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codecrosser, you remind me of another poster here, I think you are def related, matter of fact I’m 100% sure.

The Catalans side has

Jean- Philippe Bail = French
William Barthau = French
Steven Bell = Australian
Kane Bentley = NZ who has lived in France since he was a toddler = French.
Thomas Bosc = French
Dane Carlaw = Australian
Remi Casty = French
Oliver Elima = French
Jamal Fakir = French
David Ferriol = French
Tony Gigot = French
Cyrille Gossard = French
Clint Greenshield = Australian with French residency = French.
David Guasch = French
Jérôme Guisset = French
Dallas Johnson = Australian
Sébastien Martins = French
Casey Mc Guire = Australian
Greg Mounis = French
Dimitri Pelo = French
Sébastien Raguin = French
Setaimata Sa = NZ
Julien Touxagas = French
Chris Walker = Australian.

So out of their top 24 squad, 18 are French, sort of blows your theory out of the water huh?

Then there’s the fact that the other players not in the top 24 are all French and they play for Les Catalans feeder team in the Elite comp under the name of UTC.

As for your crack at the Welsh side moving, well yes they did and they are going well, when they moved, another Welsh team stepped up to the plate and they have only 1 player in their squad that isn’t Welsh.

Have a nice day.

AFL will earn more, but NRL TV revenue to lift

Yep, no one likes to mention the regionals in the media or on TV, WHY?

Each game you could add another 500,000 easily watching, yet us bushies are sub human or something.

Pretty pathetic when you think about it seeing as the ad revenue for regional NSW and QLD is worth more than WA, SA, NT and Tas combined.

It’s always about the capitals, and it does a massive disservice to RL as RL’s true heartland is the bush.

AFL will earn more, but NRL TV revenue to lift

lol, not another AFL fan that thinks QLD is AFL heartland or getting close to it.

Hey james, had a look at the TV ratings yet?

How about the fact that 2 nights before the broncos played the last placed sharks, the Titans had 21k on the Coast.

There's more diving in AFL than football

haha AGO74, loved your responce.

There's more diving in AFL than football

Blah blah blah, we won 🙂

Better stuff to come from the eels yet.

When they offload, they look a completely different team, more of the second half play please parra.

Parramatta finally show some passion

As has been said, the kiwis usually struggle in these one offs, but as the old saying goes, you have to be in it to win it.

If Australia takes them lightly, the kiwis can more than spring an upset.

Kiwis capable of giving it Kangaroos this year

Mutlple personalities should help in that regard.

Rugby league needs to invest in foreign players

not to mention it was a civil offence to play RL in France even as a junior and amateur.

ARU must manage league converts wisely

Leave the eels alone, we’ll come good.

Someones gotta give the rest a head start.

Eels collapse into crisis as Raiders cause upset

lol diesel

you get a thumbs up.

The next big football code? Lingerie Football [video]

siva, go away.

If you want to discuss things like this, start a thread at you fave forum, I’ll be there later to bump it 😉

Rugby league needs to invest in foreign players

what has this got to do with Rugby League Siva?

Please explain to me why a thread about international Rugby League brings out the types like you everytime, yet the only thing you talk about is Union and run your big mouth off whilst rubbishing Rugby League.

As I’ve said before, you hate the game and you hate the supporters, so why worry yourself so much about this tiny little game and get yourself so worked up?

You need to see a psychiatrist have a bex and a good lie down, maybe a nice cup of tea as well.

Rugby league needs to invest in foreign players

what papers are they siva?

Rugby league needs to invest in foreign players

Rams came in during 1997, they were a SL side from the start and never had anything to do with the ARL.

The Crushers got some really good crowds until the war broke out, they had a hopeless team on the park and the News media in Brisbane wouldn’t give them any breathing space, that’s why they failed.

The Chargers were just coming good during 97 and made the semis for the first time, they were killed even though they were the only tam in both comps that year to make a profit.

WA Reds got what they deserved, but that’s in the past now, time to give them another go.

NRL must hold its nerve on expansion plans

Also Big Al, the SL is shown all across Europe and that includes places you mentioned.

Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Russia and France.

Plus Serbia, Germany, Holland and pretty much any other country in Europe.

The SL is shown in America and right through to the West Indies and further.

Rugby league needs to invest in foreign players

MC, don’t even try to think you know what Rugby League/Union fans think in regards to their games, you have no idea.

*Oh poor afl fans had games moved to other days.*

Has it hurt the afl finances?

*the poor afl fans lost their suburban grounds.*

Aww, but then you throw the crowd figures in everybody’s face about how the G is the greatest place on Earth, you can’t have it both ways.

*poor Fitzroy and Sth Melb.*

Yeah well atleast those clubs are still around in some capacity, don’t you ever come in here complaining about these two clubs compared to my code that lost multiple clubs through no fault of their own.

*give unfair advantage to interstate clubs*

Last time I read BF, most people were complaining the opposite way because a team like Collingwood doesn’t travel as much interstate, so what is it MC?

*killed off the Big V*

You guys wanted total domination of the country thus not needing State rivalries huh, you got your own way, so live with it. As you guys have mentioned before a billion times, “we are national, we don’t need SOO because we have every state playing every week”.

