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I picked Sydney because I can’t not.
As there’s no money involved what the heck…

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions, Round 6: Can the Bulldogs bounce back after a week of scrutiny?

Gold Coast could win. Suns have a history of winning at the SCG even back in the days of mediocre teams and coaches, which is not the case now.
A Swans victory is not a lay-down misère.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions, Round 6: Can the Bulldogs bounce back after a week of scrutiny?

Eddie, the perennial toddler who never knows when to shut-up.
‘It’s better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt’ – a lesson he’s never learned.

Finlayson's wife blasts 'incredibly embarrassing' reporting on husband's response to homophobic slur ban

Apart from the billionaires who own the various social media platforms, it’s hard to see what use social media is for the rest of us. We all managed our lives perfectly well without it. It’s easy to say ‘don’t use it’, however, for people – young people in particular – it is obviously addictive and almost impossible to walk away from.
The only answer is to ban anonymity but, of course, the platform owners don’t want that as it would seriously damage their advertising revenue. Others claim that banning anonymity goes against freedom of speech principles.
Smart phones and social media are just as damaging to children and young adults as cigarettes were in the era when everyone was encouraged to smoke as soon as they hit puberty, if not before. At least it was possible to eventually turn tobacco use around. This addiction is way more sinister and, it would seem, impossible to control.

Social media trolling of our sportspeople has its newest victim - but Sonja Hood won't be the last unless we take a stand

Selwood. is. really. boring.

Footy Fix: Chris Fagan's finest hour? How the Lions gave the Dees - and Simon Goodwin - the mother of all baths

Couldn’t agree more 13th.
Absolute hypocrisy. Not defending Jeremy nor disputing his ‘sentence’, however, in my view, letting fly in the heat of a game is understandable. On the other hand, a coach – supposedly a role model in charge of young men living their lives in a glass bowl – having a tanty on the sidelines using the slur that he did deserves significant time out if not sacking.
But no, old Clarkie gets off with a fine that would barely dent his bank account.

'Totally unacceptable': AFL bans Port star for 'unprompted and highly offensive' homophobic slur

Oh, that’s really mean Roger.

Footy Fix: Does the Essendon Edge not apply to Connor Rozee or something?

Terrific article
Particularly liked this:
Here’s the reality: it was IN because the officiating umpire said it was in. Whether the decision is technically right or wrong is irrelevant. It was paid in, so it’s in. Bleating about it, examining it, and screenshotting it, isn’t going to change it, and does nothing but offer another excuse for failure, rather than examining the real problems.

Stuff the excuses - Collingwood are making the same mistakes as always after success, and it's time to act

William Butler Yeats must be turning over in his grave…

Footy Fix: Fly's Pies have officially been worked out - but that's just the start of their problems

Great article.
I hate the way it’s stuffed the ladder.

'Dripping in inequality and stupidity': Footy is back... and so is AFL interference

Agree NH
It’s not just the ground that impacts games, the crowd also potentially plays a part.
The psychological help of a huge roaring crowd v a smaller, quieter crowd is, I believe, huge. And, yes, considering the 2016 GF also has the potential to affect the umpiring.

As well, followers of teams outside Vic have to consider airfares and accommodation (pricey especially for a family) if their team plays a Vic team in the GF. Locals can front up for the cost of a ticket, which adds to the lopsided crowd support at some GFs at the jolly old G.

Despite this, yes, the best teams can overcome these hurdles nevertheless there’s a significant advantage for Vic teams in GFs playing the out-of-towners.

There’s no indication that this will ever change.

'Dripping in inequality and stupidity': Footy is back... and so is AFL interference

Well said TID.

On the one hand Victorians want ‘their’ game aka Australian Rules to flourish across the nation, on the other hand not at the expense of sharing the love in equitable ways. Or ditching one of their ‘historic’ teams to help spread the game beyond Victorian borders and the hallowed ground of the jolly old G.

There is also the rubbishing and loss of players back to the ‘home of Australian football’ expansion teams have to contend with as they struggle build up members and fans in a country of 26 million that has four codes of football all fighting for attention.

I assume Tasmania is well prepared for the rocky road ahead.

Devils ready to raise hell: AFL's newest club goes back to the future with traditional jumper as stadium furore rages on

An excellent result.
How long before Eddie starts whinging about the Swans Academy, salary caps and related gripes to do with the northern clubs?
I’d give him a couple of weeks especially if the Swans crack on next w/e as well.

Footy Fix: Don't panic just yet, Pies fans... but there's now a blueprint to bring the premiers down

Oh, Macca…
Give it a break mate, you’re embarrassing yourself.

