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While I’d be delighted to see the GF shift from Melbourne, ANZ in Sydney is a dump for both viewers and players.
I’d go for Adelaide or Perth.
Grand Finals in other countries get shifted around without too much consideration of crowd numbers. Time we started to do the same.

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?

‘Angela , who really can’t advance the discussion and allow for thoughtful responses – that’s what a conversation entails between voices seeking an elusive truth.Fundamentalism maybe closer a description of what you are hiding behind – if your opinion is all that matters then you leave no room for in – sight. K’

Oh dear Kafka, gobbeldy -gook. I was complaining because my erudite, totally non-racist comment, which would have opened up a discussion on whether Australia is a ‘racist’ country (compared to what?) v there being a small number of unsavoury people living here who would probably be characterised as racist, was not published.
I assume, either because of political correctness, which is a form of curtailing freedom of speech, or because there’s some automatic techie thingo which cancels any comment that has the word racist in it more than once.
In which case, this comment probably won’t get a guernsey either

Sport must follow platitudes with real change

This forum is following ‘politically correct’ guidelines and refusing to publish any comments that want to take the discussion beyond the very platitudes the article is complaining about.

Sport must follow platitudes with real change

Welcome back Josh
What a treat to have your informed, sane commentary once again.
There’s been quite a bit of juvenile click-bait in your absence. Covid has been a catastrophe in more ways than one.

Seven talking points from AFL Round 2

…John Longmire’s…
Longmire – proper noun requires capitalised first letter.
Longmire’s – possessive of a singular noun is formed by adding an apostrophe and ‘s’.

I recommend Strunk and White, The Elements of Style (with Index), a small but invaluable English grammar guide.

Buddy Franklin's time at the Swans has been a failure

‘How many of you actually read the piece?’

I suspect most people responding did read most of what you have written Kick-the-kan, however, your writing style is not – to say the least – thoughtful or engaging enough to inspire a meaningful exchange of ideas.
Rather, your sentence construction and word spray only creates antagonism and the desire to return like with like. As I imagine this was your intention, no point in whinging about people ‘not reading’ your little effort.
There are some good short courses in writing I can recommend. Otherwise carefully study the posts on this site by some of the regulars particularly Josh Elliott and Stirling Coates

Buddy Franklin's time at the Swans has been a failure

Attention-seeking article by amateur trying to get noticed.

I guess the struggle to find a new topic is yet another sad consequence of the Covid shut-down.

But surely, Roar editors, you can find more enlightening space-fillers than this done-to-death meme.

Go away Chuckakhan and don’t come back until you’ve come up with an original thought.

Buddy Franklin's time at the Swans has been a failure

‘And considering how lucky the Dogs were in 2016 it could have easily gone the other way’

Home ground and umpiring advantage won the day that time. No much a coach can do about that.

Buddy Franklin's time at the Swans has been a failure

Gosh, the glee at Buddy’s injuries is palpable.

As is the glee at the notion that the Swans will try and wriggle out of his contract (they won’t).

He has been great for the Swans and I have no doubt he signed the contract in good faith that he would honour it.
He must find the constant injuries heartbreaking.

As the years go by the ‘immense’ sum he was paid is decreasing in shock value as big-paying contracts become more common (doubtless this will change from now).
And, compared to the money to be made in basketball, soccer, NFL etc Buddy’s money is peanuts.

As for Eddie, who seems to harbour particular vitriol for the Swans, he is simply chewing gum on the sole of a shoe for Sydneysiders. Hardly worth scraping off.

Buddy hit by yet another injury ahead of AFL return

‘It’s not that simple. The MCC has 130000 members and even with that membership the MCC is still paying down the debt of the last refurbishment of the ground (Northern Stands), not the AFL, not the Vic government and not the federal government. 5-10 year deals are not enough with that sort of expenditure.’

Comrade Xi Jinping would be only too happy to help out, I’m sure.

The Vic-centric AFL discriminates against WA clubs

‘Eagles, Swans and Docker fans and none of them had a problem being in Melbourne in fact they all thought it was “part of what makes it special” is being at the G on Grand Final Day.’
Good for them – remembering that ‘outsiders’ from other states have to pay airfares and accommodation, which will always limit the number of fans that can get to the ‘G’.

For many of us outsiders ‘part of what makes it special’ would be a GF at the SCG, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth. Mostly, we don’t have an attachment to the bloody old ‘G’, rabbit on as much as you like.

My own experience at the ‘G’ for a Grand Final was dire. The cost was as much as an overseas trip and the vitriol and spit coming from the fans of the Victorian team was something I never want to experience again.

The Vic-centric AFL discriminates against WA clubs

‘well theres at least 2 or 3 of u now gunna organize a seperate comp to keep them nasty viccos out. cant wait to see how it goes, when do u reckon its gunna get off the ground ?’
Probably never…
Just voicing the idea out of sheer frustration helps the pain.

The Vic-centric AFL discriminates against WA clubs

‘have richmond not play at the mcg when playing an away game against an opponent whose home ground is the mcg ?’
Clear as mud – example?

