautious, and that’s before we even consider the impact of the Nix being away from home for a second season, or the ongoing lock out of WA.
More people are home, and yet TV ratings have hit rock bottom.
With ongoing fixturing problems, zero media coverage, an incapacity for even Keep Up to keep football fans informed about what’s going on, and the start up of the other football codes only 4 or 5 weeks away…no turnaroiund is imminent.

With crowd numbers trending down, can the APL turn it around?

It wasn’t the greatest game to watch, but credit where credit is due: Perth Glory have had a rough trot with the fixture, and came up with a well executed game plan which ultimately gave them the 3 points.
They are effectively locked out of their own state, and they have a few players who have barely played any football for months, let alone actually playing with each other.
Already you can see there is more to come from the likes of Sturridge and Sardinero. The latter having quite a good game, and when Sturridge came on, he showed a fair bit of class, in fact set up Sardinero for a shot at close range with a dinky little chip minutes after coming on.
Special mention for Lachman, has had a good season, and showed last night what a fantastic acquisition he is for the Glory, an absolute rock in defence, and on more than one occasion, had to beat Kamsoba in a foot race to the ball.

O'Neill, Fornaroli goals propel Perth to victory over Sydney FC

You start a tournament the way you intend to finish it.
Once the Matildas have their two wins on the board, plus a stack of goal difference, then you give everyone a run in the 3rd game, which is also a good time for the established players to have a rest.
That works much better than doing it in the very first game.

'Really disappointed': Pundit tears into Matildas approach after Kerr breaks record in 18-0 win

I think there’s still a game on tonight.
Impossible to tell.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 11

Yep. Whenever you see official participation numbers for football, you can safely double it.
If it’s currently running at 2 million, in all probability, it’s closer to 4 million.
Throw in all the officials, voluteers and family attending games, those involved in Australian football in some capacity over a whole year is probably closer to 8 million.

Central Coast Football [Association] deregistered by Football Australia

These are age old issues.
Fairly common for clubs to rely on junior fees to fund the rest of the club.
The thing is, they charge this sort of cost because they can. The numbers remain strong, demand is strong, so clubs may as well make a few bucks in the process.
No club is ever going to say no to easy money.

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

A mere two days ago, I was expecting two games to be played tonight.
They’ve both been replaced by a different game again.
Impossible to work out what’s going on from the Keep Up site.
It has become almost impossible to keep up with what’s going on this season.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 11

Mariners into the cup final?

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

This is why I said Mooy was a bad example.
He ends up on Manchester City’s books, virtually free of charge, and they are the one’s cashing in the $18 million in transfer fees. They’ll use that to fund Melbourne City, i.e. cover operating shortfalls into the future, but it’s a bit optimistic to think that money ends up circulating in the local market.
So whatever system operated or operates, that’s still the end result. The money ends up with HQ.

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

This is a key point that many Australian football fans appear to miss.
Contracts are very short, right across the board.
Over half of all players are on 1 year contracts.
You can’t earn transfer riches if most of your players are on 1 year contracts.

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

Mooy doesn’t strike me as the best example. With or without a domestic transfer system, it’s basically City HQ pocketing the bulk of that $18m.
I didn’t quite understand what the connection back to Adelaide was?

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

That’s right, a champions league style format is one of the two options being considered.
Presumably that’s to save money, but such a structure would be just one small step up from what we already have with the NPL.

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

The journeys of Rugby/RA and soccer/FFA over the past 15 years have had close parallels, almost every step of the way.

We ponder similar questions, and come up with a diversity of solutions.

What I have learned along the way:
1. there is never a magic bullet for any major issue,
2. no massive leap in metrics is awaiting either of us, there is unlikely to be a pot of gold over the rainbow, and any windfall gets instantly consumed via dozens of demands for resources from dozens of stakeholders
3. the key indicators of whether we are experiencing a period of success or a period of failure can fluctuate and often be at odds with each other. Are we interested in money in the bank? (well, yes), are we interested in funding the myriad of demands on resources (well, yes), are we interested junior participation (well, yes), are we interested in rewarding elite players (well, yes), are we interested in being competitive internationally (well, yes), are we interested in more attention and interest on our domestic competitions (well, yes); etc. etc.

The Roar Rugby Project: Part 7 – Why professional Rugby must be profitable and how RA has failed to respond to challenge

Firstly, the timing is not great, coming into a third year of living with the virus (although, arguably, this should have minimal impact on TV audiences).

My starting position is that I’ve never been overly fussy about the commentary teams, I tune in to watch the game, and the less I notice the commentators, the better.

Not really sure why anyone expected there to be some sort of massive jump in improvement from Fox to Paramount, or even why people started hating the Fox coverage.

Fox always gave you additional shows over and above the live telecasts, including mid-week shows, plus replays. In the hey day, may even have been two mid-week shows.

A-League was always featured in the 24/7 sports channel, the only one of its kind in Australia. 30% of housedholds had Fox, including majority of sports fans, and so all could keep tabs on the A-League, at a mnimum, via the sports news. As another poster has noted, general sports fans could tune into A-League games (and when Fox had the Premier League, those fans could watch a A-League before start of Premier League).