The AFL didn't need to rob the NRL's house with Opening Round - it's more than big enough already

Lovely Doc, thank you.
Local to a north shore resident?
Depending on location, probably the Giants.
And yes, they need members. The Swans are travelling well in that regard.
If I wasn’t a dedicated Swan I’d definitely be a Giant. The only time I don’t barrack for the Giants is when they play the Swans. And yes, their song is great.
Love Toby and a whole heap of the others especially the blokes who’ve hung in there and not run off to a Victorian team.
Their new coach is brilliant. What a bonus to snap him.
I wasn’t a fan at all of Leon Cameron (who’s now at the Swans). He always looked half dead and often publicly dissed his players, which I didn’t care for.
I reckon the Giants have a good chance of getting the hardware this year.
Imagine a GF Swans v Giants…
The Victorians would have a nervous breakdown at the very thought.

Footy Fix: Adam Kingsley gave Craig McRae an absolute coaching bath - and this utterly bonkers stat proves it

An excellent result.
Love the Giants (thank heavens the dreadful GWS name seems to be finally put to bed).
Despite V’landys’ best efforts, thanks to the Giants and Swans AFL will boooooom in the harbour city over the next decade.

Footy Fix: Adam Kingsley gave Craig McRae an absolute coaching bath - and this utterly bonkers stat proves it

Totally wrong Macca
I was there – it was packed. As a frequent SCG attender with an eye for crowd numbers I can report that 40,000 + is spot on.
Contrary to whingers from the VFL it was a great night. Sure, the game was a long way from AFL at its best and finest but the atmosphere was electric especially for an NRL city. Did the code up here a world of good. On the way to the game people were waving and calling out ‘go Swans’.
Brodie Grundy was a huge hit.
And – honestly – a huge mood lightener was – sorry to say – no Buddy. I realised how much the Buddy factor sucked air out of the games last year.

Footy Fix: No Mills, no Parker, no problems - How Swans' new-look midfield beat the Dees at their own game

Indeed, generally when legal matters are pending/involved comments are closed.

Melbourne responds to Dee's new drug trafficking allegations amid bombshell twist to doping case

For sure change the date. But if it is imagined it will make any difference to the victims and the virtuous by celebrating this wonderful country on another day think again.
The outraged, the ‘victims’, the attention seekers, the rent seekers, the revolutionaries and all those who revel in identity politics will simply transfer their grievances and carry-on to whatever other day is chosen.
There is no foreseeable end in sight to the claims of those who wish to tear everything down and start again and carry their victim-hood and generational trauma forward forever more.
Changing-the-date is not what they are after. Rather, the final aim is to cancel celebrating anything at all to do with modern Australia. Changing the date is simply the first step.

'Painful and sorrowful day': NRL joins Australia Day backlash as Hockeyroos, AFL teams call for date change

Rampe great example of ‘if at first you don’t succeed…’
He showed incredible resiliance during times most others would have given up and gone home.

The not-so-traditional pathway of the Rookie Draft: Top 10 stars who have used this route to success in the past decade

‘The idea,’ said Owl, ‘is very sound. But how do we get it off the ground?’
Winnie-the-Pooh, A. A. Milne.

COMMENT: Congratulations, AFL - 'Opening Round' is the dumbest thing you've ever done

‘McGuire will bluster and bully anybody who questions…’ anything he says or believes.

He never does Collingwood – the team he is so emotionally invested in – any favours.

How does that old saying go?
‘It’s better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt’

He should stick to his quiz shows.

'The level of delusion is something else': Eddie McGuire's defence of his disastrous coaching succession plan is ridiculous

Collingwood captain Darcy Moore has stuck his neck out to support the Yes vote in Saturday’s referendum even though it will lead to the usual calls on social media for sportspeople to keep their political views to themselves.

As the AFL publicly supports the Yes vote as does – as far as we know – most of the players and coaches and as Darcy Moore’s decision does not impose any serious accountability, sacrifice or principle on him, not sure how he is ‘sticking his neck out’. Nevertheless how admirable, how brave, how upstanding.
Three cheers for Darcy.

'People out there that want you to shut up and play sport' but Magpies skipper voices support for Yes referendum vote

I’m sure you’re right Mr Right. No offense meant.
Mine is a generalised view from a spectator who has no idea of the finer points. My interest in the in the indigenous game is relatively recent. I’ve never played nor had any family members or friends play.
One of the things that attracted me was the anarchy compared to other codes, which I found to often be boring.
So, I’d hate to see the madness disappear in a flurry of minor rule changes/tweaks very time people get upset about their team being dudded especially when important considerations – as in heads – are forcing rule changes that really need to happen for player safety.
In the meantime #bringbacktheshortestshorts.

COMMENT: THAT advantage call wasn't a shocker - the rule is just completely broken, and the fix is simple

Myself…I preferred the pre-1996 tight look.
Trust a prejudiced baggy pants soccer-loving German to wreck it all.

COMMENT: THAT advantage call wasn't a shocker - the rule is just completely broken, and the fix is simple