The Vic-centric AFL discriminates against WA clubs

I enjoyed this article, which I believe is representative of a groundswell of increasing discontent – fury even – towards the hold Victoria maintains over what is supposed to be a national competition. This has even extended to some of the coaches who traditionally keep their mouths shut over issues like this.

The ‘home-ground/home-state advantage’ – acknowledged at every match throughout the season – is suddenly dismissed at the pointy end. No consideration is given to the fact that GF teams from outside the Gulag have to not only deal with travel but often, more significantly, play in front of massive numbers of hostile fans. This inevitably leads to dubious refereeing where the noise of the crowd seems to lead the refs by the nose, particularly noticeable when Richmond, Hawthorn, Collingwood, Western Bulldogs are playing a GF match against an ‘outsider’.

It may come as a shock to your average Victorian to know that fans of non-Gulag teams have no sentimental attachment to your bloody old G. As others have noted, GFs in all other parts of the world are distributed around various venues. The number of seats doesn’t seem to be an overriding issue, some venues hold 100,000, some 50,000 and other numbers in between.

Anti-Victorian sentiment is growing stronger (aside from Belt and Road) to the degree that, failing a win for their own team, fans outside Victoria are becoming pretty united in supporting any other team that’s not Victorian.

Victoria can’t have it both ways. Either this great game is national or it’s a hobbled version of VFL. Claiming to want AFL to be a national game without supporting the hard work of setting up teams in non-traditional areas (I’m thinking of the bullsh–t I see here about GWS), without seriously looking at spreading the GF around to make it more equitable and without making better arrangements for the travel burden – I mean Richmond last year was a joke – is paying the idea of a national comp some sort of wishy-washy lip service.

Seriously folks, we should let the Gulag play with themselves and build another Vic-free comp in the rest of this great land.

The Vic-centric AFL discriminates against WA clubs

Is any professional sport an essential service?
Ask anyone working on the frontline, no it’s not.
It’s a diversion, it’s entertainment, it’s potentially a big money-earner.
Is it any more important than opera, the SSO, the movies, the theatre.
Is the fate of professional sportspeople more dire than those who’ve died, lost their businesses, lost their jobs, kicked out of their accommodation?
Get a grip and move out of your bubble.

Why rugby league is an essential service

GWS will survive. It’s a good club gaining traction – more fans go to watch them in Sydney than to most NRL matches – and making history. Bloody hell, it’s not all about Melbourne.
A good time to merge some of those VFL teams.

The six AFL clubs that could go to the wall

Totally predictable, much as I like the idea of playing on I was pretty sure it wouldn’t last.
Apart from anything else, it was laughably illogical. Some players knocking elbows, others hugging, tackling and crawling all over each other, spitting, sweating then keeping ‘social distance’ while singing the victory song.
And…I never noticed before how often AFL players spit on their hands and rub them together, particularly in anticipation of the bounce.

AFL season suspended due to coronavirus

Sport is important because it’s not important

When life’s great distractor can no longer distract

‘No-one seems to be able to accept losing with grace anymore. It’s quite a sad reflection on our society.’
IAP pontificating on sore losers – tee-hee, self-awareness gone south it seems.

Four predictions for this week's AFL grand final

IAP demonstrates the old saying that wisdom comes with age as being a complete furphy 😁

Four predictions for this week's AFL grand final

Great result, Giants doing Sydney proud.

Giant result: GWS into grand final after beating Collingwood in a preliminary final thriller

Great result.
Giants doing Sydney proud.

Giant result: GWS into grand final after beating Collingwood in a preliminary final thriller

Great result.
Giants doing Sydney proud.

Giant result: GWS into grand final after beating Collingwood in a preliminary final thriller

Agree @ b. AVERY
Playing with 80,000 people shrieking hate-stuff at you – for some reason the Giants engender a particularly nasty vitriolic response in Soviet Victoria – is bound to have an effect on your game as well as unconsciously (or otherwise) play into the hearts and minds of the umpires as happened at the GF in 2016.
At least the Swans had a few supporters in the Soviet.
I’d love to see the Giants win today and next week but as hopeful as p…ing in the wind I suspect.
Looks like A VFL G.F. is on the cards. Yawn.

Collingwood Magpies versus GWS Giants: AFL preliminary final forecast

The vitriol and mealy-mouthed comments relating to Toby Greene pouring in to this site are a big reason non-Victorian AFL state fans have had it with soviet Victoria and their authoritarian rule over ‘their’ game.
Interestingly, all commentators – previous champions of the game – agree Toby Greene has been the target of a witch hunt.
The impression of those of us who follow teams outside the hallowed home of footy is that Victoria, led by the charmer Eddie, would like the game only ever played at the jolly old G.
Sneering comments that the Giants would have to face 90,000 opposition fans with only a few going for them emphasises the fact that there is not a crumb of enthusiasm to make AFL truly national.
It seems that a GF Collingwood v Richmond is on the cards so 100,000 Victorians can cram into the G and scream at each other.
Have fun, the rest of us will be at the beach

Still suspended: AFL appeal denies Toby Greene