What do we have now? Well, not a whole lot to be honest.

Thinking back, the A-League thrived those first 8 seasons, and it was shown exclusively on Fox. At that point, there was zero FTA coverage, but the A-League thrived.

Not just with attendances, and general interest, but I think back to the many forums that existed back then and how lively they were.

Take 442 for example (when the forum was actually part of the 442 stable) – that forum was jumping. The page of topics on screen would disappear within the hour, so many and frequent were the posters.

Now, you might see three new posts in the space of half a day.

This isn’t a TV issue per se, but there is some sort of correlation – interest has dipped across the board.

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

Well, it does matter. Advertisers still get a chance to reach a million people at the exact same time across the whole nation, that still carries some value.
On Saturday night, “Country House Hunters” got over four times the viewers of the A-League, so Nine is a good chance of making four times the advertising revenue that evening for a show that probably costs a fraction of putting on than the A-League.
Also, for the 6th weekend in a row, SBS beat Ten on a Saturday night.
So if your an advertiser (or even a potential sponsor of an A-League club), you’re definitely taking notice of those sorts of numbers.
Incredibly, repeats of Big Bang Theory, shown on 10 Peach on Sat night are beating the A-League.
It’s not a good look.

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

Really good point.
It’s often not immediately obvious what the live game is.

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

Which party line is that?
Both parties involved in this particular fiasco.
As for myself, I do not like to discuss my own proclivities on a public forum.
Suffice to say that upon my arrival to Australia, I stated quite emphatically: I have nothing to declare except my genius.
In conclusion: One can survive everything nowadays except death.

'What the f--k are we doing?' Kyrgios slams government, the public, fellow players in explosive Djokovic defence

Yep, all spot on.
In this particular case, there was zero reason for it to be handled upon arrival.
As soon as anyone had a whiff of what was about to go down, someone should have got on the blower and then told the acting deputy assistant supervising part-time at-home fill-in administrative clerk to take a very, very, very close look at this one (and no one would have needed to say any more than that).
The truth is that TA nearly got away with one, and there was no one at the wheel worrying about it.

'Extremely disappointed' Djokovic reacts to last-ditch bid failure, imminent deportation

Thank Goodness the right decision has been reached, but a few parties are still not off the hook.

1. Djoker should never have been issued with a visa in the first place. That’s a Federal Govt responsibility and we’re still not 100% clear how it was that he got one in the first place. This becomes even more important next year when hundreds of footballers, coaching staff and administrators will be coming to Australia from many different countries for the womens world cup.

2. Vict Govt: quite rightly, the public statements from much of the last quarter of last year was that no one was going to play if they were unvaccinated. Somewhere around new year’s day, there appeared to be a softening of that rhetoric. Why was that? Don’t soften that message again, it only added to the confusion and made you look complicit.

3. Tennis Australia. It’s become pretty clear that TA is up to their necks in this, have been caught out trying to finesse the situation, and have cast huge doubts on how independent their bunch of hand-picked medical experts were. No future government should be played as fools again by a sports admin body. Make your policy, announce it clearly and stick to it, allow no wriggle room for little on the side deals and horse trading. Put public health above the imagined “importance” of sports events (which the sports bodies will always try and spruik to get an advantage for themselves).

'Extremely disappointed' Djokovic reacts to last-ditch bid failure, imminent deportation

I was watching the other game on Paramount at the same time (AU v MC), which seemed to be a better game, although no mention of it anywhere on the Roar.

Roar hold Sydney to draw despite Sky Blues' dominance

There is inconsistency spread throughout his public statement, this one, and even the last time he spoke about the AO.
I should add, I’m not fussed about it. It has never worried me that he has wasted away his talents because I see tennis as an individual sport, and it’s his right to play the game in any manner he sees fit.
But I am merely pointing out the bleeding obvious: his public statements are consistently full of insconsistencies.

'What the f--k are we doing?' Kyrgios slams government, the public, fellow players in explosive Djokovic defence

At least Nick is consistent in his ongoing inconsistency, bless him.
Like much of his career, he is all over the shop with his public statements, as always.

'What the f--k are we doing?' Kyrgios slams government, the public, fellow players in explosive Djokovic defence

He certainly deserves to be kicked out purely on the strength of our implicit “no d__heads” policy.

Hopefully that flies in court this morning.

'What the f--k are we doing?' Kyrgios slams government, the public, fellow players in explosive Djokovic defence

The interesting thing is watching the Federal Government appealing to both sides of the debate: they court anti-vaxxers and Qanon supporters, and then turnaround and hope to win support by playing games with a tennis player, supposedly because he’ll whip up rabid anti-vax demonstrations and civil unrest.

It’s still unclear to me how the player in question was allowed to fly into Australia.

At the heart of this story, I’m guessing TA tried to finesse something AND they did so with a nod and a wink from both levels of government, both of whom when ducking for cover when it hit the fan.

'What the f--k are we doing?' Kyrgios slams government, the public, fellow players in explosive Djokovic defence