*killed off the reserves and ‘curtain raiser’ games*

Yep, and you got a National comp out of it, what would you rather, the old VFL, or the AFL you have now?
Make up your mind.

“forced our clubs into dodgey deals at Docklands”

Don’t play there then, if the AFL is as powerful as many in this country think, do something about it. It’s not like the stadiums have a gun at the clubs heads.

*and if you believe some media the AFL is blocking the soccer WC bid*

Well their not going out of their way to help it are they?

NRL shows guile in its "war" with the AFL

MC, is this a RL thread or an AFL one?

How about doing what you are telling everyone else to do aye.

NRL shows guile in its "war" with the AFL

My god there are some silly posts in this thread.

In 2005, Peter Sterling mentioned on ch9 that there was over 70 countries represented in Australian RL at all levels throughout Australia from NRL right down to country RL games in places like Parks and Gundagai, this number is probably up by now.

We do a lot more than a lot of you people here realise, from u16’s who go to places like Russia for youth tournaments through to University tours of places like South Africa and all the way up to the top for 4 Nations and World cups.

Rugby league needs to invest in foreign players

Just for you Big Al…-worldwide-nrl

IMG Sports Media has signed a three-year deal to distribute the worldwide television rights, outside Australia and New Zealand, for the Australian National Rugby League.
Under the terms of the deal, which includes all broadcast and Inflight rights, IMG will distribute 26 rounds of live coverage of the NRL including the finals, three State of Origin matches and the annual ANZAC test match between Australia and New Zealand. IMG will also distribute a weekly highlights show – ‘NRL Full time’.
“Our partnership with IMG Sports Media provides the NRL with the opportunity to increase our international coverage by tapping into IMG’s vast network of contacts around the world. Professional Rugby League is a great spectacle and I am sure it is going to be a very attractive offering to international broadcasters and genuine sports fans,” said Graham Annesley, NRL Chief Operating Officer.

The deal forms part of IMG Media’s rugby league portfolio alongside the Rugby Football League’s European Super League, Challenge Cup and New Zealand Rugby League.
It is understood a number of deals are already being finalised, including with the Australian Network across Asia-Pacific, Orbit Showtime in the Middle East, Italy’s Dahlia TV, America One in the US and Virgin Airlines across international airspace.


So much for your “League isn’t even on the tele in Italy” comment.

Have a nice day.

Rugby league needs to invest in foreign players

oikee said:

It has nothing to do with pro AFL Redb, all i am saying is that its not a true indication of our ANZAC spirit, yet it is brainwashing Victorians into thinking that a local game is relavent in our history, same applies to the NRL game. As i mentioned, i dont rate either, never will, and i have a loathing for Rugby League for the way they have handled the true Anzac day test.
Its got nothing to do with weather you wish to turn up at the G and support your code, but to me, thats all you are doing, with a compuilsary 1 minute silience thrown in. Do yourself a favour, get to France or Gallopoly on Anzac day, look for a relations gravesite and understand the true meaning of what your kin went through, with tears streaming down your face.
Then and only then could you understand what they went through. Alone and without a crowd. Cheers

I agree mate, sorry about the vote down, I hit the wrong one lol.

NRL shows guile in its "war" with the AFL

Lucky my wife doesn’t mind me looking

She’s the coolest person I know 😉


The next big football code? Lingerie Football [video]

Hey James, point out where I have called anyone a bad Australian please, just because I disagree with most of what you Victorian AFL fans say, doesn’t mean you have to make up BS.

I’ve had a go at AFL for shoving the game down my throat even though it’s a minority sport where I live, I told a few idiots to pull their heads in, I’ve had a go at a S African bloke for sticking his nose into something he has no idea about and I’ve said my piece about what I think ANZAC day should do to include the Kiwis.

Not once did I call anyone a bad Australian, so do the right thing and apologize for your over the top remark trying to point score.

You missed, it was a behind, but you’ll get a point anyway for trying.

NRL shows guile in its "war" with the AFL

Richard, stop acting like the short version of your name.

NRL shows guile in its "war" with the AFL

why should you care SA, you don’t watch AFL or RL and you live in another country.

You have no idea about the codes and their history except what your union mates in SA have bashed into your heads since birth, and that’s a fact because you can’t watch the game on TV over there, it’s not played at a great height so it’s hidden, yet you guys post the same garbage as any other unionite from Aus, England, Wales, France and NZ who actually have the game.

Mind your own business!

NRL shows guile in its "war" with the AFL

Richard, the reason no one made a noise about Melbourne coming in was simple.

No one knew who was coming or going, Melbourne were set up more or less overnight and they have not been shoved down anyones throat, they’ve been hidden away for gods sake.

You have no idea what it’s like to see every ad break on TV in NSW filled with AFL, it used to be only the Swans, now we get ads for all the bloody teams, yet we don’t see hardly any ads for our own flipping sport, that’s the difference.

9 has the rights to RL ok, they don’t have the rights to AFL, so why does 9 continually put AFL ads on during the NRL?

Play AFL, ring tones for AFL, Auskick blah blah blah, we are sick to death of it.

Then we have all these Melbournians moving up to Sydney and being put on all these different shows instead of local people, and you know what these people always bring up?


NRL shows guile in its "war" with the AFL